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Misethere [Astolat]
Emhyr was looking at him for once, with a strange expression. “I have misjudged you,” he said, sounding irritated actually: how dare Geralt surprise him.

“I get that a lot,” Geralt said.
Author:Astolat  TheWitcher  Fic  WordCount:40-100k  AO3  Geralt/Emhyr  Romance  Smut  Trope:SexPollen  Plotty  <3<3 
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Secrets In Indigo [Sinnatious]
A throwaway comment about Kaitou KID’s eye colour sets Kaito on an uncomfortable path of discovery.
Author:Sinnatious  Fic  WordCount:20-40k  AO3  DetectiveConan  Gen  Action  Angst 
4 weeks ago by Brandysnaps
Like Lightning at your Fingertips [Potterwatch]
The problem with living with another insomniac is, eventually, they find out you’re an insomniac, too. When Harry and Draco return for their eighth year, they think they’ll see very little of each other. Then McGonagall assigns them to room together. And the castle starts breaking. And there’s that thing with Potter’s magic.
Author:Potterwatch  Fic  AO3  WordCount:40-100k  HP  HP:EighthYear  Harry/Draco  Romance  General  Ensemble 
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For Keeps [Merle_p]
“Ain’t no such thing as marriage paperwork on rim planets, Mister Lawyer,” he shakes his head. “Paper is too damn precious to waste on putting down words about somethin’ you can just go and tell people about when they ask.”

The lawyer narrows his eyes, clearly alarmed at the notion of an improperly documented marital union.

“So …” he says slowly. “Are you saying that … uhm … where you are from, there is no official ritual to seal a marriage bond?”

“There’s a ritual alright,” Jayne grins. “Just don’t involve no paperwork.”
Author:Merle_p  Fic  AO3  WordCount:5-10k  Firefly  Simon/Jayne  FutureFic  Humour  Romance  General  Trope:Marriage  Trope:FakeRelationship 
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Party Games [LemonadeGarden]
“I can't believe you got into a bar fight at two in the morning. And now you're all in prison. The night before your wedding. What the fuck kind of a family am I marrying into?” Selina said.
Bruce Wayne goes to a series of bachelor parties, each one worse than the last. Set in the same timeline as We, So Much Older, but can be read as a standalone fic as well.
Author:LemonadeGarden  Fic  AO3  WordCount:10-20k  Batman  Bruce/Selina  Humour  Friendship  Family  General 
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You've got the antidote for me [Kandakicksass]
When Harry Potter unintentionally severs their soulbond before it can fully form, Draco Malfoy resigns himself to a slow death and decides not to burden Harry with a soulmate he's made it very clear he doesn't want.

He's never been selfless before, but for Harry, he can try.
Author:Kandakicksass  Fic  WordCount:20-40k  AO3  HP  FutureFic  Romance  Angst  Schmoop  Trope:SoulBond  Trope:Illness  Hurt/Comfort  <3  Sad  Harry/Draco 
5 weeks ago by Brandysnaps
We, So Much Older [LemonadeGarden]
Selina Kyle doesn't particularly like children. They're too noisy and stupid and they cry way too much.
Bruce's kids though, they're something else altogether.
Author:LemonadeGarden  Fic  AO3  WordCount:20-40k  Batman  Bruce/Selina  Romance  5_Things  Domestic  Family  Schmoop  General  <3<3 
5 weeks ago by Brandysnaps
The World Turned Upside Down [Mardia]
Years into the future, magic has been revealed to the world, and Peter has the responsibility of testifying at the public inquiry to explain the inner workings of the Folly. He's dealing...about as well as can be expected.
Author:Mardia  Fic  AO3  RiversOfLondon  Peter/Beverley  Peter/Nightingale  FutureFic  Gen  WordCount:5-10k  <3 
5 weeks ago by Brandysnaps
(Your Doors Are) Wide Open [Pasdexcuses]
Mark and Sean decide to find Eduardo a suggardaddy so they can get Facebook started. It inevitably blows up in Mark face when Eduardo, to everyone's surprise, likes the guy.
Author:Pasdexcuses  Fic  AO3  WordCount:10-20k  TheSocialNetwork  Mark/Eduardo  Angst  Romance 
8 weeks ago by Brandysnaps
Three Christmases [Misura]
Or: how to tell you're becoming a team via three holiday celebrations.
Author:Misura  Fic  WordCount:0-2k  AO3  ManFromUNCLE  Gen  Team!Fic 
8 weeks ago by Brandysnaps
The Best Things in Life Are Free [Smittywing]
"I give you a thousand dollars. You pay the garage to fix your dad's car -- "

"I got that part, thanks."

