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For Keeps [Merle_p]
“Ain’t no such thing as marriage paperwork on rim planets, Mister Lawyer,” he shakes his head. “Paper is too damn precious to waste on putting down words about somethin’ you can just go and tell people about when they ask.”

The lawyer narrows his eyes, clearly alarmed at the notion of an improperly documented marital union.

“So …” he says slowly. “Are you saying that … uhm … where you are from, there is no official ritual to seal a marriage bond?”

“There’s a ritual alright,” Jayne grins. “Just don’t involve no paperwork.”
Author:Merle_p  Fic  AO3  WordCount:5-10k  Firefly  Simon/Jayne  FutureFic  Humour  Romance  General  Trope:Marriage  Trope:FakeRelationship 
yesterday by Brandysnaps
The World Turned Upside Down [Mardia]
Years into the future, magic has been revealed to the world, and Peter has the responsibility of testifying at the public inquiry to explain the inner workings of the Folly. He's dealing...about as well as can be expected.
Author:Mardia  Fic  AO3  RiversOfLondon  Peter/Beverley  Peter/Nightingale  FutureFic  Gen  WordCount:5-10k  <3 
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The Sharper The Knife [Copperbadge]
Aziraphale was intended to wield a blade in the end times. Crowley doesn't mind in the least.
Author:Sam-storyteller  Fic  GoodOmens  AO3  WordCount:5-10k  Crowley/Aziraphale  Romance  Schmoop  Smut 
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Heard and Understood [Sixthlight]
Peter, for all the time that Beverley had known him, had had a terrible habit of falling into conversations where the other person was flirting with him and he was entirely oblivious to that fact.
Author:Sixthlight  Fic  AO3  WordCount:5-10k  RiversOfLondon  Peter/Nightingale  Peter/Beverley  Romance  Fluff  Humour  <3 
5 weeks ago by Brandysnaps
Here Comes the Sun [Flusteredkeith]
It’s a simple law of nature: the sun and moon can never shine in the sky at the same time.

Or: five times Hinata tries to hug Tsukishima and the one time Tsukishima hugs back.
Author:Flusteredkeith  Fic  AO3  WordCount:5-10k  Haikyuu!!  Hinata/Tsukishima  5_Things  Fluff  Humour  Friendship  Pre-slash 
january 2019 by Brandysnaps
Out of Control with Ryan [Beethechange]
“Are we a couple in this game?”

“A couple of scoundrels!” Ryan says. Shane smiles a patient little smile and lets Ryan dig his own grave. “Who needs labels nowadays, isn’t that kind of old-fashioned? Like, what is a couple anyway? I didn’t, I just, they started doing this without my permission. I don’t control Sim Ryan’s life.”

“Ryan,” Shane says, and Ryan stops babbling. “Ryan, you do. You literally control Sim Ryan’s life. That’s the entire point of The Sims.”

Shane’s got him there, Ryan has to admit.
Author:Beethechange  BuzzfeedUnsolved  Fic  AO3  Ryan/Shane  WordCount:5-10k  Romance  Schmoop  Humour 
january 2019 by Brandysnaps
Stitch My Skin Together (Thread the Needle with Your Love) [Isagel]
It never occurred to him that you could be branded with something that isn’t pain. With the negation of pain.

It blurs his vision, how much he wants that brand to stay.

Written for the prompt “John allows himself to get hurt on purpose so Harold will patch him up”.
Author:Isagel  AO3  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  PersonOfInterest  Finch/Reese  BDSM  Hurt/Comfort  Romance  Trope:Injury 
january 2019 by Brandysnaps
Only Happy Accidents [Varnes]
In hindsight, Shane is too old to have thought that friends with benefits was something that the two of them would be able to pull off. He’s had friends with benefits before that worked beautifully, but they were not with people whose jobs were tied up in his own, whose friendships were as closely interwoven into Shane’s everyday life as Ryan’s is. He’d thought these were the very things that could keep it from getting weird, because they were such good buddies, Ryan would be solidly cemented as his pal that nothing could shift him.

