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Freedom Hangs Like Heaven
Will is an omega rendered undesirable by his vivid nightmares, sleepwalking, and hysteria. He's certain he's going to die a miserable spinster.

Then he meets the handsome, successful Doctor Hannibal Lecter, who is instantly smitten and sweeps Will away. At first ecstatic, Will's visions slowly grow darker and focus on the serial killer known as the Chesapeake Ripper, as cracks begin to appear in his "perfect" mate.
Author:rainbowdracula  Hannibal  Slash  fanfic  Hannibal/Will  Romance  Smut  Dark  Relationship:FirstTime  Relationship:Established  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Alpha!Hannibal  Omega!Will  AgeDifference  Top!Hannibal  Bottom!Will  MatingCycles/InHeat  Mpreg  AlternateUniverse  Manipulation  DubiousConsent  Violence  Murder  Family  Hallucinations  Possessive  Length:20.000-50.000  MultiChapter 
7 weeks ago by Ambrosine8
Petals of a Lenten Rose
While investigating a string of murders by a killer that might be targeting omegas, Will experiences a disturbing hallucination. Then he learns something about his past that turns his world upside down, changing his relationship with his psychiatrist, alpha Dr. Hannibal Lecter.
Author:Prose_By_Rose  Hannibal  Slash  fanfic  Hannibal/Will  Smut  Angst  Relationship:FirstTime  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Omega!Will  Alpha!Hannibal  Bottom!Will  Top!Hannibal  Knotting  MatingCycles/InHeat  SelfLubrication  Mpreg  CaseFic  Violence  Hallucinations  Length:1000-5000  OneShot 
may 2019 by Ambrosine8
A Victorian A/B/O romance in which Hannibal Lecter is the future Duke of Westvale who has been away at war for the past ten years. His Grandfather has made good on a contract made shortly after Hannibal's birth to procure him a wife. It was supposed to be easy. Naturally, with the Omega, Will, given in the place of his twin sister, it is anything but, because if there is one thing Hannibal Lecter despises, it's Omegas.
Author:purefoysgirl  Hannibal  Hannibal/Will  Length:200.000+  Slash  fanfic  Romance  Smut  Angst  Drama  Mystery  Hurt/Comfort  Suspense  Relationship:Developing  ArrangedMarriage  AlternateUniverse-Regency  SlowBuild  SlowBurn  Abuse  PastInfidelity  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Alpha!Hannibal  Omega!Will  Top!Hannibal  Bottom!Will  OralSex  Knotting  Intersex  Murder  Family  Mpreg  Biting  Marking  Scenting  Bonding  MultiChapter 
may 2019 by Ambrosine8
The Mess That We Made
Jared is just trying to get enough money for college to prove he's not just his biology. He doesn't expect to meet the city's most powerful Alpha crime lord.
Author:tebtosca  Supernatural  Jensen/Jared  Length:1000-5000  Slash  fanfic  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  Alpha/Beta/Omega  AlternateUniverse-Mob  AlternateUniverse-Prostitution  Knotting  SelfLubrication  MatingCycles/InHeat  Omega!Jared  Bottom!Jared  Alpha!Jensen  Top!Jensen  Rimming  Mpreg  OneShot 
april 2018 by Ambrosine8
Entwined Branches
In a world where the government keeps a close eye on alphas, betas and omegas -- to the point of making certain everyone with these traits is mated by the time they turn eighteen -- it's no wonder the condition has become rather rare. It is, however, essentially unheard of to be unmated at thirty-three, but Jensen Ackles is an alpha who's good at staying under the radar. That is, until he's not and he's matched -- by bureaucratic decree -- to 18-year-old omega, Jared Padalecki. This is the story of how the two of them find far more than they ever thought they could.
Author:strive2bhappy  Supernatural  Slash  fanfic  Jensen/Jared  Smut  Fluff  Angst  Hurt/Comfort  Relationship:Developing  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Knotting  SelfLubrication  Mpreg  ArrangedMarriage  Insecurity  Possessive  Jealousy  Mating  MatingCycles/InHeat  Length:50.000-100.000  OneShot  Romance  Omega!Jared  Alpha!Jensen  Bottom!Jared  Top!Jensen 
april 2018 by Ambrosine8
Confusing Reality With Porn
Jensen is cast as an Alpha for a "documentation" on Alpha/Omega breeding which will air on a porn channel (if live or recorded is up to the author). He gets to choose his Omega from a group of young men who are willing to be knocked up. Of course, he picks the Jared.
Author:?  Supernatural  Slash  fanfic  Jensen/Jared  Smut  Fluff  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Relationship:FirstTime  AlternateUniverse-PornStars  Knotting  SelfLubrication  MatingCycles/InHeat  Claiming  Mpreg  Length:5000-10.000  MultiChapter  Omega!Jared  Alpha!Jensen  Bottom!Jared  Top!Jensen 
april 2018 by Ambrosine8
Who Will Love You (Who Will Fight?)
Jared Padalecki is an omega in an alpha's world, making a name for himself as a tattoo artist and fighting for respect and recognition. Sure, his boss is a jerk and his apartment is a craphole, but he's doing what he wanted. Right up until his co-workers start dropping dead and he meets his mate.
Author:dimeliora  Supernatural  Slash  fanfic  Jensen/Jared  Angst  Smut  Fluff  Romance  Relationship:FirstTime  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Knotting  SelfLubrication  MatingCycles/InHeat  Mpreg  AlternateUniverse-Assassins&Hitmen  Tattoo  Length:20.000-50.000  MultiChapter  Omega!Jared  Alpha!Jensen  Bottom!Jared  Top!Jensen 
march 2018 by Ambrosine8
Silk and Steel
As a child, Jared was gravely injured defending a young member of his pack against a poacher. Now, he walks with a severe limp in human form, and cannot run and hunt with the other wolves in his pack. He long ago accepted that he would never mate or have a family of his own. When the pack's alpha dies without an heir, distant alpha relatives come in from out of town to compete for the title of pack alpha. One of them is Jensen Ackles. When he sees sweet, dimpled Jared, he falls hard, but Jared knows his place well. He gently brushes off all of Jensen's attempts to woo him, reminding Jensen that he owes the pack a strong, healthy mate, not a gimpy omega. Jensen makes it his mission to convince Jared that he's the perfect mate for the pack alpha, and that he's worthy of everything.
Author:Fatebegins  Supernatural  Slash  fanfic  Jensen/Jared  Smut  Fluff  Angst  Hurt/Comfort  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Relationship:FirstTime  Mating  Claiming  Jealousy  Mpreg  Injury  AlternateUniverse-Werewolf  Insecurity  Misunderstanding  Length:20.000-50.000  MultiChapter  Omega!Jared  Alpha!Jensen  Bottom!Jared  Top!Jensen 
march 2018 by Ambrosine8
Riot Gear
Shortly before they ganked Dick Roman Sam became pregnant. He either knew and didn't tell Dean because he didn't want to give Dean any more pressure or he had no idea at all. The stress and trauma of seeing Dean and Cas disappear along with Crowley taking off with Kevin sends Sam into a downward spiral. The added stress from hitting Riot causes Sam to have a miscarriage. Sam spends time recovering physically, but not emotionally, with Amelia who knows not to ask about the baby.

