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Stanford researcher: Hallucinatory 'voices' shaped by local culture
'in the United States, the voices are harsh and threatening; in Africa and India, they are more benign and playful'

Fairly small sample size, but still interesting differences raised.
Interesting  mental-health  culture  braaaaaains  psychology  research  academia 
july 2014 by FearMeForIAmPink
Minneapolis professor Shannon Gibney: Reprimanded for talking about racism.
'The American myth of rugged individualism is alive and well. We love to believe that nothing determines our life’s chances but our capacity to dream and work hard, despite reams of evidence to the contrary.'
education  academia  university  people-suck  racism  discrimination  marketisation 
december 2013 by FearMeForIAmPink
Spare a thought for academic Dr Jude Roberts who admitted on Newsnight on Wednesday night that she uses porn. A minute or so later the caption writers at the BBC had made the necessary changes to her billing and stripped her of her PhD.
BBC  sex  posttofacebook  discrimination  porn  news  interesting  wtf  academia  culture 
august 2013 by FearMeForIAmPink
BBC News - A Nobel Prize for beauty – and truth
'economics can be both deeply mathematical and abstract, and deeply practical - not to say hugely useful to public and private organisations all over the world.'
academia  clever  economics  Your-obvious-knowledge-of-Game-Theory-invalidates-that-approach  Nobel-prizes  awesome  interesting 
october 2012 by FearMeForIAmPink
With More Doctorates in Health Care, a Fight Over a Title - NYTimes.com
With pain in her right ear, Sue Cassidy went to a clinic. The doctor, wearing a white lab coat with a stethoscope in one pocket, introduced herself. “Hi. I’m Dr. Patti McCarver, and I’m your nurse,”
interesting  medicine  academia  USA 
october 2011 by FearMeForIAmPink
McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: FAQ: The “Snake Fight” Portion Of Your Thesis Defense.
'Q: Do I have to kill the snake?
A: University guidelines state that you have to “defeat” the snake. There are many ways to accomplish this. Lots of students choose to wrestle the snake. Some construct decoys and elaborate traps to confuse and then ensnare the snake. One student brought a flute and played a song to lull the snake to sleep. Then he threw the snake out a window.'
amusing  academia  education  via-Andrew-Ducker 
september 2011 by FearMeForIAmPink
Case closed: “Climategate” was manufactured | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
"Climatologist Michael Mann has been cleared of all wrongdoing by the Inspector General of the National Science Foundation." (He's been cleared in several investigations)
climate-change  interesting  lies  journalism  academia 
august 2011 by FearMeForIAmPink
Test Your Vocabulary
How many words do you know? Their guess at mine was 36,500.
english  vocabulary  academia  braaaaaains  interesting  geeky  education 
july 2011 by FearMeForIAmPink
Why I will never pursue cheating again - A Computer Scientist in a Business School
"Last Fall, it was my first semester of teaching as a tenured professor. It was also the semester that I realized how pervasive cheating is in our courses. After spending a tremendous amount of time fighting and pursuing all the cheating cases, I decided that it makes no sense to fight it."
education  academia  teaching  cheating  dude...  fairness  interesting  people-suck 
july 2011 by FearMeForIAmPink

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