The Hornsleth Deep Storage Project is deeply, darkly, weird - PC & Tech Authority
'take the DNA from 5000 people from all over the world, stuff it onto a bizarrely geometric sculpture-cum-ark, and then drop the thing into the deepest part of the ocean, the Marianas Trench'
The-Future  SCIENCE!!!  posttofacebook  awesome  art  Cthulhu  weird  wtf 
september 2013
Bacteria from slim people could help treat obesity, study finds | Society | The Guardian
'Experiments show microbes from thin or fat people's intestines can cause mice to lose or gain weight'
posttofacebook  via-James-Graham  poo  interesting  health  biology  science 
september 2013
A £5,000 cap on donations?
'Manifesto at 2015 general election expected to include pledge to 'take the big money out of politics' - but it has yet to reach a consensus with Tories and Lib Dems'
party-funding  politics  posttofacebook  money  westminster  UK  interesting  Labour-party 
september 2013
Outrage over Brighton bondage bridal fair (From The Argus)
"From a Catholic point of view, marriage is sacred and I think dressing up in fantasy outfits risks damaging that."
religion  sex  posttofacebook  BDSM  fail  Brighton  Catholicisim  marriage  wtf  relationships 
september 2013
8 Ruined Cities That Remain a Mystery to This Day
'Even if we know who built them, certain aspects of the city may simply defy comprehension in the modern age. Here are 8 ancient cities that we may never fully understand.'
history  posttofacebook  awesome  cities  io9  interesting  culture 
september 2013
Parents celebrate end of nightmare
I think my favourite bit is the last paragraph. Does that make me a bad person?
posttofacebook  parody  pah-har-tah-hay!  amusing  alcohol  children  The-Daily-Mash  culture  parenting 
september 2013
Game of Lulz
'The collision knocked him off his feet, and he landed on his George R.R. Martin' The joy of formatting issues.
via-#maelfroth  whoops  posttofacebook  awesome  amusing  fiction  Game-of-Thrones 
september 2013
BBC News - One-in-four prison inmates 'in overcrowded cells'
'on a typical day 835 prisoners shared a cell designed for one person, which the charity also pointed out contain an open toilet.' 'about 19,140 inmates on average were made to share a cell designed for one person.' Either it's a very large cell, or there's some serious compression going on…
grammar-fail  BBC  posttofacebook  prison  fail  amusing  crime  wtf 
september 2013
To The Dudebro Who Thinks He’s Insulting Me by Calling Me a Feminist | Whatever
Dear Internet; understand that when you attempt to insult a professional writer, they're likely to have a pretty good comeback.
bigotry  feminism  interesting  internet  posttofacebook  sexism 
august 2013
Portraits of Albanian Women Who Have Lived Their Lives As Men
'burneshas,' or females who have lived their lives as men for reasons related to their culture and society.
posttofacebook  trans-issues  gender  Albania  interesting  LGBT  culture 
august 2013
Vikings were just fantasy role-players
'Hrothgar claimed his double-headed axe gave him +4 Pillage Points but this is patently not correct'
silly  parody  tabletop-RPGs  gaming  amusing  image  Vikings  The-Daily-Mash  culture  rpgs 
august 2013
Ubuntu sets crowdfund pledge record for Edge smartphone
Dear BBC; try and get someone who understands crowdfunding to write about it? 'Canonical would have to return all the money if it does not reach the target.' — no it wouldn't, as it doesn't *get* the cash unless it reaches the goal.
BBC  crowdfunding  living-in-the-future  technology  fail  news  smartphones  phones 
august 2013
Women who fear being forced to marry abroad told to hide spoon in underwear | World news | The Guardian
Charity advises women and young girls to set off airport metal detectors to give them more time to seek help from authorities
forced-marriage  freedom  choice  crime  rights  travel  marriage  women 
august 2013
'I said to Klaus Barbie: I want people to see your human side' | World news | The Guardian
'French lawyer Jacques Vergès has represented some of the 20th century's most notorious criminals.'
France  law  history  politics  terrorism  posttofacebook  crime  interesting  war 
august 2013
Spare a thought for academic Dr Jude Roberts who admitted on Newsnight on Wednesday night that she uses porn. A minute or so later the caption writers at the BBC had made the necessary changes to her billing and stripped her of her PhD.
