5 Signs You Shouldn't Buy A Used Car - YouTube

1. Exhaust Smoke - let the engine warm up, observe color of smoke. there shouldn't be any color (white smoke = coolant in combustion chamber, blue smoke = oil in combustion chamber, grey/black smoke = rich air fuel mixture). If rear bumper is oily after a long drive, that indicates oil is in the exhaust

2. Fluid leaks in engine bay and condition of the engine bay (check hoses, connectors, belt tension, electrical connections). Look on hood of the car for evidence of fluid spraying onto it. Fluid leaks under car.

3. Milky or cloudy engine oil, or thick sludgy oil/deposits (could indicate no regular oil changes)

4. Excessive rust. Look for holes, frame damage, body damage (panel gaps on the body). Look for matching paint colors. Look under the car.

5. OBDII codes
12 days ago
Leveraging the United Excursionist Perk to save miles
When you book an award trip using United miles, and your travel begins and ends in the same region, you can get a free one-way within a single region of the world that isn’t your region of origin.
15 days ago
FlyerTalk Forums - View Single Post - AMEX CDW insurance for Priceline/ Hotwire rental?
Thank you for your email. Using a 3rd party service like Priceline or Hotwire is fine you just need to call us to be manually billed for the PCRP coverage as when you go through a 3rd party service like that it can cause issues with billing as they do not have the merchant code of a rental agency so the computer does not know to charge your for the PCRP coverage. Hopefully this clarifies things. Thank you for your patience & understanding in this matter. We appreciate your business!
4 weeks ago
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