Flying on wings of electricity!
Let's just hope they don't develop it into fearsome ELECTROWEBS
Interesting  Warning:BUGS!  Warning:SPIDER(S)  biology  science 
july 2018
Top-secret Australian files 'left at second-hand shop'
'the files had been found in locked filing cabinets'
'The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet ordered an urgent review.'
'The [Australian Broadcasting Corporation] described it as "one of the biggest breaches of Cabinet security in Australian history"'
Whoever wrote that quote - sir, I doff my cap to you!
amusing  spying  security  puns  Australia  oops 
january 2018
ACLU Celebrates Abortion Rights Victories in Arkansas and Alabama
Since my month-old post is popping up on people's timelines again, an update.
USA  politics  abortion  choice  good-news-everyone! 
august 2017
Mrs May’s deal with the DUP threatens 20 years hard work in Ireland
Interesting opinion piece on how the Tory-DUP coalition could break things in Northern Ireland
politics  comment  Northern-Ireland  Conservatives  Westminster  history 
june 2017
Transcript of Donald Trump on truth and lies
A masterpiece of making someone look bad by just reporting what they say
politics  USA  Trump  what-the-everliving-fuck 
march 2017
400-year-old Greenland shark ‘longest-living vertebrate’ - BBC News
The stuff in Werewolf about the Rokea being designed to survive the apocalypse seems even more appropriate. Though thy century and a half from birth to breeding might make that a bit harder…
august 2016
Ducklings and abstract thought
What I want to know is which of the models was a better parent…
Interesting  weird  science  braaaaaains  animals 
august 2016
Jo Cox MP dead after shooting attack - BBC News
Content warning: news about a violent death.

Same link as previous, but BBC had updated the story after her death, didn't want anyone to click through without knowing.
politics  crime  death  violence  UK  Westminster 
june 2016
EU Referendum: Statistics regulator loses patience with Leave campaign over '£350m a week' EU cost figure
What's that? The bad guys in the referendum are pushing a lie based on hundreds of millions? That sounds rather familiar…
yes-I-called-them-the-bad-guys  money  politics  Europe  EU  Brexit  lies  lies-damn-lies-and-statistics 
june 2016
Fascism crushed by 0.6 percent
"This comprehensive defeat proves that fascism can never win, at least once postal votes are taken into account."
amusing  parody  worrying  politics  the-far-right  fascism  Europe  Austria  voting  democracy  elections 
may 2016
Net cafe refugee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Randomly came across this on Wikipedia - it being cheaper in Japan to spend a night in a cybercafe than in an apartment or hostel.
Interesting  weird  Japan  money  economics  cities  accomodation 
may 2016
Fewer people die in hospital at weekends, study finds
Because fewer are admitted a bed (compared to just visiting A&E), as the threshold to do so is higher then.
statistics  NHS  strikes  Conservatives  healthcare  Interesting  important 
may 2016
Zelo Street: Telegraph’s Junior Doctor Isn’t
Apparently he's a recently graduated foundation year doctor not yet at the point of being allowed to work on people alone.
NHS  health  politics  not-fair-not-safe  lies  comment  Conservatives  journalism  news 
april 2016
Tow Hooks - How to Leave Muddy LARP Events Efficiently | LARP Guide
Do you know where your tow hook is? Hell, even non-LARPers who avoid muddy fields like the plague they often are should think about this
LARP  information  transport  cars  useful  mud-mud-glorious-mud-arrgh-my-face-my-face 
march 2016
Millions of ordinary Americans support Donald Trump. Here's why | Thomas Frank | Opinion | The Guardian
Interesting point; as well as all the racism, Trump says a lot about how free trade has moved jobs overseas, leaving working class people unemployed and feeling angry at the system
comment  Interesting  politics  USA  Republicans  Trump 
march 2016
Kiddle: a search engine which endangers children
Blocking LGBT searches and a load of searches that children seeking help might use — including support helplines.
