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A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Depa stumbled free of the maze, back into the atrium for the Lothal Temple. There was just one problem. The man kneeling between the desiccated bodies of the ancient Jedi was not her master.
fic  star.wars  prequel.trilogy  depa.billaba  kanan 
9 days ago by Beatrice_Otter
The Empire Job
The Leverage team is hired to take down the Emperor, and Vader seems like the perfect way to do so. In the process, they end up uncovering multiple secrets.
fic  au  crossover  star.wars  leverage  darth.vader  leia.organa 
16 days ago by Beatrice_Otter
Things You Missed in History Class
Having traveled back in time, Rey and Finn have decided to set right what once went wrong. Too bad they have no idea what actually once went wrong.
fic  star.wars  sequel.trilogy  fix-it  finn  rey  humor 
26 days ago by Beatrice_Otter
Knight Amidala
Padmé—Obi-Wan's friend, Anakin's love—lies dying. There is no good reason why.

"The twins," he whispers desperately, pushing his Force sense out, hoping she will hear. "They need you."

As he throws his power out, Obi-Wan realizes, with horror, that he and Padmé are not alone in the room. A sickly, choking presence twines around Padmé's very life-force, choking it out. No, not choking—pulling it away.

"No!" Obi-Wan snarls, and then he pulls back.

Anakin Skywalker dies, and Padmé Amidala wakes up, with all his power.
fic  au  fix-it  padme.amidala  obi-wan.kenobi  yoda  star.wars  prequel.trilogy 
10 weeks ago by Beatrice_Otter
The Past Remains
The war drags on leaving trauma and destruction in its wake. After a bereaved Master is accused of harming his padawan, Obi-Wan is sent to talk to her, dredging up memories of his own past.
star.wars  prequel.trilogy  obi-wan.kenobi  anakin.skywalker  fic 
november 2019 by Beatrice_Otter
New Lands for the Living
The war is over, and nobody won. With the galaxy on the verge of destruction, Poe Dameron hatches a desperate plan—go back in time.

But Poe's plan quickly goes awry, and he finds himself on the run from local authorities. The only plan to keep him safe is…extreme, to say the least.
fic  fix-it  star.wars  au  sequel.trilogy  poe.dameron  luke.skywalker 
august 2019 by Beatrice_Otter
you're not the only one
She is a gift to Lord Vader from the Emperor. Her name is Padme Skywalker.
fic  au  gen  kid.fic  star.wars  darth.vader 
april 2019 by Beatrice_Otter
Balance Point
Ahsoka wakes up trapped beneath the rubble of the Sith temple on Malachor with the man currently known as Darth Vader. He’s a Sith lord who has done some truly awful things, but she’s certain that some part of him is still Anakin Skywalker, and she’s going to convince him of that. No matter how many times he tries to kill her for it. (AU from the end of Twilight of the Apprentice.)
fic  au  star.wars  prequel.trilogy  darth.vader  ahsoka.tano 
february 2019 by Beatrice_Otter
The Road Is Made By Walking
Eventually, it occurred to Obi-Wan that figuring out Luke's motives might be some sort of test. Simply understanding that it was a test would mean accepting that Luke was a teacher.

But, when Obi-Wan addressed Luke as 'Master Luke,' Luke simply shook his head and said, "I'm not a Jedi, and I don't own you."
fic  star.wars  sequel.trilogy  luke.skywalker  obi-wan.kenobi 
february 2019 by Beatrice_Otter
scarred by the suns and the sand
Forget the boy; the boy is gone, replaced by a young man dressed in rags and scars, haunted eyes. Free all the slaves? That was a child’s impossible dream, gone with innocence; the man’s dream can only compass freedom for one - and she doesn’t smile like that any more, either.
fic  au  star.wars  prequel.trilogy  anakin.skywalker  qui-gon.jinn 
june 2018 by Beatrice_Otter
Lando's first impression of Luke Skywalker wasn't very positive. Dumb kid who stumbled into the Empire's crosshairs somehow and then wandered into an incredibly obvious trap and needed to be rescued by the very friends he was supposed to be rescuing.
fic  my.fic  star.wars  luke.skywalker  lando.calrissian 
april 2018 by Beatrice_Otter
the road that sets into the sun
“Fest is still in the Imperial Remnant."

