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When one door closes, another one opens – with a bit of a push. Life, love and complications. [sequel to Reparations]

//Draco starts up an addictions centre, and he and Harry settle down. Loveliest. (236075 words)
f.HarryPotter  _HarryPotter  _DracoMalfoy  _HermioneGranger  _NarcissaMalfoy  _RonWeasley  p.HarryPotter/DracoMalfoy  g.schmoop  :family  v.foundations  a.saras_girl  l.long  q.goldstar 
july 2015 by Dipenates
All The Stars And Bleeding Hearts - torakowalski - Social Network (2010) RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Notting Hill AU. In which Jesse runs a bookstore, Andrew is a famous film star and they’re both faily dorks in love.
“Maybe I’ll just take that one now,” Jesse says, grabbing the book and tucking it into his bag. On second thoughts, he takes The Hound of the Baskervilles too. And a really beautiful, though not hugely rare, copy of Tell Me The Truth About Love. “Can you box up the rest and...”

“Yes.” Mr Glover waves him out of the main room and opens the door for him pointedly. “You’ll have them in three working days. As usual.”

“Right, sorry,” Jesse agrees before the door shuts in his face. Jesse isn’t offended; he has new books in his bag and more on the way, it’d take a lot of offend him right now.

Which doesn’t mean he’s not pissed at Emma. He left her in charge of the store for one morning and she left to watch a movie being filmed? Like they don’t film movies every day of the week in some part of the city.

He pulls out his cell again and calls her but she doesn’t answer so he calls the store while carefully belting his satchel into the passenger side of his car.

“Dust Jacket Books, winner of Brooklyn’s hidden gem award 2009 and 2010,” Abigail’s voice chirps and Jesse stares at the steering wheel in horror before managing to choke out, “Never answer the phone like that again. Please.”

“Oh, hi, Jesse,” Abigail says cheerfully. “Emma said if you called I had to tell you to stop worrying and keep perving over your old books like a weirdo.” She laughs. “That’s a direct quote by the way.”

//Sweet Notting Hill AU, in that Jesse owns a bookshop and meets actor Andrew by spilling coffee all over him and not knowing who he is. Adorable. (40,472 words)
f.tsn.rpf  _JesseEisenberg  _AndrewGarfield  g.au  _EmmaStone  _JustinTimberlake  p.AndrewGarfield/JesseEisenberg  m.fic  l.long  g.schmoop  r.flirting  r.startingout  :failboats  :friendship  f.tsn  a.torakowalski 
july 2012 by Dipenates
Won't You Please (Leave Your Mark On Me) - torakowalski - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Clint really likes handcuffs; he’s just not sure how to tell Phil that. Which is a problem since they’ve been sleeping together for a few months now.
“There you are, you okay? Fuck, you’re white as a sheet. Why didn’t you sit down?”

Clint watched Phil fuss with the cuff and felt his cosy, floating bubble start to crack. “You told me not to,” he said, because Phil hadn’t said he couldn’t talk.

Phil frowned at him. He tucked the cuffs into his pocket and pulled on Clint’s arm. “Come on, we have to keep moving. I’ve taken out the guards but they may have reinforcements.”

“I stayed where I was,” Clint repeated, tripping over his feet as he tried to keep up with Phil. “Like you told me.”

“Yeah, yes, you did great,” Phil said quickly, arm sliding around Clint’s waist like he didn’t trust him to stay upright on his own.

Clint let Phil take some of his weight and clung to the words as hard as he could. You did great. If he ignored Phil’s distracted and impatient tone, it was almost enough.

//Clint is afraid that if Phil finds out he's a kinkster he won't be interested. But Phil is, and does a ton of research, and there is negotiation and loveliness. (19,945 words)
a.torakowalski  m.fic  f.avengers  _ClintBarton  _PhilCoulson  _NatashaRomanov  _BruceBanner  _TonyStark  _SteveRogers  :kink  :bdsm  :negotiation  r.startingout  :touch  :aftercare  g.schmoop  :friendship  l.long 
july 2012 by Dipenates
beingothrwrldly: fic: peace beneath the moon (fob/panic, pete/ryan)
u r cordialyl invited to the return of thesleepovre princes. featuring the sleepover puppies. bring your slleping bag, ross. its gonna be a paaaarty. xoxo.

//Pete and Ryan and writing on each other and tattoos. Super lovely.
_PeteWentz  a.beingothrwrldly  _RyanRoss  p.PeteWentz/RyanRoss  :touch  :kink  r.reconnecting  r.established  g.schmoop  f.bandom  f.bandom.patd  f.bandom.fob  m.fic  l.short 
may 2012 by Dipenates
your fingerprints like a code
Brendon hasn't been able to find his shirt for the last fifteen minutes. He knows it has to be around here somewhere, because he started the night with clothing for both his lower and upper body. He's tipsy, but he's not drunk, so searching shouldn't be this difficult. It isn't difficult. He's searching just fine, but his shirt just isn't here, and Brendon feels this is fucking unfair, because Pete's got his shirt back. It's a nice, red shirt too, buttoned down and bright, kind of like --

//The one about Brendon and Shia LaBoeuf
a.charli_j  f.bandom  f.bandom.patd  m.fic  l.long  _BrendonUrie  _ShiaLaBoeuf  p.BrendonUrie/ShiaLaBoeuf  _SpencerSmith  _RyanRoss  _JonWalker  _PeteWentz  g.au  g.schmoop  r.flirting  r.startingout  :lgbt  :comingout 
march 2012 by Dipenates
i_claudia: this is me officially giving up on resisting the vortex
Maybe he wasn't ever supposed to say anything, but Spencer's never liked to ignore Brendon—never been able to, in all honesty—and here they are.

