Kent Parson deserves nice things
Kent has a pretty good life. It’s been a couple years since the Aces last won a cup, but he’s still at the height of his career. He has an apartment with a stunning view over Vegas, a best friend who’s always dragging him to basketball games, a cat to cuddle with, and more money than he could ever spend.

Everything is fine.

So it won’t be a problem at all if he strikes up a friendship with that guy he meets at the All-Star party.


Tomas enjoyed the years he spent in Minnesota, but he’s ready for a new life in a different city. It means he’ll be even further from his friends and family in Quebec, and he’s not sure he’s going to adapt well to the desert. But he’ll have his new job to distract him, and he’s never minded the challenge of developing a new circle of friends and acquaintances.

He doesn’t expect Kent Parson to be part of that.
fic  check!please  future.fic  slash  kent.parson 
2 days ago
primped and polished till you glow with pride
Fa Zhou gets offered an advisory position in the Imperial City instead of riding to war and Fa Mulan finds her second attempt at Matchmaking goes better than the first.
fic  au  Disney  mulan 
7 days ago
Collective Judgments
Dick Grayson has never been ashamed of his heritage, despite the comments he's used to receiving.

Luckily for him, the members of his family are disinclined to put up with racist bullshit.
fic  batman  DC  dick.grayson  damian.wayne  racism 
10 days ago
He thinks about the times he’s heard his dad, his aunts and uncles, cousins, sports casters on the news joking about the hockey gods, wonders if they’re real. Maybe they are. Maybe if he works hard enough, gives them enough sweat and blood and time…
fic  future.fic  hockey  slash 
12 days ago
one shot, two shots in the night
The New York Times ✓ @nytimes · 4h
“A Shot in the Dark” remains on our bestseller list for the fourth week in a row! Read our review of @brucewayne’s tell-all memoir here:
fic  batman  outsider.perspective  bruce.wayne 
13 days ago
Soul of the Beast
Despite all the studies of soulmarks over the centuries, there are only a few hard-and-fast rules:

Most people are born with a soulmark, or it appears when their soulmate is born. Fewer appear later in life, but it isn't unusual. Multiple soulmarks are less common, but still not strange.

Bruce had Betty's words circling his left wrist. Bruce's were over Betty's heart. They were faded, but not the silvery scars of death, just time and distance, slowly drawing them apart.

The Hulk did not have a soulmark, and no one really expected him to; after all, Bruce was the one with the marks.

Until one day he did. And Bruce didn't.
fic  marvel  the.hulk  avengers  bruce.banner 
17 days ago
New Lands for the Living
The war is over, and nobody won. With the galaxy on the verge of destruction, Poe Dameron hatches a desperate plan—go back in time.

But Poe's plan quickly goes awry, and he finds himself on the run from local authorities. The only plan to keep him safe is…extreme, to say the least.
fic  fix-it  star.wars  au  sequel.trilogy  poe.dameron  luke.skywalker 
4 weeks ago
The World Turned Upside Down
Years into the future, magic has been revealed to the world, and Peter has the responsibility of testifying at the public inquiry to explain the inner workings of the Folly. He's dealing...about as well as can be expected.
fic  peter.grant  beverly.brook  thomas.nightingale  future.fic  au 
5 weeks ago
You Just Had To Make It Weird
Steve and Sam are in the middle of nowhere, the absolute opposite of civilisation, just following a lead on Hydra and checking in to a cheap hotel and finding an awesome diner with great food and even better looking pie.

Then Bucky Barnes turns up and ruins everything.
fic  marvel  captain.america  post.winter.soldier  au  sam.wilson  bucky.barnes  phil.coulson  humor 
9 weeks ago
Love and Honor
Aravis initiates a reconciliation with her father, Kidrash Tarkaan. He visits Narnia and Archenland.
fic  Narnia  aravis 
9 weeks ago
you've got pressure dripping off your shoulders (let me be the one to relieve it)
Everyone is looking for love. Even for the ones lucky enough to get their Names and meet that person, love can take years. Sam Wilson got his Name and then came the devastating revelation that fate wasn’t going to be as kind to him as it might have been. What happens when you spend your life wanting something that you can’t have? This is the tale of Sam’s 28 year journey towards his happy ending and the realization that sometimes love has been waiting for you a lot longer then you think.

