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With a Crown of Stars
When the call connects, Will says, “I know what kind of crazy I am, but I’m not this kind of crazy.”

“Will?” Dr. Lecter says.

“Yes, hi, sorry,” Will says. “It’s me. There’s a baby on my porch.”
Author:thehoyden  Hannibal  Slash  fanfic  Hannibal/Will  Romance  Smut  Hurt/Comfort  Relationship:FirstTime  Kid!fic  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  AlternateUniverse-MagicalRealism  Marriage  Possessive  Bottom!Will  Length:20.000-50.000  MultiChapter 
november 2018 by Ambrosine8
A Love True and Strong
Jensen doesn't need a ring and a piece of paper to prove that he loves Jared. They're only getting married because marriage is beneficial. Really.
Author:whispered_story  Supernatural  Slash  fanfic  Jensen/Jared  Romance  Fluff  Relationship:Established  Marriage  Length:1000-5000  OneShot 
august 2018 by Ambrosine8
For All Your Days and Nights (I'm Gonna Be There)
Jared returns from a days-long hunting trip to learn that the chieftain of their tribe has passed away and Jensen, his best friend, is to succeed his father. As their new leader, he faces many challenges, including having to find a spouse. But before he settles down, Jensen asks for one night with Jared first. It turns into much more.
Author:whispered_story  Supernatural  Slash  fanfic  Jensen/Jared  Smut  Romance  Relationship:FirstTime  Friendship  AlternateUniverse-Tribe  Marriage  Bottom!Jared  FriendsToLovers  Length:10.000-20.000  OneShot 
march 2018 by Ambrosine8
Professor D. Hale
The gossip did not do Professor Derek Hale justice. He was the lottery and jackpot all in a goody bag at an awards ceremony, and she’d just won first place. There could be sonnets written just about his eyes. How many colors were they? Even if they were glaring at her- wait, what? No one who looked at her ever so much as eyed her the wrong way. This was (not) fine, maybe she had interrupted something.
Author:har1ey_quinn  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Fluff  Humor  Relationship:Established  OutsiderPOV  Marriage  AlternateUniverse-College/University  Length:10.000-20.000  MultiChapter 
december 2017 by Ambrosine8
In which Will brings something up over breakfast and Hannibal is a fool in love.
Author:JenkoFive  Hannibal  Slash  fanfic  Hannibal/Will  Fluff  Domestic  Relationship:Established  Marriage  Length:0-1000  OneShot 
december 2017 by Ambrosine8
Sherlock's Who?
John has been away for Sherlock's entire career and suddenly returns to London unexpectedly from Afghanistan. Injured and tired and in pain, all he wants is to surprise Sherlock and kiss his husband. His search to find and surprise his wayward partner takes him across London and meets him up with those in Sherlock's world he has only heard about until now.
Author:freakypet  Sherlock  Slash  fanfic  Sherlock/John  Fluff  Relationship:Established  Marriage  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  SecretRelationship  BAMF!John  Length:1000-5000  OneShot 
december 2017 by Ambrosine8
Oh Undine, Sing Your Love To Me
Stiles belongs to the water. He lives in the cool embrace, amongst the algae and rocks. He has lived here all his life, it has been his sanctuary and his home. This pool deep in a forest, beneath a powerful if small waterfall. Stiles has never ventured beyond the shores of his pond, knows that the forest and what lies beyond holds no interest for him. It’s not a lack of curiosity, it’s a knowing within the marrow of his bones that he is not ready for that potential world.

Not yet.
Author:ladypigswagon  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Peter/Stiles  Smut  Romance  Relationship:FirstTime  Marriage  Creature!Fic  Length:1000-5000  OneShot 
december 2017 by Ambrosine8
Oh baby give me one more chance (to show you that I love you)
“You like Derek,” he says slowly. “Derek Hale.”