//Spencer + Brendon roleplay their younger selves. Hot like burning, and sweet. Absolutely lovely.
a.i-claudia  m.fic  l.medium  r.established  f.bandom  f.bandom.patd  _SpencerSmith  _BrendonUrie  p.BrendonUrie/SpencerSmith  g.schmoop  g.smut  :kink  :ageplay  :roleplay 
march 2012 by Dipenates
Like Dylan in the Movies - ruintooeasy (roebling) - Panic At The Disco, Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
Brendon never expected this random guy who posted a 'Roommate Wanted' ad on Craigslist to become the most important person in his life. It was kind of crazy, how it had happened.
a.roebling  a.ruintoeasy  m.fic  f.bandom  f.bandom.patd  _SpencerSmith  g.au  _BrendonUrie  _ShaneValdes  _DallonWeekes  p.BrendonUrie/SpencerSmith  r.startingout  l.medium  g.schmoop  :failboats  :friendship  :friendstolovers 
march 2012 by Dipenates
Tilda - Fic: Guitar for Dummies (Panic, Spencer/Ian, Teen, -4k)
Summary: Spencer has a secret wish. Tonight it’s just Ian and Spence, and they’ve had a couple beers too many and they’re leaning against each other in the semi-circular booth making bitchy comments about all the drunk pretentious people in the bar, when they somehow get around to talking about things they’ve always wanted to do but never done.
f.bandom  _SpencerSmith  _IanCrawford  _BrendonUrie  p.SpencerSmith/IanCrawford  f.bandom.patd  m.fic  l.short  r.flirting  g.schmoop  r.friendship  via:ladymusixluva 
february 2012 by Dipenates
too much grind - coricomile - Bandom, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
Prompt: Remember that summer Patrick and Bob shared an apartment? Turns out the landlord would only rent to married couples.

//So very sweet.
a.coricomile  f.bandom  f.bandom.mcr  f.bandom.fob  _PatrickStump  _BobBryar  p.BobBryar/PatrickStump  m.fic  l.short  g.schmoop  r.settlingdown  :secret!marriage 
january 2012 by Dipenates
Transcript - wearemany - Panic At The Disco [Archive of Our Own]
JOURNALIST: ...just turn this on. Okay. Thanks, by the way, for letting us do this at your place.

BRENDON: No, yeah, of course. Totally.

JOURNALIST: I think the last time we really talked was right before you all went to India, in New York --

BRENDON: Yeah, yeah, at the Nokia thing, right. Yeah, how've you been?

JOURNALIST: Good, yeah, thanks. You?

//Coming out interviews are so 2004.
p.BrendonUrie/SpencerSmith  v.scenesfromamarriage  _BrendonUrie  _SpencerSmith  f.bandom  f.bandom.patd  g.schmoop  r.settlingdown  m.fic  l.short  a.wearemany  :lgbt  :comingout 
october 2011 by Dipenates
Once Upon A Time - Accidentally In Love
Spencer smiles. "Spencer," he says. "And I don't think you're whining. You should meet Ryan. He kind of went through the same thing when he was coming out, he'd probably be able to help you a lot."

Brendon bounces on his feet again, edging just a little closer to Spencer. "How did it go for you?" he asks, tilting his head in a way that reminds Spencer of Tall Guy. "Was it totally easy and everything made sense right away?" He sounds kind of wistful, but there's something kind of suddenly shy about him, too. He's chewing on his lower lip, and - oh - reaching out to touch Spencer's elbow, an awkward but clear attempt at flirtation.

Spencer's stomach sinks. "Oh," he says, feeling like a total shithead. "I'm actually not gay. Just..." He forces a grin, trying to seem casual, like he didn't notice. He's an asshole. "Really supportive, I guess."

It takes a second, but Brendon's face burns a bright, sudden, painful red, and his hand drops immediately. He actually takes a step backward, like he thinks he's done something wrong, and Spencer can feel his own face burning in sympathy. "Oh," says Brendon. "Um. I'm -"
a.reni_days  _BrendonUrie  _SpencerSmith  _RyanRoss  _JonWalker  g.au  g.schmoop  f.bandom  f.bandom.patd  m.fic  l.medium  p.BrendonUrie/SpencerSmith  r.flirting  r.startingout  :lgbt  :family  :comingout  :college 
october 2011 by Dipenates
Indoor Fireworks - fictionalaspect - Panic At The Disco, Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
The first thing that comes out of Spencer's mouth is, "Um, do you have any rates set up for not having sex with people?"