This was a miscalculation, on Shane’s part.
Author:Varnes  AO3  Fic  BuzzfeedUnsolved  Ryan/Shane  WordCount:5-10k  Romance  Fluff  Trope:FriendsWithBenefits 
january 2019 by Brandysnaps
The Art of Saying You're Sorry [Low_commotion]
In which Bakugou Katsuki is not an apologetic person, but he thinks he should probably try for the sake of, like, teamwork and peer-pressure. Midoriya kind of wishes he'd figure out how to do it properly, or at least be less weird about it.
Author:Low_commotion  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  BokuNoHeroAcademia  AO3  Deku/Kacchan  Humour  Fluff  Pre-slash  Friendship 
january 2018 by Brandysnaps
Wayfinding [Oliviacirce]
"Yes, all right," David agreed. "But I let Luke out. Everything I've read—all these books—it all says that when Luke goes free, it's the start of the end of the world. What if Ragnarok comes, and it's all my fault?"

"You do think highly of yourself, don't you?" Astrid said dryly.
Author:Oliviacirce  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  AO3  EightDaysOfLuke  DianaWynneJones  Romance  Friendship  <3 
january 2018 by Brandysnaps
Five Times it Wasn't Love (and One Time it Was) [Greenbucket]
He’s never been into the business of denial, never one to push thoughts away because they’re difficult or confusing; his head is usually the best place for Thomas to deal with them after all.
Author:Greenbucket  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  AO3  RiversOfLondon  5_Things  Peter/Nightingale  Romance 
january 2018 by Brandysnaps
Off Course [Jelasdax]
The trial had been too short.

Brian had known going in that his chances weren’t great, but that the trial hadn’t even gotten to the six month mark had come as a shock.
Author:Jelasdax  Fic  TheFastAndTheFurious  WordCount:5-10k  AO3  Brian/Dom  Romance  Schmoop  via:blueMeridian 
june 2017 by Brandysnaps
The Family Potter [Dirgewithoutmusic]
When Harry was eleven years old, his Hogwarts letter came by owl. He'd been accidentally blowing windows open and lighting cauliflower on fire for years. James took Harry to go get his wand at Ollivanders, and Lily took Dudley to the Owl Emporium where he tried to convince her they should build an aviary in the backyard. They came home with a fat black cat who hissed at everyone. Dudley named him Spooks, and Lily called him Monster.

"Did you have to?" said James. "That is the meanest beast I've ever met, and I've known Remus unmedicated on full moons and a pubescent Sirius thwarted in love."

Lily, who had ink on her cheek and a ballpoint pen stuck behind her ear, waved vaguely at the living room without looking up from her arrest report. Dudley was asleep in an armchair. The cat sprawled across his lap. Both its front paws were wrapped around Dudley's arm as it cleaned his wrist with aggressive fondness.

"Alright," said James. "Yeah, you had to."
Author:Dirgewithoutmusic  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  HP  Family  Schmoop  AU  <3<3<3  Angst  AO3 
april 2017 by Brandysnaps
Celluloid Pictures Living [Margot_tenenbaum]
When Simon went out to Hollywood, he told his mother that he got an accounting job on a studio lot, doing the numbers on costumes and sets. Instead he pretended to play whatever instrument they asked him to in the background of Paramount's latest, Hotel Dumort. That was where he met Raphael.

Classic Hollywood AU.
Author:Margottenenbaum  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  Shadowhunters  Simon/Raphael  AU  Romance  AO3 
april 2017 by Brandysnaps
Saving Simon Lewis [Margot_tenenbaum]
Simon tried to envision himself sitting amongst all those moody, black-clad warriors and saying, You remember that Raphael guy? He wasn't as bad as the other vampires trying to kill me for sport and blackmail. He only poked me with a knife a little bit.
Author:Margottenenbaum  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  Shadowhunters  Simon/Raphael  Romance  AO3 
april 2017 by Brandysnaps
The Next Best Thing [Sixthlight]
Telepathy – in the sense of somebody reading your thoughts – is not, so far as Nightingale or I or any other Newtonian wizards I’ve met to date are aware, a real thing.