His father grimaces at the accusation there. “Look, Stiles it’s complicated-“

“So when I was married to him,” he continues, voice rising. “He wasn’t good enough. He was taking advantage of me. ‘He’ll never be able to love you like you want, Stiles’. That’s what you said-“

Or the Sweet Home Alabama AU that nobody asked for.
Author:LunaCanisLupus_22  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Stiles/Lydia  Romance  Angst  Hurt/Comfort  Drama  Relationship:Developing  Pining  Marriage  Estrangement  AlternateUniverse-WerewolvesAreKnown  Jealousy  PackFeels  Spark!Stiles  Misunderstanding  Kidnapping  TrustIssues  Bottom!Derek  Crossover/Fusion-SweetHomeAlabama  BreakUp  Length:50.000-100.000  MultiChapter 
may 2017 by Ambrosine8
The Blind and the Clueless
When Greg first meets John Watson, he mentally wishes Sherlock the best. Lord knows that man needs someone who can keep up with him. When John keeps coming back, Greg is impressed. When they seem perfect for each other for each other, but neither of the blind idiots see it, well. Then Greg is less so.
aka 5 times Greg saw John was perfect for Sherlock but didn't say anything and one time he did.
Author:InTheShadows  Sherlock  Slash  fanfic  Sherlock/John  Fluff  5+1  Relationship:Established  AlternateUniverse-DifferentFirstMeeting  Marriage  OutsiderPOV  BAMF!John  Length:1000-5000  OneShot 
january 2017 by Ambrosine8
Imperfect Timing
In which Coulson's brain operates like a) a steel trap (sometimes) and b) a Swiss stopwatch (always), Clint is kind of messed up, and learning to get along from Day One is an exercise in cautious affection.

Origin story. May not be entirely MCU compliant, and definitely takes a running jump away from comicsverse, but hopefully enjoyable nevertheless. Written as a gift.
Author:Azurai  TheAvengers  Clint/Phil  Length:20.000-50.000  Slash  fanfic  Romance  Fluff  Relationship:Developing  Alcoholism  Depression  MentalHealthIssues  PastAbuse  Marriage  OneShot 
january 2017 by Ambrosine8
Something Dumb to Do
If Matt and Foggy get married, Foggy will never be forced to testify against Daredevil. It doesn't mean anything has to change, right?
Author:poisonivory  Daredevil  Matt/Foggy  Length:20.000-50.000  Slash  fanfic  Romance  Fluff  Angst  Smut  Hurt/Comfort  Relationship:FirstTime  Bottom!Matt  Marriage  MarriageOfConvenience  Kidnapping  MultiChapter 
december 2016 by Ambrosine8
Star Trek: T-Shirts, Jackets, and Kisses
Or, how Jim outed them to the crew, how Spock outed them to the Academy, and how they outed themselves to Earth at large.
Author:IBegToDreamAndDiffer  StarTrek  Slash  fanfic  Spock/Kirk  Fluff  Romance  Relationship:Established  5+1  Bonding  Marriage  Length:5000-10.000  MultiChapter 
july 2016 by Ambrosine8
After a grueling run under the threat of war, Jim prepares for a mission sure to go wrong. What happens when, instead, everything goes absolutely right?
Author:CateAdams  StarTrek  Slash  fanfic  Spock/Kirk  Romance  Fluff  Relationship:FirstTime  Bonding  Marriage  Length:1000-5000  OneShot 
july 2016 by Ambrosine8
Birdhouse In Your Soul
Stiles' magic is growing out of control and he must bond with a supernatural creature to keep from exploding. Yes, seriously.
Author:asocialfauxpas(fuzzytomato)  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Smut  Fluff  Relationship:Developing  Magical!Stiles  Bonding  Marriage  Tattoo  Length:5000-10.000  OneShot 
july 2015 by Ambrosine8
By Shire Reckoning
It was the Twenty-Sixth of April, in the Shire reckoning - exactly one year to the day from when a hobbit found himself the unexpected host of thirteen dwarves and a wizard. The wedding of Thorin, son of Thrain, son of Thror, King under the Mountain to one Bilbo Baggins of the Shire was scheduled for three o'clock in the afternoon, just before tea.
Author:Farasha  TheHobbit  Slash  fanfic  Thorin/Bilbo  Fluff  Romance  Relationship:Established  Marriage  Length:1000-5000  OneShot 
april 2015 by Ambrosine8
Can't Be Saved (Not So Frail)
“Kira doesn't care a wick if you can afford her dresses and bonnets, I'm well aware. It doesn't change the fact that I have to look after her best interests. I'd like her to be with an Alpha that puts her above all else even if he cannot afford her every luxury.”

Scott looks surprised. “I know you do not know me, sir, but I can promise you that that is my only wish. I—I love Kira quite dearly, and all I want is to provide for her, make her happy.”

“So you will marry off your brother,” Derek says, taking a sip from his drink.