“Yeah, it is,” Jyn says, “though I’m thinking about a thousand planets, not one.”

Lie. It’s going to break what’s left of his heart: the truth worrying at her tired bones.

Jyn Erso & Cassian Andor, in the Legends-verse - built for rebellion, staring down politics & peacetime.
fic  star.wars  jyn.erso  cassian.andor  au 
march 2018 by Beatrice_Otter
Occupational Safety
"Like they’re going to make sure no one ever falls down the thermal exhaust shaft."
fic  gen  star.wars  sequel.trilogy  poe.dameron  finn 
february 2018 by Beatrice_Otter
The Bearer of Good Food
The last thing the Resistance thought they were getting in Finn was a decent chef, but Finn’s been cooking for his squad since he was small. He doesn’t mind cooking for his new friends — especially since Resistance cuisine is pretty damn awful. There's also the fact that Finn never really had a place to fit in when he was a Stormtrooper, and his journey to finding a place to fit with the Resistance.

Or alternatively — five times Finn cooked for other people, and one time other people cooked for him.
fic  star.wars  sequel.trilogy  finn 
january 2018 by Beatrice_Otter
it’s cheap and it’s ethical…well, it’s...
a star wars vid about technology and empire
the grand experiment // doomtree
Vids  star.wars  leia.organa 
december 2017 by Beatrice_Otter
low tide
Being a solo entity is still something Finn is getting used to.

Every now and again he snaps back into himself in the mess hall of the resistance base he and Poe have settled on and half expects to be surrounded by stormtroopers. Shining white gear and blasters attached to their hips.

Or, where Finn tries (and struggles) to adjust, remembers bits of his childhood under the First Order, and represses trauma while Poe and Rey are the co-creators of the 'Finn Must Be Loved and Protected' fanclub.
fic  star.wars  sequel.trilogy  poe.dameron  finn  rey 
november 2017 by Beatrice_Otter
Second verse, same as the first
No one knows who the mysterious Lord Vader is. The Hutts would like to, so they can kill them and make them stop freeing entire planets of slaves. The Jedi would like to, for almost exactly the opposite reason. Also, they might be a Sith. But Vader guards their secrets closely, so no one has made much headway on that front.

Meanwhile, young Jedi Knight Obi-wan Kenobi returns to Coruscant after yet another mission tried to kill him. As has become their custom, his friend and jack-of-all-trades Anakin Skywalker invited him to lunch for a meal and a chance to rage against the bureaucratic machine.

