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Docks Deep Dive | Atom Blog
This is a guest post written by Facebook’s Nuclide team member @matthewwithanm. He tells the story how the new docks got introduced to Atom and how package authors can make great use of them.  GitHub_Atom  Facebook_Nuclide 
june 2017 by GameGamer43
GitHub for Atom
There are a few extra features ready to be discovered. 😺

Initialize repositories
Clone repositories
Discard changes
Amend previous commit  GitHub_Atom 
may 2017 by GameGamer43
Atom Editor for PHP Developers
Atom is an advanced open source text editor for developers. This article will explain some useful packages and tricks how to make the most out of it when developing with PHP.  GitHub_Atom  PHP 
october 2016 by GameGamer43
Building your first Atom plugin
This tutorial will teach you how to write your first package for the Atom text editor. We'll be building a clone of Sourcerer, a plugin for finding and using code snippets from StackOverflow. By the end of this tutorial you will have written a plugin that converts programming problems written in English into code snippets pulled from StackOverflow:
GitHub_Atom  JavaScript 
august 2016 by GameGamer43
API Workbench
API Workbench, a rich, full-featured integrated development environment (IDE) for designing, building, testing, documenting and sharing RESTful HTTP APIs. It supports both RAML 0.8 and the recently launched RAML 1.0. RAML makes it easy to manage the whole API lifecycle from design to sharing.  GitHub_Atom 
may 2016 by GameGamer43
Indent with tabs or spaces? I wish I didn't need to know.
The always entertaining Erica Sadun wrote an article on her blog yesterday about code indentation styles, titled “Swift Style: Are you a 4-denter?”. There was a flurry of replies on Twitter as others playfully chimed in.
Apple_iPhone_Development  VIM  GitHub_Atom  Programming  Apple_Mac_Development 
april 2016 by GameGamer43
Hacking Atom to create a Swift IDE that runs on Linux and Mac
As of now theres no IDE available for swift that runs on linux which makes it kind of annoying to develop packages due to constant switching between text editor and terminal. I had never used Atom before but I wanted to see if it’ll live upto its name and let me hack it to integrate the Swift Package Manager and LLDB into it.  GitHub_Atom  Swift  Apple_Swift  SwiftLang 
february 2016 by GameGamer43
How To Write a Syntax Highlighting Package for Atom
Atom is a fantastic editor and comes by default with all you need to develop your project … except maybe for one thing – that one detail that you’d love to see in Atom. That one thing could be anything: a keyboard shortcut to write faster; an important feature; or even syntax highlighting for a language you use but that isn’t supported by default.
SitePoint  GitHub_Atom 
february 2016 by GameGamer43
Auto-updating apps for Windows and OSX using Electron: The complete guide
You’ve made an amazing desktop app using Electron in no time, and you’ve just shipped it to your users. While you’re chilling like a villain, you may realise that you have missed one important bit: how are users going to get the next version of that amazing piece of software that you’ve just created? Yes, of course they can uninstall/install the app, but that’s lame, isn’t it?
GitHub_Atom  Electron 
february 2016 by GameGamer43
How I fixed Atom: When good regexes go bad
Atom is the hot new up-and-comer in the world of text editing. It is my editor of choice for building software, and it’s open source, so I decided to check out its issues to see how I could contribute. I came across a strange bug: the Atom user speter had written a line of text that, when you pressed Enter at its end, caused Atom to calculate for half an hour before writing a new line. I was pretty stunned that such a simple and common operation could perform so atrociously, so I decided to jump in and figure out what was going on.  GitHub_Atom 
january 2016 by GameGamer43
Developing Atom Packages, Part 2: So Much Potential, So Many Bugs
Atom has improved drastically since its first release, but it’s still not perfect. While building our Atom package, we ran into quite a few bugs. Some have been fixed, but many still persist. Previously, I discussed Atom and its progress. That post addressed larger, broader issues. This post gets into specifics. Lots of specifics.  GitHub_Atom 
october 2015 by GameGamer43
Developing Atom Plugins, Part 1: On the Bleeding Edge
Back in February of 2014, GitHub announced their new editor: Atom. We’ve followed Atom since it went public, and recently developed a Floobits plugin for it. What follows are our impressions from the experience.  GitHub_Atom 
october 2015 by GameGamer43
Making your first Atom contribution
Atom is a large open source project—it is made up of over 200 repos, and there are over 3400 open issues across all repos. As with most large open source projects, knowing where to start contributing can be overwhelming.  GitHub_Atom  from twitter_favs
october 2015 by GameGamer43
Optimizing An Important Atom Primitive
As we've focused on improving Atom's performance over the past few months, one interesting optimization challenge has been a construct called markers. Markers allow a logical region in a buffer to be tracked, even as the contents of the buffer change. For example, the marker represented by the green highlight below continues to cover the same region, even as the text is edited:  GitHub_Atom 
june 2015 by GameGamer43
Build cross platform desktop apps with web technologies
Electron  GitHub_Repos  GitHub_Atom 
april 2015 by GameGamer43
Cross-platform desktop application shell  GitHub_Atom  GitHub_Repos 
may 2014 by GameGamer43
How to use jQuery inside a package?
I'm tearing my hair out over how to use jQuery within a package. My View class generates a few jQuery objects in its @content method and I need to append a jQuery collection (with click handlers attached) to these objects. What do I need to 'require' to get my beloved '$' (or 'jQuery')?  GitHub_Atom 
may 2014 by GameGamer43
Soft Tabs vs. Hard Tabs
There's an ongoing debate amongst developers as to which is better: soft or hard tabs. Why does this matter? In a collaborative work environment everyone needs to use the same kind and size of tabs to avoid messy differences between different peoples' code. Many argue that soft tabs are the best solution. Here's my argument on why hard tabs are better...
Programming  VIM  GitHub_Atom 
march 2014 by GameGamer43
Recommended GitHub Atom Packages for Web Developers
I've been using GitHub's Atom editor for the past couple of weeks and I've really enjoyed it. At first there weren't very many extensions/packages available, but the community has been quick to fill in that gap.  GitHub_Atom 
march 2014 by GameGamer43
a community-built, community-driven guide to hacking on the Atom editor
GitHub_Atom  GitHub_Repos 
march 2014 by GameGamer43

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