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Jo Cox MP dead after shooting attack - BBC News
Content warning: news about a violent death.

Same link as previous, but BBC had updated the story after her death, didn't want anyone to click through without knowing.
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june 2016 by FearMeForIAmPink
Blood in Your Eye: Why We Need Violent Stories -- Vulture
'we generally demonize violent acts and violent work. We make them Other, and we just distance ourselves. They are Other, and they didn’t come from us, and we’re just going to stand over there and shake our heads sadly. And, moreover, anyone who gets closer to it in order to experience or understand it must be a freak.'
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august 2013 by FearMeForIAmPink
Only half of officers 'would report colleague who punched suspect' - Telegraph
'for fleeing and resisting arrest, figures showed, as senior officers called for a new code of ethics.'
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june 2013 by FearMeForIAmPink
How one man's lies almost destroyed the comics industry
'A new investigation of Wertham's papers by University of Illinois information studies professor Carol Tilley has revealed that the psychiatrist fabricated, exaggerated, and selectively edited his data to bolster his argument that comics caused antisocial behavior.'
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february 2013 by FearMeForIAmPink
Far-right supporters agree with armed attacks | World news | The Observer
Significant numbers of far-right supporters in the UK consider violence and "armed conflict" a legitimate form of political expression, experts will warn this week.
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march 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
Peta's vegan sex ad shows it has tofu for brains | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
'Flirting with domestic violence imagery in your shock-tactic marketing is not the way to promote an animal-free diet'

Trigger warning for it somewhat discussing sexual abuse, also it has some scantily clad photos, so semi-NSFW
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february 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
The New Muslim suffragettes of the United Kingdom
An increasing number of Muslim women activists are receiving death threats, fatwas and even hate-mail from extremist male and female Muslims. Their crime: Rescuing fellow Muslim women from violent and life threatening situations.
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january 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
Belgium attack: grenades thrown at bus-stop in Liège - live updates | News | guardian.co.uk
At least one person has been killed and about a dozen others injured after a series of explosions in the Belgian city of Liège, according to media reports.
violence  terrorism  dude...  death  important 
december 2011 by FearMeForIAmPink
Topeka, Kansas City Council Considers Decriminalizing Domestic Violence To Save Money | ThinkProgress
'…perhaps the most shocking idea to save money is being debated right now by the City Council of Topeka, Kansas. The city could repeal an ordinance banning domestic violence because some say the cost of prosecuting those cases is just too high:'
Trigger warning for domestic abuse (though relatively little in detail discussion of the abuse itself)
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october 2011 by FearMeForIAmPink
London riots - The Big Picture - Boston.com
"Collected here are images from the rioting and the aftermath. -- Lane Turner (26 photos total)"
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august 2011 by FearMeForIAmPink

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