"I think you have the wrong number," the voice on the other end of the line says, and hangs up.

a.fictionalaspect  f.bandom  f.bandom.patd  _BrendonUrie  _SpencerSmith  p.BrendonUrie/SpencerSmith  g.schmoop  m.fic  l.medium  r.flirting  r.startingout  :crying  :pretendrelationship  :prostitution 
october 2011 by Dipenates
Follow My Lead - LittleMousling - Bandom, Panic At The Disco [Archive of Our Own]
Professional dominant Spencer Smith doesn’t think he needs anything more than a beer with his best friend, enough clients to keep food in the fridge, and some good waves. But his simple life takes a turn when he meets dance instructor Brendon Urie, and soon Spencer’s learning more than just the cha-cha.
f.bandom  f.bandom.patd  _IanCrawford  _BrendonUrie  _SpencerSmith  _RyanRoss  _DallonWeekes  p.BrendonUrie/SpencerSmith  r.startingout  g.schmoop  g.smut  y.2011.bandombb  q.goldstar  r.flirting  m.fic  l.medium  a.littlemousling  :kink  :negotiation  :bdsm  :safewording 
october 2011 by Dipenates
Wonderful Eyes and Risque Mouth - Chapter 1 - Sena - Panic At The Disco, Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
He didn't really get it, at first, what the conversation was about. That was partly because he was half asleep and partly because it wasn't the sort of conversation he was expecting. Brendon found sometimes that he could be really dense and not see things that were right in front of his face just because he didn't expect to see them.

He was half asleep, curled warm in his bunk, just enjoying the swaying of the bus and his belly full of actual food from somebody's kitchen instead of a fryer. He wouldn't have paid any attention, really, except for how the tone of Spencer's voice was like nothing he'd ever heard before.

He was half asleep, dozing, vaguely aware of the fact that Spencer was climbing into Ryan's bunk above him.

"Hey," was all Ryan said. He said it gently, and that was weird, too, because for some reason Brendon expected him to be annoyed at Spencer. He always seemed annoyed when Brendon crawled into his bunk.

//Bden realises things about Spencer.
_SpencerSmith  _RyanRoss  _JonWalker  _BrendonUrie  p.BrendonUrie/SpencerSmith  p.SpencerSmith/OMC  _OMC  f.bandom  f.bandom.patd  m.fic  a.sena  a.sneaky-sena  l.medium  g.schmoop  :lgbt  :friendship  :crying  :comingout  :firsttime  :religion 
september 2011 by Dipenates
Nicest Thing - Sena - Panic At The Disco, Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
In which Spencer isn't yet on academic probation, but he's close, plus he has to figure out how to keep Brendon from getting evicted and he's pretty sure he'll never be able to look anyone in the eye ever again if they find out that sometimes he uses Craigslist to meet up with guys for sex.

//Spencer does things to Brendon's socks so he doesn't get evicted. Brendon doesn't want Spencer to get hurt by the guys he meets on Craigslist. Lovely.
p.BrendonUrie/SpencerSmith  _BrendonUrie  _SpencerSmith  _RyanRoss  r.friendship  r.flirting  r.startingout  f.bandom  f.bandom.patd  g.angst  g.schmoop  g.schmangst  m.fic  a.sena  a.sneaky-sena  q.goldstar  v.alltheroads  :lgbt  :failboats  :comingout  :firsttime  :baby!panic 
september 2011 by Dipenates
withoutacure1: BBB: Like or Like-Like (1/8)
If Brendon were any good at math, he would probably take the few moments he has left before Tom speaks (and forces him to relive the most humiliating moment of his life to date) to calculate the statistical improbability of being partnered in Home Ec class with the stranger he’d groped at a party. He bets the chances are pretty fucking slim.
_BrendonUrie  _TomConrad  p.BrendonUrie/TomConrad  f.bandom.patd  f.bandom.tai  g.au  _JonWalker  _RyanRoss  _SpencerSmith  m.fic  a.withoutacure1  y.2010.bandombb  l.long  r.flirting  _ensemble  f.bandom  g.schmoop  :lgbt  :failboats  :friendship  :family  :touch  :comingout  :highschool 
september 2011 by Dipenates
Somewhere to Begin - FifteenDozenTimes - Panic At The Disco, Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
Spencer's life is awesome.

His schedule is full of Brendon time, Ryan and Jon's fights get more entertaining every day, this kid in band totally worships him, and the new chemistry teacher is almost as hot as Mr. Van Vleet.

But then again, the hot chemistry teacher is monopolizing Brendon's attention, Ryan keeps proving to be better at relationships than Spencer, and he'd rather not talk about the incident with his band buddy.

