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When preparing for your home remodeling project, make sure you’re truly ready for it by doing your research.
home  remodeling  project 
8 days ago by Adventure_Web
Motivations for Renovating Your Home
If you have been reluctant to renovate your home, then you can go ahead and splurge.
home  renovations  tips-for-homeowners 
10 days ago by Adventure_Web
Who Should Consider Ornamental Fencing?
Ornamental fences help mark your property and keep unwanted visitors out of your lawn, but they also make a beautiful, visual statement. While the fences are an excellent choice for almost any property, learn who can particularly benefit for an ornamental fence:
fences  ornamental-fencing  home 
15 days ago by Adventure_Web
4 Home Remodeling Projects That Are Worth The Investment
When making remodeling decisions, you must think about what will add the most value to your life and add value to your home. Learn about four remodeling projects that are worth the investment.
remodeling  investment  home 
16 days ago by Adventure_Web
Maintenance Tips for Your Custom Home
Keep your brand new home looking fresh with these maintenance tips.
custom-home  maintenance-tips  home 
17 days ago by Adventure_Web
How Do I Choose the Best Fence for My Yard?
If it's time for an upgrade or new installation, but you're on the "fence" about what choice to make, then keep reading! We're here to help!
home  fences  Hercules-Fence 
17 days ago by Adventure_Web
Top 3 Reasons You Should Work With a Custom Home Builder
A custom home takes a lot of planning and decision making, but the right builder will help you every step of the way to create your dream home in no time! Learn about the top three reasons you should work with a custom home builder.
custom-home  builder  home 
17 days ago by Adventure_Web
3 Great Ideas For Your Garage Remodel
When it comes to updating your home, you have probably considered a bathroom or kitchen remodel, but you may not think about the garage. Check out three great ideas for your garage remodel.
garage  remodel  home 
17 days ago by Adventure_Web
What Size Should Your Home Be?
What size one’s home should be is not the same for everyone. With the right questions, though, you can find yours.
home  custom-home  size 
24 days ago by Adventure_Web
3 Interior Door Replacement Tips
Are you thinking about replacing your doors? We have three interior door replacement tips that you should jot down!
home  interior-doors  replacement 
29 days ago by Adventure_Web
Handle Your Hardwood With Care: Mistakes to Avoid
A few simple mistakes can ruin the longevity of your hardwood flooring. Keep reading to learn how to handle your hardwood with care. Here are some mistakes you should avoid!
home  hardwood-floors  mistakes 
29 days ago by Adventure_Web
4 Fencing Myths Debunked!
If you don't want to waste time or money, we're here to debunk four fencing myths. Read on.
home  fencing  fences 
29 days ago by Adventure_Web
How to Introduce a Kitten to Your Home
Introducing a kitten into your home requires preparation and patience. Read the steps below to learn more!
kitten  new-cat  home 
4 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
3 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Building A Custom Home
Building a custom home is a great investment, but unfortunately, many people make major mistakes during the process. Learn about three common mistakes to avoid at all costs when building a custom home.
custom-home  home  builder 
4 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Home Remodeling Ideas for Infusing Your Kitchen and Bathroom with Summer Vibes
Most of the time, homeowners will focus on remodeling the kitchen or renovating the bathroom. Rarely do they attempt both projects at the same time.
home  remodeling  remodeling-your-home 
5 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Can Renovating Your Home Make You Healthier?
It sounds hard to believe at first, but renovating your home can give you more than peace of mind.
tips-for-homeowners  home  renovating 
5 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Water Damage and Insurance Coverage
Although you’d think of getting insurance for fire damage, break-ins, or any other misfortune that could visit your home, you probably doubt that water damage could be a problem. Sadly, that is nothing but a misconception.
water-damage  home  insurance-coverage 
5 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
2 Ways to Keep Your Home Clean When You Have Pets
Keeping your home clean with your pets is easy, but sometimes it can be so challenging that you will need to get professional help.
house-cleaning  home  pets 
5 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
If you follow some of these great tips to help improve your cleaning productivity, you may find that your cleaning tasks become a little less daunting.
home  cleaning  tidying  tips 
6 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
What’s Valuable About Vinyl Siding?