"Sam talks a lot of shit about being chained to a dead guy but the reality is that he wants Bucky with every fiber of his being. He’d really rather yank out his teeth than admit that, but it’s the truth. Sam doesn’t get to meet his soulmate and he doesn’t get to love him or touch him or anything.

His heart is bleeding from losing Riley, and he’s already lost Bucky (I never had him, his heart rages). He feels so alone in the world. Who else can say that their soulmate died about thirty years before they were born? Who else can say that they’re ‘mated to a dead person the way Sam can? Maybe there’s someone out there but Sam isn’t looking for them."
fic  au  marvel  post.winter.soldier  sam.wilson  natasha.romanov  bucky.barnes 
10 weeks ago
Regulus Black and the Way Things Changed: A Not!Fic
What if Regulus Black, and not Severus Snape, ended up being the turncoat Potions Master of Hogwarts?

A not!fic written in bullet points, ignoring the Deathly Hallows entirely because they annoy me.
fic  au  harry.potter 
12 weeks ago
And What Happened After
“My dear Mr. Baggins, you cannot possibly imagine I have brought you across the boundaries of the sundered world, bending every law of gods and men, over land and over sea and through the fathomless heights, for your health? Well, I did, of course I did, and I’d do it again. But it was not for your own good only that I brought you here. I have been on this world a very long time, Mr. Baggins, and if there is one thing that I have learned about the Wise and the Great, it’s that they benefit from the company of hobbits, and it’s the wisest and greatest who have most need of them.”
fic  future.fic  fix-it  lord.of.the.rings  frodo.baggins  bilbo.baggins  gandalf  silmarillion 
12 weeks ago
Merrier the More
Even though he's seen the news feed and been debriefed by a singed but aggressively unflappable SHIELD agent, Rhodey's pretty sure the sound he makes when he comes face to face with The Hulk's massive head and stern glare is embarrassingly close to a squeak.

Rhodey helps put New York City back together and meets some of Tony's new friends.

(Rhodey POV that takes place immediately after The Avengers.)
fic  slash  marvel  avengers  tony.stark  james.rhodes 
june 2019
the other side of infinity
On the other side of the moment, those turned to dust may no longer be 'alive', but they're damn well not helpless.

This is the story of how they saved themselves.
fic  marvel  au  post.civil.war  maria.hill  bechdel.pass  nick.fury  fix-it 
may 2019
when i die i’ll sacrifice (more than enough for the afterlife)
The fall is longer than Natasha expects.

It’s tears cold on her face, teeth bitten all the way through her lip and the taste of copper in her mouth; she’s falling and falling and then, bracing for impact—she wakes up.
fic  marvel  avengers  post.endgame  au  fix-it  natasha.romanov  yelena.belova  maria.hill  femslash  bechdel.pass 
may 2019
Beside the Seaside
The Thames Barrier was not designed for sea serpents.
fic  peter.grant  thomas.nightingale 
may 2019
trust fall
It could have been worse. Tony might have decided he’d do this on his own.
fic  marvel  tony.stark  james.rhodes 
may 2019
A Road Bright and Swift
Gimli, freshly-wakened, was lying with his head propped on one hand, his blanket at his waist. And he said, his voice morning-hoarse, "If my memory doesn't fail me, we'll be reaching the River Limlight soon. I'd dearly love a wash."

Legolas's heart seized and tightened. The Limlight was in the very north of the forest, and once across it, they would emerge from their easy wandering, cracking out of the chrysalis to the pain of the open air. No more Fangorn, no more careless peace, no more Gimli at dawn stretching his muscles limber and grumbling about the wear of a bootsole.

