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A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Depa stumbled free of the maze, back into the atrium for the Lothal Temple. There was just one problem. The man kneeling between the desiccated bodies of the ancient Jedi was not her master.
fic  star.wars  prequel.trilogy  depa.billaba  kanan  shortfic 
6 weeks ago by beatrice_otter
Force of Many Sights
Paved with good intentions or not, the road back from Hell is a difficult, slippery slope for those who choose to walk it as Anakin has. Now he has to face the consequences of his choices, avoid suspicion of everyone from the Jedi Council to Palpatine and try to prevent the future from turning out as badly Before all while somehow finding a way to balance the Force... again!
fic  au  fix-it  anakin.skywalker  darth.vader  prequel.trilogy  yoda  longfic 
7 weeks ago by beatrice_otter
The Empire Job
The Leverage team is hired to take down the Emperor, and Vader seems like the perfect way to do so. In the process, they end up uncovering multiple secrets.
fic  au  crossover  star.wars  leverage  darth.vader  leia.organa 
7 weeks ago by beatrice_otter
Things You Missed in History Class
Having traveled back in time, Rey and Finn have decided to set right what once went wrong. Too bad they have no idea what actually once went wrong.
fic  star.wars  sequel.trilogy  fix-it  finn  rey  humor  shortfic 
8 weeks ago by beatrice_otter
Knight Amidala
Padmé—Obi-Wan's friend, Anakin's love—lies dying. There is no good reason why.

"The twins," he whispers desperately, pushing his Force sense out, hoping she will hear. "They need you."

As he throws his power out, Obi-Wan realizes, with horror, that he and Padmé are not alone in the room. A sickly, choking presence twines around Padmé's very life-force, choking it out. No, not choking—pulling it away.

"No!" Obi-Wan snarls, and then he pulls back.

Anakin Skywalker dies, and Padmé Amidala wakes up, with all his power.
fic  au  fix-it  padme.amidala  obi-wan.kenobi  yoda  star.wars  prequel.trilogy 
december 2019 by beatrice_otter
The Past Remains
The war drags on leaving trauma and destruction in its wake. After a bereaved Master is accused of harming his padawan, Obi-Wan is sent to talk to her, dredging up memories of his own past.
star.wars  prequel.trilogy  obi-wan.kenobi  anakin.skywalker  fic 
november 2019 by beatrice_otter
New Lands for the Living
The war is over, and nobody won. With the galaxy on the verge of destruction, Poe Dameron hatches a desperate plan—go back in time.

But Poe's plan quickly goes awry, and he finds himself on the run from local authorities. The only plan to keep him safe is…extreme, to say the least.
fic  fix-it  star.wars  au  sequel.trilogy  poe.dameron  luke.skywalker  longfic 
august 2019 by beatrice_otter
you're not the only one
She is a gift to Lord Vader from the Emperor. Her name is Padme Skywalker.
fic  au  gen  kid.fic  star.wars  darth.vader 
april 2019 by beatrice_otter
Balance Point
Ahsoka wakes up trapped beneath the rubble of the Sith temple on Malachor with the man currently known as Darth Vader. He’s a Sith lord who has done some truly awful things, but she’s certain that some part of him is still Anakin Skywalker, and she’s going to convince him of that. No matter how many times he tries to kill her for it. (AU from the end of Twilight of the Apprentice.)
fic  au  star.wars  prequel.trilogy  darth.vader  ahsoka.tano  longfic 
february 2019 by beatrice_otter
The Road Is Made By Walking
Eventually, it occurred to Obi-Wan that figuring out Luke's motives might be some sort of test. Simply understanding that it was a test would mean accepting that Luke was a teacher.

But, when Obi-Wan addressed Luke as 'Master Luke,' Luke simply shook his head and said, "I'm not a Jedi, and I don't own you."
fic  star.wars  sequel.trilogy  luke.skywalker  obi-wan.kenobi 
february 2019 by beatrice_otter
scarred by the suns and the sand
Forget the boy; the boy is gone, replaced by a young man dressed in rags and scars, haunted eyes. Free all the slaves? That was a child’s impossible dream, gone with innocence; the man’s dream can only compass freedom for one - and she doesn’t smile like that any more, either.
fic  au  star.wars  prequel.trilogy  anakin.skywalker  qui-gon.jinn 
june 2018 by beatrice_otter
bironic | New vid! "The Greatest," multifandom SF/F/H characters of color extravaganza
a multi-fandom vid set to Sia's "The Greatest" reveling in the bad-ass wonderfulness of characters of color in SF/F/horror TV and movies of the last 3-5 years.
Vids  multifandom  agents.of.shield  Gotham  sleepy.hollow  x-men 
june 2018 by beatrice_otter
Lando's first impression of Luke Skywalker wasn't very positive. Dumb kid who stumbled into the Empire's crosshairs somehow and then wandered into an incredibly obvious trap and needed to be rescued by the very friends he was supposed to be rescuing.
fic  my.fic  star.wars  luke.skywalker  lando.calrissian  shortfic 
april 2018 by beatrice_otter
the road that sets into the sun
“Fest is still in the Imperial Remnant."

“Yeah, it is,” Jyn says, “though I’m thinking about a thousand planets, not one.”

Lie. It’s going to break what’s left of his heart: the truth worrying at her tired bones.

Jyn Erso & Cassian Andor, in the Legends-verse - built for rebellion, staring down politics & peacetime.
fic  star.wars  jyn.erso  cassian.andor  au 
march 2018 by beatrice_otter
Occupational Safety
"Like they’re going to make sure no one ever falls down the thermal exhaust shaft."
fic  gen  star.wars  sequel.trilogy  poe.dameron  finn 
february 2018 by beatrice_otter
The Bearer of Good Food
The last thing the Resistance thought they were getting in Finn was a decent chef, but Finn’s been cooking for his squad since he was small. He doesn’t mind cooking for his new friends — especially since Resistance cuisine is pretty damn awful. There's also the fact that Finn never really had a place to fit in when he was a Stormtrooper, and his journey to finding a place to fit with the Resistance.

Or alternatively — five times Finn cooked for other people, and one time other people cooked for him.
fic  star.wars  sequel.trilogy  finn 
january 2018 by beatrice_otter
it’s cheap and it’s ethical…well, it’s...
a star wars vid about technology and empire
the grand experiment // doomtree
Vids  star.wars  leia.organa 
december 2017 by beatrice_otter
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