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Advanced Web Scraping: Bypassing "403 Forbidden," captchas, and more |
I wouldn’t really consider web scraping one of my hobbies or anything but I guess I sort of do a lot of it. It just seems like many of the things that I work on require me to get my hands on data that isn’t available any other way. I need to do static analysis of games for Intoli and so I scrape the Google Play Store to find new ones and download the apks. The Pointy Ball extension requires aggregating fantasy football projections from various sites and the easiest way was to write a scraper. When I think about it, I’ve probably written about 40-50 scrapers. I’m not quite at the point where I’m lying to my family about how many terabytes of data I’m hoarding away… but I’m close.
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march 2017 by GameGamer43
I Don’t Need No Stinking API – Web Scraping in 2016 and Beyond
Social media APIs and their rate limits have not been nice to me recently, especially Instagram. Who needs it anyway?
Web_Scraping  API  Programming 
august 2016 by GameGamer43

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