" -- and you let me hang out with you for a month. Four weeks. I get to go everywhere you go. You pretend like you like hanging out with me. I become cool by osmosis."
Author:Smittywing  Fic  LJ  SGA  McShep  AU  AU:School  Romance  Fluff  Humour  Ensemble  <3  WordCount:20-40k 
8 weeks ago by Brandysnaps
Hot Scary Summer [Thewindupbird]
The boys hunt some ghosts, make some impulsive choices, and try their best to sort out what it means to get to the heart of this thing.
Author:Thewindupbird  Fic  WordCount:10-20k  AO3  BuzzfeedUnsolved  Ryan/Shane  Romance  Schmoop  <3 
8 weeks ago by Brandysnaps
What the Body Doubts [Autoeuphoric]
As far as I know, dying in a malfunctioning shuttle does not violate the treaty. But I’m not a politician.

(Seivarden finds herself in the hands of the Presger. If they even have hands.)
Author:Autoeuphoric  Fic  AO3  WordCount:2-5k  AncillaryJustice  Angst  General  Schmoop 
8 weeks ago by Brandysnaps
The Sharper The Knife [Copperbadge]
Aziraphale was intended to wield a blade in the end times. Crowley doesn't mind in the least.
Author:Sam-storyteller  Fic  GoodOmens  AO3  WordCount:5-10k  Crowley/Aziraphale  Romance  Schmoop  Smut 
9 weeks ago by Brandysnaps
Heard and Understood [Sixthlight]
Peter, for all the time that Beverley had known him, had had a terrible habit of falling into conversations where the other person was flirting with him and he was entirely oblivious to that fact.
Author:Sixthlight  Fic  AO3  WordCount:5-10k  RiversOfLondon  Peter/Nightingale  Peter/Beverley  Romance  Fluff  Humour  <3 
9 weeks ago by Brandysnaps
Your Heart is as Black [Littleghostantenna]
C.C. Tinsley's finally done it: He put notorious serial killer (and his close personal friend) Ricky Goldsworth behind bars. Unfortunately, Goldsworth is transferred to an asylum and ends up in the hands of Dr. Fear.

It takes one visit for Tinsley to realize he's going to have to remedy the situation.
Author:Littleghostantenna  Fic  AO3  WordCount:20-40k  BuzzfeedUnsolved  Ryan/Shane  AU  Trope:SerialKillers  AU:Criminal  Angst  Dark  Romance  Schmoop  Hurt/Comfort  <3<3 
january 2019 by Brandysnaps
Here Comes the Sun [Flusteredkeith]
It’s a simple law of nature: the sun and moon can never shine in the sky at the same time.

Or: five times Hinata tries to hug Tsukishima and the one time Tsukishima hugs back.
Author:Flusteredkeith  Fic  AO3  WordCount:5-10k  Haikyuu!!  Hinata/Tsukishima  5_Things  Fluff  Humour  Friendship  Pre-slash 
january 2019 by Brandysnaps
Out of Control with Ryan [Beethechange]
“Are we a couple in this game?”

“A couple of scoundrels!” Ryan says. Shane smiles a patient little smile and lets Ryan dig his own grave. “Who needs labels nowadays, isn’t that kind of old-fashioned? Like, what is a couple anyway? I didn’t, I just, they started doing this without my permission. I don’t control Sim Ryan’s life.”

“Ryan,” Shane says, and Ryan stops babbling. “Ryan, you do. You literally control Sim Ryan’s life. That’s the entire point of The Sims.”