WTF  fail  children  Internet  censorship  parenting  Another-Angry-Woman-blog  discrimination  homophobia 
march 2016
Diagnosing Dyspraxia: when clumsiness becomes a condition | The Student Newspaper
Minus the fact I've never even tried to learn to drive, this is very familiar to me.
disability  comment  culture  university  students 
february 2016
Is Donald Trump now unstoppable? - BBC News
Fortunately just talking about the Republican nomination. But still… fuck.
DonaldTrump  A-Game-of-Primaries  Republicans  USA  politics  comment 
january 2016
What Science Says About Using Physical Force To Punish A Child
tl;dr? Doesn't work, messes them up.
It's an old article, but one that seems worth sharing
science  children  old-link  braaaaaains  psychology  culture 
january 2016
Why Facebook Won, and Other Hard Truths | Hapgood
Makes good points. I think the other advantage FB has is the extra integrated stuff — events, chat, and groups all make organising this, socialising, discussing stuff so much easier.
Facebook  social-media  Internet  blogging  via-Andrew-Ducker 
january 2016
A Softer Avenger
A Softer World + Avengers/MCU = awesome
amusing  Awesome  webcomics  silly 
december 2015
"One World of Darkness"
Interesting. Will have to see what they do with this. It's from White Wolf, i.e. effectively Paradox the game company, not from Onyx Path.
Interesting  Gaming  tabletop-RPGs  World-of-Darkness 
december 2015
A Look at Exalted’s new Solars - Prince Diamond
A discussion of the Exalted 3rd edition's signature Eclipse — Prince Diamond, who's a horseman, a diplomat, an exiled hero, and transgender.
Interesting  exalted  LGBT  Gaming  tabletop-RPGs 
november 2015
Kitten videos: an engineering approach
'Kittens have a fairly well known failure state: they fall asleep. Sleeping kittens are adorable, but kinda boring'
What's the solution? Make something that checks a whole bunch of kitten videos and plays the one with the most movement.
awwww  cute  Kitty!  cats  Awesome  silly  Internet  programming  clever 
october 2015
Paradox Buys White Wolf from CCP
So, a bunch more computer games rather than MMO's? An interesting development.
Interesting  Gaming  World-of-Darkness  exalted  geekery  tabletop-RPGs  computer-games 
october 2015
Pope Francis: Kim Davis Is A Liar And I Don’t Support Her Bigotry
Admittedly, the Vatican didn't phrase it quite that way, but it's still good to know.
religion  Catholicisim  The-Pope  LGBT  equality  bigotry  discrimination  marriage  equal-marriage 
october 2015
Profound Decisions - Equality And Diversity
Doing it right. The games are created settings, so they can be gender neutral.
equality  LARP  Awesome  Gaming  Empire-LARP  discrimination 
september 2015
Magic clock locates your friends
A digital version of the Harry potter clock. Perhaps a bit too much effort to actually make, but the general idea seems useful.
amusing  living-in-the-future  harrypotter  silly  technology  invention  internet-of-things 
september 2015
Releasing Osama Bin Laden’s Porn Stash
Or, more accurately, releasing the porn stash found in his compound.
porn  War-on-Terror  Freedom-of-Information  USA 
september 2015
"Can’t you just CHOOSE?": Being bi with a preference
' Like all bisexuals, I am a 50/50 split between liking men/male-identifying people and liking women/female-identifying people.

Oh no, wait.'
LGBT  sex  attraction  relationships  culture 
september 2015
RIP, Time Cube
But there's still a guy called Alex selling immortality rings.
history  Internet  weird  WTF  time  physics 
september 2015
Union suspends planned Tube strikes - BBC News
Not yet done and dusted, but the September strikes have been cancelled.
news  London  tube  transport  unions  good-news-everyone! 
september 2015
Awesome documentary on Empire LRP, but most of which will cover most LARPs, big or small, contact or non-contact.
Awesome  LARP  Gaming  is-my-hobby-becoming-cool-now-and-does-that-make-me-a-hipster 
august 2015
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