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Flat fee $50/year for unlimited (!) backup. I've already got $6/month = $72/year on Amazon S3 (ignoring bandwidth charges). And consumers can *EASILY* have tens of gigabytes of home photos and videos (I can rip 300GB of DVDs in no time, dude). So the only thing limiting their liability is that crappy 256KBit upload speed. And they make a point of noting that they slow down when you're using your computer. Plus it sleeps. 32Kbytes per second (2^15 bytes per second * 2^15 seconds = 2^30 = 1GB). 32,000 seconds. There are 3,600 seconds in an hour, 36,000 in 10hrs, 72,000 in 20 hrs. Call it 2GB per day. Times 365 day per year still gets you up to 750 GB per year upload. Of course, your broadband provider might cut you off before then... And I have 512Kbit uploads.
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march 2009 by BrentKnight

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