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Andy Coulson 'broke' Commons pass rules by failing to declare NI payments | Media | guardian.co.uk
R"egisters held in the Commons archive, seen by the Guardian, reveal that in September 2007 – three months after Coulson was employed by Cameron's office – the former News of the World editor failed to declare the health insurance, company car and severance payments he was receiving from his old employers."
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BBC News - Coulson got hundreds of thousands of pounds from News Int
Andy Coulson, the former editor of the News of the World who has been arrested on suspicion of involvement in phone hacking and bribing the police, received several hundred thousand pounds (and healthcare, and benefits, and a car) from News International after starting work as the Conservative Party's Director of Communications in July 2007.
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"David Cameron admitted that he may have discussed the bid by News Corp for full control of BSkyB during his 27 meetings with Murdoch executives since last year's election. Downing Street had previously insisted that the £8bn takeover was not mentioned."
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