Obi-wan has just had an epiphany.
fic  au  star.wars  prequel.trilogy  anakin.skywalker  obi-wan.kenobi 
november 2017 by Beatrice_Otter
Between Eternity and Time
A series following the developing friendship between Ahsoka and Rex, which fills in the gaps between episodes where there was downtime, chock full of camaraderie, some burgeoning feelings, and how two people find happiness in the small moments. Well, until they have to say good-bye. Goes up through the end of Season 5.
fic  au  star.wars  prequel.trilogy  ahsoka.tano  rex 
october 2017 by Beatrice_Otter
The Last Poem of Jedha
How Bodhi Rook temporarily misplaced the two most important things in the galaxy, and how he found them again (with a little help).
fic  au  gen  star.wars  bodhi.rook 
october 2017 by Beatrice_Otter
The Trial of Darth Vader
Following the battle of Endor, the Alliance to Restore the Republic took a single prisoner from the attack on the Death Star. Sequestered aboard a lone ship with a skeleton crew, that prisoner sits and waits for what fate will bring him, his very existence kept a closely guarded secret. Desperately trying to work out what to do with him, the Rebel leaders send a lone analyst to speak with him, to take a record of his side of the story. They want to be able to judge him when the time is right. But who exactly is it they would be judging? And why exactly did he help destroy the galaxy - and then help save it?
fic  star.wars  au  darth.vader  luke.skywalker  outsider.perspective 
september 2017 by Beatrice_Otter
Training Grounds
Poe and Finn have a little downtime on the Resistance base. They, and eventually, Rey, make the most of it.
star.wars  fic  sequel.trilogy  finn  poe.dameron  rey 
september 2017 by Beatrice_Otter
Finn tries to find his place in the galaxy. Poe tries to find his place in Finn's life.
fic  star.wars  sequel.trilogy  finn  poe.dameron  leia.organa 
september 2017 by Beatrice_Otter
to treat everything as if it were a nail
Jyn Erso is raised as a hostage of the Empire. It matters less than it should. There are many different ways to rebel.
fic  star.wars  au  jyn.erso 
september 2017 by Beatrice_Otter
Double Agent Vader
The one where Vader turned double agent for the Rebellion about three years after ROTS, and Leia is now his primary contact with the Rebellion.
fic  au  gen  star.wars  anakin.skywalker  leia.organa 
september 2017 by Beatrice_Otter
the historian
As he struggles to adapt to life in the Resistance, Finn discovers the often-bastardised story of Bodhi Rook.
fic  star.wars  sequel.trilogy  finn  poe.dameron  bodhi.rook 
september 2017 by Beatrice_Otter
The Things Dreams Birth
When Cassian decides that the best way to get himself out of a tough situation is to reprogram an Imperial enforcer droid, he doesn't realize exactly what he's getting into. The first thing K-2SO sees at his rebirth is Cassian Andor's face, and he spends the next few years trying to understand (and protect, and assist) his human.
fic  star.wars  au  fix-it  cassian.andor  crossover  kaytoo 
august 2017 by Beatrice_Otter
A journey of a thousand miles
Relationships have to start somewhere. Or, once you've jumped into a garbage chute with people you kind of either decide to like them or you don't.

Basically, Han and Leia from trying-not-to-think-about-her to declarations of love at the least convenient times.
fic  star.wars  missing.scene  han.solo  leia.organa 
july 2017 by Beatrice_Otter
In Which Series
Luke Skywalker, Rebel Commander and Jedi Knight in Training and his father, Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith find themselves back in time in the midst of the Clone Wars. It doesn't matter how it happened or why. What matters is that after some discussion they mutually agree that they couldn't care less about preserving the time space continuum and decide to fix things.
fic  star.wars  fix-it  au  luke.skywalker  anakin.skywalker  ahsoka.tano 
june 2017 by Beatrice_Otter
step out into the sun
“I gotta talk to you, buddy, real quick,” Poe says lowly, and grabs Finn’s hand to haul him back out of the mess hall. His pilot friends cheer loudly, Karé yelling something about keeping it decent, and Finn barely has a second to process it before Poe’s yanking him away and into a deserted side corridor.

“I can explain,” he says quickly, running his spare hand through his hair.

“Well good,” Finn snaps hotly, “Because I’ve had a really fucking weird day.”

Otherwise known as: Finn Is An Oblivious Numbskull, or: the one where Finn gets a name, a jacket, a droid, and a marriage out of nowhere in only a few short weeks
fic  star.wars  slash  sequel.trilogy  poe.dameron  finn 
may 2017 by Beatrice_Otter
Ex-Stormtrooper Finn has fled the dreadful clutches of the First Order, but adjusting to his new life in the Resistance isn’t as easy as he might hope.

Commander Poe Dameron is a bold pilot, a loyal soldier, and a good friend. But he has never before encountered someone who makes him feel the way Finn does - and he’s honestly not sure what to do!

