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Social Media Update | Week of 23 January 2017 | MarketingProfs
LinkedIn links up with data wiz to give marketers increased targeting abilities

The Microsoft-owned social network for professionals and hub for B2B marketers just formed a partnership with DataSift that will enable it to provide marketers with increased targeting of and insights regarding the platform's 467 million users.
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january 2017 by ElizabethSosnow
Social Searching: Site Wants to Change How You See the Web | Fox Business
We're combining visual search results with real-time signaling, so at its core we're actually turning search into a social network," said Leap.It CEO Mike Farmer.
visual;  search  social  foxbusiness  smartbrief 
june 2014 by ElizabethSosnow
Biz Stone’s new app Jelly uses photos to answer questions — Tech News and Analysis
Jelly is a new way to search with pictures and people from your social networks. It’s also people helping each other—something that’s both meaningful and fun.”
jelly  bizstone  search  social  gigaom 
january 2014 by ElizabethSosnow
How often do you need to update your LinkedIn profile? | SmartBlogs SmartBlogs
LinkedIn is more than collection of a static resumes that happens to be online
SmartBlogs  »  Social  Media  linkedin 
december 2012 by ElizabethSosnow
SEO, social media and content marketing are not mutually exclusive. All three rely heavily on the production and distribution of content—both written and visual.
social  seo  contentmarketing  emarketer  2012 
september 2012 by ElizabethSosnow
How To Market Your Professional Service Business Using Social Media
quite basic, reflection of "where we are" on social media for prof. srvcs.
Social  media  for  professional  services 
december 2008 by ElizabethSosnow

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