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24 days ago by GameGamer43
Scaling Engineering Teams via Writing Things Down and Sharing - aka RFCs
I have recently been talking at small and mid-size companies, sharing engineering best practices I see us use at Uber, which I would recommend any tech company adopt as they are growing. The one topic that gets both the most raised eyebrows, as well the most "aha!" moments is the one on how the planning process for engineering has worked since the early years of Uber.
4 weeks ago by GameGamer43
The Meson Build system
Meson is an open source build system meant to be both extremely fast, and, even more importantly, as user friendly as possible.  programming 
7 weeks ago by GameGamer43
An Introduction to Modern CMake · Modern CMake
People love to hate build systems. Just watch the talks from CppCon17 to see examples of developers making the state of build systems the brunt of jokes. This raises the question: Why? Certainly there are no shortage of problems when building. But I think that, in 2018, we have a very good solution to quite a few of those problems. It's CMake. Not CMake 2.8 though; that was released before C++11 even existed! Nor the horrible examples out there for CMake (even those posted on KitWare's own tutorials list). I'm talking about Modern CMake. CMake 3.1+, maybe even CMake 3.12+! It's clean, powerful, and elegant, so you can spend most of your time coding, not adding lines to an unreadable, unmaintainable Make (Or CMake 2) file. And CMake 3.11+ is supposed to be significantly faster, as well!
CMake  programming 
9 weeks ago by GameGamer43
Google Testing Blog: Testing on the Toilet: Keep Tests Focused
This article was adapted from a Google Testing on the Toilet (TotT) episode. You can download a printer-friendly version of this TotT episode and post it in your office.
Google_Testing_Blog  programming  Unit_Testing 
june 2018 by GameGamer43
UTC is Enough for Everyone, Right?
Programming time, dates, timezones, recurring events, leap seconds... everything is pretty terrible.
Zach_Holman  Timezones  programming  UTC 
june 2018 by GameGamer43
An engineer’s guide to cloud capacity planning – Increment: Cloud
If you’re a small company with big dreams for the future, one of the biggest advantages cloud infrastructure providers have over traditional provisioning systems is the flexibility they offer you to adjust the resources your application uses. It no longer takes opening a ticket with IT to kick off a process of negotiating with a colocation provider for rack space to get some servers installed six weeks from now. The process is now entirely abstracted behind an API call, with servers that will be ready in single-digit seconds.  Web_Scaling  programming 
may 2018 by GameGamer43
Writing an OS in Rust
This blog series creates a small operating system in the Rust programming language. Each post is a small tutorial and includes all needed code, so you can follow along if you like. The source code is also available in the corresponding Github repository.
programming  Operating_System_Programming  Rust  Rust_Lang  programming_books 
may 2018 by GameGamer43
Brushing up on operating systems and C programming | Shubhro Saha
If you were like me in college, you first learned about the C programming language in an introductory computer science course. Then, perhaps you took a really hard course in operating systems. Then, you never thought deeply about those concepts ever again.
C  programming 
may 2018 by GameGamer43
Unit Testing and Coding Best Practices for Unit Tests: A Test-Driven Perspective | Toptal
Unit testing is an essential instrument in the toolbox of any serious software developer. However, it can sometimes be quite difficult to write a good unit test for a particular piece of code. Having difficulty testing their own or someone else’s code, developers often think that their struggles are caused by a lack of some fundamental testing knowledge or secret unit testing techniques.
Unit_Testing  programming  Toptal 
may 2018 by GameGamer43
Technical Writing: Learning from Kernighan
I have in front of me two books that immediately struck me with their similarity: The c Programming Language11 The c Programming Language; Kernighan & Ritchie; Prentice Hall; 1988. and The awk Programming Language22 The awk Programming Language; Aho, Kernighan & Weinberger; Addison-Wesley; 1988. Available online.. The former is widely hailed as a model for technical writing, and the latter is just as good.