In which Kira is Derek's ward, Stiles is Scott's brother, and omega heat cycles are good for everyone.
Author:weathervaanes  TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Length:10.000-20.000  Slash  fanfic  Smut  Romance  Relationship:FirstTime  AlternateUniverse-Historical  Omega!Stiles  MatingCycles/InHeat  Knotting  Marriage  OneShot 
august 2014 by Ambrosine8
Bound to You
A wave of tingling energy rushed up Clint’s arm, and his vision swam, although that might have been because of the blow to his head.

Clint barely had time to think, this isn’t good, before everything faded to black.

While on a mission, Clint accidentally touches the weird Asgardian artifact he'd been sent to retrieve, and as usual in Clint's life, this leads to awkward complications. But suddenly soul-bonding to his husband isn't nearly as bad as the rest of the Avengers finding out that Clint is married before Clint has a chance to actually tell them.
Author:orderlychaos  TheAvengers  Slash  fanfic  Clint/Phil  Romance  Fluff  Relationship:Established  Marriage  SoulBond  Action  OneShot  Length:5000-10.000 
july 2014 by Ambrosine8
Waiting Games
Being an only child and heir to the throne, Stiles had always known he may not have the luxury of marrying for love. When he’d realized he was an omega to boot, things had taken an even more uncomfortable turn for him.

Omegas are rare. An omega as the heir apparent is almost unheard of.

Which is why there is no wiggle room when it comes to the tournament.
Author:Jerakeen  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Smut  Romance  Relationship:FirstTime  AlternateUniverse-Royalty  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Omega!Stiles  Knotting  SelfLubrication  Pining  Biting  Marriage  OneShot  Length:5000-10.000 
july 2014 by Ambrosine8
...and a funeral
Phil attends his father's funeral and Clint tags along for the ride.

“But he wasn’t around, and that’s the thing when your parents die, you feel like instead of going in to every fight with backup, you are going into every fight alone.”
― Mitch Albom, For One More Day
Author:Signe_chan  TheAvengers  Slash  fanfic  Clint/Phil  Fluff  Romance  Hurt/Comfort  Friendship  Angst  Relationship:FirstTime  Fake/PretendRelationship  CharacterDeath  Grief/Mourning  Family  Marriage  OneShot  Length:20.000-50.000 
july 2014 by Ambrosine8
“God fucking dammit Rogers if you don't get your ass over here and look at this, I will feed you your own eyeballs.” That's enough to get him out of his seat. He peers over her shoulder and she starts a video clip. Steve watches. Natasha watches him.

“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,” he says under his breath. “Again.”
Author:goddessofcruelty  TheAvengers  Clint/Phil  Slash  fanfic  Angst  Hurt/Comfort  Relationship:Established  Marriage  MindWiping  OneShot  Length:1000-5000 
july 2014 by Ambrosine8
Phil is floating along on a bright, beautiful cloud of painkillers, which is nice. It passes the time.
Author:Ralkana  TheAvengers  Slash  fanfic  Clint/Phil  Fluff  Romance  Relationship:Established  Marriage  Length:10.000-20.000  MultiChapter 
july 2014 by Ambrosine8
Nobody figured Coulson for one to have tattoos.

(Or, the random little ficlet- it's not even a fic- about the team's opinions on everybody's tattoos)
Author:heartsdesire456  TheAvengers  Slash  fanfic  Clint/Phil  Fluff  Humor  Relationship:Established  Marriage  Tattoo  OneShot  Length:1000-5000 
july 2014 by Ambrosine8
Right In Front of Your Face
Phil and Clint get engaged and go out together to spread the news. but everyone is just shocked to hear they're together.
Author:ereshai  TheAvengers  Slash  fanfic  Clint/Phil  Fluff  Relationship:Established  5+1  Marriage  SecretRelationship  OneShot  Length:1000-5000 
july 2014 by Ambrosine8
Flying High
Phil wakes up in SHIELD Medical high on painkillers and forgets he's married to Clint, before proceeding to fall in love with his favourite archer all over again.

A sweet, adorable and teeth-rotting moment.
Author:orderlychaos  TheAvengers  Slash  fanfic  Clint/Phil  Fluff  Relationship:Established  Marriage  OneShot  Length:1000-5000 
june 2014 by Ambrosine8
It Gets Old Fast
Five times Clint was told Phil was alive, and one time he was told Phil was dead. A (slightly dark) comedy.
Author:Kathar  TheAvengers  Slash  fanfic  Clint/Phil  Romance  Fluff  Humor  Angst  Relationship:Established  Marriage  5+1  Friendship  OneShot  Length:1000-5000 
june 2014 by Ambrosine8
Never Too Broken
Phil Coulson had been working with Clint for fifteen years when he died.