Or: Poe’s not entirely sure why he keeps casting himself as the romance heroine in this little drama. He’s not usually given to swooning, after all.
kid.fic  fic  star.wars  sequel.trilogy  poe.dameron  finn 
may 2017 by Beatrice_Otter
Past Lives
This is the craziest thing that's ever happened to Finn, and that's saying something. All he wants to do is get back home, but that may not be possible. Failing that, he'd like to change things ... but the First Order's history classes for stormtroopers leave a lot to be desired.
fic  star.wars  sequel.trilogy  finn  clone.wars  anakin.skywalker  ahsoka.tano  bail.organa  my.fic 
may 2017 by Beatrice_Otter
to treat everything as if it were a nail
Jyn Erso is raised as a hostage of the Empire. It matters less than it should. There are many different ways to rebel.
fic  au  star.wars  jyn.erso  galen.erso  bodhi.rook  cassian.andor 
may 2017 by Beatrice_Otter
the family amidala
Padme lives. She runs.


Leia is growing in fits and spurts, eating greedily and crying loudly. She stays in a sling on Padme’s chest when they move, Luke held snug in a sling around Obi Wan’s. Luke gets a whole head of thick brown hair while Leia’s is still patchy and bald, but he never matches his sister’s powerful lungs.

When Padme had been sitting in her high senatorial apartment on Corsucant, holding Anakin’s sweaty hand, she had never imagined she’d be murmuring desperately soothing noises to her fussy daughter while she shot around a corner at stormtroopers, while R2D2 meddles with a ship’s blast doors behind her.

Luke starts teething on a hot jungle planet where they hunker down for three weeks, sleeping in an abandoned old temple and catching the local wildlife for dinner. Leia takes her first steps in the belly of a Corellian freighter they’ve stowed away on. She wobbles between Padme’s outstretched hands and Obi Wan’s knees and boxes of smuggled luxuries. When she falls down, Obi Wan surges forward, heart in his throat, but Leia laughs.
fic  au  star.wars  padme.amidala  leia.organa  luke.skywalker 
april 2017 by Beatrice_Otter
you are one with the force (you are with me)
Baze Malbus, ferocious young assassin, meets a cocky little blind shit. The rest, as they say, is history.
fic  star.wars  baze.malbus  chirrut.imwe 
april 2017 by Beatrice_Otter
"Maul was my pride, my greatest accomplishment aside from the political games that have wrought me control over the Republic. Why should I take a second apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi? Why would you be worth my time?”

“Because I fucking hate you.”
star.wars  au  prequel.trilogy  obi-wan.kenobi 
april 2017 by Beatrice_Otter
Beekeeping and Husbandry
Everything changes.

After barely surviving the Theed Generator Complex, Qui-Gon discovers this truth.
fic  au  star.wars  prequel.trilogy  slash  qui-gon.jinn  obi-wan.kenobi  mace.windu 
march 2017 by Beatrice_Otter
wrong place, wrong time
Baze and Chirrut meet for the first time on an Imperial prison ship, a long way from home.

'You're not a doctor, are you.'

'I'm a monk,' said Chirrut, and patted him on the chest. 'So if you die from your wounds, I'll know what to do with your spirit.'
fic  slash  star.wars  baze.malbus  chirrut.imwe  pre-canon 
march 2017 by Beatrice_Otter
hope lives on
Bodhi dies. This is what happens afterwards. Or: Bodhi becomes the patron saint of the Resistance.
fic  star.wars  sequel.trilogy  bodhi.rook  anakin.skywalker  padme.amidala  finn 
february 2017 by Beatrice_Otter
because I don't know how to love any other way
When he brings Owen and Beru their nephew, Obi-Wan collapses at the Lars farmstead instead of exiting stage left to a hide-out in the Jundland Wastes.

Several things go quite a bit differently, after that.
fic  star.wars  au  beru.whitesun  owen.lars  obi-wan.kenobi 
january 2017 by Beatrice_Otter
Celestial Navigation
Finn and Rey's epic space road trip adventure, featuring pirates, kittens, and the Force ghost of Anakin Skywalker.
fic  star.wars  sequel.trilogy  finn  rey  anakin.skywalker 
december 2016 by Beatrice_Otter
Open Fire AU
The first thing Obi-Wan Kenobi did when he woke up in the Halls of Healing was cry.