When Dean gets back and reams Sam out for not looking for him, Sam can't bring himself to tell Dean what happened. He thinks Dean will blame him for losing their kid and that it'll be the final straw. Maybe Sam sneaks out to visit the grave and Dean follows, but up to the author how Dean finds out. Cue guilty!Dean and hurt!Sam who has to relive the painful memories from the last year.
Author:Elaine_Penny  Author:onlythisfic  Supernatural  Slash  fanfic  Dean/Sam  Angst  Hurt/Comfort  Grief/Mourning  Relationship:Established  Mpreg  Miscarriage  Length:20.000-50.000  MultiChapter 
march 2018 by Ambrosine8
Protecting the ones we cannot live without
Anonymous asked: Peter/Stiles - mpreg if you're into it if not then them adopting a cub. With an over protective/possesive Peter.
Author:Mysenia  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Peter/Stiles  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Fluff  Relationship:Established  Mpreg  Possessive  Protective  Length:1000-5000  OneShot  Omega!Stiles  Alpha!Peter 
december 2017 by Ambrosine8
Of Endings and Beginnings
Scorpius didn't want to upset either one of his parents after the divorce. One night, however, makes him rethink his decision to remain neutral towards the new partner of his father.
Author:SasuNarufan13  HarryPotter  Slash  fanfic  Draco/Harry  Fluff  Smut  Angst  Relationship:Established  Infidelity  Mpreg  Length:20.000-50.000  MultiChapter 
december 2017 by Ambrosine8
The White Hart of Winter
Sent to marry the Hale Beast Stiles finds himself alone in a castle left to ruin and watched over by Kate Argent, who he thinks is sleeping with his new husband and seems determined to destroy him.
Author:DarkAthena(seraphim_grace)  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Drama  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  Alpha/Beta/Omega  AlternateUniverse-Medieval  AlternateUniverse-Historical  ArrangedMarriage  Mpreg  Romance  Length:50.000-100.000  MultiChapter  Omega!Stiles  Alpha!Derek  Bottom!Stiles  Top!Derek 
january 2017 by Ambrosine8
The Rare Ungovernable Element
Years ago, when Merlin had only just started as Arthur’s manservant, Arthur found the idiot standing awkwardly in his chambers, flushed and embarrassed and smelling like the barest outer edge of heat.

“I forgot to take my herbs,” he explained, twisting his hands together. “I’m sorry. I have to--”

Arthur waved a hand to forestall any explanation. “When should I expect you back?”

“Three days ought to do it,” Merlin replied, visibly relieved. “Thank you, sire.”
Author:a_big_apple  Merlin  Arthur/Merlin  Length:10.000-20.000  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Slash  fanfic  Romance  Smut  Angst  Relationship:FirstTime  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  MagicReveal  MatingCycles/InHeat  Knotting  Omega!Merlin  Bottom!Merlin  Alpha!Arthur  Top!Arthur  Mpreg  MultiChapter 
january 2017 by Ambrosine8
Six or Seven
Uther decides it's time for Arthur to find himself a mate. Scent samples from unmated omegas are sent to Camelot and Arthur chooses six he would like to get to know in person. And then Merlin, the servant assigned to the omegas, quite literally barges into his life.
Author:elirwen  Merlin  Slash  fanfic  Arthur/Merlin  Fluff  Hurt/Comfort  Relationship:FirstTime  Alpha/Beta/Omega  MagicReveal  Knotting  Mpreg  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  Length:5000-10.000  OneShot  Omega!Merlin  Alpha!Arthur  Bottom!Merlin  Top!Arthur 
january 2017 by Ambrosine8
When It All Falls Apart
Stiles doesn't know what to do.

