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Net cafe refugee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Randomly came across this on Wikipedia - it being cheaper in Japan to spend a night in a cybercafe than in an apartment or hostel.
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may 2016 by FearMeForIAmPink
“Is this really a Living Wage? The Living Wage is calculated according to the cost of living whereas the Low Pay Commission calculates a rate according to what the market can bear. Without a change of remit for the Low Pay Commission this is effectively a higher National Minimum Wage and not a Living Wage.”
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july 2015 by FearMeForIAmPink
Ayn Rand's Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
“He hated us for our freedom,” Ron said.

“No, Ron,” Harry said. “He hated us for our free markets.”
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may 2014 by FearMeForIAmPink
Migrants needed to pay for NHS spending or Britain will go broke, says OBR - UK Politics - UK - The Independent
Immigrants are usually working age, and most of them do work, and thus pay tax. A lot of government spending is on children and the elderly, who are generally not paying much tax at that age. Thus, if net migration drops significantly, the deficit is likely to increase.
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july 2013 by FearMeForIAmPink
The Capitalist’s Case for a $15 Minimum Wage - Bloomberg
'cause it means people can afford to actually buy stuff, which is good for the economy.
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june 2013 by FearMeForIAmPink
'Your va-jay-jay called! It wants to talk about anarcho-syndicalism'
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april 2013 by FearMeForIAmPink
Researchers Finally Replicated Reinhart-Rogoff, and There Are Serious Problems. | Next New Deal
That being the study that said you need to keep debt down to have good growth, and was used to justify all the austerity.
austerity  financial-crisis  money  economics  business  lies-damn-lies-and-statistics  statistics 
april 2013 by FearMeForIAmPink
Head of economic watchdog rebukes Cameron for misrepresenting its position - UK Politics - UK - The Independent
'it in fact believed there was a short-term effect and that "fiscal consolidation measures have reduced economic growth over the past couple of years".'
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march 2013 by FearMeForIAmPink
BBC News - Bank of England's Paul Tucker backs negative rates idea
'A negative interest rate would mean the central bank charges banks to hold their money and could encourage them to lend out more of their funds.'
financial-crisis  money  UK  economics  interesting 
february 2013 by FearMeForIAmPink
BBC News - A Nobel Prize for beauty – and truth
'economics can be both deeply mathematical and abstract, and deeply practical - not to say hugely useful to public and private organisations all over the world.'
academia  clever  economics  Your-obvious-knowledge-of-Game-Theory-invalidates-that-approach  Nobel-prizes  awesome  interesting 
october 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
BBC News - Should Bank start the helicopter?
Will the giraffe accept the yo-yo? It's a discussion of a 'helicopter drop' of money into the economy, and a fairly good one at that, I just love the surrealness of the title.
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october 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
Global Bacon Shortage 'Unavoidable' Next Year, Says U.K.'s National Pig Association
'With pork costs rising, Great Britain is facing a bacon and sausage shortage as pig farmers cut back on herd size. But the problem may soon become global.'
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september 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
Don’t Tell Anyone, but the Stimulus Worked - NYTimes.com
A very telling comment from within it:

