Hayes command set - Wikipedia
The Hayes command set is a specific command language originally developed by Dennis Hayes[1] for the Hayes Smartmodem 300 baud modem in 1981.

The command set consists of a series of short text strings which can be combined to produce commands for operations such as dialing, hanging up, and changing the parameters of the connection. The vast majority of dial-up modems use the Hayes command set in numerous variations.

The command set covered only those operations supported by the earliest 300 bit/s modems. When new commands were required to control additional functionality in higher speed modems, a variety of one-off standards emerged from each of the major vendors. These continued to share the basic command structure and syntax, but added any number of new commands using some sort of prefix character – & for Hayes and USR, and \ for Microcom, for instance. Many of these re-standardized on the Hayes extensions after the introduction of the SupraFAXModem 14400 and the subsequent market consolidation that followed.
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6 days ago
SIGIL — Romero Games Ltd.
SIGIL™ is a free megawad for the original 1993 DOOM® created by John Romero. It contains nine single-player and nine deathmatch levels. The free megawad will be released in mid- February 2019 and requires players own the original 1993 registered version of DOOM® in order to play. SIGIL™ is the spiritual successor to the fourth episode of DOOM®, and picks up where the original left off.

In addition to the free megawad, SIGIL also releases in two limited edition fan boxes created by Limited Run Games. The fan boxes feature music by metal guitar legend Buckethead, including a custom song written expressly for SIGIL, and cover art by Christopher Lovell whose iconic, detailed work has been featured on numerous metal albums. (Note: The free megawad does not ship with Buckethead’s music or Christopher Lovell’s art.)
7 days ago
PyTorch - an open-source machine learning library for Python - Wikipedia
PyTorch is an open-source machine learning library for Python, based on Torch,[1][2][3] used for applications such as natural language processing.[4] It is primarily developed by Facebook's artificial-intelligence research group,[5][6][7] and Uber's "Pyro" software for probabilistic programming is built on it.[8]
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8 days ago
Best method for tenant communication?
@Brian H great question. We were using a personal cell phone number to connect with prospective tenants but found the process to be disruptive. With four properties in a college town (Providence, RI), it was out of control. Tenants were calling at all hours of the day. We sought an option that allowed a phone number to be generated for us and we eventually found NowRenting to be quite helpful on that front. Included within their most popular Professional plan is the option to receive a private phone number. Here is the link if you want to learn more. https://nowrenting.com/pricing/
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9 days ago
Tax Geek Tuesday: Reasonable Compensation In The S Corporation Arena
After the District court’s decision in JD & Associates, the IRS issued a Fact Sheet to remind S corporations of the importance of paying reasonable compensation to its shareholder-employees. To aid shareholders in determining a reasonable salary, the IRS summarized the factors considered by the Eighth Circuit and advised shareholders to give them careful consideration in establishing their compensation. The factors are:

(1) Employee qualifications;

(2) The nature, extent, and scope of the employee’s work;

(3) The size and complexity of the business;

(4) Prevailing general economic conditions;

(5) The employee’s compensation as a percentage of gross and net income;

(6) The employee-shareholder’s compensation compared with distributions to shareholders;

(7) The employee-shareholder’s compensation compared with that to non-shareholder employees or paid in prior years;

(8) Prevailing rates of compensation for comparable positions in comparable concerns; and

(9) Comparison of compensation paid to a particular shareholder-employee in previous years where the corporation has a limited number of officers.
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12 days ago
RIGL 7-16-54 - Transaction of business by foreign limited-liability company without registration
(d) A member of a foreign limited-liability company is not liable for the debts and obligations of the limited-liability company solely by reason of the company's having transacted business in this state without a valid certificate of registration.
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12 days ago
Immutable Web Apps
Immutable Web Applications is a framework-agnostic methodology for building and deploying static single-page applications that:

Minimizes risk and complexity of live releases.
Simplifies and maximizes caching.
Minimizes the need for servers and administration of runtime environments.
Enables continuous delivery through simple, flexible, atomic deployments.
The methodology is based on the principles of strictly separating:

Configuration from code.
Release tasks from build tasks.
Dynamic content from static content.
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12 days ago
Zzoom Forward: How To Remove A Text Box or any unselectable object from Excel 2003/2007
How To Remove A Text Box or any unselectable object from Excel 2003/2007
We need to activate Design Mode where all objects are selectable:

Tools > Customize > Toolbars : Tick "Exit Design Mode"

(Although Excel 2003 calls the button "Exit Design Mode" it is in fact a toggle switch for Design Mode. I suggest attaching the new small (only one icon!) toolbar to the Excel menus.)

