A Neural-Net Based on Light Could Best Digital Computers
Researchers turn to optical computing to carry out neural-network calculations
IEEE  spectrum  lightelligence  lightmatter  optical  computing 
june 2019
China’s Ambitious Plan to Build the World’s Biggest Supergrid
A massive expansion leads to the first ultrahigh-voltage AC-DC power grid
HVDC  china  supergrid  IEEE  overview 
june 2019
Electric Container Ships Are Stuck on the Horizon
Batteries still can’t scale up to power the world’s biggest vessels
electric  ship  container  IEEE  overview 
june 2019
What’s Better Than 40 GPU-based Computers? A Computer With 40 GPUs
Engineers aim to use “silicon interconnect fabric” to build a computer with 40 GPUs on a single silicon wafer
wafer  scale  integration  latency  trilogy  systems  IEEE 
june 2019
LoRa’s Bid to Rule the Internet of Things
The wireless standard is already behind more than 100 low-power, wide-area networks around the world
lora  IOT  sigfox  NB-IOT  overview 
june 2019
Kurt Petersen, 2019 IEEE Medal of Honor Recipient, Is Mr. MEMS
An ink stain on the floor led to a lifetime of building micro devices and sensors and macro companies
MEMS  serial  entrepreneur  kurt  petersen  inventor 
june 2019
X-ray Detection May Be Perovskites’ Killer App
The wonder crystal could yield imagers that are far more sensitive than commercial detectors
perovskites  scintillator  x-ray  sensor  killer  app 
june 2019
Private Space Launch Firms in China Race to Orbit
Four companies set the pace with scheduled launches over the next two years
space  race  rockets  private  china  overview 
june 2019
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