Okay, Spencer's life sucks.
p.BrendonUrie/SpencerSmith  _BrendonUrie  _SpencerSmith  _RyanRoss  _JonWalker  g.au  r.flirting  r.startingout  m.fic  g.schmoop  f.bandom  f.bandom.patd  a.fifteendozentimes  y.2011.bandombb  l.medium  :failboats  :friendship  :highschool  :unrequited_lust  :longing 
september 2011 by Dipenates
roxy_palace | The Happiest Fuckin’ Place on Earth (tm) by Roxy_Palace for BBB Wave 2, 2011
Only two kinds of people worked at Disneyland Park, Anaheim, CA: Frank Iero, and everyone else. What happens when our cynical, maintenance-man-with-a-grudge meets new Disney employee, Gerard Way, a starry-eyed Mouse fanatic? Find out when you enter The Happiest Fuckin’ Place on Earth. Have a magical day!
p.MikeyWay/AliciaSimmons  p.PeteWentz/PatrickStump  f.bandom  f.bandom.mcr  f.bandom.fob  _BobBryar  _FrankIero  _GerardWay  p.GerardWay/FrankIero  m.fic  a.roxy_palace  g.au  g.schmoop  r.startingout  r.flirting  l.medium  y.2011.bandombb 
september 2011 by Dipenates
You, In Your Delicate Way - sinuous_curve - Panic At The Disco, The Like [Archive of Our Own]
In typical Ryan fashion, he comes at the issues sideways rather than just sitting down and telling Spencer what he's thinking. "You never make it out here," he says one night on the phone.

//Reconciliation, in the lightest, sweetest way. People fitting into each other's lives in new ways.
f.bandom.patd  f.bandom.tyv  f.bandom.thelike  _TennesseeThomas  _ZBerg  _SpencerSmith  _RyanRoss  p.SpencerSmith/TennesseeThomas  p.RyanRoss/ZBerg  r.friendship  g.schmoop  r.flirting  a.sinuous_curve  m.fic  l.medium  :friendship  :post!divorce 
august 2011 by Dipenates
As Lovers Can - insunshine, sinuous_curve - Bandom, Panic At The Disco [Archive of Our Own]
The running joke among their friends is that Ryan is Spencer's kept boy. Which isn't true in the slightest, of course; Spencer just happens to work twelve hour shifts that coincide perfectly with Ryan working none (he's a writer, for Christ's sake, what kind of respectable author works nine to five? It's not natural).

Most of the time they meet in the middle, in the city, eating with their hands laced inconspicuously across the table, then go home and fuck on every available surface until Spencer ends up braced on the piano bench in the living room, panting that there's no possible way they're not going to end up sprawled everywhere without breaking something vital.

//Beautiful fic, about trust, and hope, and love.
g.au  p.SpencerSmith/RyanRoss  g.schmoop  _SpencerSmith  _RyanRoss  _BrendonUrie  _PeteWentz  m.fic  a.insunshine  a.sinuous_curve  q.goldstar  l.short  r.settlingdown  f.bandom  f.bandom.patd  f.bandom.fob  :touch  :recovery  :marriage 
august 2011 by Dipenates
beingothrwrldly: fic: the words we say (bandslash; brendon urie/patrick stump, etc.)
The first time Brendon Urie kisses a boy, he's seventeen.

They're laying in Spencer's bed, facing each other in the dark, knees bumping. Brendon's wearing shorts to bed; Spencer is wearing long pajama pants. This is their quiet tradition, their Saturday night, a sleepover at Spencer's where they stay up until they can't keep their eyes open anymore. Brendon's made it to four-thirty before; Spencer can make it to five-fifteen. Brendon likes Spencer's house because Spencer's mom always makes cookies and asks Brendon how his music's going and kisses them both on the forehead before they go to bed. She always leaves a sleeping bag for Brendon and he always uses it, but tonight, when the lights go out downstairs, Spencer locks his door and says, "Hey, you should come up here."

//Brendon and Spencer were kind of meant to be together. (With en-route Brendon/Patrick and Spencer/Jon)
g.schmoop  r.startingout  r.friendship  r.flirting  g.schmangst  p.BrendonUrie/SpencerSmith  _BrendonUrie  _SpencerSmith  _PatrickStump  _JonWalker  a.beingothrwrldly  f.bandom.patd  f.bandom.fob  f.bandom  :failboats 
august 2011 by Dipenates
jocondite: Cathedrals And Finger-Steeples
On the second day, though – he’s barely had time to look at the proto-songs, much less work on them – he’s woken up by a loud honking outside, down on the street. He lies in bed until he realizes that the obnoxious honking beat is approximating ‘chopsticks’, which means it’s both his problem, and that his neighbors are going to hate him.

“Jesus,” Ryan says crossly, standing on the curb (he’s pulled on yesterday’s shirt and jeans, and he hasn’t brushed his hair), “why didn’t you just call me, asshole?”

Brendon shrugs and says, “More fun.”

Brendon says, “Get in,” and his fingers tap impatiently on the wheel like it’s a keyboard.

//Roadtrip. Lyrical and lovely.
m.fic  a.jocondite  :roadtrip  f.bandom  f.bandom.patd  _BrendonUrie  _RyanRoss  p.RyanRoss/BrendonUrie  g.schmoop  r.friendship  r.startingout  :touch 
august 2011 by Dipenates
On the Midtown Direct - mistresscurvy - My Chemical Romance, Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
Gerard Way has a system: a system for managing his life as a city architect, a system for being a single man living in a house in Jersey he still thinks of as his grandmother's and not his own, a system for finding one of the four solo seats in each car on the train into Manhattan every morning. He likes his system. It works.

His system derails when Frank Iero sits across from him on the 7:59 Midtown Direct one sunny morning in May.