He's on the verge of losing everything in the divorce, on the verge of breaking down. He hates himself, hates what he is, what he's not. He has no husband, no alpha, no mate. He's about to lose his mind, and he has no hope.

His mother used to tell him; when you've hit rock bottom, the only way out is up. But what's the point in trying to climb out of Hell, when the Devil's waiting for you with an army of lawyers?

And with his heat just around the corner, Stiles doesn't think he has anything left to give. He needs a miracle.

He just didn't figure his miracle would wear Alexander Amosu and fight his battles with a smirk that could kick-start the apocalypse.
Author:PeterHale(SebastianVael)  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Peter/Stiles  Angst  Hurt/Comfort  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Jackson/Stiles  Infidelity  Divorce  Mates  Mpreg  MatingCycles/InHeat  Knotting  Biting  ScentMarking  Rimming  Length:5000-10.000  OneShot  Omega!Stiles  Alpha!Peter  Bottom!Stiles  Top!Peter 
december 2016 by Ambrosine8
Spinning Gold
Stiles finds himself locked in the highest room of the tallest tower, and he knows that when they come for him at dawn, it will still just be a room filled with straw.

Until Peter messes everything up.
“Your doubt, while charming, is unwarranted. It can be done, and it will be done, but first we should come to an agreement, don’t you think?”
Author:Elpie(Horribibble)  TeenWolf  Peter/Stiles  Length:10.000-20.000  Slash  fanfic  Romance  Fluff  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  AlternateUniverse-Fairytale  Magical!Stiles  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Omega!Stiles  Bottom!Stiles  Alpha!Peter  Top!Peter  SelfLubrication  Knotting  Mpreg  OneShot 
august 2016 by Ambrosine8
Of Androgens and Things
The Enterprise makes first contact with an undocumented race who give the captain a gift no one was expecting.
Author:suyari  StarTrek  Slash  fanfic  Spock/Kirk  Fluff  Humor  Relationship:FirstTime  Mpreg  T'hy'la  Length:1000-5000  OneShot 
august 2016 by Ambrosine8
Conception of Dreams
Waking up naked in Malfoy's bed without the memory of what happened the night before is the least of Harry's problems. Malfoy is an Incubus and Harry is his mate and that one night comes with consequences: a conception. Now Harry has to get to know Malfoy on a deadline, while dealing with Death Eater threats. Sounds like another exciting year at Hogwarts for Harry Potter.
Author:FreakingCrups  HarryPotter  Slash  fanfic  Draco/Harry  Romance  Smut  Relationship:Developing  Rimming  Jealousy  Possessive  Mpreg  Incubus!Draco  Creature!Fic  Length:50.000-100.000  MultiChapter  Bottom!Harry  Top!Draco 
august 2016 by Ambrosine8
Stiles felt like a tube of toothpaste someone kept rolling up every day. He tossed and turned through nightmares and woke up puking every morning. He slept through lunch, and still wanted to nap when he went home. He was scatterbrained and couldn’t focus on anything; his notes were a scrambled mess.
Author:TatsuKitty  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Angst  Relationship:FirstTime  Mpreg  Torture  Depression  BodyHorror  Length:20.000-50.000  OneShot 
january 2016 by Ambrosine8
You Look So Comfortable In My Skin
“So let me recap; if Derek jizzes in me after I drink this, I can become pregnant? As in, I’m going to have a mini werewolf inside me. As in me, who does not have a vagina, will have a baby?”

“Babies,” Deaton corrects.

“Excuse me.”

“Babies, not baby. Think of it like a litter of pups. Werewolf sperm is a lot more potent than human sperm. But don’t worry; I have a contact in Nebraska that specializes in supernatural C-sections. Won’t even leave a scar.”
Author:Mimiminaj  TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  Length:1000-5000  Slash  fanfic  Fluff  Smut  Relationship:Established  Barebacking  Rimming  Mpreg  OneShot  Bottom!Stiles  Top!Derek 
september 2015 by Ambrosine8
monday i can fall apart but by friday i'm in love
It's just past five in the morning and Stiles is barely awake, wearing only sleep pants that hang low below his pregnant belly, and he can't get the damned brand new jar of decaf coffee open. But he has a neighbor, and he's too tired to think that waking someone else up at this hour might not be the best (or politest) of ideas.
Author:tryslora  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Fluff  Relationship:FirstTime  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Mpreg  Neighbours  Length:5000-10.000  OneShot  Omega!Stiles  Alpha!Derek 
september 2015 by Ambrosine8
Heat Etiquette for the Modern Omega
“You are not defined by your sex, Stiles. And neither am I.”

In which Stiles accidentally propositions an alpha with his jockstrap, heat happens, and he somehow finds time to fight for omega rights along the way.
Author:DizzilySpiraling  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Fluff  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Knotting  MatingCycles/InHeat  SelfLubrication  Mpreg  AlternateUniverse-Human  Length:20.000-50.000  MultiChapter  Omega!Stiles  Alpha!Derek  Bottom!Stiles  Top!Derek 
august 2015 by Ambrosine8
The Fox & The Wolf
The war between the fox and wolf clans has raged for centuries, ignited in a time before anyone can remember. Now both clans—tired of the bloodshed and hate—are searching for a way to end the war.

Crowned prince Stiles Stilinski—heir to the fox clan—has agreed with his father to meet with the Hales, the ruling royal family over the wolf clan. Under the counseling of the Druids, both clans are presented with a solution to the war: unite the Stilinski and Hale clans through marriage. To quell their people's anger, both Stiles and Derek—eldest living Hale Alpha—are urged to accept the other as an equal; as their mate.