So what makes these books special? Why are they good? Let’s take a look!
programming  Documentation  C 
may 2018 by GameGamer43
Introduction - A Gentle Introduction to Rust
The aim of this tutorial is to take you to a place where you can read and write enough Rust to fully appreciate the excellent learning resources available online, in particular The Book. It's an opportunity to try before you buy, and get enough feeling for the power of the language to want to go deeper.
Rust  Rust_Lang  programming 
may 2018 by GameGamer43
13 Noteworthy Points from Google’s JavaScript Style Guide
For anyone who isn’t already familiar with it, Google puts out a style guide for writing JavaScript that lays out (what Google believes to be) the best stylistic practices for writing clean, understandable code.
Google  javascript  FreeCodeCamp  programming 
april 2018 by GameGamer43
Protocol Buffers  |  Google Developers
Protocol buffers are a language-neutral, platform-neutral extensible mechanism for serializing structured data
Google_Protocol_Buffers  Protocol_Buffers  programming 
april 2018 by GameGamer43
Java to Go in-depth tutorial -
This tutorial is in­tended to help Java deve­lopers come up to speed quickly with Go.
Java  Go  Go_Lang  programming 
march 2018 by GameGamer43
Notes for new Make users
John Constable would have said that ‘There is nothing ugly in Make; I never saw an ugly build system in my life: for let the number of targets be what it may,–dependencies, recipes, and parallel jobs will always make it manageable.’
Gnu_Make  Makefile  programming  C 
march 2018 by GameGamer43
Home — Memory Management Reference 4.0 documentation
Welcome to the Memory Management Reference! This is a resource for programmers and computer scientists interested in memory management and garbage collection.
memory_management  programming  software_engineering 
january 2018 by GameGamer43
Writing a C Compiler, Part 2
In the last post, we learned to compile programs that return integers. This week we’ll do math to those integers. Same as last week, you can find the accompanying tests here.
Compiler_Programming  Compilers  C  Programming 
december 2017 by GameGamer43
We are supporting Swift and Go now!

LeetCode is a platform for preparing technical coding interviews. Pick from an expanding library of more than 450 questions, code and submit your solution to see if you have solved it correctly. It is that easy!

Our platform currently supports a total of 11 languages: C, C++, Java, Python, C#, JavaScript, Ruby, Swift, Go, Bash, MySQL.

Follow or Like LeetCode and get the latest update when a new question is added!  Programming 
november 2017 by GameGamer43
freeCodeCamp Guide
This website is full of articles about all things related to programming. You can use the search bar above to find something you would like to learn about, or use the navigation to explore the content.
FreeCodeCamp  Programming  Software_Development  Software_Engineering 
september 2017 by GameGamer43
How Does a Database Work? | Let’s Build a Simple Database
How Does a Database Work?

What format is data saved in? (in memory and on disk)
When does it move from memory to disk?
Why can there only be one primary key per table?
How does rolling back a transaction work?
How are indexes formatted?
When and how does a full table scan happen?
What format is a prepared statement saved in?
Programming  SQLite  Database 
september 2017 by GameGamer43
Principles of Automated Testing
Automated testing is a core part of writing reliable software; there's only so much you can test manually, and there's no way you can test things as thoroughly or as conscientiously as a machine. As someone who has spent an inordinate amount of time working on automated testing systems, for both work and open-source projects, this post covers how I think of them. Which distinctions are meaningful and which aren't, which practices make a difference and which don't, building up to a coherent set of principles of how to think about the world of automated testing in any software project.
Programming  Automated_Testing 
september 2017 by GameGamer43
Seven things I have learned about writing software | TechCrunch
It’s happening. Bit by bit, little by little, I’m morphing from an engineer into some kind of…manager. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I still write code every day; but I find myself spending more and more time in analysis and discussion, in meetings and calls, making higher-level decisions, trying to organize teams, and worrying about strategy rather than tactics.
Techcrunch  Software_Development  Software_Engineering  Programming 
august 2017 by GameGamer43
Learning Techniques for Programmers, by Programmers
As a programmer, you know there’s a constant need to stay up-to-date with technologies you love, as well as the ones you don’t — you need to keep learning to stay relevant in your industry.