A love story, one train ride at a time.
q.goldstar  m.fic  a.mistresscurvy  _FrankIero  _GerardWay  p.GerardWay/FrankIero  r.flirting  r.friendship  r.startingout  l.medium  g.schmoop  f.bandom  f.bandom.mcr  :friendship 
august 2011 by Dipenates
Cute Girls (Just Wanna Have Fun) - LittleMousling - Bandom, Panic At The Disco [Archive of Our Own]
“So now you’re gay?” Ryan says.

“So now I’m out,” she scowls, and folds her arms again. “What, you wanna kick me out of the band?” She’s glaring, but Spencer can see she’s shaking, too, petrified that he’ll say yes.

“No,” Ryan says, offended. “What kind of person do you think I am?”

“Of course not,” Spencer adds. “Hey, Bren, of course we’re not going to kick you out.”
_girl!BrendonUrie  _girl!SpencerSmith  p.BrendonUrie/SpencerSmith  _RyanRoss  r.startingout  r.friendship  g.schmoop  a.littlemousling  l.medium  f.bandom  f.bandom.patd  :lgbt  :comingout  :firsttime  :baby!panic  :homophobia  :highschool  :bullying 
august 2011 by Dipenates
torakowalski: Bandslash: Brendon/Shane
Shane’s phone vibrates on the coffee table and he tightens his grip on Brendon’s legs to stop them slipping off while he leans forward to grab it.

Spencer’s written: apprntly bden nos hes gay nw? step 5?

Shane is never, ever getting wasted with Spencer Smith ever again. It’s fucking embarrassing that a guy who shouldn’t even be drinking yet can hold his alcohol better than Shane can.

Step 3 Shane types back, grudgingly.

A second later, Spencer replies, im laughing @u so hard.

Shane groans and drops his phone onto the carpet. Brendon’s friends suck.
m.fic  a.torakowalski  _BrendonUrie  _SpencerSmith  _RyanRoss  _ShaneValdes  p.BrendonUrie/ShaneValdes  f.bandom  f.bandom.patd  r.startingout  r.flirting  r.friendship  l.short  g.schmoop  :lgbt  :failboats  :comingout 
july 2011 by Dipenates
Figuring It Out - LittleMousling - Bandom, Panic At The Disco [Archive of Our Own]
Spencer has always enjoyed hitting his bandmates with random objects. No one ever told him that might mean something.

//Spencer and Brendon discover that they're into SM. Great series.
a.littlemousling  f.bandom  f.bandom.patd  _BrendonUrie  _SpencerSmith  _IanCrawford  _DallonWeekes  p.BrendonUrie/SpencerSmith  r.startingout  r.settlingdown  g.schmoop  g.smut  m.fic  l.long  :kink  :negotiation  :bdsm  :safewording 
july 2011 by Dipenates
withoutmaps: fic: to the beat in my head
All of FBR tries to set Brendon up with a bunch of girls. And sometimes Brendon fucks them, and sometimes he gets their phone number so he can call them back for a second date, but it never really goes beyond that. But then they're in Chicago for a show and Jon tells him beforehand that he wants Brendon to meet someone after the show, and Brendon knows what that means- another girl that's probably fine, probably even awesome, but that he just won't be into. Jon drags him away after the show and introduces Brendon to his friend from high school, who is also probably fine and probably awesome, but is a dude. "Um," Brendon says scratchily, his mind racing. "What-"

"This is Sean," Jon says. "He really likes Panic- he was totally amped when I joined."

//Cute Bden gets a boyfriend ficlet.
a.warmingweather  a.withoutmaps  m.fic  f.bandom  f.bandom.patd  p.BrendonUrie/OMC  _BrendonUrie  _JonWalker  _OMC  r.flirting  r.startingout  g.schmoop  :lgbt  :friendship  :comingout  :firsttime  :touring 
july 2011 by Dipenates
A Gentleman's Agreement - mahoni - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Brian buys and sells unicorns and bicorns for the titled and wealthy. When Bob's stepfather defaults on a debt he owes Brian, he uses Bob as barter to pay the debt off. Brian and Bob agree that their arrangement will be a marriage on paper only, that Bob will run Brian's stables and the relationship will remain strictly professional. But despite Bob's trust issues and Brian's propensity for drinking a lot instead of dealing with how he feels, their mutual affection for Brian's horses breaks down the walls between them. With a little help from Brian's friends and his possessed house, they begin to fall in love.

//Full of cuteness.
m.fic  a.mahoni  f.bandom  f.bandom.mcr  p.BobBryar/BrianSchecter  r.startingout  r.settlingdown  _BobBryar  _BrianSchecter  _RyanRoss  _BrendonUrie  f.bandom.patd  g.au  g.schmoop  l.long  :touch  :rape  :recovery  :consentissues  :marriage  :slavery 
july 2011 by Dipenates
made me that much stronger - gonnafeelgood - Bandom RPF, The Used [Archive of Our Own]
Jepha's always been strong. She's always been hard because that's what you have to be when you grow up a girl on an Army base, when you're a girl playing in a band, when you're on the road 300 days a year with a cabal of boys and men who don't always have your best interests in mind.