And all the future losses lined themselves up.
fic  lord.of.the.rings  gimli  legolas  slash 
may 2019
Hot Cat on a Tin Roof
Tim misjudges the timing of his cycle. Jason finds him on a roof. Like you do.
fic  au  DC  batman  tim.drake  jason.todd 
may 2019
If Your Dreams Do Not Scare You
Donna joins the Bartlet campaign, and meets a woman who helps change her life.
fic  pre-canon  west.wing  donnatella.moss  c.j.cregg 
may 2019
Makeshift League
It's good for them. That doesn't mean they are good at it.
fic  DC  batman  superman  lois.lane  clark.kent  bruce.wayne 
may 2019
The Spirit's Tender Steel
Tashbaan was noisy in a way that no part of Narnia was. It rang with human voices and human tools. The air in the harbor smelled of sewage rather than of the kelp and dead fish that Susan expected. Susan had known, of course, how very many people lived in Calormen's capitol, but it had been an abstract number, one she hadn't been able to visualize except as 'bigger than Anvard.'

This was her having touched a few grains of sand in preparation for suddenly encountering a beach. Words couldn't convey the sensory experience to anyone who hadn't had it before; they only echoed what listeners and readers already knew.
fic  Narnia  susan.pevensie  edmund.pevensie 
may 2019
"I shall endeavor to impress you," T'Pol says. "Even after all these years, I believe I am still capable."
fic  het  star.trek  enterprise  au  trip.tucker  t'pol 
may 2019
A Very Specific Skill Set
Natasha doesn't fall in slow motion. Her life doesn't flash before her eyes. There's no time for it, really. The distance between the frantic clasp of Clint's hand and the finality of the ground is nothing at all. It's measured in a heartbeat, in the intake of one last breath, and the thought: this is going to hurt.
fic  gen  avengers  marvel  post.endgame  natasha.romanov  fix-it 
may 2019
A Cook's Tale
While Captain Laurence was imprisoned for a crime which should not have been, Gong Su finds himself temporarily unemployed. His new position proves to be unexpectedly diplomatic.
fic  temeraire 
may 2019
Sitting here with wet skin and Superman’s symbol sticking uncomfortably to his chest and Black Canary’s costume being no distraction at all, Superboy does not feel like something that can be helped.
DC  superman  young.justice  kon-el  miss.martian  angst 
may 2019
"The boy is clearly ill, and while she’s almost certain that he is, impossibly, Jason Todd, almost is not good enough. She can’t drop heartbreak on her beloved’s doorstep, and she can’t run the necessary tests when Damian is vulnerable to her father’s wrath. There’s no way around it. He’ll have to come home with her."

Unexpectedly in charge of a second son, Talia struggles to raise her children without unwanted attention from the Demon's Head.
fic  au  batman  jason.todd  damian.wayne 
may 2019
Born in the Blood
HYDRA went back to the beginning with this project.
fic  marvel  au  sam.wilson  bucky.barnes  kid.fic  slash 
may 2019
you're not the only one
She is a gift to Lord Vader from the Emperor. Her name is Padme Skywalker.
fic  au  gen  kid.fic  star.wars  darth.vader 
april 2019
Remove the DRM From Amazon Kindle Books |
But DRM isn't going away, so...
To Remove the DRM from a Kindle E-Book:
drm  ebook 
april 2019
“Your son’s grave. It’s been disturbed.”
In which people actually notice when Jason breaks out of his grave, and Bruce finds him before Talia does.
fic  au  batman  DC  jason.todd  dick.grayson  tim.drake  bruce.wayne 
april 2019
Robins and Other Flightless Birds
It begins with another Bruce, looking around his cave and asking, “So where are the kids?”

