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Where next for the Human Rights Act? | Second reading
I find the comment 'The suggestion that you’ve got to apply the human rights convention even on the battle-fields of Helmand' flabbergasting. THE ENTIRE POINT of Human Rights is that they apply everywhere.
WTF  Westminster  politics  human-rights  Xandar;our-reign-has-gone-on-long-enough.Indeed;summon-the-meteors  what-the-everliving-fuck  Conservatives 
october 2014 by FearMeForIAmPink
"A Canadian bestseller"
Somewhat NSFW image (nipple-less woman+bear). Many questions raised about our friends across the pond.
amusing  WTF  and-then-A-BEAR  what-the-everliving-fuck  humanity;-we-are-a-fucked-up-species  literature  animals  Canada 
july 2014 by FearMeForIAmPink
GOP Candidate Charges Opponent Is Dead, Represented By A Body Double
'[His opponent] told KFOR however, that he has never been to the country where he's being accused of having been executed.'
weird  WTF  what-the-everliving-fuck  politics  Republicans  USA  conspiracy-theories 
june 2014 by FearMeForIAmPink
New York court declares unpaid interns can’t file sexual harassment charges against employers | The Raw Story
'Unpaid interns aren’t covered by Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, so they have to depend on local laws to protect them. In this case, no such laws exist.'
harrasment  law  USA  wtf  the-code-is-more-what-you'd-call-'guidelines'-than-actual-rules  what-the-everliving-fuck  via-Bart-Calendar 
october 2013 by FearMeForIAmPink
Do you dunk your penis? (full thread) | Mumsnet Discussion
'Even if you have an acid fanjo and his sperm is nine tenths itching powder, surely you can use the bathroom at the same time?'
sex  cleaning  semi-nsfw  bathrooms  weird  wtf  NSFW-text  what-the-everliving-fuck 
october 2013 by FearMeForIAmPink
Russia Says It Will Arrest Openly Gay Tourists | Travel and Escape
'Putin claims the law doesn’t discriminate against LGBT people, but rather—in an argument riddled with faulty logic—is there to “protect children from pedophilia.”'
law  posttofacebook  discrimination  people-suck  bigotry  Russia  wtf  LGBT  what-the-everliving-fuck 
july 2013 by FearMeForIAmPink
Belief in biblical end-times stifling climate change action in U.S.: study | The Raw Story
'Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL) said in 2010 that he opposed action on climate change because “the Earth will end only when God declares it to be over.” He is the chairman of the Subcommittee on Environment and the Economy.'
religion  posttofacebook  environment  republican  USA  fail  Christianity  people-suck  wtf  climate-change  what-the-everliving-fuck 
may 2013 by FearMeForIAmPink
wulfmojo • Twilight - Bella & Jacobs first kiss
Trigger warning for sexual assault/non-consent.

Okay, I know Twilight is messed up. I didn't realise it was quite *this* fucked up. (Assuming that the quoted passage is from it; a quick google provided nothing that suggested it wasn't)
sex  posttofacebook  vampires  trigger-warning  fiction  rape-culture  wtf  culture  what-the-everliving-fuck 
february 2013 by FearMeForIAmPink
Police demand DNA samples from gay men
'Men convicted of victimless homosexual offences three decades ago are threatened with arrest if they refuse to provide samples for the national DNA database.'
wtf  law  crime  discrimination  LGBT  what-the-everliving-fuck  posttofacebook  DNA  surveilance  police 
january 2013 by FearMeForIAmPink
Copyright Industry Madness Takes Six Years To Catch Up With The Worst Satire Of It - Falkvinge on Infopolicy
'Six years ago, a satire site wrote a story about how the copyright industry wanted more money if you invited friends to watch a movie in your living room. This notion has now been patented in new technology'

With a bit of luck, though the satire might count as prior art.
Xandar;our-reign-has-gone-on-long-enough.Indeed;summon-the-meteors  people-suck  posttofacebook  copyright  intellectual-property  what-the-everliving-fuck  fail  wtf  via-Andrew-Ducker 
november 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
BBC News - Stuart Rodger sentenced for shouting at David Cameron
When I read this headline, I had an immediate instinct to check whether it was a parody. But it's not. What the fuck?

