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Recommended by Anthony:
that will let you full screen a window with out using native full screen
it will also let you snap windows to a grid
MacOSX  windowing  utility  software  app  recommended 
march 2016 by BrentKnight
mjibson/journalr · GitHub
modern journaling. Contribute to journalr development by creating an account on GitHub.
journalr  to-grok  to-copy  Google  App  Engine  note-taking  utopia  to-study  todo-utopia  open  source  journal  GAE  to-hack  GitHub  notes  Python  to-fork  to-read  to-imitate 
march 2013 by BrentKnight
Mac App Store - CodeRunner
Edit & Run in the same UI, like BASIC on a classic microcomputer.
computer-club  Dylan  kids  kid-friendly  IDE  programming  App  Store  CodeRunner 
january 2012 by BrentKnight
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