Phil Coulson had been in a relationship with Clint for twelve years when he died.

Phil Coulson had been married to Clint for nine years when he died.

But Phil had only been dead for three months when an incompetent handler meant breaking the promise Clint had made to him all those years ago.
Author:heartsdesire456  TheAvengers  Slash  fanfic  Clint/Phil  Angst  Hurt/Comfort  Relationship:Established  ConsentIssues  Marriage  Friendship  OneShot  Smut  Length:20.000-50.000 
june 2014 by Ambrosine8
"That little shit," Jasper snarls, throwing himself in the seat across from Phil in the mess hall, glasses slightly askew and eyes sporting that look Phil has come to associate with a certain specialist recently collected into SHIELD's fold.
Author:sirona  TheAvengers  Slash  fanfic  Clint/Phil  Romance  Smut  Fluff  Angst  Hurt/Comfort  Relationship:FirstTime  Marriage  Pining  Insecurity  Possessive  Length:20.000-50.000  MultiChapter 
june 2014 by Ambrosine8
Secret Lives of SHIELD Agents
All around them, the busy sounds of the cosy cafe around the corner from SHIELD’s New York offices ebbed and flowed, but Maria paid it little more attention than it had taken to note all the entry and exit points and discount any threats. The coffeeshop had become a bit of a tradition amongst the senior agents, because one thing you learnt fast at SHIELD was that coffee was as necessary as breathing. More so, if your name was Coulson.

Coffee and gossip is how SHIELD operates.

It's also a way to learn new things about your coworkers.
Author:orderlychaos  TheAvengers  Slash  fanfic  Clint/Phil  Fluff  Romance  Friendship  Relationship:Established  Marriage  Gossip  Length:10.000-20.000  MultiChapter 
june 2014 by Ambrosine8
The Best Is Yet To Come
AKA, five times Clint Barton asked for a husband and the one time he got one.

Can also be seen as a series of scenes showing the evolution of Clint and Phil's relationship.
Author:Salomonderiel  TheAvengers  Slash  fanfic  Clint/Phil  Romance  Fluff  Humor  Angst  Relationship:Established  5+1  Marriage  MultiChapter  Length:10.000-20.000 
june 2014 by Ambrosine8
It’ll Be the Perfect Ending to the Perfect Day
They meet in an Omega Studies Class freshmen year, the oldest two students by a wide margin. Clint Barton and Phil Coulson have a lot to connect them, former military, college on the GI Bill, a deep love of Christmas. One thing they do not have is a bond. They are all the happier for it.
Author:Darkmagyk  TheAvengers  Slash  fanfic  Clint/Phil  Fluff  Romance  Relationship:Established  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Mpreg  Omega!Phil  AlternateUniverse-College/University  Marriage  OneShot  Length:1000-5000 
june 2014 by Ambrosine8
thought we were obvious (but nobody knew)
“Does Director Fury know about this?”
“I would hope so,” Coulson intones, “considering the fact that he’s the one who officiated it.”

Or, 5 times the Avengers should have realized Clint and Coulson were married, and the 1 time they finally did.
Author:grydo2life  TheAvengers  Slash  fanfic  Clint/Phil  Romance  Fluff  Relationship:Established  Marriage  5+1  OneShot  Length:1000-5000 
june 2014 by Ambrosine8
Now We've Learned To Kiss The Sky
“I’m going to ask you something,” Phil says and then pauses and doesn’t ask Clint anything at all.

“Yeah?” Clint asks, leaning forward and resting his elbows on the table. “Is it kinky?” It isn’t, obviously; Phil never has a problem suggesting anything when it comes to sex.