Shane’s got him there, Ryan has to admit.
Author:Beethechange  BuzzfeedUnsolved  Fic  AO3  Ryan/Shane  WordCount:5-10k  Romance  Schmoop  Humour 
january 2019 by Brandysnaps
Work-Life Balance [Sixthlight]
Sometimes it's a good thing when work follows you home.
Author:Sixthlight  Fic  WordCount:0-2k  RiversOfLondon  AO3  Fluff  Domestic  Gen  Coda 
january 2019 by Brandysnaps
The Missing Weekend [Mardia]
Molly makes a low growl of disapproval and shoots Beverley a look that says, as clear as anything, Take this intoxicated idiot off my hands before I’m forced to kill him.
Author:Mardia  RiversOfLondon  Coda  Fic  AO3  WordCount:0-2k  Humour  Fluff 
january 2019 by Brandysnaps
Bidirectional Interpolations of Newly Emergent Thirst Traps: A Study [Siria]
It's recursive, is what it is. Ryan posts thirst traps on Instagram (like, say, a photo of him sitting astride a giant plaster rooster statue) that are so obvious and ridiculous (he is a grown man sitting on a cock in public) that it's sort of effective, in a very weird and stupid way (Ryan is an adult sitting on a giant piece of sexual innuendo). Shane tells himself that pondering that particular sociological paradox is the only reason why he stares at the swell of Ryan's biceps in that picture for as long as he does.

He refuses to have a sexual identity crisis over a visual pun.
Author:Siria  Fic  AO3  BuzzfeedUnsolved  Ryan/Shane  WordCount:2-5k  Romance  Fluff  Humour  <3 
january 2019 by Brandysnaps
Loving Rodney [LadyRa]
Atlantis comes to love Rodney, and so does Sheppard
Author:LadyRa  Fic  AO3  SGA  McShep  WordCount:10-20k  Romance  Schmoop 
january 2019 by Brandysnaps
Stitch My Skin Together (Thread the Needle with Your Love) [Isagel]
It never occurred to him that you could be branded with something that isn’t pain. With the negation of pain.

It blurs his vision, how much he wants that brand to stay.

Written for the prompt “John allows himself to get hurt on purpose so Harold will patch him up”.
Author:Isagel  AO3  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  PersonOfInterest  Finch/Reese  BDSM  Hurt/Comfort  Romance  Trope:Injury 
january 2019 by Brandysnaps
Advanced Tautology [Esteefee]
"You're a great pal," John said muzzily. "Did I ever tell you how—mmph!"

Rodney stared at him, wide-eyed, over the hand he'd just smacked over John's mouth. "Not a word. Not a peep," Rodney said. "Let's get you back to Carson, hmm?"
Author:Esteefee  Fic  AO3  WordCount:2-5k  SGA  McShep  Trope:TruthSerum  Romance  Fluff 
january 2019 by Brandysnaps
Just The Facts [Katestagram]
Shane's belief system has always served him well. Demons aren't real. Ryan doesn't want to bang him. But when something goes wrong during an investigation, suddenly all bets are off.
Author:Katestagram  Fic  AO3  BuzzfeedUnsolved  Ryan/Shane  WordCount:20-40k  Romance  Angst  Schmoop  Smut  <3 
january 2019 by Brandysnaps
Only Happy Accidents [Varnes]
In hindsight, Shane is too old to have thought that friends with benefits was something that the two of them would be able to pull off. He’s had friends with benefits before that worked beautifully, but they were not with people whose jobs were tied up in his own, whose friendships were as closely interwoven into Shane’s everyday life as Ryan’s is. He’d thought these were the very things that could keep it from getting weird, because they were such good buddies, Ryan would be solidly cemented as his pal that nothing could shift him.

This was a miscalculation, on Shane’s part.
Author:Varnes  AO3  Fic  BuzzfeedUnsolved  Ryan/Shane  WordCount:5-10k  Romance  Fluff  Trope:FriendsWithBenefits 
january 2019 by Brandysnaps
I’ll Be Home for Christmas [Forthegreatergood]
Franklin “Foggy” Nelson is a slick New York City attorney whose parents may literally die of heartbreak if he doesn’t make it to their new home in some sleepy village in North Country for Christmas.