That wasn’t much consolation right now.
Author:Sixthlight  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  AO3  RiversOfLondon  Peter/Nightingale  Smut  Romance  Fluff  Trope:TruthSerum  <3 
march 2017 by Brandysnaps
Legacy [Myystic]
An optimist believes that we live in the best of all possible worlds. The Batman was never big on optimism. A post-Epilogue fic.
Author:Myystic  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  BatmanBeyond  Angst  Gen  CharacterStudy  AO3 
march 2017 by Brandysnaps
Taking Liberties [Thehoyden]
While I do enjoy tickling the ivories for hours at a time, and have occasionally fancied that a bit of tricky finger-work was carried out so adeptly as to bring the house down, this was in the way of being a metaphor.
Author:Hoyden  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  AO3  Jeeves/Wooster  JeevesAndWooster  Romance  Fluff  <3 
march 2017 by Brandysnaps
The Problem With Eustace [Mice]
When Jeeves comes to Bertie to resolve a problem that he can't handle on his own, Bertie wonders if the foundations of the world haven't been shaken. When said problem turns out to be Eustace, Bertie's entire universe is thoroughly disrupted.
Author:Mice  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  AO3  JeevesAndWooster  Jeeves/Wooster  Romance  Fluff  <3 
march 2017 by Brandysnaps
Swingers [Snegurochka]
Blaise threw the best coin parties in town: all you had to do was show up with something in mind, something your spouse would never do, and drop your coin in the bowl. The magic would do the rest to find your match. One spectacular shag later, you'd worked it out of your system. Theoretically, that is.
Author:Snegurochka  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  HP  Draco/Hermione  AO3  PWP  Kink 
march 2017 by Brandysnaps
(Ninth Rehearsal for) The Main Event [Snegurochka]
The first invitation Draco received to exact revenge on Harry Potter was a thrill. The second, he'd only considered to be an unexpected bonus. By the third, the chance for a repeat performance of Potter on his knees, bound and gasping, was one that Draco couldn't turn down. This is the ninth time.
Author:Snegurochka  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  AO3  HP  Harry/Draco  PWP  Kink 
march 2017 by Brandysnaps
Electric Ghost Rhino [Lavellington]
Dirk and Todd are not co-dependent, exactly. They've just had a rough couple of weeks.
Author:Lavellington  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  DirkGently  Dirk/Todd  Pre-slash  Friendship  Domestic  Humour  AO3 
march 2017 by Brandysnaps
Just Keep Your Eyes on Me [Sixthlight]
Bev looked at me, then leaned down further, and said something very quietly in Nightingale’s ear. I’m always going to remember his expression as she spoke. He’s never actually told me what she said. Neither has she.

I’ve got some pretty solid conjectures, though.
Author:Sixthlight  RiversOfLondon  WordCount:5-10k  Fic  Peter/Beverley  Peter/Nightingale  PWP  Romance  AO3 
march 2017 by Brandysnaps
A Lesson In Communication [Ferric]
Contrary to what everyone else had said, Dino was not a slut or a pervert, and no, he did not have a midlife crisis. Tsuna and Hibari thought otherwise.
Author:Ferric  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  Reborn!  Threesome  Romance  Schmoop  AO3 
january 2017 by Brandysnaps
The Danger of Missing Small Details [Erisah_Mae]
In retrospect, Merlin considered with more than a little dismay as he re-watched the footage taken from Lancelot’s glasses, they perhaps should have been paying a bit more attention.

But then, maybe it was a mistake that could be forgiven, because it wasn’t exactly a natural or normal progression of logic to assume that a boy would be the last to test his parachute or stay firm in refusing to spill his guts despite the fact that a fucking train was going to run through them because going splat would be a temporary inconvenience for him.
Author:Erisah_Mae  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  Kingsman  Eggsy/Harry  AU  Action  Humour  AO3 
january 2017 by Brandysnaps
The Space Between [Sospes]
Solo goes missing. Illya all but panics. And Gaby's the one who holds it all together.
Author:Sospes  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  ManFromUNCLE  Napoleon/Illya  Action  Angst  Hurt/Comfort  Schmoop  Trope:Injury  Trope:TruthSerum  AO3 
january 2017 by Brandysnaps
Rivers of Ankh-Morpork [Melannen]
The Faceless Man miscalculates, and Peter Grant falls into a river.

