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The Barometer
Using Google search data, The Barometer shows how consumer confidence is faring in our ever-changing climate
google  statistics  economics  creditcrunch 
september 2009 by BenNorland
The Barometer
Using Google search data, The Barometer shows how consumer confidence is faring in our ever-changing climate
google  statistics  economics  creditcrunch 
september 2009 by BenNorland
Research: Consumers Cutting Subscription Media In Recession | paidContent:UK
Bad news for publishers considering switching to pay-for content - at the consumer level, people are already reducing their spend on subscription media, according to a YouGov poll for Callcredit Marketing Solutions
publishing  negative  creditcrunch 
july 2009 by BenNorland
No Exit for Private Equity Funds - DealBook Blog -
The total value of private equity firms’ “exit transactions” came to just $20.8 billion so far in 2009, the lowest amount during that period since 2001. The figure is down a whopping 82 percent from the $115 billion in exit deals in the comparable period in 2008.
nyt  privateequity  negative  creditcrunch 
july 2009 by BenNorland
Bloomsbury sparks row on cover prices |
Charkin explained: "When something drops into the backlist, you may wish to increase the price, in which case this enables us to do it [more easily]. It's a sensible thing to do because I think this government is going to have to introduce high levels of inflation, and we want to make sure we have a way of dealing with it."
bookseller  publishing  creditcrunch  bloomsbury  richardcharkin 
april 2009 by BenNorland
Wilmington: 'Press Gazette to close' - Journalism news and jobs for journalists - Press Gazette
We have therefore been forced to conclude that the market required to sustain a commercially viable Press Gazette magazine no longer exists
newspapers  journalism  publishing  pressgazette  creditcrunch  negative 
april 2009 by BenNorland
European Papers Find Creative Ways to Thrive -
As the death toll in the American newspaper industry mounted this month, the German publisher Axel Springer, which owns Bild, the biggest newspaper in Europe, reported the highest profit in its 62-year history.
nyt  newspapers  publishing  USA  europe  positive  creditcrunch 
march 2009 by BenNorland
Outlook: Celebrity Magazines May Never Recover from Recession - Consumer @
shortsighted strategies, poor management and the recession have hit traditional celebrity media hard
magazines  publishing  negative  creditcrunch  women 
march 2009 by BenNorland
Advertising will stimulate spending - Mar. 19, 2009
In the big push to boost the economy, says a veteran marketer, the government left out a key ingredient.
advertising  creditcrunch  fortune 
march 2009 by BenNorland
Bad News for Newspapers - Interactive Graphic -
Heavy debt has dragged several newspaper companies into bankruptcy. The industry’s dwindling revenues have forced some money-losing papers to close, and papers that are for sale are having trouble finding buyers. Experts say that before long, a major American city could be left without a daily paper.
nyt  publishing  newspaper  USA  statistics  creditcrunch 
march 2009 by BenNorland
Comparison websites face stiff competition - Telegraph
But the sites are not only facing increased competition: those that operate in areas such as travel insurance and savings have also been hard hit by the economic malaise.
telegraph  internet  aggregator  negative  creditcrunch 
march 2009 by BenNorland
The future of newspapers: Metro with knobs on (and a hiring spree at Thomson Reuters) | Media Money
In a session at Sheffield University last week, Roussel outlined what we must presume is the Telegraph’s strategy for “post-recession news media”
publishing  newspaper  UK  telegraph  pressgazette  creditcrunch 
february 2009 by BenNorland
Which startup’s collapse will end the Web 2.0 era? | Futuristic Play by @Andrew_Chen
There is a large group of 2004-2007 self-described Web 2.0 companies which haven’t hit bottom yet, and I’d like to discuss this possibility in this post. I hope this blog will spawn off useful discussions for entrepreneurs thinking about where we are in the boom-bust cycle.
vc  technology  negative  creditcrunch  2009  web2.0 
february 2009 by BenNorland
Online Layoff Tracker Captures Economy's Carnage -
Layoff Tracker can be planted on a Web site or a computer desktop to provide a running tally of the pink slips being handed out by major employers around the country. The tracker complies the numbers from news reports and company announcements.
nyt  creditcrunch  jobs  technology 
february 2009 by BenNorland
Market research under the magnifying glass as recession deepens - Telegraph
The 2009 Survey of Market Research Professionals last week showed buyers of research aim to cut budgets by 9.5pc, ending 20 years of spend increases. In the UK, forecasts are already edging down.
marketresearch  UK  telegraph  negative  creditcrunch 
february 2009 by BenNorland
Recession drives library visits |
The London borough of Westminster has reported a strong increase in its library visitor numbers as the recession bites. Director of libraries David Ruse said visits were up 10.5% (a total of 634,600) over the three months to the end of January 2009, compared to the same period the previous year.
bookseller  library  UK  creditcrunch 
february 2009 by BenNorland
CREDIT CRUNCH - When to buy property? - secret revealed!
