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Extending Xcode 8
Xcode 8 introduces a new mechanism for extending the source editor with app extensions. In this talk, you will learn more about the practical implications of developing Xcode extensions: how they are distributed, positive and negative tradeoffs of their design, and how to keep an extension’s host app efficiently in sync with the extension itself.
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january 2017 by GameGamer43
Dangers of NeXTSTEP Plists
Recently I wrote my own NeXTSTEP plist parser and serializer in Python. It was an educational exercise and if you are curious about the exact implementation details of that you can go check out the code here. However this post is not about how to write your own parser, in-fact I strongly recommend that you do not. This post is to give you a word of warning about some common misconceptions around how easy it is to parse NeXTSTEP plists using Foundation classes like NSDictionary.
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november 2015 by GameGamer43
Xcode Build Settings Reference
All variables are prefixed with "$" to uniquely identify them on this page. Submitting updates to this page.
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august 2015 by GameGamer43
Xcode: One Weird Debugging Trick That Will Save Your Life
Ok, hope you can tell I was having way too much fun with this title :) Anyway, now back to regularly scheduled programming…
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july 2015 by GameGamer43
13 Xcode Tips That Will Help You Conquer Xcode
When it comes to iOS development tools there is one that every iOS developer is intimately familiar with. Xcode is the driving force that makes all of the amazing iOS apps possible.
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march 2015 by GameGamer43
How to create an Objective-C Bridging header
So you want to use an Objective-C Library or SDK in your Swift application eh? Well do not fret. This quick tutorial will show You how you can create an Objective-C Bridging Header in your Swift application so you can use them both together and seamlessly.
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march 2015 by GameGamer43
Creating Custom UI Components and Live Rendering with Xcode
iOS allows you to create custom controls that can be used in your apps alongside the Apple provided ones. Prior to Xcode 6, you couldn’t preview custom controls in Interface Builder, you had to run the app to see what you had built. This could get frustrating when you had to continually run the application to check the results of changes you’d made, as running an app on the simulator or device can take some time.
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february 2015 by GameGamer43
10 Xcode Plugins for iOS Development
A proper plugin architecture can mean all the difference for an integrated development environment. Sublime Text and TextMate are great examples. Did you know that Xcode also supports plugins? It wouldn't surprise me if you don't, Apple hasn't put much effort into advertising that part of Xcode. In fact, there is very little documentation available to create plugins for Xcode.
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august 2014 by GameGamer43
Manage iOS App Layouts with Autolayout
This tutorial assumes that you’ve used Xcode before and are familiar with Interface Builder, but not with Auto Layout tools in Xcode.

At WWDC 2012 Apple introduced a new system for laying out interfaces. Auto Layout is an incredibly capable layout engine perfect for applications. While a little strange to understand at first, once mastered it allows for much more fluid layouts with significantly less (or perhaps no) layout logic in code.

Since 2012, Auto Layout has featured again and again, with considerable tool improvements. Suggesting that Auto Layout (and now Size Classes) is Apple’s solution for multi-resolution support.
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august 2014 by GameGamer43
Dynamic Code Injection for Good
This tool was developed long time ago, and the first post about it, wasn’t created by its author:) It’s a Dynamic Code Injection Tool or DYCI.
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march 2014 by GameGamer43
Auto Layout and tab ordering
Because SourceTree has continued to support versions of Mac OS X back to 10.6 (Snow Leopard), we’ve still been using the ‘springs and struts’ approach to user interface layout up to now; we couldn’t adopt the newer Auto Layout without restricting support to 10.7+. So I’ve only just started experimenting with Auto Layout recently, and I ended up getting stuck for a while on something that seemed like it should be really simple, and yet I couldn’t find any hard information about it on Stack Overflow or via Google: how to specify tab ordering.
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february 2014 by GameGamer43

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