Phil shakes his head. He looks up, catching and holding Clint’s eyes. Clint doesn’t make any more smartass comments. “Marry me?” Phil asks.
Author:torakowalski  TheAvengers  Slash  fanfic  Clint/Phil  Romance  Fluff  Relationship:Established  Marriage  Bottom!Phil  Smut  OneShot  Length:10.000-20.000 
june 2014 by Ambrosine8
Hale and Hearty
It starts out innocently enough, with a drive to celebrate surviving yet another lethal creature who took up residence in Beacon Hills. Somehow, it ends up including marriage licenses and a giant hotel room, despite both Derek and Stiles being single. But what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Doesn't it?
Author:khasael  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Fluff  Angst  Relationship:Developing  Marriage  Smut  Possessive  RoadTrip  Hurt/Comfort  Jealousy  ScentMarking  Length:50.000-100.000  MultiChapter 
april 2014 by Ambrosine8
Conspiracy against the Throne
Thorin had thought he’d have to defend Bilbo’s place at his side once Erebor was restored, but in time the dwarf King learns the opposite holds true as the citizens of Erebor fall deeply in love with the hobbit consort.

Bilbo is just amused at how jealous Thorin gets.
Author:ferretbaby  TheHobbit  Slash  fanfic  Thorin/Bilbo  Fluff  Smut  Relationship:Established  AlternateUniverse-EveryoneLives/NobodyDies  Marriage  Length:5000-10.000  OneShot 
february 2014 by Ambrosine8
After living in the village for the past year Thomas finally becomes officially part of the tribe.


How Thomas got married without quite realizing it, but it all turns out all right in the end.
Author:Jougetsu  Pocahontas  Kocoum/Thomas  Slash  fanfic  AlternateUniverse-Historical  Relationship:FirstTime  Marriage  Smut  Romance  OneShot  Length:1000-5000 
may 2013 by Ambrosine8
Sweet Firsts and Sloppy kisses
Thorin and Bilbo get married in Lake Town pre-reclaiming Erebor. They haven't had sex up to this point. It's now their wedding night. Go wild.
Author:Salios  TheHobbit  Thorin/Bilbo  Slash  fanfic  Smut  Relationship:Established  Bottom!Bilbo  Marriage  OneShot  Length:1000-5000 
january 2013 by Ambrosine8
King's Virgin
Prompt: In Dwarf Culture in is custom for the consort of the king to be a virgin. And when the king first takes their consort they get a handkerchief to wipe the blood from their consorts hole and keep it as a reminder of the one thing they conquered in every sense of the word.
TheHobbit  Slash  fanfic  Thorin/Bilbo  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  Marriage  Virginity  Author:AShamedGoddess  OneShot  Length:1000-5000 
january 2013 by Ambrosine8
i thought it make believe
Stiles scrolls up on his text message history and sure enough finds "I'm OK, don't worry, I'm going back to the hotel room" with a timestamp of 1:30AM and "I think I'm in love I think he's a werewolf" at 3:00AM.

Stiles stares at his phone for a while in horror.


Well, so would Stiles.
TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Romance  Relationship:FirstTime  Marriage  OneShot  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  Author:leahk(blinkiesays)  Length:1000-5000 
november 2012 by Ambrosine8
Then You Think Again
"Holy crap! Why the hell did you lie to incredibly powerful magical beings with trust issues? How was that Plan A?"

Derek says, "We're not arguing about this, it's already done."

"Like hell we're not fighting about this," Stiles says, indignant. "What were you thinking?"

"I was thinking it was worth the risk if it kept you alive! And it worked, so drop it."

"You had no idea that it was going to work!" Stiles throws his hands up. Why is Derek the most frustrating werewolf in the history of ever, why is Stiles even helping him, why is this his life? "Why did they even believe you in the first place?"