This was, apparently, an alarming reaction to waking up because the Healer that came in to check on him panicked and his Master (his Master) began shouting. Obi-Wan was crying too hard to really concentrate on what was happening around him, but he could feel them - all ten thousand of them - bright and alive in the Force and nothing else in that moment was more important.
star.wars  au  prequel.trilogy  obi-wan.kenobi 
december 2016 by Beatrice_Otter
Hope and Change
Since Breha took the throne at fourteen, on a day when the Republic flag flew at half-mast in the thick of the Clone Wars but the Alderaanian colors flew high and proud, she has spoken first in every room she has entered. (Part of that is tradition, that one must not speak to the Queen until they are spoken to, but the rest is just Breha’s brashness leading her to barrel forwards with whatever it is that she has to say before anyone else can get a word in edge-wise. Maybe it’s not Senate etiquette, but she isn’t a Senator, thank the goddesses.)

Or: Her Majesty Queen Breha Organa of House Organa, by the Will of the Force, of the Planet of Alderaan in the Alderaan System of the Core Worlds, and of Her people faithful and beloved Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Force. And her duties as such.
fic  star.wars  prequel.trilogy  breha.organa  bechdel.pass 
november 2016 by Beatrice_Otter
on the run verse
In which Anakin never forgets his experiences as a slave and his determination to free the slaves of Tatooine, and eventually leaves the Jedi Order (and saves the galaxy) because of it.
fic  au  star.wars  prequel.trilogy  anakin.skywalker  obi-wan.kenobi 
november 2016 by Beatrice_Otter
Obi-Wan dies, wakes up and decides to live a whole different life.
fic  au  star.wars  prequel.trilogy  obi-wan.kenobi  shmi.skywalker  yoda 
october 2016 by Beatrice_Otter
Ben Kenobi dies aboard the Death Star in the year 0 BBY. He wakes up shortly thereafter in the Jedi temple in the year 41 BBY. Haunted by memories and regret, Ben must forge a new path for himself in the Jedi Order of his youth while navigating the murky waters of time travel. Crafting a better future from bitter experience is hard, but learning to heal is even harder. Major AU.
fic  au  star.wars  prequel.trilogy  obi-wan.kenobi  qui-gon.jinn 
september 2016 by Beatrice_Otter
no room for sympathy
Captain Phasma in her years as a young stormtrooper-in-training. Everything she says about being a stormtrooper, she learned the hard way.
star.wars  sequel.trilogy  captain.phasma  finn 
july 2016 by Beatrice_Otter
When the Force Chooses to Meddle
Luke is exploring, seeking more knowledge to better teach his students. Maybe he should have coaxed the artifact on Dantooine to be more specific about what kind of help it could offer. Then again, look at the chance he now had.
fic  star.wars  extended.universe  prequel.trilogy  luke.skywalker 
july 2016 by Beatrice_Otter
Protégé: Vigil
Sequel to "Protégé: Chosen" and "Protégé: Padawans." Dooku has continued training Anakin... and the Sith Master is looking for a new apprentice.
fic  star.wars  count.dooku  anakin.skywalker 
july 2016 by Beatrice_Otter
Protégé: Padawans
Sequel to "Protégé: Chosen." Dooku and Anakin begin learning to deal with one another, and Anakin meets the unexpected while seeking his lightsaber crystal in the caves of Ilum.
star.wars  au  qui-gon.jinn  count.dooku  obi-wan.kenobi  anakin.skywalker 
july 2016 by Beatrice_Otter
Protégé: Chosen
AU from TPM. Master Dooku steps in to offer to train Anakin Skywalker.
star.wars  au  count.dooku  anakin.skywalker  obi-wan.kenobi  prequel.trilogy  qui-gon.jinn 
july 2016 by Beatrice_Otter
Heroes of the Republic!
Not long after the end of The Last Command, a certain former Padawan makes her way to Coruscant.
star.wars  luke.skywalker  mara.jade  leia.organa  ahsoka.tano 
july 2016 by Beatrice_Otter
Jedi Shmi AU
Shmi leaves Tatooine with Anakin and goes to the Jedi Temple.
fic  au  star.wars  shmi.skywalker  anakin.skywalker  yoda 
july 2016 by Beatrice_Otter
those immortal dead
I care more for that long age which I shall never see than for the little of Time that I hold // Padmé Amidala is forgotten, not gone.
star.wars  outsider.perspective  padme.amidala  leia.organa  poe.dameron  rey  luke.skywalker 
june 2016 by Beatrice_Otter
Fundamental Force Carriers
The Sith Lord Darth Vader lived his life. He probably didn't live it well, but he lived it as well as he knew how. At the end there, he'd even managed to woman up and kill Sidious. But he was dying, and at peace with the past.

