Dab a few specks of brown and let it blend on its own as well. You’ll see that in this watercolor moon, the color is more concentrated on the centre and washed down on the outside. Similarly as above, I waited for the paint to dry so that I could add a few specks of silver.
watercolor  moon 
22 days ago
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janet hill italy watercolor stars
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26 days ago
CCTV Learn Chinese - Growing up with Chinese Lesson 3 Name - YouTube
Growing up with Chinese Script with Pinyin

Teacher:Hello. Hello, Xiao Ming.
Xiao Ming:Hello teacher!
Xiao Ming’s parents:Hello.
Xiao Ming:Hi,my name is Xiao Ming. What's your name?
MIKE:I'm MIKE. What's your surname, Xiao Ming?
Xiao Ming:My surname is Wang.
MIKE:Oh,Wang Xiao Ming.
MIKE:Hello uncle and auntie.
Xiao Ming’s mother:MIKE,how old are you?
MIKE:Auntie,I'm 16 year old. How about you, Xiao Ming?
Xiao Ming:I'm also 16 year old.
chinese  growingupwithchinese 
7 weeks ago
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