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Rand Paul for President
Patriot Act front and center on Rand Paul's page after his marathon on the Senate floor.
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may 2015 by AlexAplin
Russian researchers expose breakthrough U.S. spying program
"A former NSA employee told Reuters that Kaspersky's analysis was correct, and that people still in the intelligence agency valued these spying programs as highly as Stuxnet. Another former intelligence operative confirmed that the NSA had developed the prized technique of concealing spyware in hard drives, but said he did not know which spy efforts relied on it."
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february 2015 by AlexAplin
NSA SigInt Abuse, 02 02 15, LETER to Holder
"It has been more than a year since both my initial request and your testimony before the Judiciary Committee. Yet I have not received a response."

[Coverage on Ars.]
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february 2015 by AlexAplin
AP Exclusive: Some in NSA warned of a backlash over phone data collection
Even high-level officials get ignored when they report through the proper channels.
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november 2014 by AlexAplin
Intelligence Officer’s Bookshelf — Central Intelligence Agency
"Each of these books about the Snowden affair covers the basics of Snowden’s broken family life, his half-finished education, his political beliefs, and his devotion to the Internet."
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november 2014 by AlexAplin
Twitter / wikileaks: @GGreenwald @johnjcook We will ...
"@GGreenwald @johnjcook We will reveal the name of the censored country whose population is being mass recorded in 72 hours."
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june 2014 by AlexAplin
Glenn Greenwald on Edward Snowden and His New Book, No Place to Hide
"That moral narrative at the heart of video games was part of his preadolescence and formed part of his moral understanding of the world and one's obligation as an individual."

"I think we will end the big stories in about three months or so [June or July 2014]. I like to think of it as a fireworks show: You want to save your best for last. There's a story that from the beginning I thought would be our biggest, and I'm saving that. The last one is the one where the sky is all covered in spectacular multicolored hues. This will be the finale, a big missing piece. Snowden knows about it and is excited about it."

"I've always had an amusing dream: to take a picture of the two of us drinking caipirinhas on Ipanema beach and then uploading it to Instagram, and then tweeting it, and causing this systemic massive-heart-attack syndrome in Fort Meade."

"I mean, the producer who's spearheading the project is Barbara Broccoli, whose father did all the Bond films, and she now produces the Bond films. So I was actually a little worried about that, because James Bond is stupid."
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june 2014 by AlexAplin
Révélations sur les écoutes sous-marines de la NSA
"An unseen NSA document includes a list of targets surveilled through NSA’s access to undersea cabled over a single month in 2013. These include the Philippine Interior Minister and Vice President, the Ensenada Resort and conference centre in Honduras, the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Italy, telecommunications companies in Saudi Arabia and Libya and Tranchulas, a Pakistani computer security company."
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may 2014 by AlexAplin
Exclusive: Emails reveal close Google relationship with NSA
"It's especially interesting that the source of this was NOT a Snowden leak... it was a separate FOIA demand that resulted in this story. That is, this is a parallel confirmation that Snowden material is legit."
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may 2014 by AlexAplin
New water records show NSA Utah Data Center likely behind schedule
[It's just metadata.]
"However, by computing the water usage rate, one could ultimately determine the computing power and capabilities of the Utah Data Center. Armed with this information, one could then deduce how much intelligence NSA is collecting and maintaining, and this clearly relates to one of NSA's core missions, which is the collection of foreign intelligence. Likewise, NSA's water usage rate at this data center clearly relates to NSA activities in carrying out its foreign intelligence mission."

[Bluffdale, Utath recommended not releasing the records.]

[The denial from the NSA.]
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may 2014 by AlexAplin
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