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EU Referendum: Statistics regulator loses patience with Leave campaign over '£350m a week' EU cost figure
What's that? The bad guys in the referendum are pushing a lie based on hundreds of millions? That sounds rather familiar…
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june 2016 by FearMeForIAmPink
Small Business letter to the Telegraph; an attempt to defraud the electorate?
Names repeated, people that are retired, not small business owners, people (and charities) that didn't sign it. Quite an impressive set of inaccuracies, all told.
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april 2015 by FearMeForIAmPink
After Haiyan: how to act on scientific advice that's politically inconvenient?
Yes, climate change is a problem. No, the data is does not support the idea that it's causing greater or worse natural disasters, baring heatwaves.
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november 2013 by FearMeForIAmPink
7 Private Islands That Cost Less Than A Flat In London
If by 'Flat in London' you mean 'Zone 1 or just outside, 2-3 bedrooms, near major tube and rail interchanges'.
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september 2013 by FearMeForIAmPink
BBC News - Web porn: Just how much is there?
'Many things in porn are exaggerated, including the statistics regularly quoted to show how much pornography is on the web.'
sex  porn  not-actually-NSFW-itself  interesting  Internet  lies-damn-lies-and-statistics  statistics 
july 2013 by FearMeForIAmPink
BBC News - Incapacity benefit test claims 'conflated figures' - watchdog
'Suggestions that 878,300 benefit claimants dropped their claims rather than take a medical test have been challenged by the statistics watchdog.'
politics  posttofacebook  fail  lies  disability  westminster  benefits  lies-damn-lies-and-statistics 
may 2013 by FearMeForIAmPink
Researchers Finally Replicated Reinhart-Rogoff, and There Are Serious Problems. | Next New Deal
That being the study that said you need to keep debt down to have good growth, and was used to justify all the austerity.
austerity  financial-crisis  money  economics  business  lies-damn-lies-and-statistics  statistics 
april 2013 by FearMeForIAmPink
Head of economic watchdog rebukes Cameron for misrepresenting its position - UK Politics - UK - The Independent
'it in fact believed there was a short-term effect and that "fiscal consolidation measures have reduced economic growth over the past couple of years".'
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march 2013 by FearMeForIAmPink
China’s Paid Trolls: Meet the 50-Cent Party
'The Chinese government hires people to distort or deflect conversations on the web. Ai Weiwei persuades an “online commentator” to tell all.'
control  posttofacebook  big-brother  image  government  interesting  media  lies-damn-lies-and-statistics  China 
march 2013 by FearMeForIAmPink
How one man's lies almost destroyed the comics industry
'A new investigation of Wertham's papers by University of Illinois information studies professor Carol Tilley has revealed that the psychiatrist fabricated, exaggerated, and selectively edited his data to bolster his argument that comics caused antisocial behavior.'
posttofacebook  violence  psychology  interesting  comics  lies-damn-lies-and-statistics  culture  via-Andrew-Ducker 
february 2013 by FearMeForIAmPink
Engineers are cold and dead inside, research shows • The Register
'people who go into engineering are less caring and empathetic than those who enter professions such as medicine.'
posttofacebook  amusing  culture  lies-damn-lies-and-statistics  statistics  via-Andrew-Ducker 
january 2013 by FearMeForIAmPink
let me check Snopes for you
A handy tool to point people at after they share stuff they really should've checked up on first…
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november 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
The drugs don't work: a modern medical scandal | Ben Goldacre | Business | The Guardian
'The doctors prescribing the drugs don't know they don't do what they're meant to. Nor do their patients. The manufacturers know full well, but they're not telling.'
posttofacebook  health  lies-damn-lies-and-statistics  business  corruption  wtf  what-the-everliving-fuck  science  medicine  via-Andrew-Ducker 
october 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
BBC News - Facebook 'likes' automatically added without user-clicks
'sending a web address to a friend using Facebook's private messaging function would add two likes to that page. Leaving a comment on a story within Facebook also adds to the tally.'
information  internet  via-Andew-Child  lies-damn-lies-and-statistics  social-media  image  data-manipulation  data  posttofacebook  Facebook  interesting 
october 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
Is this the worst government statistic ever created?
Apparently local govement is wasting 20% of its budget! By which they actually mean, they could save 20% on their mobile phone bills. BUT I'M SURE THAT APPLIES TO EVERYTHING ELSE, YES!
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may 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
Breaking news: A look behind the curtain of the Heartland Institute’s climate change spin | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
'Someone going by the handle "Heartland Insider" has anonymously released quite a few of what are claimed to be internal documents from Heartland, revealing the Institute’s strategies, funds, and much more.'
news  posttofacebook  lies-damn-lies-and-statistics  lies  belief  politics  culture  climate-change  environment  interesting 
february 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
Astroturfing: what is it and why does it matter? | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
'Creating the illusion of widespread support for a policy used to take place in papers – now it's online and even more powerful'
posttofacebook  culture  image  lies-damn-lies-and-statistics  lobbying  politics  interesting 
february 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
Factcheck: Differing claims on house prices by the Guardian, the Express, and the Mail | Full Fact
“House prices surge by 68%”, Daily Express, 27/09/11
“House prices are 'treading water'”, The Guardian, 29/09/11
“House prices fall at fastest rate ever across England and Wales”, Daily Mail, 29/09/11
interesting  lies-damn-lies-and-statistics  economy 
october 2011 by FearMeForIAmPink

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