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A Family Tradition [Derryderrydown]
Steve was looking earnest. Which was kind of his default expression but he was looking especially earnest right now. "I've been reading about safe sex," he said, "and all the pamphlets say we need to discuss our previous sexual partners before we do this."
Author:Derryderrydown  Fic  TheAvengers  Steve/Tony  Short  Humour  <3  Romance  WordCount:  Source 
march 2012 by Brandysnaps
Nemo Me Impune Lacessit [Derryderrydown]
"You let Ianto fall into the Rift," Jack said, with a level of strained calm that had Owen edging towards the door. "Alright." He took a deep breath. "But you should know that nobody sleeps until we find him. And I'm probably going to fire you all."
Author:Derryderrydown  Fic  Torchwood  Jack/Ianto  Plotty  Romance  Angst  Smut  WordCount:  Source 
november 2011 by Brandysnaps

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