IPv6 Routing: Static Routing
Cisco documentation on IPv6 based static routing.
cisco  documentation  ipv6  based  static  routing  networking  routers 
march 2018
Configuring Telnet, console, and AUX po... - Cisco Support Community
Forum post from the Cisco support forums on how to set console, vty, and AUX passwords.
cisco  support  forums  passwords  console  password  settings  set 
march 2018
Colour trade mark
For the copyright assignment
march 2018
What is a recursive static route? : ccna
A reddit thread asking what a recursive static route is.
reddit  thread  cisco  recursive  static  route  networking  ccna  question  asking 
march 2018
A small USB device that auto runs scripts
malduino  script  scripting  hacking  usb  arduino  project 
march 2018
3.3. Using Command-Line Tools - Red Hat Customer Portal
Detailing the command line tools for redhat linux
redhat  red  hat  linux  command  line  bash  user  tools  tool 
february 2018
MEGA / Weather Channel Archive
Complete downloadable archive of weather channel tracks
the  weather  channel  twc  classics  archive  mega  download 
july 2017
TWC Classics
A website filled with archival content from America's The Weather Channel
the  weather  channel  classics  twc  vaporwave  smooth  jazz  collection  archive 
july 2017
HP Software and Driver Downloads for HP Printers, Laptops, Desktops and More | HP® Customer Support
The Full Feature Software and driver solution is the complete software solution intended for users who want more than just a basic driver.
hp  software  driver  download  downloads  printer  laptop  desktop  application  drivers  printers 
march 2017
Cut Glove | Rodrigo Constanzo
An app that turns your 360 controller into a musical instrument
cut  glove  software  program  app  360  controller  instrument  music  musical  Rodrigo  constanzo 
march 2017
Downloading VODS > 3hrs? : Twitch
Reddit thread from r/twitch on downloading VODs greater than three hours in length
vod  twitch  download  reddit  thread  forum  downloading 
march 2017
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