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Life's Not-so-little Surprises - silverraven - CW Network RPF, Supernatural RPF [Archive of Our Own]

Jensen’s life is pretty sweet. He has a successful career, an awesome apartment, great friends, and his choice of bed partners. He’s got life all planned out. But what happens when he finds out he has a five-year-old daughter and meets her adoptive father?
adoption  domestic  au  J2  jared/jensen  kidfic  daughter 
june 2013 by Desertpoet
A Summer Inheritance Chapter 1: Prologue, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Harry thought his life would go back to normal once Voldemort was defeated, but on his 17th birthday he discovers a secret that will change his future.
snape/harry  harry/severus  au 
january 2013 by Desertpoet
Switch by The Huntress
Summary: How did Jared end up in the Impala with Dean? And why exactly is Sam on a soundstage with Jensen? These burning questions, and others, will be answered by this fic
j2  sam/dean  jared/jensen  author:thehuntress  au  fourthwallbreakdown  mirror!verse 
january 2013 by Desertpoet
littlebirdtold - Scandal Like No Other - 1/6
Summary: The heavily damaged Enterprise ends up in another galaxy, nearby a planet called Regelence—a planet with a society similar to Regency England, only everyone is gay. They need to find a way to get back home, but it turns out it's easier said than done. Along the way, Jim ends up as a chaperone to a 16-year-old brat called Trouble who is smitten with the Crown Prince, attends a ball, causes a scandal, gets thrown into the royal dungeons, takes people into hostage, steals a puppy, advises a teen on his love life, and tries to sort out his fucked-up (but strictly professional) relationship with his XO. Jim's life is hard.
author:littlebirdtold  startrek  kirk/spock  au  relegence  regency  crossover 
december 2012 by Desertpoet
Elle - Big Bang Masterpost: From the Ruined Tower to the Caves of Unknown Horror
Wordcount: 30,500
Warnings/Spoilers: Violence and disturbing themes, including but in no way limited to non-graphic violence against children and implied rape/bestiality. Spoilers (highlight to read): Temporary major character death.

Summary: Jared's been adventuring for most of his life. He loves being out on the road with his friends—killing monsters and bad guys, finding treasure, and helping people out of sticky situations. It's all part of being a good-hearted barbarian. Then his carefree life is shaken up by the introduction of a scrawny half-elf wizard called Jensen, who joins them for a quest upon which they will encounter horror, true friendship, and a secret buried deep underground...
j2  rps  au  dungeonsanddragons  jared/jensen 
december 2012 by Desertpoet
akintay: Fic: It Isn't Easy (But It's Worth It) | Masterpost
Title: It Isn't Easy (But It's Worth It)
Author: akintay
Artist: smallworld_inc
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: ~27k
Beta: beta'd by slothy_girl.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. No profit is made with this.

Summary: College AU. Right before the start of his sophomore year Jared finds himself without an apartment and without a roommate when Chad decides to move to California. As it turns out, the real problem isn't finding a new place to live but the fact that, once he does, one of his new housemates seems to hate him. Jared can't figure out what Jensen's problem is – nor why the hell he's crushing on him anyway.
author:akintay  j2  unread  au  jared/jensen 
december 2012 by Desertpoet
Pizza-Verse - Closer - Suits (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
In an alternate universe, Harvey's still the best closer in New York but Mike's not a runner for Trevor: he's a pizza deliveryman, Harvey's favorite pizza deliveryman. And Harvey's discovery that Mike's more than he lets on will change everyone's lives...

Told and retold through Mike, Donna, and Harvey's point of view, with new scenes and reactions each time.
harvey/mike  suits  au  epic  awesome 
september 2011 by Desertpoet
Old Enough To Know Better, Young Enough Not To Care - Coming Home, (1/1), R, J2, AU.
Word Count: 9590
Summary: F.B.I. agent Jared Padalecki works in the L.A. Under cover Unit as a handler. He has fallen in love with the under cover agent he looks after but has never met. Now Jared is engaged in a race against time and across L.A. To get to him before it’s too late. Can Agent Jensen Ackles hang on long enough, to finally meet Jared.
au  j2  angst  oneshot  unread  au  author:sasha_dragon  has:author 
september 2011 by Desertpoet
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spnstoryfinders  spn_cinema  spn_harlequin  spock/mccoy  spock/uhura  sportsnight  springwoof  ss/hp  ss/hp/dm  ss/rw  stanford  startrek  startrek2009  startrek:reboot  startrek:tos  startrekbigbang  startrekreboot  starwars  steampunk  steve/danny  stripper!jared  stripperfic  student!jensen  stuttering!jared  su  suits  sulu/chekov  superman  supernatral  supernatural  sv  svu  sweet  take-me-with-you-verse  tarlan  teacher!dean  teacher!jared  teacher!jensen  teamfic  teenchesters  teenwolf  telepathy  telesilla  temeraire  thedeadparrot  theeagle  thesentinel  the_wynter_wytch  thingswithwings  threesome  timelord!ianto  timetravel  tinalia  tiranog  titanic  TJ  top!dean  top!harry  top!jared  top!jensen  torchwood  toread  tos  to_read  train  transformation  transformed!dean  tribbles  trinityofone  tvbased  un  unamaga  underage  unread  vampire  vampire!dean  vampire!draco  vampire!fic  vampire!jared  vampire!jensen  vampire!rodney  vampire!snape  vampirefic  veela  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