Programming  Software_Development  Software_Engineering  Ray_Wenderlich 
august 2017 by GameGamer43
A Tutorial on Portable Makefiles « null program
In my first decade writing Makefiles, I developed the bad habit of liberally using GNU Make’s extensions. I didn’t know the line between GNU Make and the portable features guaranteed by POSIX. Usually it didn’t matter much, but it would become an annoyance when building on non-Linux systems, such as on the various BSDs. I’d have to specifically install GNU Make, then remember to invoke it (i.e. as gmake) instead of the system’s make.
Makefile  Programming  Software_Engineering  Software_Development 
august 2017 by GameGamer43 - Application Security Training for Developers was started to provide quality content about current security issues facing web application developers. Content covers everything from the basics of web application security out to the most recent security threats facing web applications. It is important for developers of all skill levels to learn about web application security and integrate it from the start. provides the detail they need at a level tailored towards developers.  Chris_Cornutt  Programming  Software_Development  Software_Engineering  PHP  Web_Security  Security  Computer_Security  Online_Courses 
august 2017 by GameGamer43
TODOs as a Templating System - BiteofanApple
When I sit down to start a new feature or project the blank page or empty function can be extremely intimidating; a void of infinite complexity. I'm sure lots of developers do this, and maybe most don't realize it, but I've found that TODO comments are super useful in helping to abstract away nitpicky details and focus on the overall purpose of the code as I'm writing it. Let's say that we want to validate some parameters from an HTTP request and kick off a background task to send an email to a list of requested users. First off, we need to handle the request and kick off the task, but there's a bunch of validation and database queries we need to make before we can do that, and we haven't even written the task function yet, that's where TODOs come in.
Programming  Software_Development  Software_Engineering 
august 2017 by GameGamer43
gRPC in Production
Sourcegraph is a code search and browsing tool with code intelligence (go-to-definition and find-references, even across repositories). Try it out on grpc/grpc-go.
Grpc  Sourcegraph  Programming 
july 2017 by GameGamer43
How we ended-up creating our own parser in PHP – Tuleap – Medium
In our team, we love experimenting and breaking out of our comfort zone. We know that is the only way to improve! When we realized that the new Tracker Query Langage could effectively respond to businesses’ needs, we knew it was a chance for us to push our own limits, too. We knew that to transform user input into a valid SQL statement, we had to help users write their queries and parse those queries.
Programming  PHP  javascript  Compiler_Programming  Compilers 
june 2017 by GameGamer43
Faster, Better, Cheaper—The art of making software
Nobody wants to deliver late, over-budget software. I don’t know a single software developer who wakes up in the morning and thinks “I’d like to do a rubbish job today. How can I cost my employer more money?” And yet, so many software projects don’t go well. And with every new project, there seems to be more and more pressure to go faster. So, if we’re in the business of making software, what do we do? How do we go faster without compromising quality?
Programming  Software_Engineering  Software_Development  James_Sinclair 
june 2017 by GameGamer43
30 best practices for software development and testing |
These software engineering rules and testing best practices might help save you time and headaches.
Programming  Software_Engineering  Software_Development  OpenSource 
may 2017 by GameGamer43
Dynamic linker tricks: Using LD_PRELOAD to cheat, inject features and investigate programs | Rafał Cieślak's blog
Linux puts you in full control. This is not always seen from everyone’s perspective, but a power user loves to be in control. I’m going to show you a basic trick that lets you heavily influence the behavior of most applications, which is not only fun, but also, at times, useful.