You should never buy on a downward slope as you simply don't know when you are going to hit the bottom.
creditcrunch  statistics  UK  realestate 
february 2009 by BenNorland
China's worst is yet to come :: Malcolm Moore
Between November and December last year there was a six per cent drop in the number of Chinese suppliers. Between December 2007 and last December, there was a nine per cent drop.
telegraph  blog  malcolmmoore  china  retail  creditcrunch  2009  negative 
february 2009 by BenNorland
Publisher teeters - The Boston Globe
"The debt is so overwhelming, there's just no way," Darehshori said. "They borrowed more than the value of the company. They will be lucky if the value is half of what they owe."
houghtonmifflin  publishing  creditcrunch  bostonglobe  USA 
february 2009 by BenNorland
Magazines Aimed at Bankers Suspend Operations -
Doubledown lost $3 million on revenue of $12 million in 2008, according to a December note to investors from Mr. Lane.
finance  publishing  negative  creditcrunch  nyt 
february 2009 by BenNorland
Report: Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia cutting back » VentureBeat
Pretty much all of the firms shrank their investments compared to the previous quarter; Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, the two biggest names in venture capital, both funded less than half the companies that they did in Q3.
vc  technology  creditcrunch  statistics  2008 
january 2009 by BenNorland
130 print jobs at risk as Cambridge University Press begins consultation | | Latest Print Industry News, Jobs, Features, Product Reviews, Used Printing and Packaging Machinery
More than 130 jobs at Cambridge Printing Services have been put on the line after Cambridge University Press, the world's oldest continuous serving publisher, entered into a 90-day consultation period with its staff.
publishing  cup  creditcrunch  UK 
january 2009 by BenNorland
Modern Book Publishing and Book Culture - TIME
Here's a literary parable for the 21st century. Lisa Genova, 38, was a health-care-industry consultant in Belmont, Mass., who wanted to be a novelist, but she couldn't get her book published for love or money.
publishing  time  2009  creditcrunch  futurology 
january 2009 by BenNorland
Google cuts 100 jobs as tech sector braces itself for big cuts - Times Online
Google, one of the steadiest ships in the industry, said that it would dismiss 100 “recruiters” worldwide.
google  times  creditcrunch  2009  jobs 
january 2009 by BenNorland
More Centaur B2B Titles Under Threat Of Closure | paidContent:UK
Centaur Media is considering shutting its Brand Strategy and Precision Marketing trade titles as part of an on-going restructure, reports, a week after news emerged that it was considering a plan to shut its Public Private Finance magazine. The company is reportedly in redundancy consultation with two staff on the affected titles as well as some staff on titles thought to include Marketing Week and Design Week. In consecutive earnings, Centaur has said its media and marketing titles segment, which also publishes NMA, is its best-performing.
creditcrunch  publishing  centaur  b2b  magazines  paidcontent 
january 2009 by BenNorland
Google Ends Google Video Uploads, Shutters Notebook, Catalog Search, Dodgeball & Jaiku
The closures come on the heels of Google writing publicly that it has laid-off 100 recruiters and may cut 70 engineering jobs. Google’s first-ever layoffs came last year, as part of consolidating its purchase of DoubleClick. More recently, it was well publicized that it was laying off a large number of independent contractors and temporary employees. Google engineers have long been at the top of the heap when it comes to the Google pecking order. Now, neither products nor engineers seem to have a protected status, as Google goes into the grim economic times predicted for 2009.
creditcrunch  google  2009 
january 2009 by BenNorland
A Long Winter - 1/5/2009 - Publishers Weekly
Bookstore chains will attempt to make publishers share their pain by demanding more favorable discounts, additional payments for front-of-store placements and significantly longer payment terms. With cash flow concerns paramount, the existing tension between retailers and publishers will escalate
publishing  negative  creditcrunch  2009  publishersweekly  USA 
january 2009 by BenNorland
24/7 Wall St.: Twelve Major Media Brands Likely To Close In 2009
No one working in the media industry will ever have seen a year as bad as 2009 will be. The sharp slide in advertising began in 2008, and, based on the worsening economy, there is no reason to think that advertising will improve. Most Wall St. analysts have predicted a harsh year for the ad business. If the downturn deepens and unemployment rises above 10% most predictions about media, no matter how negative, will have been unexpectedly optimistic.
negative  publishing  2009  creditcrunch  USA 
january 2009 by BenNorland
Work on Stuff that Matters: First Principles - O'Reilly Radar
Focusing on big goals rather than on making money, and on creating more value than you capture are closely related principles. The first one is a test that applies to those starting something new; the second is the harder test that you must pass in order to create something enduring.