BBC  sex  posttofacebook  discrimination  porn  news  interesting  wtf  academia  culture 
august 2013
Blood in Your Eye: Why We Need Violent Stories -- Vulture
'we generally demonize violent acts and violent work. We make them Other, and we just distance ourselves. They are Other, and they didn’t come from us, and we’re just going to stand over there and shake our heads sadly. And, moreover, anyone who gets closer to it in order to experience or understand it must be a freak.'
Warren-Ellis  braaaaaains  The-Other  posttofacebook  violence  psychology  films  interesting  media  culture 
august 2013
Scientists forget to turn off equipment… and make ‘impossible material’ Upsalite
Human error solves problem of how to produce world’s most efficient water absorber more cheaply
SCIENCE!!!  awesome  posttofacebook  science  interesting 
august 2013
Children given lifelong ban on talking about fracking | Environment | The Guardian
Two Pennsylvanian children will live their lives under a gag order imposed under a $750,000 settlement
law  USA  news  money  litigation  interesting  wtf  energy  fracking 
august 2013
How The Sun got it wrong on green energy costs | Environment |
'The newspaper's bar chart using data from energy supplier npower distorts the cost to consumers of renewable energy'
journalism  posttofacebook  money  fail  The-Sun  image  interesting  renewable-energy  climate-change  energy  lies-damn-lies-and-statistics  statistics 
august 2013
21 Painfully Awkward Band Photos
I'm worried by whatever is poling of of Carlos' bath. Particularly as it appears to have a dorsal fin.
music  photos  silly  posttofacebook  amusing  image 
august 2013
BBC News - Carry on camping - can a week under canvas reset our body clocks?
May be of interest to all the people I know who spend three to five weeks or more a year camping for LARP
braaaaaains  posttofacebook  camping  interesting  sleep  biology  culture  science 
august 2013
How Facebook's Own Algorithms Are Killing Facebook
'EdgeRank was put in place to ensure users don’t get overwhelmed by content and to reduce spammy content in favor for interesting content.' But it encourages spammy 'like/comment/share' posts, to increase your rank.
posttofacebook  fail  social-media  facebook  interesting  The-internet.-You-will-never-find-a-more-wretched-hive-of-scum-and-villany.-We-must-be-careful  Internet 
july 2013
The 15 Most Ridiculous College Application Questions - Yahoo! Finance
"If you could choose to be raised by robots, dinosaurs, or aliens, who would you pick? Why?"
university  posttofacebook  awesome  amusing  interesting 
july 2013
If David Cameron must ban anything, let it be Warhammer fantasy games – Telegraph Blogs
'Some people are addicted to hardcore pornography, some to crack, some to molesting fish. Then there are those who collect thousands upon thousands of miniature orcs. And they need help, too.'
geeky  silly  posttofacebook  parody  gaming  Warhamster  amusing 
july 2013
Storm over London may be connected to doom-laden event
'the universe was warning mankind that a malevolent entity had emerged into the world.'
silly  birth  posttofacebook  parody  amusing  monarchy  weather  UK  The-Daily-Mash 
july 2013
World's slowest-moving drop caught on camera at last : Nature News & Comment
'Once-forgotten 'tar pitch' experiment yields results after seven decades.' Like watching paint dry TIMES A MILLION
history  SCIENCE!!!  posttofacebook  awesome  science 
july 2013
BBC News - 10 ways the UK is ill-prepared for a heatwave
Insufficient ability to tow the country north when we need to!
heatwave  weather  UK  interesting  culture 
july 2013
A scientist's view: equality, feminism and men's rights | Andrew Holding | Science |
Yes, equality is important. Yes, there are issue that men face. But no, the 'men's rights' issues are not at the same level as the systemic and cultural disadvantage women face.
sexism  comment-is-free  posttofacebook  discrimination  equality  image  comment-on-comment  feminism  interesting  fairness  comment  culture 
july 2013
Give Blood - Statements - Blood from UK donors is not sold for profit
I've not seen any of the people worrying that it would be sold for profit, but this seems worth making sure people see it.
posttofacebook  bloooooooood  important  UK  health  privatisation 
july 2013
Migrants needed to pay for NHS spending or Britain will go broke, says OBR - UK Politics - UK - The Independent
Immigrants are usually working age, and most of them do work, and thus pay tax. A lot of government spending is on children and the elderly, who are generally not paying much tax at that age. Thus, if net migration drops significantly, the deficit is likely to increase.