Bruce has never thought about having a family before. But once the idea occurs to him, it's hard to think about anything else.
fic  au  DC  batman  bruce.wayne  tim.drake  dick.grayson  jason.todd  damian.wayne  cassandra.cain 
april 2019
Rest My Secrets
Geno’s been running away for years, from the scandal in Magnitogorsk, from any chance of getting his heart broken again. He’s working as a bouncer in Pittsburgh when he meets Sidney Crosby—hockey phenom, single dad, looking for someone to handle personal security for his little girl.
fic  hockey  slash  au  sidney.crosby  evgeni.malkin 
march 2019
Trapped by an alien collector, Lieutenant Commander Data discovers an early 21st century android excavated from the ruins of Sunnydale and a capsule containing the frozen body of one of the Eugenic wars most notorious figures...Buffy Summers.
fic  crossover  buffy.the.vampire.slayer  tng  buffy.summers  data 
march 2019
How is Wayne Industries structured?
In your mind, how is Wayne Industries structured?

wow this took like six months and ended up a lot longer than i intended and i’m not even sure if i answered the question you were asking1

i am ignoring literally everything from canon because canon says that every single company owned by wayne enterprises is called Wayne Insert-Industry-Name-Here and that’s dumb as all hell and i hate it. also i made the company founding contemporary with famous olde rich people like the rockefellers and whatnot because Old Money. i’ll put dates on some of these but on some of them (like when we’re getting real granular) i just cannot be fucked to bother. let’s also agree that there are a bunch of things that are technically subsidiaries but which are actually the exact same goddamn thing just slightly altered because it’s in a different state or something, which i don’t need to list.
meta  DC  batman  bruce.wayne 
march 2019
staranise | (no subject)
I'm struggling to put words around an idea I'm working on in practice. It's about how, if you were raised being able to express an emotion or need, you have really concrete ways to talk about and handle it. Like, if you're okay being mad, you know how to hunch your shoulders and make little huffy breaths and rant about something inconsequential and make jokey hyperbole about wanting to launch it into the sun. And that makes it easy for other people to know how you feel and know how to interact with that, whether that's contributing to the discussion about how the inconsequential thing is stupid, or giving you sympathetic pats, or whatever.

It's about breaking your emotion down from this CATASTROPHICALLY HUGE THING inside you, into a bite-sized thing that other people can approach, and understand, and deal with.
meta  psychology  sociology 
march 2019
beyond the scope of warranty
In which there's a birthday coming up and Murderbot has problems.
fic  murderbot.diaries  murderbot  mensah 
march 2019
Binary Sounds Like Morse Code
Time occurs all at once, and Cameron knows the humans don't understand that.
fic  terminator  cameron  john.connor 
march 2019
all our plans are useless indeed
Thomas’s back and knees creak alarmingly when he gets out of bed these days. He’s still an early riser, up with the birds, but it’s getting more and more tempting to stay in bed where it’s warm and comfortable, to perhaps hint to Molly that she could bring him breakfast on a tray and he could rise afterwards, perhaps even start work at a later hour.

He doesn’t. He is the last wizard of London and he doesn’t know what will happen when he dies.

(Thomas Nightingale, 1900-, wizard.)
fic  pre-canon  thomas.nightingale 
march 2019
and i hold the world in my embrace
hernando: why am i waking up to a wall of texts about sailor moon

amanita: because rajan and mun have good taste that's why
fic  sense8  teamfic 
march 2019
Where the Need is Greatest
In which Steve Rogers takes one look at the history of American military interventions since the end of World War II and nopes straight out of it, follows in his Ma's footsteps to become a paramedic, joins Doctors Without Borders, gets sent on an unsanctioned humanitarian mission to Syria, and somehow still ends up being a determining factor in Hydra's downfall - all of this without throwing a single punch.

Somehow, he's okay with it.
fic  au  marvel  captain.america  bucky.barnes  nick.fury  natasha.romanov 
march 2019
ain't really quaint
Natasha stops by on a Tuesday, early enough in the morning that it would have been late by Steve’s old standards. Now, though, it takes him nearly three minutes just to limp to the door, yawning, and when he opens it he has to lean heavily on the doorframe.