//Dan knows that Jepha is strong whether she's wearing pink satin or not.
_JephaHoward  _girl!JephaHoward  _DanWhitesides  p.JephaHoward/DanWhitesides  p.girl!JephaHoward/DanWhitesides  f.bandom  f.bandom.theused  g.smut  g.schmoop  r.flirting  r.startingout  m.fic  a.gonnafeelgood  :touch  :gender  :genderswap  :kink 
july 2011 by Dipenates
allfourinches: Closer to Touch, Never Enough, Brendon/Spencer, R
Spencer is really hot. Spencer is really hot and really shirtless and really straddling Brendon's waist on his shitty mattress on the floor, and Brendon really wishes he was dead instead of a total headcase who was cockblocking himself. Because wow, is Spencer hot.

//Brendon is hit by the shame truck, and doesn't want to get naked. Spencer walks him through some appropriate sexytimes. Ridiculously touching and sweet.
_BrendonUrie  _SpencerSmith  p.BrendonUrie/SpencerSmith  r.startingout  g.smut  g.schmoop  m.fic  a.fallintosilence  a.boweryd  l.short  f.bandom  f.bandom.patd  :friendship  :touch  :shame  :firsttime  :baby!panic  :highschool  :masturbation 
july 2011 by Dipenates
allfourinches: I Wish You Could See It From Over There, Ryan/girl!Spencer, NC-17
"Were you just touching yourself?" Ryan says, his voice kind of rough. She doesn't know if she wants to die or if she wants to kill him, but clearly the only answer is that one of them doesn't make it out of this room alive. "Like, seriously?" he adds, waggling his eyebrows in a totally unnecessary way. And, well, that answers that.
_girl!SpencerSmith  _RyanRoss  _SpencerSmith  p.SpencerSmith/RyanRoss  p.girl!SpencerSmith/RyanRoss  m.fic  a.fallintosilence  a.boweryd  f.bandom  f.bandom.patd  l.short  g.smut  g.schmoop  r.friendship  r.flirting  :genderswap  :masturbation  :voyeurism 
july 2011 by Dipenates
boweryd: Most Exhausting Girl I Ever Knew, Ryan/Girl!Spencer, NC-17
"Stop being so stupid and stubborn already and take your pants off."

Ryan + girl!Spencer have sweet first-time sex, with body issues and snark.

//Boweryd writes the sweetest, hottest first-time fic, that is note-perfect in terms of character.
a.boweryd  a.fallintosilence  _SpencerSmith  _girl!SpencerSmith  _RyanRoss  p.girl!SpencerSmith/RyanRoss  p.SpencerSmith/RyanRoss  m.fic  g.smut  g.schmoop  r.friendship  l.short  q.goldstar  f.bandom  f.bandom.patd  g.au  :friendship  :firsttime  :highschool 
july 2011 by Dipenates
Time is but the Stream - chaosmanor - Fall Out Boy [Archive of Our Own]
"I've been feeling like I've been swimming in two different time streams at once, ever since this started," Patrick said. "The 'now.' And the 'then.' Like being in two places at once. And I think I know why."

//Where Patrick realises that it was it was a mistake to give up Andy for the band. Reconciliation hi-jinks ensue.
a.chaosmanor  v.Thoreaufic  _AndyHurley  _PeteWentz  _PatrickStump  f.bandom.fob  f.bandom  m.fic  l.long  p.PatrickStump/AndyHurley  r.reconnecting  r.friendship  _JoeTroh  g.schmangst  g.schmoop  :lgbt  :comingout 
july 2011 by Dipenates
a lot of things get broken - azurejay (andchimeras) - Fall Out Boy [Archive of Our Own]
On Monday morning, Patrick wanders past the living room to check on Pete and finds him sitting on the floor in the middle of an epic battle between Lego guys and action figures.
_PeteWentz  _PatrickStump  r.friendship  g.gen  g.schmoop  g.schmangst  m.fic  a.azurejay  f.bandom  f.bandom.fob  :recovery  :ageplay 
june 2011 by Dipenates
iamtheenemy_fic: There's a Reason They Call It a Crush 1/2 , PG-13, Brendon/Jon, Spencer/Ryan
“I’m going to Starbucks,” Brendon said by way of greeting as he pushed past Spencer’s raised arm.

“Actually, this is my apartment,” Spencer replied with a raised eyebrow, closing the front door and turning to face Brendon. “But I can see how you’d get confused.”

“I’m going to Starbucks, and you need to tell me if I look good.” Brendon turned in a circle to show off his blue t-shirt and snug jeans. “What do you think?”

“Get out,” Spencer said, opening the door.