...well, more onto a river, really. He may have bounced.
Author:Melannen  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  RiversOfLondon  Gen  Discworld  Crossover  Humour  AO3 
january 2017 by Brandysnaps
Playlist [Copperbadge]
A lot of songs have been written about Captain America. Sam owns most of them. Steve's relationship with them (Steve's relationship with everything) is complicated.


Sam and Steve explore pop culture and pine for each other while trying to rescue Steve's messed-up best friend.
Author:Sam-storyteller  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  CaptainAmerica  Steve/Sam  AO3 
january 2017 by Brandysnaps
Too Close for Comfort [Sholio]
Peggy and Jack are in DC to defend the SSR's funding in the post-season-two era, and all the hotels are full. Except for one.
Author:Sholio  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  AgentCarter  Gen  Friendship  Source 
october 2016 by Brandysnaps
The Becoming of Bilbo Baggins [Esama]
This was why Hobbits did not leave the shelter of the Shire. The world outside was a Dark place where you would only starve and starve until you broke, until it would be all that remained, like in the Wandering Days, like in the Dark Days.
Author:Esama  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  TheHobbit  Gen  Angst  AU  Dark  Source 
october 2016 by Brandysnaps
Plausible Deniability [Mizstorge]
In which Inspector Thomas Nightingale pursues stolen books on magic, Aziraphale presides over a book sale, Constable Peter Grant just tries to do his job, and Crowley values his domestic tranquillity.
Author:Mizstorge  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  RiversOfLondon  Crossover  GoodOmens  Source 
october 2016 by Brandysnaps
Questions of Character [Sixthlight]
I’m embarrassed to admit that it wasn’t Nightingale kissing me, that night, that made me realise there was something seriously wrong.
Author:Sixthlight  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  RiversOfLondon  Peter/Nightingale  Romance  Angst  Schmoop  <3  Source 
october 2016 by Brandysnaps
Justice is Blonde [Pollydoodles]
The United States vs Bucky Barnes.

The Winter Soldier is called to account for his crimes. He needs a miracle. He needs a decent lawyer. He needs Elle Woods.

He just doesn't know it yet.

Work Text:
Author:Pollydoodles  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  CaptainAmerica  LegallyBlonde  Humour  Gen  General  Angst  Source 
september 2016 by Brandysnaps
On the East Wind [Melannen]
Harry Dresden has no idea what he's getting into when he decides to save two little girls who live in a house that belongs to Gentleman Johnny Marcone.
Author:Melannen  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  DresdenFiles  Gen  AU  Trope:Kid!Fic  Humour  Fluff  Source 
september 2016 by Brandysnaps
A Reasonable Man [WerewolvesAreReal]
Whatever happens in this blasted war, George is secure in the knowledge that his brother is a responsible, conscientious man who never gets into any trouble at all. (Or: The Temeraire novels from the perspective of George Laurence).
Author:WerewolvesAreReal  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  Temeraire  Gen  Humour  Trope:OutsiderPerspective  Source 
september 2016 by Brandysnaps
Darling, You Gotta Let Me Know [Callunavulgari]
Jonathan’s room is messy the same way that Steve’s is. There are dirty socks and shirts and underwear strewn across the floor. Cassette tapes litter the desk like miniature landmines. There’s a notebook open on his bed, a textbook and a pencil beside it. He must have been studying when Steve knocked.

Steve’s palms start to sweat. For a moment the only thing he can think of is whether Jonathan uses flash cards too.