entrepreneurship  oreilly  blog  positive  creditcrunch  2009 
january 2009 by BenNorland
Bailouts Gone Wild! Porn Chiefs Seek $5 Billion - DealBook Blog -
“With all this economic misery and people losing all that money, sex is the farthest thing from their mind,” Mr. Flynt said in a statement. “It’s time for Congress to rejuvenate the sexual appetite of America. The only way they can do this is by supporting the adult industry and doing it quickly.”`
publishing  porn  funny  creditcrunch  2009  nyt 
january 2009 by BenNorland
Opinion: it is a recession - apologies for being an optimist
What we can do is concentrate on what remains in our control. We must run our business tightly and well from top to bottom. We must be swift not ponderous. We must empower everyone.
publishing  creditcrunch  positive  2009 
january 2009 by BenNorland
UPDATE: School Cutbacks Put Pressure On Education Suppliers
As school districts prune budgets and cut costs, companies that supply technology, services and even textbooks to educational institutions are feeling the pinch.
education  cnn  publishing  negative  2009  creditcrunch 
january 2009 by BenNorland
New book looks at where the jobs are -
These are some of the highest paying recession-proof jobs, according to Laurence Shatkin, author of “150 Best Recession-Proof Jobs,” a recent book by JIST Publishing.
creditcrunch  book  jobs  2009 
january 2009 by BenNorland
Ad and Media Jobs Continue to Fall During Recession - Advertising Age - News
U.S. media have cut 196,200 or 18.6% of jobs since employment in that sector peaked in the 2000 dot-com bubble. More than half the cuts (109,700) came from newspapers. Media employment fell by 3.1% (27,600 jobs) from the start of the recession in December 2007 through October 2008.
jobs  publishing  negative  creditcrunch 
january 2009 by BenNorland
MinOnline :: Breaking News & Views :: B2B Trade Show Revs Dip
Even before the worst of the economic decline gutted discretionary spending and travel budgets, the business-to-business events business was feeling the pain this past year. For the first time in seven years, trade show revenues declined, by 3.7% in the first three quarters of 2008, reports American Business Media. From 2000 to 2007 the B2B events segment registered a CAGR of 3.1%.
b2b  publishing  conference  negative  creditcrunch  2008 
december 2008 by BenNorland
News You Can Lose: Financial Page: The New Yorker
The perfect storm of readers and advertisers who are migrating away from print, added to a steep recession, is threatening to destroy newspapers as we know them. Papers now seem to be the equivalent of the railroads at the start of the twentieth century: a once-great business eclipsed by a new technology.
publishing  newyorker  newspaper  negative  creditcrunch  2008 
december 2008 by BenNorland
The Associated Press: More layoffs in publishing: This time at Macmillan
In a move Sargent said he had been looking into for months, Macmillan will combine its seven children's companies into a single division, the Macmillan Children's Publishing Group, effective Jan. 1. Macmillan also plans reductions through a "centralized business and production group for its adult and children's publishing companies," according to the memo.
macillan  negative  publishing  creditcrunch  USA 
december 2008 by BenNorland
Publishing News Shows the Industry’s Split Personality -
In less than a week the book publishing industry has been set abuzz by the news that one publisher is so uncertain about the economic climate that it has temporarily shut its doors to most manuscripts while another is celebrating a banner year by handing out extra bonuses to all its employees.
publishing  NYT  2008  creditcrunch 
december 2008 by BenNorland
paulconley: Doom and gloom and rebirth
The B2B industry as we know it is about to collapse.
publishing  b2b  blog  negative  creditcrunch 
december 2008 by BenNorland
What next for the B2B media industry? « Rory Brown
Yes, big media is clearly struggling - and not just because of the economy - but because, in the main, their whole corporate structure is set up for a very different era.
publishing  b2b  negative  2008  creditcrunch 
december 2008 by BenNorland
Panic of 1837 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Economist Milton Friedman explains (1960 p 10):

The banking panic of 1837 was followed by exceedingly disturbed economic conditions and a long contraction to 1843 that was interrupted only by a brief recovery from 1838 to 1839. This Great Depression is particularly interesting for our purposes. It is the only depression on record comparable in severity and scope to the Great Depression of the 1930s, and its monetary concomitants largely duplicate those of its later mate. In both, a substantial fraction of the banks in the United States went out of existence through suspension or merger --around one quarter in the earlier and over one-third in the later contraction--and the stock of money fell by about one-third. There is no other contraction that even closely approaches this dismal record. In both cases, erratic or unwise governmental policy with respect to money played an important part.
bubble  wikipedia  1837  creditcrunch 
october 2008 by BenNorland

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