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A Simple Tweak for Making 'git rebase' Safe on OS X
Since OS X 10.7 Lion and the introduction of the Auto-Save and Versions features (which automatically records the history of files), some Git commands like “rebase” might fail on Mac OS systems.

When performing a large rebase with several commits and many changed files, the rebase process can randomly abort, stating that there are uncommitted changes and rebase cannot continue. However, a “git status” does not report any changes.
When aborting the rebase process and re-running it, it will again randomly abort at any commit until (after several retries) it may or may not finally succeed.

This can lead to a scenario where a commit is accidentally skipped by the developer if he’s not aware of the issue and continues the rebase. The problem has been tracked down to the revisiond daemon of the OS X Versions feature, which detects file changes and seems to somehow alter the file system info of the file, causing a rebase step to fail as it then detects changes.
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november 2013 by Aetles
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