For the sake of their people, both houses make the ultimate sacrifice by choosing duty over love. But, out of what was first assumed to be compromised, quickly turns to be a better match than either could have hoped for. But not all is easy for either clan, as some members refuse to believe that the war could end so easily.
Author:Dexterous_Sinistrous  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Smut  Angst  Hurt/Comfort  Relationship:FirstTime  Alpha/Beta/Omega  MatingCycles/InHeat  Knotting  Mating  AlternateUniverse-Royalty  ArrangedMarriage  Pining  Misunderstanding  Fantasy  Mates  Mpreg  Length:50.000-100.000  MultiChapter  Omega!Stiles  Alpha!Derek  Bottom!Stiles  Top!Derek 
july 2015 by Ambrosine8
You'll Grow Into Your Skin
“So funny story,” Stiles winces, “Remember when I joked you couldn’t get me pregnant?”

Derek nods his head. He remembers pretty much everything from that day.

“Right,” Stiles bobs his head, stops himself and does a little ta-da gesture towards Jacy, “Surprise?”
Author:crossroadswrite  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Romance  Fluff  Angst  Relationship:FirstTime  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  Mpreg  Kid!fic  FutureFic  Length:10.000-20.000  OneShot 
may 2015 by Ambrosine8
Unicorn Bait
Sometimes Merlin's life feels like someone's idea of a hilarious joke. A run in with a fertility god and the wrong sort of berries does not improve his situation. But if he can bring himself to trust Arthur, maybe everything will work out after all.
Author:versaphile  Merlin  Slash  fanfic  Arthur/Merlin  Romance  Smut  Angst  Humor  Relationship:FirstTime  Virginity  Mpreg  Possessive  MagicReveal  FuckOrDie  Length:10.000-20.000  OneShot  Bottom!Merlin  Top!Arthur  DubiousConsent 
february 2015 by Ambrosine8
The Yule King
Yule time has come to Camelot, but Merlin isn't feeling well. When he discovers the reason for his illness, he fears his secrets will be exposed. Not only is he the king's bed-mate, but he also has magic. He wants to flee Camelot to keep Arthur from losing the respect of his people. Fortunately, Arthur's cooler head prevails and the men find a happy ending together.
Author:gwyllion  Merlin  Slash  fanfic  Arthur/Merlin  Fluff  Smut  Relationship:Established  Mpreg  Length:10.000-20.000  OneShot  Bottom!Merlin  Top!Arthur 
february 2015 by Ambrosine8
Mother of All
John is confused when tooth fairies bow to him and it only gets stranger from there.
Author:gryvon  Hellboy  Nuada/John  Length:5000-10.000  Slash  fanfic  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  Magic  Mpreg  OneShot  Bottom!John  Top!Nuada 
january 2015 by Ambrosine8
How We're Going To Be Okay
I should go home, he thinks to himself, and finds himself taking a step forward. I should not touch that rock, he thinks, but it’s sleek and glossy like white marble, a smooth pillar with a slight curve in the middle and so he moves forward, reaches out and strokes it.
Author:drunktuesdays  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  Mpreg  Knotting  SelfLubrication  MaleLactation  Length:1000-5000  OneShot  Bottom!Stiles  Top!Derek  DubiousConsent 
january 2015 by Ambrosine8
Settle Down
Stiles is a struggling author barely making ends meet.

Derek is a successful architect whose biological clock is ticking.

Enter a surrogacy agency, two packs, and a particularly sticky and toe curling heat week and you get a match made in heaven.
Author:wearing_tearing  Author:whatthehale  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Smut  Romance  Fluff  Relationship:FirstTime  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Mpreg  MatingCycles/InHeat  SelfLubrication  Knotting  MaleLactation  Surrogacy  ScentMarking  PackDynamics  Length:100.000-200.000  MultiChapter  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  Omega!Stiles  Alpha!Derek  Bottom!Stiles  Top!Derek 
november 2014 by Ambrosine8
Feels So Hard to Breathe
“Pretty basic. AIM idiots are up to no good and focusing on couples at the Basin Harbor Club for whatever dumb reason. We go in, pose as happy couple, find the baddies, stop ‘em before they cause more trouble, save the day. Should be a cakewalk.”