Derek says, "You reeked of me," which is unfair. Stiles only smelled because he'd gotten covered in Derek's bodily fluids trying to staunch the bleeding.
TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  Slash  fanfic  Romance  Relationship:FirstTime  Marriage  PackDynamics  Family  Friendship  Tattoo  Marking  OneShot  Author:leahk(blinkiesays)  Length:20.000-50.000 
november 2012 by Ambrosine8
Killing me softly
"I agreed to be your mate. I agreed to be your consort. I never agreed to be your whore."
TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  Author:Kellygirl  Slash  fanfic  Relationship:Established  Tattoo  Marriage  OneShot  AlternateUniverse-Historical  Length:1000-5000 
september 2012 by Ambrosine8
Caged By Frail and Fragile Bars
It's hard to find your place in life when you're only human and feel completely replaceable. Or, how Stiles finds out that while yes, he is completely human, he is irreplaceable.
Author:publicspeaking  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Romance  Relationship:FirstTime  Angst  PackDynamics  OneShot  Marriage  Mates  AlternateUniverse-Future  Length:10.000-20.000 
september 2012 by Ambrosine8
Threaded through a needle, tied into a knot
In hindsight, maybe waiting until their wedding night to bring up the whole knotting thing wasn’t the best idea.
Author:queerly_it_is  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Romance  Relationship:Established  Humor  Possessive  Marking  Bottom!Stiles  Knotting  OneShot  Marriage  Length:5000-10.000 
august 2012 by Ambrosine8
DRP Wedding
Merlin had been in absolute, exquisitely embarrassing ecstasies for the entire first month he was engaged. Lancelot said he should come with a fine-print warning he could cause nausea, Gwen started shunning him after the second week because she was too nice to tell him he was being revolting, Everett threatened to seduce Arthur, just to burst Merlin's bubble of unbearable happiness.
Author:rageprufrock  Merlin  Slash  fanfic  Arthur/Merlin  Romance  AlternateUniverse-ModernSetting  Fluff  Relationship:Established  AlternateUniverse-Royalty  Marriage  MultiChapter 
july 2012 by Ambrosine8
and thereto I give thee my troth
let's pretend this is a magical land where the church of england accepts gay marriage. and also where uther was brow-beaten and bullied into giving his blessing.
Author:thisissirius  Merlin  Slash  fanfic  Arthur/Merlin  Romance  AlternateUniverse-ModernSetting  Fluff  Relationship:Established  AlternateUniverse-Royalty  Marriage  MultiChapter 
july 2012 by Ambrosine8
It's all in the (several) names
“This is ridiculous,” Merlin said, throwing the piece of paper down. “I'm never going to get this right.”

“Merlin, you can do this. It;s not that hard.”
Author:a8csock(ladysockalot)  Merlin  Slash  fanfic  Arthur/Merlin  Romance  Fluff  Relationship:Established  OneShot  Marriage  AlternateUniverse-ModernSetting  AlternateUniverse-Royalty 
july 2012 by Ambrosine8
Three Castles
It’s a perfectly wretched day in Camelot when Uther Pendragon announces Arthur’s betrothal.
Author:rageprufrock  Merlin  Slash  fanfic  Arthur/Merlin  Fluff  Romance  Relationship:FirstTime  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  Marriage  Length:1000-5000  OneShot 
july 2012 by Ambrosine8
A Piece of My Heart
Oakdale reacts to Luke and Reid's engagement...and Paris is the venue for a LuRe wedding. It's as fluffy as cotton candy, with not one iota of angst in sight.
Author:jacob1206  ATWT  Slash  fanfic  Luke/Reid  Romance  Fluff  Relationship:Established  OneShot  Marriage 
june 2012 by Ambrosine8
st_xi_kink_meme: PART TWELVE
I'd love a fic where Kirk and Spock are married and wear their wedding-rings on chains around their necks so its a secret from everybody else. The crew catches glimpses of the necklace and sometimes rings (maybe Kirk likes to play with it when he's nervous or bored?) but it takes a while for them to connect the dots.
StarTrek  Slash  fanfic  Spock/Kirk  Romance  Relationship:Established  Marriage  OutsiderPOV  OneShot 
february 2012 by Ambrosine8
Just Another Love Story
A message board for fans of As the World Turns Luke Synder and Oliver Reid
Author:writerindisguise  ATWT  Slash  fanfic  Luke/Reid  Relationship:Established  OneShot  Romance  Marriage 
january 2012 by Ambrosine8
They Would Overcome the World
Desperate to regain strength after the devastation to the fleet at the Battle of Vulcan, Starfleet introduces a policy inspired by the Sacred Band of Thebes that requires Captains and their First Officers to be in an intimate relationship. When the policy is repealed after a short time, why do Kirk and Spock find it difficult to break off their relationship?