He opens his mouth and says, “Why’s there still a hole in your wall?”
Author:Callunavulgari  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  StrangerThings  Steve/Jonathan/Nancy  <3  Source 
september 2016 by Brandysnaps
All's Well That Ends Well [StormDancer]
Merlin spent the week and a half that Arthur was gone splitting his time between crafting careful explanations that never ended up explaining the important things, the things that would make Arthur listen, and making half-baked plans to escape to Ealdor. He found a number of fire-proofing spells that would have no effect if they decided to cut his head off, and figured out how to adapt an invulnerability spell he had been trying to find a way to cast on Arthur without him noticing so that it would protect him from being decapitated, but it would have no effect on anything but metal. Despite all his frantic searching, he did not find a teleportation spell, because that would have been too simple and if there was one thing Merlin had learned in his years at Camelot, it was that nothing was ever simple.
Author:StormDancer  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  Merlin  Arthur/Merlin  Romance  Angst  Schmoop  Source 
september 2016 by Brandysnaps
Rattlesnake Smile [Antarctica_or_bust]
Quinn doesn't understand why people are so afraid of Eliot Spencer until someone kidnaps Hardison.
Author:Antarctica_or_bust  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  Leverage  Action  Angst  Trope:Kidnapping  Hardison/Parker/Eliot  Trope:OutsiderPerspective  Source 
august 2016 by Brandysnaps
Not Your Traditional Nuclear Family [Jelasdax]
Brian flicks his eyes down and notes the black script of the mark that's barely visible above the line of his jeans.
Author:Jelasdax  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  TheFastAndTheFurious  Brian/Dom  Brian/Mia  Romance  Angst  Schmoop  Trope:SoulMarks  Source 
august 2016 by Brandysnaps
The Keys to Your Kingdom [Anonymous]
It was nothing so elegant as fucking, the first time they came together. It was teeth just a little too sharp— against a collarbone, on the right-side curve of a jaw, drawing blood from the plushest part of a bottom lip. It was the doorframe digging into the curve his spine was making of its own volition: closer, harder, more. Two hundred pain receptors per square inch in the human body and it was nothing but background noise in the explosion, the revelation, that was Harry Potter’s body against his.
Author:Anon  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  Harry/Draco  FutureFic  Smut  Romance  HP  Source 
august 2016 by Brandysnaps
The Sergeant and the Captain [OddityBoddity]
The Sergeant and the Captain, or, The True and Accurate Reports Chronicling the Well-being of the Shield-brothers James Barnes and Steven Rogers, Faithfully Submitted by Thor Odinson to Maria Hill, Director.
Author:OddityBoddity  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  TheAvengers  Steve/Bucky  Trope:OutsiderPerspective  Friendship  Hurt/Comfort  <3  Source 
august 2016 by Brandysnaps
The Thing About Realizing You Are In Love With Your Best Friend [JenTheSweetie]
The thing about realizing you are in love with your best friend, Jim discovers, is that it doesn't happen all at once, or when you least expect it, or any of those other clichés. It doesn't smack you upside the head with sudden, gasping clarity. It doesn't arrive in your brain like a message in your padd inbox. There is no helpful ding.

He's always thought, when he fell in love – if he fell in love – that something would suddenly shift, the world would tilt on its axis, and there, there it would be, written in neon lighting across the viewscreen of the Enterprise: You Are In Love.

It doesn't go that way.

Jim learns the hard way: love hurts.
Author:JenTheSweetie  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  StarTrek  Bones/Jim  Romance  Schmoop  Source 
august 2016 by Brandysnaps
Somewhere Along the Way [JenTheSweetie]
“What in the hell are you talking about?” McCoy said.

“Love,” Jim said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“You’re gonna have to use more words, you caveman.”

“How would I know for sure if I was in love?” Jim asked plaintively.