“Famous last words, Barton,”
Author:AlyKat  TheAvengers  Clint/Phil  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Slash  fanfic  Romance  Fluff  Relationship:FirstTime  Fake/PretendRelationship  Pining  Mpreg  MatingCycles/InHeat  OneShot  Length:20.000-50.000  Omega!Phil  Alpha!Clint 
july 2014 by Ambrosine8
It’ll Be the Perfect Ending to the Perfect Day
They meet in an Omega Studies Class freshmen year, the oldest two students by a wide margin. Clint Barton and Phil Coulson have a lot to connect them, former military, college on the GI Bill, a deep love of Christmas. One thing they do not have is a bond. They are all the happier for it.
Author:Darkmagyk  TheAvengers  Slash  fanfic  Clint/Phil  Fluff  Romance  Relationship:Established  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Mpreg  AlternateUniverse-College/University  Marriage  OneShot  Length:1000-5000  Omega!Phil  Beta!Clint 
june 2014 by Ambrosine8
A King's One and Burglar's Match
A discussion on Hobbit customs leads to a new understand between Dwarves and their Hobbit. Can Thorin's fate be changed by one startling similarity between the two childrens of Aule and Yavanna?
Author:Slayer_of_Destiny  TheHobbit  Slash  fanfic  Thorin/Bilbo  Fluff  Romance  Relationship:FirstTime  Mpreg  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  OneShot  Length:1000-5000 
april 2014 by Ambrosine8
No Matter What We Breed
In a world where omega males are slightly less rare than Arkenstones, Thorin doesn't do himself much of a favour by falling in love with the first gentlehobbit he lays eyes on. Much more is expected of virile alpha male dwarves, after all, even more so for kings, but when Bilbo is revealed to be the first omega male in centuries, Erebor is suddenly not the only prize that Thorin has set his sights on winning.
Author:marlinowl  TheHobbit  Slash  fanfic  Thorin/Bilbo  Smut  Angst  Relationship:FirstTime  Alpha/Beta/Omega  MatingCycles/InHeat  Knotting  Courting/Wooing  CulturalDifferences  Drugs  Mpreg  MultiChapter  Length:20.000-50.000  Omega!Bilbo  Alpha!Thorin  Bottom!Bilbo  Top!Thorin 
march 2014 by Ambrosine8
Stiles has what he's always secretly wanted - he's in a relationship with Derek and he's one of Derek's betas - but all that gets turned upside down when Gerard kidnaps him and his unexpected baby.
Author:gryvon  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  Kidnapping  Mpreg  OralSex  OneShot  Length:10.000-20.000 
december 2013 by Ambrosine8
Tiny Houses
"So this is what Stiles does. He lies in Scott’s bed and waits for Melissa to say she’s found someone to get it out of him, to cure him of the wrongness and the bad, and he dreams.

God, he dreams.

He dreams of fire and swollen bellies and that scene in Alien, of giving birth to jackals through his urethra, the whole horrific nine yards. His head is a terrible place to be, he can’t imagine his stomach is much better, why anyone would want to put a thing inside of it."
Author:ohmyjetsabel  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Angst  Hurt/Comfort  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  Mpreg  Depression  SuicidalThoughts  Adoption  AttemptedAbortion  PackDynamics  Kid!fic  Magic  Length:50.000-100.000  MultiChapter  Rape/Non-Con 
december 2013 by Ambrosine8
The Threat of Human Sacrifice
The sheriff bought a crib and made Derek help him put it together. Stiles thought of Hemingway and the shortest, most heartbreaking story ever told, and dismantled it on his own while Derek was out.

[The one where Stiles getting knocked up is the least of his worries.]
Author:vampireisthenewblack  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Smut  Romance  Angst  Hurt/Comfort  Relationship:FirstTime  Virginity  OralSex  Barebacking  Knotting  Mpreg  Rimming  MultiChapter  Length:20.000-50.000  Switching 
december 2013 by Ambrosine8
When Sam was...
When Sam is 8, Dean changes from a pup to an Alpha. When Sam is 12, he himself also experiences the change, but his isn't anywhere near the same as Dean's. In a world where Hunters are all Alphas and are also all the werewolf descendants of the god Odin, Sam is a rare and prized childbearing Omega.

And this is Sam's story throughout the years as he discovers what it truly means to be an Omega. And as he discovers what it means specifically to be an Omega in his family. This is also Sam's story of how he comes to the single most important realization of his life.

The only Alpha he'll ever want is Dean.

Author:mznaughty01  Dean/Sam  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Length:10.000-20.000  Supernatural  Slash  fanfic  Drama  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  AlternateUniverse-Werewolf  Omega!Sam  Bottom!Sam  Alpha!Dean  Top!Dean  SelfLubrication  MatingCycles/InHeat  Mating  Knotting  Mpreg  OneShot  DubiousConsent 
november 2013 by Ambrosine8
In the Solstice of our Hearts
"You're not putting that up your butt," Scott told him flatly and Stiles couldn't stop the pissed off whine he made, but his friend continued. "Stiles, you can't put that up your butt, you know that. Your butt won't be ready for anything to go in it until-"

"Okay, okay!" he said, flailing his hands to stop his friend's lecture. "Message received, no butt stuff until I'm pounced on by some freaking animal in the forest and ravished to within an inch of my life. Got it. Thanks, Scotty, I mean heaven forbid I actually try to take control of my life and give myself a fighting chance or anything."

"Not all alphas are animals," Scott said quietly.

Maybe he was right, but Stiles wasn't holding his breath.
Author:ravingrevolution  TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Length:50.000-100.000  Slash  fanfic  Romance  Fluff  Smut  Hurt/Comfort  Relationship:FirstTime  MatingRun  MatingCycles/InHeat  Mates  Scenting  ScentMarking  OralSex  Knotting  Violence  Magic  Claiming  AlternateUniverse-Werewolf  AlternateUniverse-NoHaleFire  Mpreg  MultiChapter  Omega!Stiles  Alpha!Derek  Bottom!Stiles  Top!Derek 
november 2013 by Ambrosine8
The Second Coming (of Werewolf Jesus)
Stiles was enjoying his senior year until his crazy English teacher decided he made the best candidate to gestate Derek's kid. Now Stiles is a seventeen-year-old pregnant dude and he and Derek have to figure their shit out, because in nine months they are going to be tied together for the rest of their lives.
Author:lupinus  Author:uraneia  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Romance  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  Magic  Mpreg  Fluff  MultiChapter  Length:20.000-50.000  Bottom!Stiles  Top!Derek 
september 2013 by Ambrosine8
The alphas go into rut after battle as a result of all that adrenaline. Bilbo sits back with the betas and laughs, or tries to.