Matt's a small-town lawyer with a prickly exterior and a heart waiting to be melted, if only Foggy can figure out a way to keep his foot out of his mouth for five seconds.

Unfortunately, Foggy's job tends to follow him around like a lost puppy, and Matt has his reasons for not trusting the holidays.
Author:Forthegreatergood  Fic  Daredevil  Matt/Foggy  AO3  Trope:Christmas  AU  Fluff  Romance  WordCount:20-40k 
december 2018 by Brandysnaps
The Internet was a Mistake [Kageygirl]
Unsaid, but fairly fucking obvious in hindsight, was that Harry Hart did not have a lot to do in his free time to have delved that deeply into Eggsy's timeline, and that Eggsy might have wanted to consider that a lepidoperist with 53 Twitter followers might well notice picking up a new one with whom he was not personally acquainted and thus do some digging, and also that Eggsy was an idiot and the entire internet was a mistake.
Author:Kageygirl  Fic  AO3  WordCount:2-5k  Kingsman  AU  Eggsy/Harry  Romance  Fluff  <3 
september 2018 by Brandysnaps
Schrodinger's Wedding [Sixthlight]
If a marriage takes place but neither of the parties involved knows it’s real, is anybody really married? Unfortunately for Peter and Nightingale, the answer according to the Registry Office is yes.

All they have to do is get divorced. It’s the twenty-first century. How hard can it be?
Author:Sixthlight  Fic  RiversOfLondon  AO3  WordCount:10-20k  Peter/Nightingale  Trope:WokeUpMarried  Romance  Humour  Smut  <3 
september 2018 by Brandysnaps
Things Worth Knowing [Femme (femmequixotic), noeon (noe)]
After the Battle, Harry thinks he's left Hogwarts for good, but Minerva insists that all students return for an Eighth Year if they wish to sit for NEWTs in the spring, and Harry needs those NEWTs to go into the Aurors. Draco's just grateful not to be in Azkaban. Or the Manor. He's hoping he can steer clear of Potter this year and grapple with his own problems. Unfortunately for him, Potter appears to be one of those problems. And that's not even addressing the fact that Potter's got serious issues of his own, which Draco realises as he's forced to share an Eighth Year dormitory room and several classes with the Gryffindor Git. If only they can make it through the year without killing each other, it should be all right, shouldn't it?
Author:Femmequixotic  Author:Noeon  Fic  HP  HP:EighthYear  Harry/Draco  WordCount:100k+  AO3  Smut  Romance  Ensemble  Angst  <3 
february 2018 by Brandysnaps
Close Quarters [Zade]
Grantaire was tired and sore, and he really needed to go to sleep because he had to be on the road again in six hours to set up, and huh, why did that voice sound so familiar? “I’m pretty sure we’ve never spoken before, which is why I’m confused that you are in my airbnb.”

“Your airbnb?!” The owner of the voice stomped into the main room of the apartment and Grantaire was treated to the view of a very attractive blonde man in a pair of loose sleeping pants and a very tight tank-top that said “Smash the Patriarchy,” and maybe Grantaire was just really tired because he looked a lot like—

Author:Zade  Fic  WordCount:10-20k  AO3  LesMiserables  Enjolras/Grantaire  AU  Romance 
january 2018 by Brandysnaps
Waiting By An Open Door [Femme, Noeon]
Draco starts following Potterwatch secretly during the War. He wishes Potter would come save him too. But that sort of thing only happens in fairy tales, and Malfoys don't get fairy tale endings, do they?
Author:Femmequixotic  Fic  WordCount:20-40k  AO3  Author:Noeon  HP  Harry/Draco  Romance  FutureFic  Angst  Schmoop  Smut 
january 2018 by Brandysnaps
Killer Instinct [Sholio]
Steve's daemon settled shortly after the fight with the Demodogs.
Author:Sholio  Fic  WordCount:0-2k  AO3  StrangerThings  Gen  CharacterStudy  Fusion  HisDarkMaterials 
january 2018 by Brandysnaps
The Art of Saying You're Sorry [Low_commotion]
In which Bakugou Katsuki is not an apologetic person, but he thinks he should probably try for the sake of, like, teamwork and peer-pressure. Midoriya kind of wishes he'd figure out how to do it properly, or at least be less weird about it.
Author:Low_commotion  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  BokuNoHeroAcademia  AO3  Deku/Kacchan  Humour  Fluff  Pre-slash  Friendship 
january 2018 by Brandysnaps
Paradise is a Sort of Library [Mici]
Borges said paradise was a library. Adam Parrish thought that too.

