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Data Journalism Awards
The Data Journalism Awards are the first international awards recognising outstanding work in the field of data journalism worldwide.
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8 days ago by CarmenAguilar
Drone Warfare — The Bureau of Investigative Journalism
Tracking US drone strikes and other covert actions in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia. The Bureau’s comprehensive reporting on civilian deaths helped lead to greater official transparency on targeted killing, and we will continue to provide the data needed to hold the White House to account.
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16 days ago by CarmenAguilar
Periscopic: Do good with data
Periscopic is a socially-conscious data visualization firm that helps companies and organizations promote information transparency and public awareness.
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16 days ago by CarmenAguilar
BBC Academy - Journalism - Big numbers: Robert Peston and Mark Easton
Former BBC economics editor Robert Peston, his predecessor Stephanie Flanders and home editor Mark Easton highlight the pitfalls of reporting big numbers.
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19 days ago by CarmenAguilar
AIDSVu - Understanding HIV where you live.... HIV Testing, Data Maps
AIDSVu is an interactive online map displaying HIV/AIDS prevalence in the U.S., a project of Emory University and Gilead Sciences, Inc
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23 days ago by CarmenAguilar
Data journalism pt1: Finding data (draft – comments invited) | Online Journalism Blog
There is a range of sources available to the data journalist, both online and offline, public and hidden.
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26 days ago by CarmenAguilar
Por qué los periodistas de datos deben hacerse las cinco preguntas básicas del periodismo
“Las cinco preguntas del periodismo de datos” (“The five Ws of data journalism”) fue tomado del material de Introducción al Periodismo de Datos, un curso online masivo y abierto que se realizó a principios de este año. Simón Rogers
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26 days ago by CarmenAguilar
The inverted pyramid of data journalism | Online Journalism Blog
I’ve cheekily called it the inverted pyramid of data journalism, partly because it begins with a large amount of information which becomes increasingly focused as you drill down into it until you reach the point of communicating the results.
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26 days ago by CarmenAguilar
Was there terrorism where you live?
In 2016, more than 75 percent of terrorist attacks took place in just 10 countries. Try our interactive to see what happened on this day last year.
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27 days ago by CarmenAguilar
.Rddj - Resources for doing data journalism with R
.Rddj - Resources for doing data journalism with R. A curated list of resources for learning the in and outs of R for doing data journalism.
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5 weeks ago by CarmenAguilar
Data Mining Made Easy — A Primer | SEJ
With newsrooms well down the digital path, data journalism is increasingly becoming a standard toolset reporters must master. Our latest Reporter's Toolbox is a four-step primer designed to help you use readily available tools to collect, clean up and analyze data, then use it to tell your stories. Image: ©
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5 weeks ago by CarmenAguilar
Check NHS cancer, A&E and operations targets in your area - BBC News
Use our tracker to check whether your local services are meeting strict waiting-time targets for cancer, routine operations and A&E.
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5 weeks ago by CarmenAguilar
Soy de temporada
Un calendario de productos de temporada fiable y transparente. Para uso cotidiano. Made in #visualizar17.
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6 weeks ago by CarmenAguilar
crowdata/crowdata: Easily crowdsource the analysis of your documents
crowdata - Easily crowdsource the analysis of your documents
Herramienta de Vozdata para hacer públicos datos de manera colaborativa.
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6 weeks ago by CarmenAguilar
Top Ten #DDJ: This Week’s Top Data Journalism | Global Investigative Journalism Network
What’s the global #ddj community tweeting about? Our NodeXL mapping from July 10 to 16 has Dwarshuis on the Airbnb takeover of Amsterdam, @blprnt on taking a systems approach to data and @SPIEGELONLINE and @Correctiv_org on Big Pharma's payments to doctors.
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7 weeks ago by CarmenAguilar

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