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Object Relational Tutorial — SQLAlchemy 1.0 Documentation
>>> from sqlalchemy.orm import sessionmaker
>>> Session = sessionmaker(bind=engine)
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july 2015 by BrentKnight
101 Ways to Use Tagxedo
18: Resume.
28: Reverse Dictionary.
36: art out of any text (including sourcecode).
43: wrting skill
44: top 100
47: business card (MadCaps)
51: appreciate other languages
52: translate into another language and redo
55: clickable Tag Cloud for website (image-map or Silverlight)
57: juice up boring documents
64: improve your writing
65,66,67: make a one-of-a-kind birthday/Mother's Day/Farewell card,
69: activity poster
71: guessing game
77: ABC's
78: early-childhood learning (song lyrics)
85: brainstorm a topic,
88: present statistics
89: favorite movies
93: find-the-words game
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