Written in responds to all the A/B/O fics that have only omegas suffering! Seriously, so unfair.
Author:ferretbaby  TheHobbit  Thorin/Bilbo  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Length:10.000-20.000  Slash  fanfic  Smut  Fluff  Hurt/Comfort  Relationship:Developing  MatingCycles/InHeat  SelfLubrication  Knotting  Rimming  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  Mpreg  Domestic  MultiChapter  Omega!Bilbo  Alpha!Thorin  Bottom!Bilbo  Top!Thorin 
september 2013 by Ambrosine8
Small Bump (AKA the story of Claudia Louise Hale's birth)
Stiles honestly doesn't care about the technicalities, it's a miracle regardless. His own little miracle, complete with ten fingers and ten toes and Derek's eyes and Stiles' ADHD (at least, that's how he imagines their child to be).

The one where there is a baby and Derek has lots of feels about it (but Stiles does too, so it's alright).
Author:IzzieTheEnamored  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Fluff  Relationship:Established  Mpreg  OneShot  FutureFic  Length:1000-5000 
august 2013 by Ambrosine8
Heartbeat, It's A Lovebeat
A very young fox!Stiles ends up lost in the woods of Beacon Hills where he's watched by a slightly older Derek. Twelve years later, Stiles ends up back in those same woods for a completely different reason... but he still manages to find Derek.
Author:eric_idle_rules  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Romance  Smut  Fluff  Relationship:FirstTime  Knotting  Mpreg  Kid!fic  Mates  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  AlternateUniverse-Were-Creatures  OneShot  Length:10.000-20.000  Bottom!Stiles  Top!Derek 
july 2013 by Ambrosine8
And We Create Something New
Teen Wolf AU: Werewolves are a lot closer to their wolf side than their human side, often spending more time in their wolf form than human. They live in small, closely knit packs made up of an Alpha/Omega mated pair and their betas. When young Alphas and Omegas come of age, they leave the pack to go searching for a mate and to make a new pack.
Author:Reiya_Wakayama  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Relationship:FirstTime  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Knotting  Mpreg  PackDynamics  Mating  OneShot  Length:1000-5000  Omega!Stiles  Alpha!Derek  Bottom!Stiles  Top!Derek 
july 2013 by Ambrosine8
Like A Heart Attack
Derek asks Stiles to help him prepare for the Alpha pack, including becoming his mate. Neither of them are prepared for what happens after. Derek's got his hands full with the Alpha pack, his idiot teen betas, and a suddenly pregnant teenager for a mate. Stiles, meanwhile, is tremendously bitter he can't try out for the cast of Teen Mom if he has to put up with being pregnant during high school.
Author:Reddwarfer  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Romance  Smut  Humor  Fluff  Relationship:FirstTime  Mpreg  Knotting  Mates  Marking  OneShot  Length:20.000-50.000  Bottom!Stiles  Top!Derek 
march 2013 by Ambrosine8
The Alpha and the Omega
Dwarves and Hobbits are cross fertile, though hobbits do not know that because they are a race of Omegas, with no Alphas or Betas. Since it is dwarven custom to keep Omegas deep within their mountains where it is safe few could escape past Smaug when the dragon came to Erebor. Thorin, thusly, never had much hope of mating. Then he stumbles across an early-thirties Bilbo Baggins on one of his wanderings up near Bree, across the Brandywine. Smelling a fertile Omega, he kidnaps Bilbo and takes him to the Blue Mountains. Give me some confused!Bilbo who doesn't understand why he's been kidnapped by a dwarf who is being growly but NICE about it, and has no idea of the reason why! And Thorin patiently waiting for Bilbo's heat to start in the mountains so he can claim him! +100 for Bilbo falling for Thorin and becoming a willing enough and happy houseguest with no idea sex is in the making until it happens and then, reluctantly, agreeing to it. +1000 For hobbits having a heat that leaves them uncomfortable and sensitive rather than desperate for sex. PLUS MY SOUL for knotting with Bilbo not knowing what it is that's going up his arse, but Thorin holding him still and reassuring him through his panic.

Author:_beetle_  TheHobbit  Slash  fanfic  Thorin/Bilbo  Smut  Romance  Relationship:FirstTime  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Mpreg  Knotting  SelfLubrication  MatingCycles/InHeat  Angst  MultiChapter  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  Length:5000-10.000  WIP  Omega!Bilbo  Alpha!Thorin  Bottom!Bilbo  Top!Thorin  DubiousConsent 
february 2013 by Ambrosine8
The Hobbit Kink Meme - Prompt Post 2 (Closed to new prompts)
Because dwarves have low reproduction rates they value children highly, but Hobbits don't really have a reproduction problem.