LD_PRELOAD  C  Programming 
april 2017 by GameGamer43
Lies My Parents Told Me (About Logs) |
Lots of us still believe some pretty silly things about logs. Most of these things used to be true! Some of them never really were. Sometimes they are “true enough” to get you a long ways, until you run into a wall and suddenly they no longer are. Any time there are changes in your scale or maturity or environment, you may need to reconsider your assumptions about logs, and these are good enough place to start.
april 2017 by GameGamer43
The Post-MVC Age
For a long time the Model View Controller (MVC) paradigm was the gold standard to build applications. Now it seems MVC’s star is dying in the JavaScript universe. Libraries and frameworks such as Angular 2.0, React, and Ember are embracing a new paradigm centered around components. A component wraps the Model, View and Controller into a single entity, violating MVC conventions at every turn. Ideas such as Flux and Reactive Programming have changed our way of thinking about an application’s state. They have radically departed from the principles of MVC in the way entities communicate, and how state is changed and maintained. At the end of this talk you will know what Flux and Reactive Programming are and how they differ from MVC.  Programming 
april 2017 by GameGamer43
From Engineer to Manager: keeping your technical skills
I became an Engineering Manager over two years ago. One of my main challenges during this time has been to find the balance between my leadership duties towards my team and my desire to keep coding.
HackerNoon  Management  Programming  Software_Engineering  Software_Development  Software_Developer  Software_Engineer  Programmers 
april 2017 by GameGamer43
Analyzing KVM Hypercalls with eBPF Tracing | Tuxology
I still visit my research lab quite often. It’s always nice to be in the zone where boundaries of knowledge are being pushed further and excitement is in the air. I like this ritual as this is a place where one can discuss linux kernel code and philosophy of life all in a single sentence while we quietly sip our hipster coffee cups.
KVM  KVM_Virtualization  Programming 
april 2017 by GameGamer43
Remote work: For programmers, the ultimate office perk is avoiding the office entirely — Quartz
Slack, Skype, Google Hangouts, Basecamp, BlueJeans. Over the past decade, designers and engineers have invented dozens of new tools to keep us connected to the office without actually going there. Unsurprisingly, those same engineers have been among the first to start using them in large numbers. More programmers are working from home than ever and, among the most experienced, some are even beginning to demand it.
Programming  Quartz 
april 2017 by GameGamer43
How I Start.
Go is a lovely little programming language designed by smart people you can trust and continuously improved by a large and growing open-source community.
Go  Go_Lang  programming 
march 2017 by GameGamer43
Teach Yourself Computer Science
If you’re a self-taught engineer or bootcamp grad, you owe it to yourself to learn computer science. Thankfully, you can give yourself a world-class CS education without investing years and a small fortune in a degree program 💸.
Computer_Science  Online_Courses  Programming  Software_Engineering  Software_Development 
march 2017 by GameGamer43
Should you encrypt or compress first?
You work for a big company. Your job is pretty boring. Frankly, your talents are wasted writing boilerplate code for an application whose only users are three people in accounting who can't stand the sight of you.
AppCanary  Software_Engineering  Programming  Software_Development 
march 2017 by GameGamer43
The Seven Circles of Developer Hell [Infographic] - Toggl Blog
Software development is a special kind of a nightmare. The kind that you wish you could wake up from, but can’t, because code is money and money is life.
Software_Development  Software_Engineering  Programming 
march 2017 by GameGamer43
A Programmer’s Introduction to Unicode – Nathan Reed’s coding blog
Unicode! 🅤🅝🅘🅒🅞🅓🅔‽ 🇺‌🇳‌🇮‌🇨‌🇴‌🇩‌🇪! 😄 The very name strikes fear and awe into the hearts of programmers worldwide. We all know we ought to “support Unicode” in our software (whatever that means—like using wchar_t for all the strings, right?). But Unicode can be abstruse, and diving into the thousand-page Unicode Standard plus its dozens of supplementary annexes, reports, and notes can be more than a little intimidating. I don’t blame programmers for still finding the whole thing mysterious, even 30 years after Unicode’s inception.