'A man who shouted "no public sector cuts" at David Cameron during a speech in Glasgow has been ordered to carry out 100 hours of community service.'
David-Cameron  politics  protest  freedom  fail  crime  law  posttofacebook  what-the-everliving-fuck  wtf 
november 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
Respect activist: was Hitler the bad guy? | The Jewish Chronicle
Their new woman's officer saying schools "brainwashing us and our children into thinking the bad guy was Hitler." and also "What have the Jews done good in this world??"
via-James-Graham  posttofacebook  reverse-Godwin?  Hitler  bigotry  racism  fail  politics  George-Galloway  Respect  wtf  what-the-everliving-fuck 
october 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
Greek police accused of using protester as human shield | World news | guardian.co.uk
Witnesses say the young woman was frogmarched in handcuffs ahead of riot police as protesters threw stones at officers
via-Zoe-Stavri  posttofacebook  protest  police  crime  law  unconfirmed-report  what-the-everliving-fuck  wtf 
october 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
BBC News - World of Warcraft hobby sparks US political row
'Ms Lachowicz's liking for back-stabbing and poison in WoW raise questions about her "fitness for office", [Maine Republicans] claim.'
posttofacebook  World-of-Warcraft  geeky  computer-games  culture  elections  democracy  Democrats  Republicans  USA  politics  dude...  wtf  what-the-everliving-fuck 
october 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
The drugs don't work: a modern medical scandal | Ben Goldacre | Business | The Guardian
'The doctors prescribing the drugs don't know they don't do what they're meant to. Nor do their patients. The manufacturers know full well, but they're not telling.'
posttofacebook  health  lies-damn-lies-and-statistics  business  corruption  wtf  what-the-everliving-fuck  science  medicine  via-Andrew-Ducker 
october 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
Rush Limbaugh: Feminism shrinks penises - Salon.com
'the average size of [a male's] member is 10 percent smaller than 50 years — it has to be the feminazis, the chickification and everything else.'
Xandar;our-reign-has-gone-on-long-enough.Indeed;summon-the-meteors  biology  sexism  people-suck  what-the-everliving-fuck  Rush-Limbaugh  wtf 
september 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
How copyright enforcement robots killed the Hugo Awards
Livestream of the awards ceremony shut down by automated robots due to the terrible crime of… showing clips of stuff that was nominated for an award.
posttofacebook  internet  media  stupidity  copyright  Xandar;our-reign-has-gone-on-long-enough.Indeed;summon-the-meteors  wtf  what-the-everliving-fuck  via-James-Graham 
september 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
Olympics opening ceremony was 'honouring socialism', says shock jock Rush Limbaugh - Telegraph
'Limbaugh said: "Of all the things that you want to honour - the people of Great Britain don’t even like the National Health Service! And then it hit me, and then it hit me. It was actually done on behalf of President [Barack Obama]. They did it for Obama. Nobody will convince me otherwise.”'

To paraphrase one of our volunteers, Rush Limbaugh coming out against something is a good sign it's something worth supporting.
posttofacebook  what-the-everliving-fuck  fail  people-suck  London  UK  Olympics  USA  comment  wtf 
july 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
Is this the worst government statistic ever created?
Apparently local govement is wasting 20% of its budget! By which they actually mean, they could save 20% on their mobile phone bills. BUT I'M SURE THAT APPLIES TO EVERYTHING ELSE, YES!
posttofacebook  post  image  journalism  statistics  lies-damn-lies-and-statistics  wtf  what-the-everliving-fuck  stupidity  fail  Bad-Science 
may 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
Good grades are key to cutting 'risky behaviour', says Gove - Telegraph
'Michael Gove said formal sex education lessons may not be needed if schools can raise pupils’ overall grades across the curriculum.'

Dear person-who-is-in-charge-of-education-for-the-entire-bloody-country… I wish to introduce you to a simple statistical phrase; "Correleation does not imply causation"
posttofacebook  Xandar;our-reign-has-gone-on-long-enough.Indeed;summon-the-meteors  fail  what-the-everliving-fuck  the-coalition  sex  education  wtf 
april 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
Why Norway is not a democracy according to Fox News - YouTube
"… I understand many of your police officers don't even carry guns, I don't know that that neccessarily speaks that it's a democracy…"
wtf  Fox-News  stupidity  democracy  Norway  terrorism  guns-guns-guns  what-the-everliving-fuck  dude?  politics 
december 2011 by FearMeForIAmPink

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