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“You should take a date to your fundraiser."
“Yes, perhaps you’re right. It would be improper to invite someone under false pretence, mind, and for my patient to understand, the evidence would need to be… compelling.”
“Perhaps an ex-girlfriend,” Will says, unsure why the thought makes him feel flat and remote.
“That would be incredibly inappropriate.”
“A friend then. Someone you can explain the problem to. You could take-”
“You,” Hannibal interjects.
The words belly-flop into silence. Will’s mouth opens, and then closes, and then opens again.

When Franklyn's advances of friendship become too much for even Hannibal to politely ignore, he enlists Will's help.
Author:gleamingandwholeanddeadly(something_safe)  Hannibal  Slash  fanfic  Hannibal/Will  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  Fake/PretendRelationship  Top!Hannibal  Bottom!Will  OralSex  Length:10.000-20.000  OneShot 
july 2019 by Ambrosine8
At First Glance
Adam met Nigel completely by accident, when Nigel showed up at his side at a bar and pretended to be his boyfriend to ward off an unwanted admirer. A few weeks later, when Nigel asked Adam to return the favor, Adam couldn't bring himself to say no. It was one of the first lies Adam had ever told, but it was certainly not the last.
Author:stratumgermanitivum  Adam-CharlieCountryman  Slash  fanfic  Nigel/Adam  Fluff  Relationship:FirstTime  Fake/PretendRelationship  AlternateUniverse-College/University  AttemptedSexualAssault  Length:5000-10.000  OneShot  HannibalExtendedUniverse 
march 2019 by Ambrosine8
I've Dreamed a Million Miles about Your Eyes and Smiles
Jared comes home to find a stranger in his bed—Jensen, his brother's boss, needs a place to hide from the press and Jared, who would do anything for his brother, reluctantly agrees to let him stay for a few days. But things spin out of control when he gets sucked into pretending to be Jensen's fiancé. Soon Jared's life is turned upside down; though Jensen might just be the best thing that ever happened to him.
Author:whispered_story  Supernatural  Slash  fanfic  Jensen/Jared  Fluff  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  Fake/PretendRelationship  Length:10.000-20.000  OneShot  Bottom!Jared  Top!Jensen 
april 2018 by Ambrosine8
Someone Tell Me, When Is It My Turn?
Hopelessly single and broke, there's no way Stiles is attending his 10 year high school reunion. Only he didn't count on Scott RSVP'ing for both of them and Peter proposing. Sort of.
Author:lostwithoutmyanchor(mysourwolf)  TeenWolf  Peter/Stiles  Length:10.000-20.000  Slash  fanfic  Fluff  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  Fake/PretendRelationship  BountyHunter!Peter  Top!Peter  Bottom!Stiles  OneShot 
december 2017 by Ambrosine8
Happiness is Effortless
Derek just wanted an excuse to run out on his date. A very public fight with the fiance he didn't know he had is not exactly what he was expecting, but he'll take it.
Author:clotpolesonly  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Fluff  Relationship:FirstTime  Fake/PretendRelationship  AlternateUniverse-Human  Length:5000-10.000  OneShot 
december 2017 by Ambrosine8
One Man’s Trash...
Stiles isn't prepared to run into his ex-boyfriend again.

Ever the good Samaritan, Peter offers to help him out.
Author:septima_sum  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Peter/Stiles  Fluff  Relationship:FirstTime  Fake/PretendRelationship  AlternateUniverse-WerewolvesAreKnown  Length:1000-5000  OneShot 
december 2017 by Ambrosine8
For Giving Me the Best
It's Thanksgiving at the Nelson homestead, and Foggy's family is suffering under some misapprehensions. Matt doesn't mind.
Author:poisonivory  Daredevil  Slash  fanfic  Matt/Foggy  Fluff  Relationship:FirstTime  Fake/PretendRelationship  Holiday  Length:1000-5000  OneShot 
january 2017 by Ambrosine8
What All This Time Was For
On the rare occasions he reminisces about high school Foggy kind of wonders if he isn't just filling in the worst parts of teen comedies.

Foggy goes to his high school reunion.
Author:lady_ragnell  Daredevil  Slash  fanfic  Matt/Foggy  Fluff  Relationship:FirstTime  Fake/PretendRelationship  SchoolReunion  Length:10.000-20.000  OneShot 
december 2016 by Ambrosine8
Pretending is for Losers
Stiles has to go to Washington to meet some pack leader about who knows what (thanks for the rundown Scott, real helpful) and Derek has to go because, well, unmated Spark Emissary Stiles is a hot topic of discussion and Scott (oh mighty alpha dumbass) had the bright idea to have them pretend to be mated.