“Come on, I’m serious,” Brendon said. “This is important, okay? This could be a life changing moment that we’re having here. Hot Starbucks Guy told me that I should come by during his shift today.”
a.iamtheenemy  m.fic  f.bandom  f.bandom.patd  f.bandom.empires  _JonWalker  _BrendonUrie  p.BrendonUrie/JonWalker  _TomConrad  _SpencerSmith  _RyanRoss  g.schmoop  r.flirting  r.startingout  g.au  l.medium  r.friendship  :failboats  :friendship  :college!Panic 
june 2011 by Dipenates
anew_leaf - Twist to Fit the Mold -- bandslash -- Bob/Gerard -- Adult
Gerard freaks out about meeting Bob's family. Gerard and Bob's parents have the single most awkward conversation in the history of the world, including which size Trojans Gerard might find to be most appropriate. Made me laugh out loud.
m.fic  a.anew_leaf  g.smut  f.bandom  f.bandom.mcr  _BobBryar  _GerardWay  p.GerardWay/BobBryar  r.startingout  r.settlingdown  g.schmoop  g.funny  :lgbt  :family 
june 2011 by Dipenates
So It Seems I'm Someone - emilyenrose - Panic At The Disco [Archive of Our Own]
There's some failboatery, and then Ryan and Brendon are getting off right on the sofa while Gerard Way sings 'Cancer'.
_RyanRoss  _BrendonUrie  g.schmoop  f.bandom  f.bandom.patd  a.emilyenrose  p.RyanRoss/BrendonUrie  r.startingout  m.fic  l.short  :failboats 
may 2011 by Dipenates
Ten - reni_days - Panic At The Disco, Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
"You're totally pathetic," Spencer tells him seriously. "But not because you think I'm cute. That's just, you know. Common sense."

Brendon beams. "I know, right? Are you gay yet?"

"Still straight," Spencer says apologetically. "You're totally first in line, though, if that ever changes."
a.reni_days  f.bandom  _BrendonUrie  _SpencerSmith  p.BrendonUrie/SpencerSmith  r.startingout  f.bandom.patd  m.fic  l.short  r.friendship  q.goldstar  g.schmoop  :lgbt  :comingout  :highschool 
april 2011 by Dipenates
Wake Up and Notice - cimorene - My Chemical Romance, Bandom RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Everyone just stared at everyone else for a second until Mikey mumbled, "Everyone turned into a girl except you last night, so I guess now there won't be anyone to kill spiders."

//Genderswap with gender-y goodness.
a.cimorene  m.fic  f.bandom  f.bandom.mcr  l.medium  _FrankIero  _GerardWay  p.GerardWay/FrankIero  g.schmoop  :gender  :genderswap 
april 2011 by Dipenates
pants to match - New Bandslash fic: Just One Of The Girls [1/2]
Ryan settled for ignoring him and said, “It’s, like, wall to wall girls in there.”

“Yeah, that’s why they won’t publish you.” Spencer rolled his eyes. “Give it up, Ryan. This is high school. Not even a very classy one, okay.” They started off down the hall towards the back exit. The school was already almost entirely deserted. “They want articles on fashion and shit, gossip, not the history of syphilis. What’d Ms. Ivarsson say about your last one?”

//Ryan dresses as a girl to expose the misandry of the school newspaper. Hijinks ensue.
p.RyanRoss/BrendonUrie  f.bandom  f.bandom.patd  g.schmoop  _RyanRoss  _BrendonUrie  _SpencerSmith  a.skoosiepants  l.medium  m.fic  r.startingout  :failboats  :gender 
april 2011 by Dipenates
Once Upon A Time - And Maybe
The thing about being in a room with Pete Wentz and Ryan Ross at the same time is that the conversation is always going to go down one of two paths: intellectually incomprehensible, or wistfully emotional.

Tonight is a wistfully emotional night.

"God." Pete smiles, amused and maybe even a little embarrassed. It's a strange look on Pete. "It was Patrick for me. Years and years I pined."
a.reni_days  p.BrendonUrie/SpencerSmith  f.bandom.patd  f.bandom  g.schmoop  r.startingout  m.fic  l.short  :failboats 
april 2011 by Dipenates
sunsetmog_fics: Fic: Swimming Out In The Blue [Panic at the Disco, Brendon/Shane]
Summary: Brendon and Shane aren't boyfriends. Everybody thinks they are.

Or, alternatively, the one where Shane and Brendon are faily and then in love.
f.bandom.patd  _BrendonUrie  r.startingout  r.friendship  a.sunsetmog  g.fluff  g.schmoop  l.short  m.fic  _ShaneValdes  p.BrendonUrie/ShaneValdes  q.goldstar  f.bandom  :lgbt  :failboats  :comingout 
february 2011 by Dipenates
sinsense: Fic: Thing-Thing (Master Post)
When Gerard signed the admissions paperwork for the Fordhaven School for Boys, he knew he was signing up for four years of sexual frustration. No one was gay at Fordhaven. Gerard was all-too-aware that he would be a virgin until he graduated. In his senior year, though, this stupid gay freshman disproves Fordhaven's straightness, and throws Gerard's entire world off-kilter.