Until he accidentally stayed in one overnight.
Author:Mici  Fic  WordCount:20-40k  RavenCycle  Adam/Ronan  General  Action  <3<3  AO3 
january 2018 by Brandysnaps
I Never Wanted Trouble (but i sure got enough) [QueenWithABeeThrone]
“Eyes on the road!” screams Mike.

“Our parents will kill you if you crash this car!” yells Lucas.

or: what happens when you cram six kids and three teenagers into a stolen van and put them on the road to stopping the apocalypse. again.
Author:QueenWithABeeThrone  Fic  WordCount:0-2k  AO3  StrangerThings  Steve/Jonathan/Nancy  Gen  Friendship  Ensemble  Humour  Trope:Roadtrip 
january 2018 by Brandysnaps
Don't Go Where We Can't Follow [Janie_tangerine]
in which Jonathan and Nancy stage a rescue mission when Steve goes missing and realize a few things while on it.
Author:Janie_tangerine  Fic  WordCount:2-5k  AO3  StrangerThings  Threesome  Steve/Jonathan/Nancy  Romance  Action  Hurt/Comfort 
january 2018 by Brandysnaps
Down Goes The Mist [Mardia]
Nightingale always looks younger when he’s smiling like that, and for one second, I have the overwhelming urge to lean in and kiss the corner of his smiling mouth.
Author:Mardia  Fic  WordCount:2-5k  AO3  RiversOfLondon  Peter/Nightingale  Romance  PWP  Trope:SexPollen 
january 2018 by Brandysnaps
Choices Made [Kalira]
Naruto has never given up on believing Sasuke will one day come home. Sasuke didn't ever intend to, but it seems something is forcing his hand.
Author:Kalira  Fic  WordCount:2-5k  AO3  Naruto  NaruSasu  Action  Schmoop  Friendship  Pre-slash 
january 2018 by Brandysnaps
Broken Hearts and Other Renovations [Lavvyan]
Danny's grandma always said a person's heart was their home. He doesn't understand she didn't mean that literally until he asks why she's taken Grandpa's picture down and she doesn't know what he's talking about.

Danny tries to fix all the things that are wrong with Steve, starting with the groundwater in Steve's foundations.
Author:Lavvyan  Fic  WordCount:2-5k  Hawaii50  Steve/Danno  AO3  Romance  MagicalRealism  CharacterStudy  Ensemble 
january 2018 by Brandysnaps
The Retirement of Gabriel Argent [Sixthlight]
Gabriel took the tiger by the ears, because somebody had to, and he never had a plan for getting off. Max is somewhat more practical.
Author:Sixthlight  AO3  Fic  WordCount:2-5k  CaliforniaBones  Romance  Fluff  Domestic  FutureFic  <3 
january 2018 by Brandysnaps
Closed Book [AggressiveWhenStartled]
Bucky woke up with a headache, a mouth that tasted like something had died in it, and hands-down, swear-to-god, the most beautiful man he had ever seen asleep in his lap.

Bucky was also, he realized after a moment, strapped down to a hospital bed with about six different monitors making unsynced, equally piercing, beeps. Beyond that he couldn’t quite see—there was a hideous floral curtain pulled around the bed, and while he could just make out figures moving in the room beyond it, the pattern made his head pound even worse the longer he looked at it.

