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Opacity of Paradise
"'True enough', my dear doctor, is my favorite kind of lie."
fic  au  star.trek  garak  julian.bashir  slash  marriage.of.convenience 
october 2018 by Beatrice_Otter
Stubborn Mouths: Humans In Translation
If you’re sending yourself out to the edge of civilization, people expect it to be done for fame and glory – but then, Julian Bashir has never been what’s expected of him. He’s quite happy to agree with the reasons other people provide, because he isn’t sharing the private whys and wherefores when people are more than happy to fill in the gaps themselves. There are other, better things to worry about, work to be done and friends to be made – possibly even a lover, if he’s lucky…

...all while fighting to maintain his worth, and remain exactly who he’s always been.
fic  star.trek  julian.bashir  garak  autism.spectrum  au  slash 
april 2015 by Beatrice_Otter
When Ezri's symbiont goes into a reproductive phase, it brings some wider issues to the surface in regard to her relationship with Julian.
julian.bashir  ezri.dax  star.trek  fic 
october 2011 by Beatrice_Otter
Snapshots from Julian Bashir's life, from three to thirty-two.
fic  star.trek  julian.bashir 
february 2010 by Beatrice_Otter

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