The past wasn't at peace with him.
fic  star.wars  au  anakin.skywalker  yoda  asajj.ventress 
may 2016 by Beatrice_Otter
We'll All Float On Okay
Leia’s to-do list consisted of just one task: defeat the First Order and reclaim liberty and justice for the galaxy. She had no intention of becoming anyone’s mother, and given how well her previous attempt at parenting had gone, that was probably a good thing.
fic  gen  star.wars  sequel.trilogy  leia.organa  rey 
may 2016 by Beatrice_Otter
Supernova Tonight
There’s probably a lot that Finn needs, now he’s conscious again, and probably half of it Poe is never going to be able to figure out, but at least he can tell him the stories.
fic  slash  star.wars  sequel.trilogy  finn  poe.dameron 
may 2016 by Beatrice_Otter
The Art of Letting Go
From Yoda to Dooku to Qui-Gon to Obi-Wan to Anakin to Ahsoka: betweeen Master and Apprentice, letting go is the hardest of lessons.
star.wars  prequel.trilogy  clone.wars  count.dooku  yoda  obi-wan.kenobi  anakin.skywalker  ahsoka.tano  fic 
may 2016 by Beatrice_Otter
Another Way To Fall
Barriss Offee had many reasons to act as she did. Or none. Or just one.
fic  star.wars  prequel.trilogy  clone.wars  bariss.offee  ahsoka.tano  bechdel.pass 
may 2016 by Beatrice_Otter
lotesse | Star Wars vid: A long time ago in a galaxy
making movies, making magic: a loveletter to all the wonderful dedicated creative artists who came together to make the original Star Wars trilogy a thing of beauty and joy forever
Vids  star.wars 
april 2016 by Beatrice_Otter
Vid: Here We Come, On The Run! [Star Wars] - Sleep-speaker
Princess Leia, Commander of a rag-tag fleet of rebels airship pirates.
Vids  star.wars  leia.organa 
april 2016 by Beatrice_Otter
you can take the boy out of the desert
“He’s outside,” Han says, biting back a sigh. “Communing with nature.”

Leia frowns. “He’s what?”

“I dunno, maybe it’s a Jedi thing.” Han waves a hand. “I caught him sitting out by that waterfall a couple times, just staring at the river. I didn’t ask.”


Luke destroyed the Death Star and saved the day, and Wedge stood in the crowd and watched him get a medal of commendation and wondered what that must feel like. Luke grinned and bounced on his heels while Wedge gnawed on the inside of his cheek, tasting copper and bile and thinking of dead friends, of the shudder of the laser cannons impacting his engine — the red warning lights that flashed across his cockpit and the screech of his astromech and Luke demanding he get clear.


In which what was meant to be a silly fic about Luke's farmboy water obsession turned into a story about grief, mourning, culture shock and friendship.
star.wars  fic  luke.skywalker  han.solo  wedge.antilles 
february 2016 by Beatrice_Otter
PRojects IN Controlled Environments, version Sith
The overworked project manager on the redesign of the Imperial Lambda-class shuttle gets surprisingly competent feedback from an unknown official on Coruscant. She promptly decides that anyone bored enough to do a technical review of their own free will should be found proper employment for their own good.