Now, in between drawing, avoiding bullies, running an incredibly serious tabletop RP game, failing out of math, and hanging out with friends, Gerard is also busy kind of falling for this asshole who's way too young for him. It's not what he planned on, but it's what's happening. In conclusion: high school sucks.
a.sinsense  f.bandom  f.bandom.mcr  p.GerardWay/FrankIero  _GerardWay  _FrankIero  _MikeyWay  g.schmoop  r.startingout  m.fic  l.long  :comingout  :firsttime  :highschool 
february 2011 by Dipenates
Have some whiskey, honey - Always One Foot on the Ground -- Brendon/Spencer -- NC-17
In his first few months of college Spencer has figures out that he really does like guys, that his best friend and roommate, Ryan, has terrible taste in women, and this random guy he meets named Brendon is kind of ridiculously hot. // The one with the orchard, and the cuteness.
_SpencerSmith  _BrendonUrie  _RyanRoss  p.BrendonUrie/SpencerSmith  f.Bandom.patd  f.bandom  r.startingout  r.friendship  a.sneaky-sena  g.schmoop  :comingout  v.onefoot 
february 2011 by Dipenates
Reasons We Don't by airgiodslv
“Why don’t we fuck?” Frank asks, tipping his head back to blow smoke at the sky.
p.GerardWay/FrankIero  _GerardWay  _FrankIero  _Ensemble  f.bandom.mcr  f.bandom  g.schmoop  g.smut  m.fic  a.airgiodslv  :relationship 
january 2011 by Dipenates
Conclusions by Bexless
"Smokes," Mikey reads aloud. "Likes dogs in case ever get one. Likes rock music. Likes loud rock music. Is interesting. Does not hog bathroom." He looks at Frank over the top of his glasses. "Dude, it's like you're meant to be."
q.goldstar  _FrankIero  _GerardWay  p.GerardWay/FrankIero  f.Bandom  f.bandom.mcr  g.schmoop  l.long  a.Bexless 
january 2011 by Dipenates
We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat - Fic - Small Packages
Sequel to Eat Me, Drink Me, where Dean is deaged due to [insert plot contrivance here].
f.Supernatural  _DeanWinchester  _SamWinchester  m.fic  g.schmoop  :age!regression 
january 2011 by Dipenates
crack_van: Forever, Now series by harriet_vane (PG-13)
The one that starts with Brian adopting 14-year-old Gerard and his 11-year-old brother Mikey, hiring Brendon the college student to look after them during the first summer, and ends with Gerard's first year in college and Pretty; Odd's first tour.
f.Bandom  f.bandom.mcr  f.Bandom.patd  _BrendonUrie  _RyanRoss  q.goldstar  m.fic  g.angst  g.schmoop  _GerardWay  _BrianSchecter  _MikeyWay  _FrankIero  g.h/c  p.RyanRoss/BrendonUrie  p.GerardWay/FrankIero  a.harriet_vane  :kid!fic  :childabuse 
december 2010 by Dipenates
Toweltopia - Inception Fanfic - Feel the Pulse (Eames/Arthur)
He’s sitting in the waiting room with his heart in his throat and it isn’t even his wife in the hospital. It’s just that this kind of waiting has always made him nervous; he was the same way waiting for his acceptance letters and the results of his mother’s blood tests. He hates it. He fights down the urge to smooth his hair back again, since he has already made sure it is perfect at least three times. He rubs his neck, trying to get rid of some of the tensi
_Arthur(Inception)  _Eames(Inception)  p.Arthur/Eames  g.curtain!fic  _PhilippaCobb  m.fic  f.Inception  g.schmoop  :kid!fic 
november 2010 by Dipenates
debbiel66 - Seven Warning Signs Your Brother is Having a Midlife Crisis
Sam had gotten out of the habit of assuming his brother had secrets. They had been through hell together—both literally and figuratively—and it was the thing they’d promised each other after they made it back. Honesty. Transparency. No more lies between them. Even if the truth hurt, they told it.

But ten years later, something is going on with Dean, and Sam is bound and determined to find out what it is.
_DeanWinchester  _SamWinchester  m.fic  f.Supernatural  g.schmoop  :hurt!SamWinchester 
november 2010 by Dipenates
Sort of Revolution
Eames’s morning routine is a constant flurry of movement, so it’s only when he makes an offhand comment about doing some hamstring stretches and core exercises that he finally realizes something’s wrong. Arthur isn’t even in the vicinity at all.
p.Arthur/Eames  _Arthur(Inception)  f.Inception  m.fic  g.schmoop  _Eames(Inception) 
november 2010 by Dipenates
tuesdayfic: Supernatural: Things Dean Winchester Loves
Things Dean Winchester Loves:
1.Sam Winchester
2. The Impala 2. Pie 2/3. Pie/The Impala 2. Castiel
f.Supernatural  m.fic  g.schmoop  _Castiel  p.DeanWinchester/Castiel  _DeanWinchester 
october 2010 by Dipenates
deancastiel: [FIC] Creature of Habit (misslucyjane)
The more you love someone, the more you want to kill them. Or: How Cas developed some bad habits, and Dean coped surprisingly well.
_DeanWinchester  _Castiel  p.DeanWinchester/Castiel  g.schmoop  m.fic  f.Supernatural 
october 2010 by Dipenates
Asunder - rageprufrock - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
It's going to be a shitty wedding with shitty people and a shitty atmosphere and Dean feels shitty about going.

But first Jo, and then Ellen, and then Bobby had called in quick succession and informed him — in order — that they had ordered his ass a plane ticket, called him a rental car from the airport, and that he was showing up or so God help him.
_DeanWinchester  p.DeanWinchester/Castiel  _Castiel  _SamWinchester  g.au  f.Supernatural  m.fic  g.angst  g.schmoop  q.goldstar  :addiction  a.rageprufrock 
october 2010 by Dipenates
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