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reiki - BrettTerpstra.com
Fuzzy matching of Rake tasks to speed up typing
ruby  fuzzy 
yesterday by DivineDominion
Introduction - Ruby Reference
Get to know Ruby from its general principles, its building-blocks, structure, syntax -- all stuff way beyond the scope of the documentation!
ruby  documentation  guide  reference  ebook 
7 days ago by DivineDominion
ms-ati/docile: Docile keeps your Ruby DSLs tame and well-behaved
Solves the binding problem so you can call object methods in your DSL _and_ methods defined in the scope of the block around the DSL.
ruby  dsl 
september 2018 by DivineDominion
The Ruby Bibliography
Collection of interesting reading material for Ruby
ruby  literature  reference 
september 2018 by DivineDominion
Writing a Gem with native extensions | Tristan Penman's Blog
Writing a Ruby gem with libclipboard and C code as a "native extension"
ruby  gem  c  native 
september 2018 by DivineDominion
Kickstarter's "Drip" project uses Event Sourcing, and this is all their library code.
event-sourcing  ruby  rubyonrails 
april 2018 by DivineDominion
For want of Pattern Matching in Ruby — The Creation of Qo
A library with matchers that are supposed to add Swift-like pattern matching to Ruby
ruby  pattern  matching 
april 2018 by DivineDominion
27 Ruby Gems I use in almost every project
Useful web project realted, but non RoR focused gems
ruby  rubyonrails 
july 2017 by DivineDominion
TTY • The Ruby terminal apps toolkit
Curated collection of Ruby gems that make CLI scripts easier to write
ruby  shell  terminal  cli 
february 2017 by DivineDominion
The Power of Interfaces in Ruby - Shiroyasha
Instead of module-as-interfaces, write shared specs
ruby  module  testing 
january 2017 by DivineDominion
What Can Daru Do For You?
Write expressions to combine tabular data and perform analysis
ruby  table  data  analysis 
january 2017 by DivineDominion
mame/optcarrot: A NES emulator written in Ruby
Great resource to learn how to write low-level graphics
ruby  nes  emulator  benchmark  gamedev 
december 2016 by DivineDominion
testdouble/suture: 🏥 A Ruby gem that helps you refactor your legacy code
Create a seam and then record what's going on by wrapping the legacy object with Suture; works in production environment, too, to gather intelligence about objects.
tdd  legacycode  refactoring  ruby  gem 
september 2016 by DivineDominion
rkh/mustermann: your personal string matching expert
Helps build path pattern matchers for routers and other
ruby  regex  pattern  file  url 
april 2016 by DivineDominion
Code Rascal | Writing a microservice in Ruby
From project setup to deploying a deamonized service
ruby  http  webservice  deployment  daemon 
march 2016 by DivineDominion
Mixins and Traits in Swift 2.0
Protocol extensions bring a bit of Ruby mixins to Swift.
swift  protocol  ruby 
september 2015 by DivineDominion
Example server with Interpol API/server versioning
ruby  sinatra  api  versioning 
december 2014 by DivineDominion
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