So. That was concerning.
Author:AggressiveWhenStartled  Fic  WordCount:20-40k  AO3  TheAvengers  CaptainAmerica  Steve/Bucky  Romance  Angst  Action  Humour  <3  Trope:Amnesia 
january 2018 by Brandysnaps
In the Cold November [Sholio]
Peggy, Daniel, and Jack hunt a lake monster in upstate New York. It goes about like you'd expect.
Author:Sholio  Fic  WordCount:10-20k  AO3  AgentCarter  Team!Fic  Angst  Hurt/Comfort  Action  Friendship 
january 2018 by Brandysnaps
Flip the Script [Violentwhistles]
Bodyswap in which Eggsy is very mindful about Harry's privacy, and Harry... tries.
Author:Violentwhistles  Fic  WordCount:2-5k  AO3  Kingsman  Eggsy/Harry  Trope:Bodyswap  Romance  Smut  Fluff 
january 2018 by Brandysnaps
Better To Burn Than To Fade Away [Ren]
Harry Potter is a legend in the world of broomstick racing. He's won almost every cup, trophy, and bowl – except for the historical London-Nome which has been on hiatus for the past several years. Now the London-Nome is starting again, and Harry will do anything to pull off one last big win.

Draco Malfoy is one of the organizers of the London-Nome. The race is infamous for its accidents, but Draco is adamant that this year nothing will go wrong. However, between bad weather and international problems en route, the biggest trouble is he can't stop running into Potter.
Author:Ren  Fic  WordCount:20-40k  HP  Harry/Draco  AO3  Romance  General  Action  Smut  FutureFic 
january 2018 by Brandysnaps
Tuesday Afternoon [Izilen]
Most afternoons, when he is free, Sawada Shin likes to go to a little café close to university.
Author:Izilen  Fic  WordCount:2-5k  Gokusen  Shin/Yankumi  FutureFic  Fluff  AO3 
january 2018 by Brandysnaps
Protective [Sholio]
Steve is getting hassled at school; Nancy and Jonathan decide to do something about it.
Author:Sholio  Fic  WordCount:2-5k  AO3  Steve/Jonathan/Nancy  Gen  Friendship 
january 2018 by Brandysnaps
Wayfinding [Oliviacirce]
"Yes, all right," David agreed. "But I let Luke out. Everything I've read—all these books—it all says that when Luke goes free, it's the start of the end of the world. What if Ragnarok comes, and it's all my fault?"

"You do think highly of yourself, don't you?" Astrid said dryly.
Author:Oliviacirce  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  AO3  EightDaysOfLuke  DianaWynneJones  Romance  Friendship  <3 
january 2018 by Brandysnaps
Caroling, Caroling through the Snow [Sholio]
The Hawkins Middle School AV club gets a holiday fundraising idea, and Steve is just along for the ride. (Literally.)
Author:Sholio  Fic  WordCount:2-5k  AO3  StrangerThings  Gen  Fluff  Trope:Christmas  Friendship 
january 2018 by Brandysnaps
Five Times it Wasn't Love (and One Time it Was) [Greenbucket]
He’s never been into the business of denial, never one to push thoughts away because they’re difficult or confusing; his head is usually the best place for Thomas to deal with them after all.
Author:Greenbucket  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  AO3  RiversOfLondon  5_Things  Peter/Nightingale  Romance 
january 2018 by Brandysnaps
If He Left Off Dreaming About You (where do you suppose you’d be?) [Moeblobmegane]
In the world in between parallel universes, Andy sees things that makes him think of what has changed.
Author:Moeblobmegane  Fic  AO3  WordCount:2-5k  NowhereBoys  Jake/Andy  Romance  Fluff  Coda 
january 2018 by Brandysnaps
Stage Left [Sixthlight]
Young Scottish soprano Moira MacTaggert is a rising star at the New York Metropolitan Opera, tutored by the mysterious Opera Ghost. At least, he would be mysterious...if her childhood friend Charles Xavier didn’t keep pestering her about the brilliant mutant mind he can clearly sense hiding in the opera house, and Moira was too stupid to tell the difference between an Angel of Music and someone hiding behind her mirror.
Author:Sixthlight  Fic  AO3  X-Men:FirstClass  Charles/Erik  Threesome  General  AU  Ensemble  WordCount:40-100k 
january 2018 by Brandysnaps
Higher and Higher (Temptation) [Birdsofshore]
Only Harry Potter could manage to put on a magical collar on impulse and find himself unable to take it off again. Now following Draco’s direct orders gives him intense pleasure, and Draco has a whole heap of troubles to deal with, not least the way Potter looks when the collar has him gasping with bliss. The whole situation would test the morals of a saint... and Draco’s no saint.
Author:Birdsofshore  Fic  WordCount:20-40k  AO3  HP  Harry/Draco  FutureFic  Romance  Smut  Angst  BDSM 
november 2017 by Brandysnaps
Somebody's Fool [Enviropony]
Woodes Rogers did not think himself easily persuaded. Needles to say, he was a little wary to find himself agreeing to take his charge along to the beach. He'd meant to meet Captain Flint on his own.
Author:Enviropony  Fic  WordCount:2-5k  AO3  BlackSails  Flint/Hamilton  Humour 
october 2017 by Brandysnaps
No Worthy Reason [Enviropony]
Post-S4. After enduring Morgana's abuse, Gwaine can't quite settle back into his place in Camelot. When he joins Arthur and Merlin on a trip to hunt down a white, winged, chicken-thieving beastie, he is drawn into a destiny he didn't even know existed. After Merlin's life is endangered at Arthur's hands, Gwaine is taken on a wild ride both figurative and literal. Everything happens for a reason, but it's never the one we think.
Author:Enviropony  Fic  WordCount:20-40k  Merlin  Merlin/Gwaine  Angst  Action  Pre-slash  General  Ensemble  AO3 
october 2017 by Brandysnaps
I'm a Perfect Piece of Ass [Napricot]
“I had to do some things, Mark, to get us funding for your rescue mission without sacrificing future Ares missions. I had to make, and leverage a lot of different relationships to put enough pressure on Congress to get funding. Wayne Enterprises helped a lot with that pressure.”