McCoy sighed. “You’d know. Trust me. Right now, you’d be feeling like some kind of alien parasite was ripping your guts apart, trying to climb up your throat, squeezing the life out of your balls, and trying to take over your brain all at once.”
Author:JenTheSweetie  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  StarTrek  Bones/Jim  5_Things  Romance  Schmoop  Angst  Source 
august 2016 by Brandysnaps
A Single Soul [Noeon]
In which Professor Draco Malfoy attempts to survive the inaugural Hogwarts Visiting Weekend with a shred of dignity intact, and Head Auror Harry Potter thwarts him at every turn, supported by a Cast of Thousands (or at least Hundreds).
Author:Noeon  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  Harry/Draco  FutureFic  Romance  HP  Source 
august 2016 by Brandysnaps
Bluebird [Waldorph]
“Jim Kirk.”
Jim whipped around so fast most of his drink ended up on Spock, who was reaching for the phaser that wasn’t there. The Enterprise crew was parting like the biblical seas before Moses, and Jim could feel the temperature dropping.
“Mom,” Jim croaked.
Author:Waldorph  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  StarTrek  Kirk/Spock  Romance  Source 
july 2016 by Brandysnaps
Payday [Kashinoha]
One day Eliot gets a phone call early in the morning. Somehow, he knows what it means.
Author:Kashinoha  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  Leverage  FutureFic  Hardison/Parker/Eliot  Friendship  Hurt/Comfort  MagicalRealism  Source 
july 2016 by Brandysnaps
Redemption Merry Go-Round [Astolat]
Dan was deeply sorry for whatever he’d done in his life that had landed him in this mess, and also reasonably sure that despite all the shit he’d pulled in the last couple of years, he still didn’t deserve this.
Author:Astolat  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  Lucifer  Threesome  Smut  Humour  <3  Source 
july 2016 by Brandysnaps
The Lion Sleeps Tonight [Prettylittlementirosa]
Sam’s too cold to be embarrassed by how quickly he scrambles to get in there. It’s a tight fit, getting two grown men into one regular sized sleeping bag, but they make it work. Bucky shifts this way, Sam slithers that way. Bucky pulls Sam flush against his chest, Sam tries not to dwell on it. Bucky breathes hot air onto Sam’s exposed neck, Sam tucks his ice-cold toes in between Bucky’s legs. Bucky sighs contentedly, Sam wills his dick into submission.

(Or 5 times Sam and Bucky are forced to share a bed + 1 time they choose to.)
Author:Prettylittlementirosa  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  CaptainAmerica  Sam/Bucky  5_Things  Romance  Friendship  <3  Source 
july 2016 by Brandysnaps
A Lesson in Cartography [Novembersmith]
“I will never cease to be amazed at your unequaled talent for creating chaos out of the simplest components. You were meant to be scrying and map-making. What were you doing?”
Author:Novembersmith  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  Uprooted  Pre-Het  Trope:AnimalTransformation  <3  Source 
july 2016 by Brandysnaps
Harry Potter and the Muggle Next Door [Hapakitsune]
It took Harry a month to realize that his next-door neighbour was, miraculously, a Muggle.
Author:Hapakitsune  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  FutureFic  Gen  General  HP  Source 
july 2016 by Brandysnaps
Is It Too Late Now to Say Sorry [Magneticwave]
I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS, Eric types furiously into Twitter. THIS IS LIKE RENAMING LAKE WOEBEGONE “LAKE SCOTT WALKER.” // Or, the only person in the entirety of Canada who is upset about Jack Zimmermann’s first Stanley Cup is Eric Bittle, and by God is every single one of Eric’s 160,000 Twitter followers going to hear about it.
Author:Magneticwave  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  CheckPlease!  Jack/Bitty  AU  Humour  AU:Bakery  Source 
june 2016 by Brandysnaps
The Charm Conundrum [Dysonrules]
He cracked the cover of Potter's copy of Twelve Fail-safe Ways to Charm Witches by Aphrodite Pimpernel and almost gasped aloud when he saw that the title on the first page had been crossed out and rewritten to read, Twelve Fail-safe Ways to Charm -Witches- Wizards.
Author:Dysonrules  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  Harry/Draco  HP:EighthYear  Romance  Fluff  Humour  Smut  5_Things  HP  Source 
june 2016 by Brandysnaps
Dangerous [Faith Wood]
Being trapped in a dungeon with Malfoy — who's a werewolf, a former Death Eater, and a giant git — is definitely dangerous. Harry has no reason to be excited. None at all.
Author:Faithwood  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  Harry/Draco  PWP  Trope:Werewolves  FutureFic  Romance  Fluff  Kink  HP  Source 
june 2016 by Brandysnaps
Biconvex [Fahye]
"Welcome to the world of honest work, Caffrey," Peter drawled, his mood already on the rise again. "Enjoy your stay."
Author:Fahye  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  WhiteCollar  AU  AU:Psychic  General  Source 
june 2016 by Brandysnaps
Matched Set [Astolat]
“No one asked you to look, did they?” Draco said, eyes glittering and intent on Harry’s face—like he’d just wiped off the years and turned back in time to when their greatest ambition in life had been to knock the other off his broom in front of the school and grab the Snitch first, before they’d both gone to war and come back with scars.
Author:Astolat  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  HP:EighthYear  Harry/Draco  Smut  Romance  HP  Source 
june 2016 by Brandysnaps
Roots [xxSparksxx]
Here in Erebor, among the Dwarves who had reclaimed their home with blood and sweat, Bilbo could almost forget that he was a Hobbit of the Shire. He could almost forget that Hobbits were not as other beings of Middle-earth, and that a mountain devoid of rich plant life was not the place for one such as he.
Author:xxSparksxx  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  TheHobbit  Bilbo/Thorin  Romance  Angst  Trope:Illness  Source 
june 2016 by Brandysnaps
Everything Old is New Again [Siria]
So maybe a job as an SSR desk clerk wasn't as glamorous as punching out Hitler more than two hundred times, but it still put a roof over Steve's head and food on the table.
Author:Siria  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  CaptainAmerica  AgentCarter  Steve/Peggy  AU  Romance  Action  Source 
may 2016 by Brandysnaps
A Consummation Devoutly to be Wished [Mirabella]
"I can do this," Draco said aloud, determined. "It's just a matter of not sleeping with Potter. I've spent six years not sleeping with Potter. I hate Potter. Not sleeping with him will be the easiest thing I've ever done."

