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How to create pure CSS illustrations and animate them - Part 1 - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
CSS illustrations are great for:

Illustrators or designers hoping to use their designing skills to learn, or get more confident with html/css
Front-end developers hoping to work on their creativity and develop a good eye for design
Anyone wanting to have a bit of fun while strengthening their CSS skills
Anyone hoping to connect with a community, inspire and be inspired
Or anyone up for a good challenge
In this series, we'll learn how to create three CSS illustrations, ranging from simple to complex. We'll learn the basics of CSS animations and how to use them to animate our illustrations. Along the way, we'll find out what concepts, tools and techniques can help speed up our workflow.
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8 weeks ago by Aetles
"Hand-drawn" Circle | Drawing Techniques
But here's how to do something special, something (not yet) common: a "hand drawn" effect.
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july 2012 by Aetles

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