I'd love to read a fic where Thorin and Bilbo have settled down in Erebor and have lots of intense baby making sex and then lots of pregnant sex. Thorin spends a lot of time filling Bilbo up with come and loving his pregnant body because he's building a bigger family with his love in his restored kingdom and ensuring the family line.
Author:interpol15  TheHobbit  Slash  fanfic  Thorin/Bilbo  Romance  Relationship:Established  Mpreg  Fluff  Smut  MultiChapter  Bottom!Bilbo  Top!Thorin 
january 2013 by Ambrosine8
On some days, Bilbo is back in Bag End with his books, his china and her walls. If he breathes in when the wind blows and concentrates very hard, he thinks he could smell the familiar scents of home.
Author:j_gabrielle  TheHobbit  Slash  fanfic  Thorin/Bilbo  Fluff  Relationship:Established  Mpreg  Romance  Domestic  OneShot  Length:0-1000 
january 2013 by Ambrosine8
We Meet Again
When Stiles was 17, the Sheriff kicked him out because the Alpha Pack was getting to be too dangerous for the newest additions to the Stilinski household. Now, eleven years later, Stiles is about to come face to face with his once kid step-sister and be forced to deal with this fact. Is it possible to forgive and forget?
Author:JTHM_Michi  TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  Slash  fanfic  Angst  Hurt/Comfort  Relationship:Established  PackDynamics  Family  FutureFic  Mpreg  OneShot  Length:10.000-20.000 
january 2013 by Ambrosine8
and the wild things roared their terrible roar
Derek as Khal Drogo (but set in snow beyond the wall) and Stiles as Daenerys Stormborn (although he's a greenseer of the Children rather than a dragon).
Author:hoars  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Relationship:FirstTime  Mpreg  Bestiality  Magical!Stiles  ArrangedMarriage  OneShot  Crossover/Fusion-GameOfThrones  Length:1000-5000  DubiousConsent 
december 2012 by Ambrosine8
The One Where Derek Wants to Make Stiles His Mate and It's Blatant Porn
Stiles backs away until his butt hits a stool. "Um, I'm used to the version of Derek that sort of toler-hates me, so you being flirt-hate-cious—total mind-fuck, dude. Mind-fuck."

But Derek has no sense of humor.
Author:Unloyal_Olio  TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  Slash  fanfic  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  Relationship:Established  Knotting  OralSex  Mates  Mating  Mpreg  Werewolf!Stiles  DirtyTalk  MultiChapter  Length:10.000-20.000  Bottom!Stiles  Top!Derek  DubiousConsent 
october 2012 by Ambrosine8
The Mating Ceremony
"You're an omega right?" Stiles turned at the question. "What?" "You're an omega, right?" Stiles shrugged. "Yes, and so are you. Why?" "And you're 18?" "Considering the fact that you planned my surprise party, you should know that I am." "And you carry the male gene to bear?" "Yeah. So?" "So you could be mated by Prince Derek." Prince Derek Hale is getting a mate.
Author:The_Obfuscators_Canard  TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  Slash  fanfic  Romance  Relationship:FirstTime  Mating  Smut  Mates  Knotting  Mpreg  AlternateUniverse-Royalty  Length:10.000-20.000  MultiChapter  Omega!Stiles  Alpha!Derek  Top!Derek  Bottom!Stiles 
october 2012 by Ambrosine8
animal skins
The first time Stiles dresses Caleb up in a ridiculous outfit Derek thinks it’s a joke. He comes home from work one day and is greeted by the sight of their newborn pup in a zebra onesie complete with ears and a tail.
Author:gasmsinc  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Romance  Fluff  Relationship:Established  Mpreg  Kid!fic  OneShot  Family  PackDynamics  AlternateUniverse-Future  Length:1000-5000 
october 2012 by Ambrosine8
Business to Pleasure
Draco has always been interested in Harry Potter, but Harry has chosen other people over him for a long time. Now when he’s finally chosen Draco, it’s as his obstetrician.
Author:drarryxlover  HarryPotter  Slash  fanfic  Draco/Harry  Romance  Relationship:FirstTime  Mpreg  Fluff  Pining  OneShot  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  Length:1000-5000 
october 2012 by Ambrosine8
Force of Will Turned Into a Spark
Dr. Deaton said it is his will that becomes the spark. Stiles doesn’t think he meant it quite this literally.
Author:Reiya_Wakayama  TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  Slash  fanfic  Romance  Fluff  Relationship:Established  Mpreg  OneShot  AlternateUniverse-Future  Length:1000-5000  Bottom!Stiles  Top!Derek 
october 2012 by Ambrosine8
Gravity (v.2)
He feels the warm ache in his body that is, he decides, just a permanent horniness. It is like being thirteen. Just like hitting puberty again. Except this time everyone is really, really nice to him. The rest of the pack at least. Not that they aren't anyway, but as the days push on to his first flourish of werewolf fertility the pack are overwhelmingly affectionate, touching and cuddling him, getting him things, very attentive to his needs.
This version is Derek and Stiles in human form. If you want them in wolf form, there's another version here.
Author:signalfire  TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  Slash  fanfic  Romance  Smut  Relationship:Established  Mpreg  Knotting  PackDynamics  MatingCycles/InHeat  OneShot  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  Length:1000-5000  Top!Derek  Bottom!Stiles 
september 2012 by Ambrosine8
Gravity (v.1)
He feels the warm ache in his body that is, he decides, just a permanent horniness. It is like being thirteen. Just like hitting puberty again. Except this time everyone is really, really nice to him. The rest of the pack at least. Not that they aren't anyway, but as the days push on to his first flourish of werewolf fertility the pack are overwhelmingly affectionate, touching and cuddling him, getting him things, very attentive to his needs.
This version includes full wolf form sex. That's wolves. And sex. Just so we're clear. There's a second version here with human sex if that makes you uncomfortable. I like to cater to everyone's needs.
Author:signalfire  TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  Slash  fanfic  Romance  Smut  Relationship:Established  Mpreg  Knotting  Bestiality  PackDynamics  MatingCycles/InHeat  OneShot  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  Length:1000-5000  Top!Derek  Bottom!Stiles 
september 2012 by Ambrosine8
Sherlock BBC Kink Meme - Prompting Part XIX
Usually, omegas gets pregnant after they go through their heats unless they're on some form of birth control.

