shaenie: Indelible -- DONE OMG
Summary: Past Featured StoryRodney makes an ill-considered move on a mission, John steps up to take responsibility for making reparations to the locals, and things take a turn for the complicated.
sga  mckay/sheppard  au  long  firsttime  kink  angst  amnesia  first-time  bdsm  epic  telepathy  author:shaenie  kink!spanking  epics 
october 2009
Teenage Kicks - Rheanna - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]

It's not about changing the past. It's about letting the past change you.
mckay/sheppard  one-shot  timetravel  completed  author:rheanna 
september 2009
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abuse abused!harry action/adventure actor!jared actor!jensen adoption adventure amnesia angst archive arrangedmarriage article au awesome bbcsherlock bdsm bigbang bond bondage bonding bottom!dean bottom!harry bottom!jared bottom!jensen bottom!sam btvs casefic castiel challenge:j2_everafter christmas clark/lex clex college college!fic complete completed crack crackfic crossover cute d/s dadt dark darkangel de-aged dean dean/castiel dean/omc disability domestic dragons drama ds9 dub-con duncan/methos earthside ebook epic established established-relationship establishedrelationship fairytale fanfic fanfiction favorite fic ficlist first-time firsttime fluff fusion futurefic gen genderfuck genderswap gibbs/dinozzo h/c h/d h50 harlequin harry/draco harry/severus harry/snape harrypotter harvey/mike het highlander highschool historical hogwarts hp hp/dm hp/ss humor humour hurt!dean hurt!jared hurt!jensen hurt!sam hurt/comfort j2 jack/ianto jared/jensen jealousy jeeves/wooster jim/blair k/s kidfic kink kinkmeme kirk/mccoy kirk/spock long marriage masterlist mckay/sheppard mentor mentor!snape moviebased mpreg multifandom nc-17 ncis non-au non-con novel offworld one-shot oneshot pdf petnames pining!john ponfarr post-dh post-hogwarts post-war postwar powers!sam pre-series pre-slash protective!dean protective!sam psych pwp rec reclist recs recslist romance rps sam sam/dean sam/gabriel sam/jess sam/omc schmoop sentinel sequel series severitus sg1 sga shawn/lassiter sherlock sherlock/john short shy!jared slash slavefic smallville smut snape/harry snarry spander spike/xander spn spnstoryfinders startrek startrek2009 startrek:reboot startrek:tos steve/danny suits supernatural sv sweet teamfic teenchesters telepathy threesome timetravel torchwood toread transformation tv tvline unread vampire wee!chesters werewolf werewolf!jared werewolf!jensen wesleysgirl wincest wip xover

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