'White House economists had rejected the idea of distributing the tax cuts as flashy rebate checks, because people were more likely to spend the money (and help the economy) if they didn’t notice it. Good economics, perhaps, but terrible politics.'
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september 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
Valve Economics | Valve
The lead in post for their blog on economics; on how they came to have an economist in residence. Randomly, one of his books was published by one of the companies in the building my work used to be in (Zed books)
small-world  living-in-the-future  technology  computer-games  economics  gaming  geeky  awesome  interesting 
june 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
5 Ways Jim Yong Kim Can Save the World Bank | Foreign Policy
'If it really wants to reduce poverty, the bank will have to slaughter some of its sacred cows.'
USA  international-affairs  banking  economics  interesting 
april 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
World Bank Names Jim Yong Kim Next President - WSJ.com
'…named Jim Yong Kim as its next president, maintaining a seven-decade U.S. lock on the post after the first challenge by candidates from other countries.'
international-affairs  economics  banking  USA  politics  interesting 
april 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
Budget 2012: how to take that classic red box photo | Roger Tooth | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
'It can be a visual cliche, the chancellor on the steps of No 11 with an old red box. Here are a few angles on the scene'
Westminster  UK  economics  politics  image  photography  photos  interesting 
march 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
BBC News - Goldman Sachs director in London quits 'toxic' bank
A manager at US banking giant Goldman Sachs in London has quit, saying he could no longer work there "in good conscience".
posttofacebook  economics  money  banking  financial-crisis  people-suck  interesting 
march 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
BBC News - Moody's rating agency places UK on negative outlook
'The UK has been warned its credit rating may be cut in future, potentially increasing borrowing costs.'
posttofacebook  financial-crisis  UK  economics  money  business  interesting 
february 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
EU: Copyright Doesn't Cover Functionality, Programming Language
'Yves Bot, an advocate-general at the Court, has stated that functions provided by computer programs, as well as the programming languages they're written in, do not receive copyright protection.'
copyright  interesting  law  economics  europe  programming  intellectual-property  via-Andrew-Ducker 
december 2011 by FearMeForIAmPink
Graham & Coase: when big companies are a good idea
The economist in me looks at this and says "A reasonably good, if somewhat confused at times, description of how economies of scale and diseconomies of scale work."
interesting  business  economics  via-Andrew-Ducker 
november 2011 by FearMeForIAmPink
SBS Dateline | China's Ghost Cities
'All the shops in this mall are empty, not that that worries the government, because they're simply more concerned with maintaining economic growth and one way of achieving that is building cities like this one. The big question, though, is how much longer all these shops and properties can remain vacant?'
interesting  China  money  property  economics 
november 2011 by FearMeForIAmPink
Understanding the Euro Crisis: Imagine Italy Was Your Business | Inc.com
'In order to visualize what’s happening in Italy, and what it means to you, let’s play a little game of pretend. Let’s pretend Italy is your business. No, you could never be that stupid. So let’s pretend Italy is your high-living cousin Silvio’s business.'
interesting  amusing  money  tweeted  metaphor  business  europe  Italy  economics  via-Andrew-Ducker 
november 2011 by FearMeForIAmPink
Zynga to employees: Give back our stock or you'll be fired | The Digital Home - CNET News
'Zynga CEO Mark Pincus, along with his top executives, decided last year as they were preparing for an initial public offering (IPO) that they had given out too much stock to employees. But rather than accept that reality, the executives reportedly tried a different tactic: demand employees give back not-yet-vested stock or face termination.'
interesting  economics  money  business  people-suck  fairness 
november 2011 by FearMeForIAmPink
China economy: Bye-bye cheap, Chinese labor | GlobalPost
'Factories in China’s manufacturing heartland are feeling the squeeze again, with minimum wages in Guangdong province set to rise by as much as 20 percent on Jan. 1 for the second time in less than a year.'
interesting  China  money  economics  culture  The-Future 
november 2011 by FearMeForIAmPink
The Campaign For Real Monopoly - Critical Miss: Issue 10
[People don't play monopoly] 'because it's crap. It takes ages to play, suffering long action-free periods in which the players endlessly circle the board in search of the streets they need to complete a set, and lacks the interaction between players that we look for in a game. In short, it's boring and lacks skill. Except that it isn't crap. Actually. You just have to play it the way it was designed to be played.You just have to read the fucking rules.'
gaming  geeky  economics  interesting  amusing  comment 
november 2011 by FearMeForIAmPink
Used Games « Aquarionics
The games industry does not like the used-games industry. The used-games industry quite likes the games industry, but likes selling games it got for nearly nothing at a high profit more, and often points to the fact that the car industry and the used car industry are fine.
interesting  geeky  gaming  computers  computer-games  I-do-not-agree-with-the-page-linked-to  comment  economics  money 
october 2011 by FearMeForIAmPink
How Valve experiments with the economics of video games - GeekWire
'…it was more than a little illuminating to listen to Valve co-founder Gabe Newell give a spontaneous, 8-minute dissertation on the modern economics of video games at a recent conference in Seattle — explaining, in detail, how the company conducts behind-the-scenes pricing experiments to try to understand why we buy games when we do.'
interesting  gaming  geeking  computer-games  computers  economics  money 
october 2011 by FearMeForIAmPink
The Great Tech War Of 2012 | Fast Company
'Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon battle for the future of the innovation economy.'
interesting  technology  culture  geeky  communication  image  economics 
october 2011 by FearMeForIAmPink
The Gamification of Poverty - Technology Review
'A game with a message points the way to a future in which games are one of the best ways to teach ourselves just about anything.'
interesting  money  economics  culture  games  computers 
october 2011 by FearMeForIAmPink
ivan krstić · code culture » How Porsche hacked the financial system and made a killing
A man driven to suicide by a short squeeze. (Triggering for mention of suicide, though only briefly at the start and end)
interesting  money  economics  business  death 
october 2011 by FearMeForIAmPink
BBC News - European financial tax not a good idea, says Sweden
'Anders Borg said Sweden abandoned its own transaction tax after most trading companies left the country. The tax "had a very detrimental impact on our financial markets", he said.'
europe  tax  sweden  money  economics 
october 2011 by FearMeForIAmPink

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