After they bond/mate, but before his heat, John decides that because of Sherlock and his lifestyle a baby wouldn't be the best idea right now.

Que Sherlock strangely concerned that he can't get John pregnant/doesn't understand why John doesn't want to have his babies.

Bonus: John eventually gets pregnant. They move to a cottage in the Sussex and raise their child/ren.
Sherlock  Sherlock/John  Author:_doodle  Slash  fanfic  Romance  Smut  Fluff  Relationship:Established  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Knotting  SelfLubrication  Mpreg  MultiChapter  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  Omega!John  Alpha!Sherlock  Top!Sherlock  Bottom!John  MatingCycles/InHeat  Length:5000-10.000 
september 2012 by Ambrosine8
Eleven years after the war, Harry shows up at Draco's home, asking him for help for his son James who suffers from a rare magical disease. He needs a blood donor to survive, and only Draco is a match.

HarryPotter  Slash  fanfic  Draco/Harry  Romance  Angst  Relationship:FirstTime  BreakUp  Mpreg  Smut  illness  MultiChapter  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  Length:10.000-20.000  Author:Vaysh  Bottom!Harry  Top!Draco 
september 2012 by Ambrosine8
Omegaverse/Vampires Fusion!

Can I get an omegaverse/vampires fusion? As in, vampires are classified as alphas/betas/omegas. Alphas are the oldest/most powerful vampires, betas are all the others. Somehow omegas have a mutation that lets them give birth to vampire babies. So they are very valuable - maybe "born" vampires are more powerful than turned vampires?

Vamp!alpha!Sherlock/Vamp!omega!John please. Other characters/pairings up to anon.

warning: alpha/omega verse so dub-con!
Author:ihuntyoudown  Sherlock  Slash  fanfic  Sherlock/John  Romance  Relationship:FirstTime  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Mpreg  Smut  Jealousy  OneShot  AlternateUniverse-Vampire  Omega!John  Alpha!Sherlock  Top!Sherlock  Bottom!John  DubiousConsent 
august 2012 by Ambrosine8
Longing to Belong
Sometimes finding your place in the world is a longer and rougher journey than you could ever imagine. Thankfully, you find the people to help you through it along the way.

Sherlock and John grow up with all of their hopes and dreams pulled out from under them forcing the pair to work through a pile of crap to find each other.
Sherlock  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Author:couchbarnacle  Slash  fanfic  Romance  Relationship:FirstTime  Smut  Angst  SelfLubrication  Knotting  Mpreg  Miscarriage  Fluff  John/Other  MultiChapter  AlternateUniverse  Length:20.000-50.000  Sherlock/John  Omega!John  Alpha!Sherlock  Top!Sherlock  Bottom!John 
august 2012 by Ambrosine8
Mummy, No Thank You
Mummy Holmes arranges a marriage for Sherlock. Since Sherlock refuses to meet anyone properly, she must go to one of the breeding camps where older omegas are kept. She finds John Watson. Sherlock and John get along fine, but Sherlock refuses to marry and breed. Mummy decides that John should marry and breed with Mycroft if Sherlock doesn't want to. Sherlock is not happy at all. Thus, a p0rny, case-ficky, dark comedy.
Author:Unloyal_Olio  Sherlock  Slash  fanfic  Romance  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Knotting  Rimming  Mpreg  Humor  ArrangedMarriage  MultiChapter  AlternateUniverse  Length:10.000-20.000  Omega!John  Alpha!Sherlock  Top!Sherlock  Bottom!John  DubiousConsent 
august 2012 by Ambrosine8
…or the one where Stiles becomes Pack Mum accidently.

Every decade the town of Beacon Hills drags a virgin out into the middle of woods to sacrifice to the local Werewolf pack. It was supposed to be Allison Argent but Stiles is a good friend…and has terrible luck.
Author:DemiraWatson  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Romance  Smut  Knotting  Mpreg  PackDynamics  Relationship:FirstTime  OneShot  Sacrifice  Virginity  AlternateUniverse-ModernSetting  Length:10.000-20.000  Bottom!Stiles  Top!Derek 
august 2012 by Ambrosine8
Bright Autumn Moon
"Stiles knew it was a bad idea, knew that Jackson was being an asshole douche when he dared him, but that still didn’t stop him from going into Wulfrik Forest."
Author:HiddenByFaeries  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Smut  Knotting  Barebacking  Biting  Relationship:FirstTime  Mpreg  OneShot  Romance  AlternateUniverse  Length:1000-5000  Bottom!Stiles  Top!Derek 
august 2012 by Ambrosine8
Teen Wolf Kink - New season prompt post! FOR PROMPTS THAT WILL HAVE SPOILERS IN THEM.
When news reached Leah’s ear that Derek Hale had made his way back to Beacon Hills in the past few years she had no doubt it was fate that her job had relocated her back to her hometown. Although the location left much to be desired the possibility of rekindling her relationship with her high school flame suddenly made the prospect of the stay in the tiny town seem not quite so dismal.
Author:4thestrife  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Romance  Relationship:Established  Mpreg  PackDynamics  Kid!fic  OutsiderPOV  Length:1000-5000  OneShot 
august 2012 by Ambrosine8
Let the air speak for you (and it kills the moon)
Derek impregnates Stiles, and Stiles wants some answers that he research didn't tell him.
Author:run_with_rain  Slash  TeenWolf  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Fluff  Relationship:Developing  Mpreg  Mates  Length:1000-5000  OneShot 
august 2012 by Ambrosine8
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