Unicode  Programming 
march 2017 by GameGamer43
An Introductory Recommender Systems Tutorial – AI Society – Medium
A Recommender System predicts the likelihood that a user would prefer an item. Based on previous user interaction with the data source that the system takes the information from (besides the data from other users, or historical trends), the system is capable of recommending an item to a user. Think about the fact that Amazon recommends you books that they think you could like; Amazon might be making effective use of a Recommender System behind the curtains. This simple definition, allows us to think in a diverse set of applications where Recommender Systems might be useful. Applications such as documents, movies, music, romantic partners, or who to follow on Twitter, are pervasive and widely known in the world of Information Retrieval.
february 2017 by GameGamer43
How to Run Engineering Team Meetings (and not waste anyone’s time)
Growing pains: the affliction of all mid-size startups, Flatiron included. It used to be that everyone fit in a single room and overheard everything that was going on; now we barely fit in an auditorium. While there are many struggles in this process (office space, not knowing everyone’s name, needing a second overflow volleyball team), communication is by far the biggest. We want everyone to to be empowered with information, and we want input from as many people as possible; before you know it, our calendars are covered with meetings of all shapes and sizes with tiny “BLOCK: Work” rectangles few and far between.
Meetings  Software_Engineering  Software_Development  Programming  Management  HackerNoon 
february 2017 by GameGamer43
How terrible code gets written by perfectly sane people – Christian M. Mackeprang
When I found out I would be working on porting an old Python codebase to Node, I was slightly excited. These kinds of projects always give you more creative freedom than the ordinary code maintenance gig, and something about the challenge of rewriting other people’s code makes it fun as hell.
Programming  Software_Engineering  Software_Development  Programming_Blogs 
february 2017 by GameGamer43
design-patterns-for-humans/ at master · kamranahmedse/design-patterns-for-humans
A topic that can easily make anyone's mind wobble. Here I try to make them stick in to your mind (and maybe mine) by explaining them in the simplest way possible.
Programming  GitHub_Repos  Software_Engineering  Software_Development 
february 2017 by GameGamer43
Using State Machines to Power Citus Cloud (our Database as a Service)
It has been several months since the launch of Citus Cloud, and we’d like to share one part of its design with you. In particular, the fundamental unit of organization for our hosted service on top of AWS is concurrent state machines. In what follows we’ll walk through their use and implementation for Citus Cloud.
State_Machines  Citusdata  Programming  Software_Engineering  Software_Development 
february 2017 by GameGamer43
Trunk Based Development
A source-control branching model, where developers collaborate on code in a single branch called ‘trunk’ *, and resist any pressure to create other long-lived development branches by employing one or more documented techniques.
Programming  Version_Control  Git  SVN  CVS 
january 2017 by GameGamer43
Top ten pull request review mistakes | Scott Nonnenberg
I’ve worked on a whole lot of GitHub-hosted projects, whether personal, open-source, or on contract. Sometimes using the public GitHub, and other times GitHub Enterprise. But one thing is the same: it’s pretty easy to submit a pull request, but it’s really hard to review a pull request well.
Git  Programming  Code_Review 
january 2017 by GameGamer43
Don’t document your code. Code your documentation.
This is one of the great discussions among developers: document or not document your code? Is it worth writing documentation in your code?
Programming  Software_Development  Software_Engineering 
january 2017 by GameGamer43
Programming in the early days of the computer age - BBC News
Everyone remembers the first computer they ever used. And Joyce Wheeler is no exception. But in her case the situation was a bit different. The first computer she used was one of the first computers anyone used.
Programming  BBC_News 
january 2017 by GameGamer43
The Programmer’s Guide to Booking a Plane
About two months ago, I wanted to go on a vacation. I had the hotel more or less picked out, but the transportation was still up in the air.
Programming  Travel 
january 2017 by GameGamer43
PMD is a source code analyzer. It finds common programming flaws like unused variables, empty catch blocks, unnecessary object creation, and so forth. It supports Java, JavaScript, Apex, PLSQL, Apache Velocity, XML, XSL.
GitHub_Repos  Programming 
january 2017 by GameGamer43
Rob Pike: Notes on Programming in C
Kernighan and Plauger's The Elements of Programming Style was an important and rightly influential book. But sometimes I feel its concise rules were taken as a cookbook approach to good style instead of the succinct expression of a philosophy they were meant to be. If the book claims that variable names should be chosen meaningfully, doesn't it then follow that variables whose names are small essays on their use are even better? Isn't MaximumValueUntilOverflow a better name than maxval? I don't think so.