Mark narrowed his eyes at Vincent. There were some rather concerning euphemisms and elisions there. “I’m really grateful for all that, Vincent. But what does that have to do with me going to dinner with Bruce Wayne?”
Author:Napricot  Fic  WordCount:2-5k  AO3  Humour  Batman  TheMartian 
october 2017 by Brandysnaps
Hermione Granger's Hogwarts Crammer for Delinquents on the Run [Waspabi]
'You're a wizard, Harry' is easier to hear from a half-giant when you're eleven, rather than from some kids on a tube platform when you're seventeen and late for work.

[Had to push through the first chapter, but a lot of fun]
Author:Waspabi  Fic  WordCount:40-100k  AO3  HP  Harry/Draco  AU  Ensemble  Humour  Action  Romance  General  <3<3 
august 2017 by Brandysnaps
The Math of Love Triangles [Firstaudrina]
Coming by Maia's to watch a movie had become a lot less fun for Simon ever since she started going out with Jace.
Author:Margottenenbaum  Fic  WordCount:2-5k  Shadowhunters  AO3  Simon/Jace/Maia  Smut  Threesome 
august 2017 by Brandysnaps
In the Taste of Blood and Salt [Firstaudrina]
Even though his body has stopped wanting the venom, Jace still wants the bite.
Fic  WordCount:10-20k  Author:Margottenenbaum  AO3  Shadowhunters  Simon/Jace  Smut  Angst  <3 
august 2017 by Brandysnaps
Adventures in Plainclothes Surveillance [Sixthlight]
DS Peter Grant, seconded to Organised Crime, is sent to keep an eye on two persons of interest. Questions are asked. Answers are mostly ignored.
Author:Sixthlight  Fic  WordCount:2-5k  RiversOfLondon  Peter/Beverley  Peter/Nightingale  AU  AU:Criminal  Smut  AO3  Threesome 
august 2017 by Brandysnaps
Running on Air [Eleventy7]
Draco Malfoy has been missing for three years. Harry is assigned the cold case and finds himself slowly falling in love with the memories he collects.

[Good atmosphere]
Author:Eleventy7  Fic  WordCount:40-100k  HP  Harry/Draco  Romance  Angst  General  AO3  <3<3 
august 2017 by Brandysnaps
The Assassin [Amerna]
What Pepper expected for her morning: The arrival of a handyman to finally repair her broken AC. What she didn’t expect: An assassin who’s planning to shoot a presidential candidate from her bedroom window.
Author:Amerna  Fic  WordCount:2-5k  TheAvengers  Gen  Pre-Canon  AO3 
june 2017 by Brandysnaps
Off Course [Jelasdax]
The trial had been too short.