politics  posttofacebook  immigration  money  UK  economics  interesting  statistics  via-Andrew-Ducker 
july 2013
How did dinosaurs have sex? - Australian Geographic
'For an animal the size of Tyrannosaurus (14m long) to mate effectively, the male organ would need be in the order of at least 2m long, and a lot more if it happened to be cork-screw shaped like a duck’s.'
animals  sex  posttofacebook  dinosaurs  willies  biology 
july 2013
Call to broaden register of lobbyists as new figures show extent of meetings | Politics | The Guardian
'Business ministers held 988 meetings with outside organisations in 2012, and just two with a formally defined lobbying company' To put it another way, the members of the PRCA (lobbying industry body) would be covered by the register, but if the PRCA itself lobbied, it wouldn't be.
posttofacebook  lobbying  fail  Freedom-of-Information  corruption  UK  westminster  government  sousveilance 
july 2013
Of Peaches and Cream: besturlonhere: June 7th, 1942: Edward Hopper...
'Edward Hopper completes his best known painting, the seminal Nighthawks. When asked by a Chicago Tribute reporter about the philosophical meaning behind the diner having no clearly visible exits Hopper responded, “Shit. Fuck. I did it again. Goddamnit. Fuck. Not again. I did it again. Shit."'
history  whoops  posttofacebook  awesome  amusing  art 
july 2013
Five things Iain Duncan Smith doesn't want you to know about the benefit cap
Leaked letter states the measure "does not take account of the additional costs to local authorities (through homelessness and temporary accommodation). In fact we think it is likely that the policy as it stands will generate a net cost..."
politics  austerity  posttofacebook  fail  poverty  Conservatives  UK  benefits  wtf  via-Andrew-Ducker 
july 2013
Former High-School Teacher Congressman Irks GOP By Marking Their Memos With A Red Pen | Happy Place
He suggests they provide evidence to back up their thesis, and offers to explain the bill for them if they don't understand it.
politics  USA  posttofacebook  Democrats  awesome  amusing  immigration  republicans  interesting  education 
july 2013
People who don’t like cricket are wrong, say experts
Cricket is great because you can fall asleep for half an hour or so whilst watching it, and not worry that you've missed anything important when you wake up.
silly  posttofacebook  parody  amusing  cricket  sport  Australia  UK  The-Daily-Mash 
july 2013
MPs' pay rise: the proposal explained | Politics |
'£10,000 is the headline figure but the actual proposed increase in MPs' incomes is more complex.'
politics  posttofacebook  money  UK  westminster  interesting  expenses 
july 2013
Russia Says It Will Arrest Openly Gay Tourists | Travel and Escape
'Putin claims the law doesn’t discriminate against LGBT people, but rather—in an argument riddled with faulty logic—is there to “protect children from pedophilia.”'
law  posttofacebook  discrimination  people-suck  bigotry  Russia  wtf  LGBT  what-the-everliving-fuck 
july 2013
A study of the Galaxy Song by Eric Idle
"And pray that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space ..."
music  posttofacebook  amusing  Monty-Pythons  interesting  science 
july 2013
Children of unmarried parents to just run around doing murders
'ALL children born after 2022 will be born out of wedlock, and lead a life of devoid of any morals'
silly  posttofacebook  parody  amusing  children  The-Daily-Mash  marriage  culture  parenting 
july 2013
Sex, friends and strangers: what to expect when you stop shaving
'he was normally too happy to have someone getting naked in his bed that he sincerely could not care less whether she had some hair on her body or not.'
sex  posttofacebook  image  interesting  women  hair  culture  via-Andrew-Ducker 
july 2013
BBC News - Aye, robot: Scotland's rise of the machines
'Robots are to be placed into the homes of people with dementia as part of a pilot on the Western Isles, but it is just one of many uses machines are being put to in Scotland amid a wider debate on robotics.'
Scotland  robots  posttofacebook  living-in-the-future  interesting  old-people  culture  via-Andrew-Ducker 
july 2013
BBC News - Political parties shelve funding reform talks
"Labour would not move on trade union funding, while the Conservatives would not make concessions on big donations" Liberal Democrats stood in front of a small china pig and growled at anyone who came near.
party-funding  politics  fail  with-added-wit-shamelessly-stolen-from-Aquarion  corruption  UK  westminster 
july 2013
The Danger in Demonizing Male Sexuality — The Good Men Project
'From the get-go, we are teaching our kids to fear male sexuality, and to repress female sexuality.'
sex  posttofacebook  interesting  rape-culture  comment  culture 
july 2013
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