"Sure, boss," Goyle said kindly.
Author:Mirabella  Fic  Harry/Draco  Trope:VeelaHeritage  Crack  Humour  Smut  Romance  WordCount:5-10k  HP  Source 
may 2016 by Brandysnaps
Doer of Good Deeds [Lomonaaeren]
Ron certainly knows how to recognize obsession when he sees it, thanks to feeling some of the same with Hermione. And he would rather that Harry's obsession with Draco Malfoy end sooner rather than later. Otherwise, Ron's afraid that he’s going to spend the rest of his life hearing about how ugly all of Malfoy's girlfriends are.
Author:Lomonaaeren  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  Harry/Draco  HP:EighthYear  Romance  Humour  Fluff  Trope:OutsiderPerspective  <3  HP  Source 
may 2016 by Brandysnaps
The Stars Exploding, We'll Be Fireproof [Starsandgutters]
Toga parties weren’t, by any stretch of the imagination, Adam’s idea of fun.

Sadly, they were an also an Aglionby tradition, at least if you were in Latin class.

Adam was in Latin class. He was in all the classes. For boys like him, there was no such thing as “too many credits”. That still didn’t mean he thought wrapping a sheet around yourself and wandering around a front lawn getting royally drunk while poorly reciting Latin poetry sounded like a good time.
Author:Starsandgutters  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  RavenCycle  Adam/Ronan  Romance  Source 
may 2016 by Brandysnaps
A Creature More of Night than Day [The_ragnarok]
John raised a sluggish hand to his temple, fingers coming away wet. Harold's pupils blew wide, and that was when John put it together. When Harold opened his mouth to reveal needle-sharp teeth, it was merely confirmation.
Author:The_ragnarok  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  PersonOfInterest  AU  Trope:Vampires  Finch/Reese  Source 
may 2016 by Brandysnaps
A New Beginning [LullabyKnell]
Narcissa wakes with the certain feeling that something is terribly wrong.

Draco is acting differently, Narcissa is worried, Lucius is confused, and a meeting inside Madam Malkin's goes very differently from the way it happened the first time around.
Author:LullabyKnell  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  Trope:TimeTravel  Gen  HP  Source 
may 2016 by Brandysnaps
Don't Call Me Back [RurouniHime]
They walked all day, skirting copses of trees, avoiding roads. Harry pushed them past a village where the glass littered the streets, sparkling in the morning light, and doorways gaped open like giant black wounds.
Author:Rurounihime  Fic  Harry/Draco  Trope:Apocalypse  Romance  Angst  Drama  Smut  Action  WordCount:5-10k  <3  HP  Source 
may 2016 by Brandysnaps
Easy Does It [Astolat]
“It just seems like—it should mean something,” Steve said plaintively.

