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WWDC 2018 Keynote Recap | Roadfire Software
In today’s WWDC 2018 Keynote, Apple talked about new features and updates for iOS 12, watchOS 5, Apple TV, and macOS Mojave. If you missed the talk, you can get a quick overview with the rough cut of my notes below. You can also watch the 2+ hour talk or read Apple’s marketing pages for iOS 12, macOS Mojave, watchOS 5, and Apple TV 4K.
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july 2018 by GameGamer43
Debunking the myths about parsing JSON in Swift
There are a bunch of myths out there about parsing JSON in Swift. And the problem with these myths is that they lead us to solve imaginary problems using bloated frameworks or wacky techniques that gain us very little, especially considering the cost they impose on us. Here are a few of the most popular myths — and the truth about them — so you can better handle JSON in Swift.
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february 2016 by GameGamer43
How can you do TDD with Swift?
If you haven’t done TDD in a compiled language like Swift before, you may be wondering:
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october 2015 by GameGamer43
How generics in Swift can lead to safer, cleaner code
If you’ve never done generic programming before, you may be scratching your head wondering “why would I ever do that?” Or maybe you’ve looked at generics and thought “what’s with all those pointy brackets?”
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june 2015 by GameGamer43
How to scale an image view based on device size with Auto Layout in Interface Builder
How do you make an image view scale based on device size using Auto Layout in Interface Builder? For example, let’s say we’re building a profile screen that has an image at the top like this:
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april 2015 by GameGamer43
How to avoid building apps that crash by parsing JSON the safe way in Swift
When you’re just getting started with Swift, it’s easy to fall into the trap of doing things the easy way, especially when working with JSON. But if you parse JSON the easy way, your app will crash, and you’ll be scratching your head wondering why. For your users and for your own sanity, don’t build apps that crash – be sure that when you parse JSON in Swift, you do it the safe way, not the easy way.
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february 2015 by GameGamer43
iOS Essentials: The UIViewController Lifecycle
As you’re learning iOS so you can get a job or build your own apps, there’s one Cocoa Touch class in particular that you need to be intimately familiar with. You’ll use UIViewController in 99.9% of the apps you build – whenever you create a view in iOS, it’s backed by a view controller. You subclass UIViewController (or one of its subclasses), then override a few key methods (ahem, the ones below) so your code knows when the screen is about to appear, or when it’s about to disappear, and other such useful things. Needless to say, it’s important to understand the UIViewController lifecycle if you want to call yourself an iOS developer.
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january 2015 by GameGamer43
How to send messages (aka call methods) in Objective-C
This is Part 3 in a three-part series on Methods in Objective-C. If you want to learn more, check out the others:
Objective-C  RoadFire_Software 
july 2014 by GameGamer43
They're structs! Can you believe it?
Today I was updating last week's article on generics in Swift (which you should read if you haven't yet), and as I was working with Swift, I learned something new. I'd almost bet a dollar that you don't know this... Well, ok, you probably read the subject of the email so you know now, but before you read it, did you know? Strings aren't objects - they're structures.
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july 2014 by GameGamer43
Working with Generics in Swift
As you may already know, Swift has support for generics, and if you’re going to use Swift effectively, you need to be able to read generics at the very least. And if you want to be really good at Swift, you should be able to write code with generics. So let’s get on with making you a really good Swift developer…
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july 2014 by GameGamer43
How to write unit tests in Swift with XCTest
If you’ve done unit testing in Objective-C, you’re probably already familiar with XCTest (even if you chose to use a third-party framework instead). What’s nice about it is that when you run your tests in Xcode, you get:
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july 2014 by GameGamer43
How to build a hybrid iOS app
…or, how to package your mobile web app in a native iOS app.
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may 2014 by GameGamer43

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