“Hi,” Natasha says, over the beginnings of birdsong. She’s not alone. “Can we come in?”
fic  marvel  au  captain.america  post.winter.soldier  bucky.barnes 
march 2019
Scents and Sensibility: The Working Assassin's Guide to Supersoldier Seduction
Captain America wakes up from the ice in 2013. The Winter Soldier wakes up in 2009, or rather defects from HYDRA, for a value of defect that’s closer to decimate. He ends up working for SHIELD. In April 2014, he’s assigned to Captain America’s mission as a sniper.

Steve’s just trying to get some kind of life together. Bucky is too, or at least he was until tall, blond and Captain shows up and starts just - being there, all the time. It’s terrible. It’s the worst. He has to do something about it.
fic  au  marvel  captain.america  bucky.barnes 
march 2019
Best served cold
It begins with a batarang and ends with a bullet.

And Jason finally wins.
fic  au  DC  batman  jason.todd 
february 2019
Periwinkle, Daffodil
Being a (highly subjective) list of the best blue and yellow backed novels of the year. Comments of both enthusiastic approval and vehement disagreement may be sent to 742 Copper Street, Cetho’s Fifth District.
fic  academic  goblin.emperor 
february 2019
Your Basis for Comparison
Even Tim has to admit that the pint-sized kid comes in handy sometimes …
fic  DC  batman  damian.wayne  tim.drake  humor 
february 2019
“Holy shit,” Howard says, crackling through the speakers. “You alive in there?” Lying is a sin, of course, but Steve’s not sure what else he can do. He’s already lied to the government and Bucky and God Almighty; and himself, himself most of all. He ought to tell the truth. That he’s not quite what they hoped for. That perhaps they should put him back into the ocean.

“Probably,” he says, instead, listening to Howard’s tinny laughter; and waits for the blast doors to unlock.
fic  marvel  au  captain.america  peggy.carter  bucky.barnes  howard.stark 
february 2019
Balance Point
Ahsoka wakes up trapped beneath the rubble of the Sith temple on Malachor with the man currently known as Darth Vader. He’s a Sith lord who has done some truly awful things, but she’s certain that some part of him is still Anakin Skywalker, and she’s going to convince him of that. No matter how many times he tries to kill her for it. (AU from the end of Twilight of the Apprentice.)
fic  au  star.wars  prequel.trilogy  darth.vader  ahsoka.tano 
february 2019
girls like girls (nothing new)
Cassandra returns from Hong Kong. Batman isn't worried, but Bruce Wayne, World's Most Okayest Dad, is.
batman  fic  DC  cassandra.cain  bruce.wayne  stephanie.brown  femslash 
february 2019
Beyond the Walls
Post-midseason finale, one year later. An amnesiac Henry returns to his grandparents' castle in the Enchanted Forest, where he quickly grows fascinated with the mysterious sorceress who's training his mother in magic– and who's the one person in the castle he's forbidden to ever meet.
fic  au  once.upon.a.time  henry.mills  regina/evil.queen  emma.swan  femslash 
february 2019
heart like a blade
If Joan had to summarize her observations of Cookie to Sherlock – and, who is she kidding, he's celebrity-obsessed and will probably wring it out of her one day – she'd say that she's a woman who strikes out first with her weaknesses and hides her strengths until they're needed. It's nearly enough to knock Joan off balance.
fic  elementary  joan.watson  femslash 
february 2019
The Road Is Made By Walking
Eventually, it occurred to Obi-Wan that figuring out Luke's motives might be some sort of test. Simply understanding that it was a test would mean accepting that Luke was a teacher.