C  Rob_Pike  Programming 
january 2017 by GameGamer43
The Caching Antipattern
TL;DR - Caching done badly has bad implications. Try your hardest not to cache data; but if you really do have to, make sure you do it right.
Programming  Software_Development  Software_Engineering  Caching  Cache 
december 2016 by GameGamer43
Tips For Reading Code
One way to improve programming skills is to ReadGreatPrograms. Techniques such as SelfDocumentingCode and LiterateProgramming have been developed toward the goal of writing programs that can be easily read.
Programming  Software_Development  Software_Engineering 
december 2016 by GameGamer43
How to Lead An Engineering Team —
It doesn't matter if you are a tech lead for a small group of developers or a manager of a large team of engineers, there are a number of practices that will drastically improve the results you end up with. Naturally, this can't capture every aspect of good management, there are hundreds of books that do that in a more exhaustive way than I ever could, but I have personally seen each of these be the difference-maker with regard to how a team is able to execute.
Software_Engineering  Software_Development  Programming  Management  Engineering_Team 
december 2016 by GameGamer43 - Code Review in Remote Teams
This is a write-up of some research that I did for a session with our dev team at Hypothesis about how to make our code reviews a more pleasant and empowering experience for everyone. Links to sources are sprinkled throughout the text, and you can also find links to all of the sources I used (and more) in my code review links on Pinboard. Also thanks to our engineering manager Lena for suggestions.
Code_Review  Programming  Software_Engineering  Software_Development 
december 2016 by GameGamer43
Developers’ side projects – Joel on Software
Pretty much 100% of developers working for other people end up signing some kind of “proprietary invention agreement,” but almost all of them misunderstand what’s going on with that agreement. Most developers think that the work they do at work belongs to their employer, but anything they work on at home or on their own time is theirs. This is wrong enough to be dangerous.
Joel_Spolsky  Joel_on_Software  Programming  Software_Development  Software_Engineering 
december 2016 by GameGamer43
Writing software is hard
Good software is uncommon because writing it is hard. In the abstract, we all know that it is hard. We talk incessantly about how it’s hard. And yet, we also collectively seem shocked — just shocked! — when the expectable happens and the software we’re exposed to or is working on turns out poor.
37Signals_Blog  David_Heinemeier_Hansson  Software_Development  Software_Engineering  Programming 
december 2016 by GameGamer43
The Art of Defensive Programming – Web Engineering Vox – Medium
hy don’t developers write secure code ? We’re not talking yet another time about “clean code” here. We’re talking about something more, on a pure practical perspective, software’s safety and security. Yes, because an insecure software is pretty much useless. Let’s see what does insecure software mean
PHP  programming 
december 2016 by GameGamer43
So You Wanna Learn How to Code? Going from Zero to Programmer Hero in One Guide, for Great Justice. – Everyday Utilitarian
So you wanna learn how to code? Whatever your motivation, computer programming and general computer know-how are good skills to have. Programming knowledge can be potentially high value for careers or start-up opportunities, and with not too much time investment, you can figure out if programming is something you would enjoy and be good at.
Programming  Online_Courses 
december 2016 by GameGamer43
Modern garbage collection – Medium
I’ve seen a bunch of articles lately which promote the Go language’s latest garbage collector in ways that trouble me. Some of these articles come from the Go project itself. They make claims that imply a radical breakthrough in GC technology has occurred.
Go  Go_Lang  programming 
december 2016 by GameGamer43
Building and Motivating Engineering Teams – The Startup – Medium
I have agreed to give a guest lecture for a class at Yale, and they’ve asked me to speak about “building and motivating engineering teams” from the perspective of a smaller startup. The readings for my section include A Field Guide to Software Developers by Joel Spolsky. I remember reading it when it was first written. I admire Joel’s work, and the piece has many valuable takeaways.
Programming  Software_Engineering  Software_Development  Business  StartUp_Information 
december 2016 by GameGamer43
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