You can now toggle between design mode on and off by clicking the Design Mode icon.

With Design Mode on, select the object you wish to delete (in this case the text box) and delete it...
Switch off Design Mode again.  Optionally remove "Exit Design Mode" toolbar from Excel.
13 days ago
Bogle Sounds a Warning on Index Funds
Bogle Sounds a Warning on Index Funds
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17 days ago
The Matrix Cookbook (2012) [pdf] | Hacker News
Got me through my first machine learning class, highly recommend!
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18 days ago
New York’s Clerks Doom Small-Business Borrowers Nationwide
The lenders choose New York courts because state law is especially friendly to confessions of judgment. Responding to a surge in their use in consumer lending after World War II, many states restricted them, citing concerns about abuse. A few deemed it a criminal offense to obtain one. The Federal Trade Commission banned them nationwide for consumer loans in 1985.

How we crunched the numbers

When we heard that predatory lenders were using confessions of judgment to collect debts against small businesses, and that nearly all the legal action was happening in New York State, we set out to quantify the phenomenon.

Most New York trial-court records are publicly available online, but we hit a roadblock right away. The state court website doesn’t allow searches based on whether a case involves a confession of judgment. And court officials declined to make the state’s database available.

Read more

Skepticism about these instruments goes back much further. “The field for fraud is too far enlarged by such an instrument,” a Missouri judge wrote in 1909. “Oppression and tyranny would follow.”

Other states that still allow confessions for business loans impose safeguards. In California, a borrower can’t sign one without a lawyer’s written recommendation. In Pennsylvania, a lender must give notice to the borrower and wait 30 days before acting on the judgment. But no matter where they’re located or who they’re giving money to, cash-advance companies can avoid such restrictions by filing their cases in New York.
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19 days ago
How Millennial Income Compares to Baby Boomer Income in America - Bloomberg
conclusion that millennials aren’t all that different also holds for the researchers’ more granular examination of expenditures on cars, food, and housing.

“It primarily is the differences in average age and then differences in average income that explain a large and important portion of the consumption wedge between millennials and other cohorts,” they conclude.

So much for the young folks favoring "experiences" over tangible goods.

Millennials aren’t unique when it comes to what they spend their money on, either. The report finds that shifts in expenditure shares between different goods and services have been broadly consistent regardless of age. Housing and food are two areas where millennials have spent less than previous generations, with the younger cohort paying more for education. As a caveat, spending on avocado toast wasn’t specifically tracked for this analysis.
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19 days ago
Opinion | The Monopolization of America - The New York Times
The popular telling of the Boston Tea Party gets something wrong. The colonists were not responding to a tax increase. They were responding to the Tea Act of 1773, which granted a tea monopoly in the colonies to the well-connected East India Company. Merchants based in the Americas would be shut out of the market.

Many colonists, already upset about taxation without representation and other indignities, were enraged. In response, dozens of them stormed three ships in Boston Harbor on the night of Dec. 16, 1773, and tossed chests of East India tea — “that worst of plagues, the detested tea,” as one pamphlet put it — into the water.

A major spark for the American Revolution, then, was a protest against monopoly.

A strong strain of anti-monopoly sentiment has run through our politics ever since. America was born as “a nation of farmers and small-town entrepreneurs,” the historian Richard Hofstadter once wrote, “anti-authoritarian, egalitarian and competitive.” Hostility to corporate bigness animated Thomas Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt, as well as the labor movement, Granger movement, Progressive movement and more.
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20 days ago
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