Stiles might actually kill him, tbh.


Derek yanks him a little, right into his lap, and noses behind Stiles' ear.

Stiles sighs and leans into him. "This is bullshit," he mutters. "Where are we going, when are we leaving?"

Scott smiles like he's been told yes, you can keep that puppy. "You'll do it?"

"As long as my dad doesn't have to know I'm fake dating the guy I've told him repeatedly I'm not with." Stiles twitches as Derek brushes a sensitive spot. "Yeah, I'll do it."
Author:Shadowsdance  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Fluff  Relationship:FirstTime  Fake/PretendRelationship  PackDynamics  Emissary!Stiles  Length:1000-5000  OneShot 
november 2015 by Ambrosine8
A Hale for the Holidays
“I sent you a Christmas card that got sent back to me. Did you get a new apartment?” his dad wonders. The question is all suspicion and little anything else.

A flicker of an idea sparks. It’s not nearly formed well enough for him to say, “Yeah, actually,” and when he follows that with, “I moved in with someone,” he wants to punch himself in the face. He’s living with someone?!

“You’re living with someone?” It’s the same voice and tone as the one in Stiles’ head, just thirty years older.

Two things keep Stiles from bashing his face onto the table: there’s a steaming cup of coffee in the way and, more importantly, his dad will definitely hear. Someone passes by in front of him and a semi-familiar book cover catches his eye. “Derek Hale,” he muses, and stops. No. That wasn’t meant to be out loud.
Author:rlnerdgirl  TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  Length:20.000-50.000  Slash  fanfic  Fluff  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  Fake/PretendRelationship  AlternateUniverse-Human  Holiday  OneShot  Bottom!Stiles  Top!Derek 
january 2015 by Ambrosine8
Old Traditions, Werewolf Edition
Stiles does not work his Omega ass off to attract frat boy Alphas. Absolutely not. He's at college to get his degree. If he's crushing on an Alpha who never crosses the lines of propriety, well, no one needs to know, right?
Author:Footloose  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Fluff  Relationship:FirstTime  Alpha/Beta/Omega  AlternateUniverse-College/University  ScentMarking  Fake/PretendRelationship  Stalking  Courting/Wooing  Length:1000-5000  OneShot  Omega!Stiles  Alpha!Derek 
january 2015 by Ambrosine8
Feels So Hard to Breathe
“Pretty basic. AIM idiots are up to no good and focusing on couples at the Basin Harbor Club for whatever dumb reason. We go in, pose as happy couple, find the baddies, stop ‘em before they cause more trouble, save the day. Should be a cakewalk.”

“Famous last words, Barton,”
Author:AlyKat  TheAvengers  Clint/Phil  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Slash  fanfic  Romance  Fluff  Relationship:FirstTime  Fake/PretendRelationship  Pining  Mpreg  MatingCycles/InHeat  OneShot  Length:20.000-50.000  Omega!Phil  Alpha!Clint 
july 2014 by Ambrosine8
...and a funeral
Phil attends his father's funeral and Clint tags along for the ride.

“But he wasn’t around, and that’s the thing when your parents die, you feel like instead of going in to every fight with backup, you are going into every fight alone.”
― Mitch Albom, For One More Day
Author:Signe_chan  TheAvengers  Slash  fanfic  Clint/Phil  Fluff  Romance  Hurt/Comfort  Friendship  Angst  Relationship:FirstTime  Fake/PretendRelationship  CharacterDeath  Grief/Mourning  Family  Marriage  OneShot  Length:20.000-50.000 
july 2014 by Ambrosine8
A Gram of Gold
Pretending he was in love with his husband was easy. Pretending he wasn't in love with Clint was somewhat harder, however.
Author:aftersoon  TheAvengers  Clint/Phil  Slash  fanfic  Angst  Relationship:FirstTime  Fake/PretendRelationship  Pining  Misunderstanding  OneShot  Length:10.000-20.000 
july 2014 by Ambrosine8
my world, my true
In which Clint prefers to wear gloves, SHIELD is not the DMV, Coulson's apron is not frilly, and scones pave the way to a man's heart -- but time and a soulbond don't hurt, either.
Author:Sinope  TheAvengers  Slash  fanfic  Clint/Phil  Smut  Romance  Relationship:FirstTime  AlternateUniverse-Soulmates  SoulBond  MemoryAlteration  TouchStarved  Fake/PretendRelationship  OneShot  Length:10.000-20.000  Bottom!Phil  Top!Clint 
july 2014 by Ambrosine8
It's like the whole world is jumping off a bridge (Lucky13 #3)
Phil returns during a battle and Clint's greeting is...intense, for lack of a better word. It's recorded on the news and is, apparently, great bait somehow.
Author:megyal  TheAvengers  Slash  fanfic  Clint/Phil  Fluff  Relationship:FirstTime  Fake/PretendRelationship  OneShot  Length:5000-10.000 
june 2014 by Ambrosine8
we knew every line
What happens at the North American Lycanthropy and Leadership Symposium stays at the North American Lycanthropy and Leadership Symposium. // Or, Stiles is totally going to be the best fake boyfriend ever. According to Allison and Lydia, he and Scott rate 17/20 in believability and 19/20 in cuteness. They’ve got this shit locked down.
Author:magneticwave  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Romance  Fluff  Humor  Friendship  Relationship:FirstTime  Fake/PretendRelationship  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  OneShot  Length:5000-10.000 
july 2013 by Ambrosine8
Won't Treat You Like You're Typical
"You think this is funny?" Derek says, turning his glare on Stiles' stupid smirking face.