But, when Obi-Wan addressed Luke as 'Master Luke,' Luke simply shook his head and said, "I'm not a Jedi, and I don't own you."
fic  star.wars  sequel.trilogy  luke.skywalker  obi-wan.kenobi 
february 2019
A Better World
Alynna Nechayev does not give up easily, in any timeline.
fic  star.trek  tng  au 
february 2019
Tour Guide
Ivan offers to show Galeni around Vorbarr Sultana, but is accidentally double-booked for the morning.
fic  vorkosiverse  duv.galeni  ivan.vorpatril  aral.vorkosigan 
january 2019
Growing Pains
Henry Mills grows up in Storybrooke. He's the only one.
fic  pre-canon  once.upon.a.time  kid.fic  henry.mills 
january 2019
The Times Regrets the Error
Corrections to the record, from someone who feels very strongly about accuracy and thoroughness in historical research.
fic  marvel  captain.america  post.winter.soldier  bucky.barnes 
december 2018
Collected Bones of All Kinds
There was a reason that he ran, but he doesn’t remember anymore. He was on his way to the extraction - waiting for night to fall so that he could travel inconspicuously - crouched in a hollow on the roof of an old brick building - a warehouse, maybe - and the fading light - the light caught - on a blond head down below on the street. Laughter, and a cadence to the man’s speech that sounded familiar, misplaced R’s and blurry Th’s, quarter, water, this, that, the other one.
fic  au  marvel  captain.america  post.winter.soldier  bucky.barnes  sam.wilson 
december 2018
fight like girls for our place at the table
“Am I on Cap watch because of who my aunt is?” Sharon asks Fury point-blank the second she sits in his office.

“That’s part of the reason, yeah,” Fury says. Sharon narrows her eyes at him, and opens her mouth to object. “But not all of the reason. This isn’t a demotion.”

“It sure feels like a demotion. You’re taking me out of the field and out of intel analysis to babysit Captain America.”

How Sharon Carter gets her groove back, fucks up some Nazis, and gets the girl, with unasked for assists from a super soldier couple.
fic  marvel  captain.america  femslash  sharon.carter  natasha.romanov  bucky.barnes  post.winter.soldier 
november 2018
A Place I May Go Both In and Out Of
Lewis thought it was amazing, in retrospect, that no one had ever shot Hathaway before.
fic  lewis  future.fic 
november 2018
It's a Neighborly Day in This Beautywood
The Old One, The Sleeping Beast, Seeker of Blood and Devourer of Souls, Haunting Abomination of the Darkened Woods, woke to find his sacred grounds were no longer there.

The new ways are more than a bit confusing, but there's no reason an ancient god can't adapt with the times.
fic  antler.guy 
november 2018
“So,” Jim said, “are you one of Wayne’s new kids?” Because only siblings acted that way toward each other, and it seemed like every time Gotham turned around, Bruce Wayne was adopting more kids. It was a reasonable question.

“What?” Jay asked. “No, I’m—” He paused. Very slowly, his head tilted as he looked over Jim’s shoulder in the most obvious way he possibly could.

Jim Gordon accidentally meets the "newest" member of the Wayne family.
fic  DC  batman  jim.gordon  jason.todd  tim.drake  humor 
october 2018
Citation Flirtation
Shuri's paper is refuted in a subclause of a footnote. This means war. (And somehow eventually takeout and fully-funded projects and kissing.)
fic  marvel  black.panther  shuri  femslash 
october 2018
Opacity of Paradise
"'True enough', my dear doctor, is my favorite kind of lie."
fic  au  star.trek  garak  julian.bashir  slash  marriage.of.convenience 
october 2018
the dogfather
“I’m not a reverse werewolf either,” says the man. “I’m your godfather.”
fic  au  racebending  harry.potter 
october 2018
The England Suffrage Association
It is very nice to have dragons on Parliament, but Perscitia has a few concerns.
fic  future.fic  temeraire  perscitia  iskierka  arthur.wellesley 
october 2018
Antler Guy Saga
Its hard, living in suburbia. Its harder when your neighbor is an eldritch abomination.