“Well, I guess it does,” Sam said, after a thoughtful moment. “Means you’re not a virgin anymore.”
Author:Astolat  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  CaptainAmerica  Sam/Steve  Romance  Angst  Schmoop  Source 
may 2016 by Brandysnaps
Noctambulism and the Teenage Boy [Mici]
The unfortunate part of this is that the only person who Ronan knows who sleepwalks is Declan, and fuck if he’s asking Declan for advice. Matthew is equally useless, because Matthew, despite living in the same dorm as Declan for two years, slept like the dead (information once funny because they could draw on his face, and Matthew wouldn’t ever really get upset, but now distressing that Ronan thinks it might be his fate one day) and so he was never the one to deal with Declan’s midnight jaunts.

Sleepwalking and the art of guarding Adam Parrish, or: Ronan pines, and pines, and pines, and considers a foot fetish as an alternative to communication.
Author:Mici  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  RavenCycle  Adam/Ronan  Romance  Source 
april 2016 by Brandysnaps
Outrageous Flirt [Melusinahp]
Draco Malfoy flirts with everyone except Harry, and it has to stop.
Author:Melusinahp  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  Harry/Draco  Romance  Smut  Humour  FutureFic  HP  Source 
april 2016 by Brandysnaps
Down Into The Golden Lands [Speranza, Alby_mangroves]
"Did he leave a forwarding address, the emigrating bastard? Steve Rogers, 50 Main Street, Valhalla?"
Author:Speranza  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  TheAvengers  CaptainAmerica  Thor  Steve/Bucky  Romance  Schmoop  Hurt/Comfort  General  <3<3  Source 
april 2016 by Brandysnaps
One More Time (Let's Do it Again) [Huldrejenta]
Draco preferred his life free from the unforeseen and the uncontrollable. Surely he could handle Potter, though, friends with benefits or not. But since when had anything involving Potter gone according to plan?
Author:Huldrejenta  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  Harry/Draco  FutureFic  Romance  Schmoop  <3  HP  Source 
april 2016 by Brandysnaps
Eight Days in November [Emmagrant01]
Harry hides Draco form Death Eaters during the war. A lot can happen in eight days.
Author:Emmagrant01  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  Harry/Draco  Romance  Smut  Angst  HP  Source 
april 2016 by Brandysnaps
Empty Graves [Unpretty]
Time travelers who plan to kill Superman never account for Martha Kent in their plans. She may not be the World's Finest, but she's a mother with a shotgun, and all told that might be scarier.
Author:Unpretty  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  Superman  Humour  Family  Angst  Gen  <3  5_Things  Source 
april 2016 by Brandysnaps
Through the Bookcase, Imagining a Scene [Returnsandreturns]
“He’s back,” Karen says, making Foggy jump and drop his armful of books. She winces and drops down immediately to help him pick them up.

“Matt?” Foggy asks. It’s an optimistic guess—there are a lot of guys who could be back, like the guy who sits in a study carrel and eats peanut butter out of a jar with his hands and Uncomfortable Religious Missionary Guy, who is actually three different guys.

“Yep,” she replies, nodding and widening her eyes when she grins. “He’s flirting with the circulation ladies, which means you’ve got just enough time to steal my shift at the reference desk before he gets there.”
Author:Returnsandreturns  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  Daredevil  Matt/Foggy  AU  AU:Librarian  Romance  Fluff  Source 
april 2016 by Brandysnaps
Lily's Ten Reasons Why Not [Krabapple]
A little shouting, a little wager. Can Lily come up with enough reasons not to go out with James Potter?
Author:Krabapple  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  Lily/James  HP:Marauders  Pre-Het  Fluff  HP  Source 
april 2016 by Brandysnaps
Letters Through Time [JulietsEmoPhase]
Harry has been gone for the past few years, unable to tell those he loves whether or not he was alive or dead. When he returns home, he is surprised to find he has some very important letters waiting for him.
Author:JulietsEmoPhase  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  FutureFic  Angst  Romance  Schmoop  Harry/Draco  Trope:Epistolary  HP  Source 
april 2016 by Brandysnaps
Kiss-Kiss [Who_la_hoop]
“Draco,” Harry said, scandalised, “the teddy bears are watching.” (Or, five times Draco kissed Harry during 'eighth year', and the one time Harry kissed him first.)
Author:Who_la_hoop  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  Harry/Draco  5_Things  Crack  Romance  Humour  Smut  HP  Source 
april 2016 by Brandysnaps
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