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may 2012 by Alldesign
Witness Home Alarm System Gets AppleScript Support, Sneak Peek, Face Detection
With Witness 2.0, released today, Orbicule has supercharged its home alarm system technology adding a series of functionalities that give more control to users away from their computers, and more issues to (possible) burglars looking to steal your Mac without being seen (or really, just people who want to mess around with your Mac without telling you). Aside from motion detection, which has been improved, Witness 2.0 comes with face detection, allowing you to be notified only when an actual person is sitting in front of your computer’s camera. There are settings to adjust motion sensitivity, and, overall, this feature can really come in handy if you have pets running around the house when you’re not there. I have tried this with my two dogs, and it worked remarkably well with motion sensitivity set to “Normal”: Witness didn’t detect anything with my dogs normally walking around, and I was only sent a notification when I held my dog right in front of the FaceTime camera. Similarly,
kamera  home  alarmanlage  cam  alarm 
february 2012 by Alldesign
Lytro lets you take pictures like never before. Unlike a conventional camera that captures a single plane of light, the Lytro camera captures the entire light field, which is all the light traveling in every direction in every point in space.

Capture everything - instantly.
Capture living pictures with the press of a single button. By instantly capturing complete light field data, the Lytro gives you capabilities you've never had in a regular camera.
photography  camera  focus  kamera  foto  fotografie 
october 2011 by Alldesign
GoPro Products - Record & Share Your Most Memorable Moments
HERO® Cameras
$299.99 HD Helmet HERO
$179.99 HD HERO 960
$259.99 HD HERO Naked
$269.99 HD Surf HERO
$299.99 HD Motorsports HERO
cam  hd  kamera  action 
september 2011 by Alldesign
vitamin d : features
The ideal monitoring software for home and small business

Vitamin D Video detects people and moving objects in video streams for security and monitoring purposes. It runs on a PC or Mac, and uses off-the-shelf USB webcams or network (IP) cameras.
For the first time, professional performance with real-time alerts is available to everyone.
security  webcam  video  monitoring  camera  cam  alarm  kamera 
february 2010 by Alldesign
Kraus GmbH Sicherheitstechnik Köln
# Funkkamera mit Ton und 15 Meter Nachtsicht
# CCD Chip ermöglicht beste Bildqualität im Bereich Funkkameras
# Tag- und Nachtsicht Funkkamera
# Sendeleistung: ca. 20-50 Meter
# Vier Funkkameras max. einsetzbar
# Wetterfeste Überwachungskamera
# Einfach anschließbar an TV oder unsere Aufnahmegeräte
# Inkl. Funkempfänger mit autom. Kanalweiterschaltung
# Inkl. Wand-Deckenhalter und Netzteil
# Anschluss an PC über unsere PC-Karten oder Rekorder möglich
# Langzeitaufnahmen und Aufnahmen bei Bewegung
Kamera  alarm  überwachung  türkamera 
february 2009 by Alldesign

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