StarTrek  Slash  fanfic  Spock/Kirk  Romance  Angst  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  OneShot  Author:nahara  Marriage  AlternateUniverse-Canon  Length:5000-10.000 
august 2011 by Ambrosine8
They're Worse than Evil Unicorns
Kurt and Jesse just wanted a nice, small, and quiet wedding. They got exactly the opposite when the Westboro Baptist Church decided to show up. Good thing they basically have the most amazing friends and family ever, right?
Author:puppetdumbly  Glee  Slash  fanfic  Jesse/Kurt  Relationship:Established  OneShot  Romance  Humor  Length:5000-10.000  Marriage  Friendship  Family 
december 2010 by Ambrosine8
Some Victory
He had been playing music like this for four years, and that was the first time he ever felt it, down to his bones (or, the one where they're musicians and Jim and Spock still kind of hate each other).
Author:waldorph  StarTrek  Slash  Spock/Kirk  Relationship:FirstTime  OneShot  Romance  Humor  Marriage  Smut  AlternateUniverse-ModernSetting  Length:5000-10.000 
september 2010 by Ambrosine8

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5+1  Action  Alcoholism  Alpha/Beta/Omega  AlternateUniverse-Canon  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  AlternateUniverse-College/University  AlternateUniverse-DifferentFirstMeeting  AlternateUniverse-EveryoneLives/NobodyDies  AlternateUniverse-Future  AlternateUniverse-Historical  AlternateUniverse-MagicalRealism  AlternateUniverse-ModernSetting  AlternateUniverse-Royalty  AlternateUniverse-Tribe  AlternateUniverse-Warriors  AlternateUniverse-WerewolvesAreKnown  Angst  Arthur/Merlin  ATWT  Author:a8csock(ladysockalot)  Author:all_our_heroes  Author:AShamedGoddess  Author:asocialfauxpas(fuzzytomato)  Author:Azurai  Author:CateAdams  Author:ChuckleVoodoos  Author:Darkmagyk  Author:ereshai  Author:Farasha  Author:ferretbaby  Author:freakypet  Author:goddessofcruelty  Author:grydo2life  Author:har1ey_quinn  Author:heartsdesire456  Author:IBegToDreamAndDiffer  Author:InTheShadows  Author:jacob1206  Author:JenkoFive  Author:Jerakeen  Author:Jougetsu  Author:Kathar  Author:Kellygirl  Author:khasael  Author:laceymcbain  Author:ladypigswagon  Author:leahk(blinkiesays)  Author:LunaCanisLupus_22  Author:marguerite_26  Author:nahara  Author:obsidienne  Author:orderlychaos  Author:poisonivory  Author:publicspeaking  Author:puppetdumbly  Author:queerly_it_is  Author:rageprufrock  Author:Ralkana  Author:rotrude  Author:Salios  Author:Salomonderiel  Author:Signe_chan  Author:sirona  Author:thehoyden  Author:thisissirius  Author:torakowalski  Author:waldorph  Author:weathervaanes  Author:whispered_story  Author:writerindisguise  BAMF!John  Betrayal  Biting  Bonding  Bottom!Bilbo  Bottom!Clint  Bottom!Derek  Bottom!Jared  Bottom!Matt  Bottom!Phil  Bottom!Stiles  Bottom!Will  BreakUp  CharacterDeath  ChildhoodFriends  Clint/Phil  ConsentIssues  Creature!Fic  Crossover/Fusion-SweetHomeAlabama  Daredevil  Depression  Derek/Stiles  Domestic  Drama  Estrangement  Fake/PretendRelationship  Family  fanfic  Fluff  Friendship  FriendsToLovers  Glee  Gossip  Grief/Mourning  Hannibal  Hannibal/Will  Humor  Hurt/Comfort  Injury  Inlaws  Insecurity  Jealousy  Jensen/Jared  Jesse/Kurt  Kid!fic  Kidnapping  Knotting  Kocoum/Thomas  Length:0-1000  Length:10.000-20.000  Length:20.000-50.000  Length:50.000-100.000  Length:100.000-200.000  Length:1000-5000  Length:5000-10.000  Luke/Reid  Magical!Stiles  Marking  Marriage  MarriageOfConvenience  Mates  MatingCycles/InHeat  Matt/Foggy  MentalHealthIssues  Merlin  MindWiping  Misunderstanding  Mpreg  MultiChapter  Omega!Phil  Omega!Stiles  OneShot  OutsiderPOV  PackDynamics  PackFeels  PastAbuse  Peter/Stiles  Pining  Pocahontas  Possessive  Protective  Relationship:Developing  Relationship:Established  Relationship:FirstTime  RoadTrip  Romance  ScentMarking  SecretRelationship  SelfLubrication  Sherlock  Sherlock/John  Slash  Smut  SoulBond  Spark!Stiles  Spock/Kirk  StarTrek  Stiles/Lydia  Supernatural  Tattoo  TeenWolf  TheAvengers  TheHobbit  Thorin/Bilbo  TrustIssues  Virginity 

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