"I think it's hilarious," Stiles says, shrugging when Derek looks incredulous. "Dude, it's not like it's forever, we'll just have a few sleepovers until the hunters see that all the werewolves in town are properly tamed by their human mates and move on. And then I'll have an awesome who-I-did-over-Summer-vacation story when Fall Semester starts!"
Author:Zee  TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  Slash  fanfic  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  Fake/PretendRelationship  Rimming  OralSex  FutureFic  PackDynamics  OneShot  Length:10.000-20.000  Bottom!Stiles  Top!Derek 
june 2013 by Ambrosine8
Lime And Chili Aioli
Stiles was stuck in a bank robbery in the middle of the day in the middle of Beacon Hills and he could have pocket-dialled Scott or Derek but his phone was on the kitchen bench, covered in lime and chili aioli.
Author:Jinko  TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  Length:10.000-20.000  Slash  fanfic  Smut  Fluff  Relationship:FirstTime  Fake/PretendRelationship  OralSex  BankRobbery  OneShot 
may 2013 by Ambrosine8
we are drifting on a vast dark sea
A threat to the pack forces Stiles and Derek into pretending to be mates, and it's all fun and games until the line between pretend and reality blurs.
Author:grimm  TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  Slash  fanfic  Romance  Smut  Drama  Relationship:FirstTime  PackDynamics  Mates  Fake/PretendRelationship  SoulBond  OneShot  Length:10.000-20.000 
may 2013 by Ambrosine8
Don't Worry Baby
"You know you're allowed to ask for vanilla sex, right?" he says, afterwards. "We can do whatever you want. That's kind of the point."

Derek doesn't respond.
Author:kalpurna  TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  Slash  fanfic  Romance  Angst  Relationship:FirstTime  Fake/PretendRelationship  Smut  OralSex  Knotting  Rimming  Barebacking  Comeplay  Pining  Possessive  ImpregnationKink  OneShot  AlternateUniverse-Prostitution  Length:20.000-50.000  Bottom!Stiles  Top!Derek 
january 2013 by Ambrosine8
The Hazards (and Benefits) of Channel-Surfing on Friday Nights
He's watching TV over the edge of his laptop when Scott brings up the fact that he's still a lonely loser in his third year of college without a boyfriend which, while being completely true, is really fucking unappreciated. It sparks a desperate need to save what little manhood Stiles has and, before he knows it, he's blurting, "I totally have a boyfriend, dude. Shows how much you know."

How was he supposed to know Scott would doubt him? It's not Stiles' fault that someone named Derek Hale really exists. It's also not his fault when his lie grows legs and runs so far he can't find it until it's too late – too late and standing right in front of him, gorgeous and annoyed and not at all the person Stiles made him up to be.

Yeah, this could get bad.
TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Romance  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  OralSex  Fake/PretendRelationship  OneShot  Author:herbeautifullie  AlternateUniverse-College/University  Length:10.000-20.000 
november 2012 by Ambrosine8
pretty in tents
Even though he’s making fun of it, Stiles thinks the whole thing sounds awesome and, like most stuff these days, the experience is going to be totally wasted on Scott.

Author:kellifer_fic  TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  Slash  fanfic  Romance  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  PackDynamics  Fake/PretendRelationship  Length:5000-10.000  OneShot 
october 2012 by Ambrosine8
According to Plans
Five times Stiles and Derek pretend to be boyfriends, and the one time they didn't have to pretend at all. (Or: in which Stiles' plan for senior year is completely ruined by a supernatural creature stalking him.)
Author:eldee  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Derek/Stiles  Romance  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  Fake/PretendRelationship  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  Fae&Fairies  5+1  Length:50.000-100.000  MultiChapter 
august 2012 by Ambrosine8

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