This is the original raw text of my Tumblr posts about Antler Guy and Neighbor Steve. Enjoy.
fic  antler.guy 
october 2018
Laid Bare
Deanna Troi unravels a psychological mystery.
fic  star.trek  deanna.troi  tng 
october 2018
When She's Ten Feet Tall
It's not the weirdest situation Martha has been in. Taking stock, it might rank in the top ten. Possibly top five, when she considers the damn cat. And the medicines that change her size. And the rabbit. And the dodo, which she'd like to examine before she gets out of here. All right, call it top three.
fic  doctor.who  martha.jones  the.master 
october 2018
don't know what a slide rule is for
Holtzmann offered casually, “You know, I could build you some new bookshelves if you wanted. For your place.”

Patty frowned. “I’m not some kind of fixer upper project.”

“No no, I… I was interested in branching out. Practicing some literal physics.” Holtzmann winked. “Help you feather your nest, so to speak."

“Well, okay.” Patty was dubious, but what was the worst that could happen?
fic  ghostbusters  patty.tolan  jillian.holtzman  femslash 
september 2018
The mysterious magic of the perfect catch
Later in life, someone will bother to write her biography and they would say that her truer love had always been baseball.

They will almost be right.
fic  het  pitch 
september 2018
What Lies Beneath
After the Strangers are defeated, John still can't find peace. His search for answers leads him to find something very unexpected.
september 2018
A Hand from the Shadows
The Raven King's spell is not yet done and while Strange and Norrell have to find their way back home, Arabella Strange and John Childermass have different problems to deal with.
fic  jonathan.strange.&.mr.norrell 
september 2018
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academic age.of.sail amanda.grayson amy.pond anakin.skywalker angel.the.series angst aos aral.vorkosigan au autism.spectrum avengers babylon.5 barbara.gordon batman batman.beyond battlestar.galactica bechdel.pass bill.adama bruce.banner bruce.wayne bucky.barnes buffy.summers buffy.the.vampire.slayer buffy/giles cameron cameron.mitchell captain.america case.fic chalion charles.xavier check!please christopher.pike clark.kent clint.barton crack criminal.minds crossover cylon damian.wayne daniel.jackson darth.vader dawn.summers dc delenn derek.hale derek.reese dick.grayson discworld doctor.who donna.noble draco.malfoy ebook elizabeth.bennet emma.swan enterprise epistolary erik.lensherr faith.lehane fandom fanon/meta felix.gaeta feminism femslash fic fic.archive finn firefly five.things fix-it future.fic g'kar gaila gen genderbender harry.potter hermione.granger het history hockey hp humor jack.harkness jack.o'neill jack/sam james.rhodes james.t.kirk jane.austen jason.todd jason.white john.connor john.sheppard john.watson kara.thrace kid.fic kira.nerys kon-el laura.roslin leia.organa leonard.mccoy lex.luthor lois.lane londo.mollari lord.of.the.rings luke.skywalker maria.hill marriage.of.convenience martha.jones marvel meta miles.vorkosigan missing.scene multifandom my.fic narnia natasha.romanov ncis nyota.uhura obi-wan.kenobi once.upon.a.time outsider.perspective padme.amidala peggy.carter pepper.potts phil.coulson poe.dameron politics post.winter.soldier pre-canon prequel.trilogy pride&prejudice privilege qui-gon.jinn racism radek.zelenka rape.culture raven/mystique remix richard.white rodney.mckay ronon.dex rory.williams rose.tyler rupert.giles sam.carter sam.wilson sarah.connor sarek seasons9-10 sequel.trilogy severus.snape sha're sherlock.2010 sherlock.holmes six slash smallville spencer.reid spike spock spock/uhura star.trek star.wars stargate.atlantis stargate.sg1 stiles.stilinski superman supernatural susan.pevensie t'pol teal'c teamfic teen.wolf temeraire terminator terry.mcginnis teyla.emmagan thor tim.drake tng tony.stark torchwood trip.tucker vids vorkosiverse voyager watchmen west.wing wonder.woman writing x-men xander.harris

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