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Kickstarter's "Drip" project uses Event Sourcing, and this is all their library code.
event-sourcing  ruby  rubyonrails 
april 2018 by DivineDominion
27 Ruby Gems I use in almost every project
Useful web project realted, but non RoR focused gems
ruby  rubyonrails 
july 2017 by DivineDominion
Minimal decoupled subsystems in your rails app
Decouple parts of apps using domain events and async processing to scale into microservices later
ddd  microservice  rubyonrails  domain  event 
october 2016 by DivineDominion
Test-induced design damage (DHH)
Test-first leads to scattered responsibilities and bad design. Don't start and stop at the unit test level. Try to use integration tests to verify behavior.
tdd  rubyonrails  bdd 
may 2014 by DivineDominion
Burn Your Controllers — Destroy All Software Blog
Since Controllers delegate only anyway, we can get rid of them entirely via a new Routes syntax
rubyonrails  mvc  controller 
april 2014 by DivineDominion
Rails - The Missing Parts - Interactors | Grouper Engineering Blog
Interactors are service objects which take model objects, perform actions, and may provide success-feedback to make Rails controllers and models more skinny
software-architecture  rubyonrails 
march 2014 by DivineDominion
Spring is a Rails preloader so the environment doesn't have to be set up every time from scratch
rubyonrails  development  performance 
december 2013 by DivineDominion
Gem to use Stripe subscription service in RoR with handling of standard cases like payment problems
rubyonrails  subscription 
november 2013 by DivineDominion
Rails has Two Default Stacks
Rails has the default setup and there's another preferred community stack. Beginners need to be taught both so they won't be left confused.
rubyonrails  beginner 
november 2013 by DivineDominion
Modeling your App's User Session
Storing session objects in the database makes session replay attacks unlikely
session  user  rubyonrails  security 
october 2013 by DivineDominion
good example for Entity/Boundary/Controller (or Interactor) pattern
rubyonrails  software  architecture  OOP  ebc 
october 2013 by DivineDominion
NathanMLong.com - Better Single-Table Inheritance
Keep a STI-table and add non-shared columns to seperate tables to avoid NULL'ing superfluous columns. Custom magic delegation used.

Class-Table Inheritance (Fowler)
cti  sti  rubyonrails  MySQL  postgresql 
may 2013 by DivineDominion
DCI in Ruby
Example application to use DCI in Rails
dci  rubyonrails  ruby 
may 2013 by DivineDominion
guidomb/loadjs · GitHub
Loads JS code dependent on the controller/action currently executed
rubyonrails  javascript 
may 2013 by DivineDominion
Paul Gross - Uptime == Money: High Availability at Braintree on Vimeo
Tools people at Braintree use to pause server responses, roll-out features in a live environment and more
rubyonrails  scalability  deployment  server 
april 2013 by DivineDominion
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