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A service that displays large type
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july 2009 by DASKAjA
Application switching with FastScripts
So, instead of having multiple spaces with Xcode in one space, or irc + iChat in another, and WebKit in its own; I create multiple scripts which hide all applications, and then brings forward just the ones I want. For instance, here is the script I've got set to control-keypad 2, which lists my "social" apps:
lang:en  Spaces  Sparkle  Shortcut  AppleScript  FastScripts  mac  macosx  productivity 
july 2009 by DASKAjA
Introduction to Valgrind on Mac OS X
A few months ago I talked about the Clang Static Analyzer and how it could help you find bugs in your code. Valgrind is a similar sort of program except it checks for errors at runtime instead.
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june 2009 by DASKAjA
AutoPairs modifies the behavior of certain keystrokes, to help you keep paired characters such as parentheses properly matched. For instance, when you type a left parenthesis, AutoPairs will type the right parenthesis and a left arrow for you, so that you are ready to type what goes between the parentheses. This and other pair macros can be turned on and off individually, and configured differently for specific applications.
lang:en  Apple  MacOS  MacOSX  OSX  Typing  Xcode  Editing 
may 2009 by DASKAjA
schwa / hgkeychain / overview — bitbucket.org
hgkeychain is an extension for mercurial that lets the user use the MacOS X keychain to store passwords for remote repositories.
lang:en  mercurial  hg  OSX  Keychain  MacOSX  Apple  Client 
may 2009 by DASKAjA
snej / Murky / overview — bitbucket.org
A GUI client app for the Mercurial version-control system. Written for Mac OS X, in Objective-C.
lang:en  Murky  mercurial  OSX  Mac  MacOSX  Apple  repository  scm  gui  hg  Source 
may 2009 by DASKAjA
Place to dump short notes and observations about cocoa programming.
lang:en  Cocoa  Apple  MacOSX  OSX  Mac  iPhone  Development  SDK  Simulator  NSLog  NextStep  AppStore  CoreData  CoreAnimation  CoreAudio  CoreVideo  Deployment 
april 2009 by DASKAjA
OpenSource Twitter Client, recht strukturiert.
lang:en  Code  ObjC  Twitter  Client  OpenSource  Cocoa  MacOSX  OSX  Mac 
april 2009 by DASKAjA
Personal finance, money management and small business software for Mac OS X
lang:en  Apple  Banking  Mac  OSX  tools  Cocoa  macintosh  macosx  money  accounting  Bank  budget  finance  finances  financial  management  applications  ibank  quicken 
april 2009 by DASKAjA
Espérance DV
Esperance DV is a module for System Preferences making a RamDisk. You can place temporary files for speed saving video, speed recording a lot of pictures, building your application with xCode,... RamDisk is the use of a part of read-write memory (RAM) as a hard disk.
lang:en  Apple  MacOSX  OSX  Mac  Tools  Tool  Freeware  RAM  Disk  RAMDisk 
april 2009 by DASKAjA
Plain Clip - Carsten Blüm: Mac Development
Plain Clip is a tiny Mac OS X application which will remove formatting from text which is on the clipboard.
lang:en  clipboard  text  utilities  freeware  macosx  tools  tool  software  mac  osx  apple 
february 2009 by DASKAjA
ZipCarton - milkcarton
ZipCarton is a plugin for your Mac OS X Address Book that tries to find the ZIP or postal code for the city you entered in your contact's details.
lang:en  macosx  Apple  OSX  Plugin  Addressbook  address  adressbuch  zipcode  plz  tool  macintosh  Freeware  software  mac  tools  App 
february 2009 by DASKAjA
Completion Dictionary
Completion Dictionary is a free Xcode plugin that enhances Xcode’s built-in code completion mechanism. You simply type a few letters - either the abbreviation of a macro or the initials of a symbol name - and press the completion shortcut. Completion Dictionary will do the rest.
lang:en  Macro  programming  development  dev  Cocoa  mac  tools  xcode  plugin  macosx  code  osx  free  apple  completion  coding 
february 2009 by DASKAjA
rentzsch's clicktoflash at master - GitHub
WebKit plug-in to prevent automatic loading of Adobe Flash content.
lang:en  safari  Reinstall  webkit  blocking  adblock  clicktoflash  blocker  internet  Git  GitHub  macosx  flash  flashblock  plugins  free 
january 2009 by DASKAjA
macosxhints.com - Make iTunes create a Library entry containing everything
In the old days of iTunes 6 and earlier, the iTunes Source pane would contain a Library playlist that listed all the audio and video in your iTunes library.
lang:en  Twitter  iTunes  Tips  OSX  Apple  MacOSX 
january 2009 by DASKAjA
clicktoflash - Google Code
WebKit plug-in to prevent automatic loading of Adobe Flash content.
lang:en  Google  Code  Safari  Plugin  Webkit  Mac  macosx  flashblock  plugins  browser 
january 2009 by DASKAjA
Solving Trash Problems
A variety of issues can result in making it difficult or impossible to either move files to, or empty, the Trash in Mac® OS X.
lang:en  FAQ  MacOSX  OSX  Apple  Finder  Trash  Tips  Help  Mac  problems 
january 2009 by DASKAjA
TinyAlarm is a tiny alarm clock for your menu bar.
lang:en  MacOSX  Mac  Software  Alarm  Clock  Time  Freeware  Tools  Utility  osx  Apple 
january 2009 by DASKAjA
Cocoa Packet Analyzer
Cocoa Packet Analyzer is a native Mac OS X implementation of a network protocol analyzer and packet sniffer. It is able to do basic network capturing, filter packets, analyze and display pcap files. CPA uses libPCAP for reading packet trace files and for capturing network traffic (filter expressions from tcpdump may be used).
lang:en  OSX  Apple  Internet  software  mac  free  MacOSX  Networking  analysis  Network  sicherheit  sniffer  BusPick 
december 2008 by DASKAjA
WebDAV Syncing Tech
I wrote up a little technical article on how VoodooPad 4 does its page syncing as part of VoodooPad's future docs.
lang:en  Blog  Post  MacOSX  OSX  Sync  WebDAV  Syncing 
december 2008 by DASKAjA
AddressBookSync | Facebook Picture Synchronization with OS X Address Book
AddressBookSync is a Mac OS X application to download Facebook profile pictures to Address Book cards. This is a handy tool to keep your contacts' pictures updated if you have numerous Facebook friends in your Mac OS X Address Book.
lang:en  Facebook  Tool  Images  Portrait  Addressbook  Apple  MacOSX  Contacts  Sync  OSX  mac  social  photos  picture  software  free 
december 2008 by DASKAjA
FluidTunes gives you control over your music using only a camera, and your hands, head or feet.
lang:en  MacOSX  OSX  iSight  iTunes  Music  Apple  free  Fun  Interface  software  mac  gesture  webcam 
november 2008 by DASKAjA
Alternative Ordnersymbole, vornehmlich für Mac OS X.
lang:en  macintosh  MacOSX  OSX  mac  free  download  leopard 
november 2008 by DASKAjA

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