Her correspondent has been missing the opportunity to tinker with machinery. It gives him something to do between hunting down rebels.
fic  star.wars  darth.vader  outsider.perspective 
february 2016 by Beatrice_Otter
have you heard
"I heard FN-2187 was a Stormtrooper."
fic  star.wars  finn  sequel.trilogy 
february 2016 by Beatrice_Otter
Stormtrooper Stories
“The secret is not to dream," she whispered. "The secret is to wake up. Waking up is harder. I have woken up and I am real. I know where I come from and I know where I'm going. You cannot fool me any more. Or touch me. Or anything that is mine.”
― Terry Pratchett, The Wee Free Men

Finn inspires Stormtroopers.
star.wars  outsider.perspective  finn 
february 2016 by Beatrice_Otter
no one can stop me, not even gravity or nasa
“Fuck you,” Leia says. “Who said anything about getting married? Did Luke say anything about getting married?”

“Luke is not involved,” Luke says, not looking up.

“Hey, Luke is not involved,” Han says, pointing at her. She’s going to bite his finger off, then they’ll see how much pointing he can do with it. “This is about you and me, princess.”

“There’s not going to be a you and me,” Leia says. “I’m going to have this baby with C-3PO.”

C-3PO says, “Madam,” tremulous.
fic  star.wars  han.solo  leia.organa 
february 2016 by Beatrice_Otter
My Brother
Fandom: Star Wars original trilogy
Song: The Gospel Whiskey Runners – Brothers
Theme: The sibling relationship between Luke & Leia
comment/subscribe/etc. on youtube
star.wars  luke.skywalker  Vids  leia.organa 
january 2016 by Beatrice_Otter
i am young, but i have aged
Let us say you are nine years old, and you are a slave. You are property, and have known this all your life, and even if you don't /like/ it, it remains fact. Your master is not cruel, not really, even if he is grouchy, but he still holds the power of life and death over you, still has say as to where you go and what you do. You are an object, with a pricetag, and this is the natural way of things for you.
star.wars  prequel.trilogy  anakin.skywalker 
november 2015 by Beatrice_Otter
Lonely In Your Company
“We were very close.” Sola says, and Leia smiles her politician's smile in response.

This woman is convinced she and her sister were the best of friends. And she’s telling the secret daughter, from a secret marriage, all about it.

Leia doesn't need the force to know it wasn't true.
star.wars  bechdel.pass  padme.amidala  fic  leia.organa 
november 2015 by Beatrice_Otter
Dooku Captured, Pt 2
Dooku is taken alive onboard the Invisible Hand, and Sidious' web is torn. The Sith Lord wonders if death might have been preferable to clumsy interrogation by Anakin Skywalker.
fic  au  star.wars  count.dooku  anakin.skywalker  obi-wan.kenobi 
november 2015 by Beatrice_Otter
Leia wavers. “I’m not like you, Luke.”

Luke’s face turns puzzled, bemused. Leia hurries to continue before he can stop her. “I don’t have a great destiny. I haven’t been to any swamps seeking old mentors, I don’t have Kenobi looking over my shoulder to make sure I do the right thing.”

“You’re my sister,” Luke says, and she doesn’t know how to make him understand.

OR: The one where Leia becomes a Jedi.
star.wars  au  luke.skywalker  leia.organa 
october 2015 by Beatrice_Otter
A New Stratagem
In the aftermath of defeat, Gilad Pellaeon finds new instructions to guide his course for preserving the Empire.
star.wars  fic  au  gilad.pellaeon  thrawn 
july 2015 by Beatrice_Otter
When Qui-Gon Jinn survives his padawan on Naboo, his path only seems to lead to further and further into darkness. Now, an unexpected light may show him the way out he's been searching for, but will it work? And if he fails, will the Republic fall with him?
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may 2015 by Beatrice_Otter
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