Brian had known going in that his chances weren’t great, but that the trial hadn’t even gotten to the six month mark had come as a shock.
Author:Jelasdax  Fic  TheFastAndTheFurious  WordCount:5-10k  AO3  Brian/Dom  Romance  Schmoop  via:blueMeridian 
june 2017 by Brandysnaps
Something Like a Vacation [Jelasdax]
Rome is an amazing friend, and Brian had just better appreciate everything he's doing here.
Author:Jelasdax  Fic  WordCount:2-5k  TheFastAndTheFurious  Brian/Dom  Romance  Fluff  Friendship  <3  AO3 
june 2017 by Brandysnaps
The Break-Even Point [Fayedartmouth]
Turk knows that reality is mostly perception, and the fact is he doesn't know how to separate Danny Williams from Turk Malloy anymore. The lines are blurred and the guise is deeper than the reality. He's not one or the other, but he's a little of both.
Author:Fayedartmouth  Fic  WordCount:40-100k  Hawaii50  Fusion  Oceans11  CharacterStudy  General  <3<3  Angst  Domestic  AO3 
april 2017 by Brandysnaps
The Family Potter [Dirgewithoutmusic]
When Harry was eleven years old, his Hogwarts letter came by owl. He'd been accidentally blowing windows open and lighting cauliflower on fire for years. James took Harry to go get his wand at Ollivanders, and Lily took Dudley to the Owl Emporium where he tried to convince her they should build an aviary in the backyard. They came home with a fat black cat who hissed at everyone. Dudley named him Spooks, and Lily called him Monster.

"Did you have to?" said James. "That is the meanest beast I've ever met, and I've known Remus unmedicated on full moons and a pubescent Sirius thwarted in love."

Lily, who had ink on her cheek and a ballpoint pen stuck behind her ear, waved vaguely at the living room without looking up from her arrest report. Dudley was asleep in an armchair. The cat sprawled across his lap. Both its front paws were wrapped around Dudley's arm as it cleaned his wrist with aggressive fondness.

"Alright," said James. "Yeah, you had to."
Author:Dirgewithoutmusic  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  HP  Family  Schmoop  AU  <3<3<3  Angst  AO3 
april 2017 by Brandysnaps
You Better Work, Bitch [Margot_tenenbaum]
"Looks like you got here just in time," Jace the Personal Trainer says, gaze dragging up from the soles of Simon's ratty Converse to the fluff of his un-brushed hair. "You know video games aren't cardio, right?"

AU in which Jace is Simon's personal trainer.
Author:Margottenenbaum  Fic  WordCount:10-20k  AO3  Shadowhunters  Simon/Jace  Romance  Humour  Smut 
april 2017 by Brandysnaps
Celluloid Pictures Living [Margot_tenenbaum]
When Simon went out to Hollywood, he told his mother that he got an accounting job on a studio lot, doing the numbers on costumes and sets. Instead he pretended to play whatever instrument they asked him to in the background of Paramount's latest, Hotel Dumort. That was where he met Raphael.

Classic Hollywood AU.
Author:Margottenenbaum  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  Shadowhunters  Simon/Raphael  AU  Romance  AO3 
april 2017 by Brandysnaps
Saving Simon Lewis [Margot_tenenbaum]
Simon tried to envision himself sitting amongst all those moody, black-clad warriors and saying, You remember that Raphael guy? He wasn't as bad as the other vampires trying to kill me for sport and blackmail. He only poked me with a knife a little bit.
Author:Margottenenbaum  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  Shadowhunters  Simon/Raphael  Romance  AO3 
april 2017 by Brandysnaps
The Next Best Thing [Sixthlight]
Telepathy – in the sense of somebody reading your thoughts – is not, so far as Nightingale or I or any other Newtonian wizards I’ve met to date are aware, a real thing.

That wasn’t much consolation right now.
Author:Sixthlight  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  AO3  RiversOfLondon  Peter/Nightingale  Smut  Romance  Fluff  Trope:TruthSerum  <3 
march 2017 by Brandysnaps
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