If you’ve found yourself in the tricky position of picking a siding type, you might be excited to learn that vinyl is a great option that has become increasingly popular for a variety of great reasons.
vinyl-siding  home  wood 
6 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
There are some places in the home where germs are more likely to gather. Here are where those spots are.
germs  home  house-cleaning 
7 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Why You Should Wait to Remodel Your Home
The itch to redecorate, renovate, and remodel will get you to reconsider everything: from the front entry to the back door.
home  remodel  remodeling-your-home 
7 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Four Benefits of Utilizing Door Awnings
Retractable awnings are a favorite when it comes to the exterior design for residences and businesses alike but did you know that door awnings are favorable as well? Keep reading for four benefits of utilizing door awnings.
door-awnings  awnings  home 
9 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
4 Reasons Why Building A Custom Home Provides More Value
When making the decision to buy an older home to renovate or to build a custom home from scratch, it’s important to look at the pros and cons of each side. Learn about four reasons why building a custom home provides more value.
custom-home  home  value 
9 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Does Your Annapolis Custom Home Need a Detached Garage?
There are still many positives to having a detached garage, however, and it may be the right choice to add to your Annapolis home.
home  -additions  garages  detached-garages 
9 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
When looking for the perfect project, start with ways to improve the comfort of your home.
home  remodeling-tips  Church-Hill 
9 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Home Remodeling Tips: Make It More Accessible
One way to remodel your home is to make it more accessible.
home  remodeling  accessible 
9 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
5 Things To Consider Before Making A Dumpster Rental
If you keep the following 5 things in mind, your next dumpster rental will be less troublesome.
waste  home  waste-reduction 
10 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Outdoor Lighting Tips
Outdoor lighting also makes a difference in regards to safety and security, along with aesthetics. If you don't know where to begin, keep reading to learn about some outdoor lighting tips.
outdoor-lighting  home  lights 
10 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Summer is arriving soon, so it makes sense to invest in an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen gives you the convenience of cooking outdoors in style.
outdoor-kitchens  home  countertop 
10 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Tips For Preventing Mold Growth In Your Vacation Home
For those who own a vacation home, you know that the maintenance is a little different than caring for the home you live in all year. Check out these important tips for preventing mold growth in your vacation home.
mold  mold-remediation  home 
10 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Why are Aluminum Balconies So Popular?
Aluminum is a very suitable material for a balcony, and today we’ll be walking you through why you should be considering one for your next home improvement project.
aluminum  balconies  home 
11 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Four Things You Need to Know Before Replacing Your Windows
Window replacement is an excellent investment that you can make as a homeowner. New windows can offer a wide range of benefits from savings on utilities and more comfortable living spaces to protecting your home from water damage and more.
windows  replacement  home 
11 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
The Importance Of Home Sprinkler Systems
Are you a homeowner who doesn't think they need a sprinkler system installed? In this post, we will have you second-guessing your decision.
sprinkler-system  home 
11 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
The Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows
As a homeowner, there are a few features that can make or break your heating and air conditioning bills, and your windows are in the top three.
windows  home  energy 
12 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
3 Things To Know Before Buying A Home In A Flood Zone
Before buying a home that is located in a flood zone, it’s essential to have a full understanding of what that means. Read about three important things to know before buying a home in a flood zone.
flood-zone  flooding  home 
12 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
How To Reduce Waste In Your Home
Here are some ways you can reduce the amount of waste your home produces.
waste  home  recycling 
may 2019 by Adventure_Web
Read on for some home improvement projects to personalize the space that might still be available to you as a renter.
home  home-improvement  home-remodeling 
may 2019 by Adventure_Web
3 Ways You Can Use Your Finished Basement
Finishing your basement can be an exciting process! Not only will you be adding a significant amount of living to your home when you finish your basement, but you’ll be able to tailor your newfound space to meet your needs.
basement  home-improvement  home 
may 2019 by Adventure_Web
Top 3 Do’s And Don’ts Of A Bathroom Remodel
A bathroom remodel is a great way to increase the functionality of the room and add value to your home. Learn about the top three do’s and don’ts of a bathroom remodel.
bathroom  remodel  home 
may 2019 by Adventure_Web
How To Safely Deal With Storm Damage To Your Home
Dealing with wind and water damage from a severe storm can be very dangerous and challenging, and it is important to know how to stay safe. Read on for some tips on the best ways to deal with storm damage to keep your family safe.
storm  damage  home 
may 2019 by Adventure_Web
As a homeowner, you want the value of your home to stay marketable and improve if possible. Some renovations help to increase the value of your home more than others.
home  value 
may 2019 by Adventure_Web
How Your Fence Affects The Value Of Your Home
Choosing the right type of fence has the potential to increase your resale value when it comes time to sell, but the wrong material could lower your curb appeal and property values. Learn about the fence factors that will affect the value of your home.
value  home  fence 
may 2019 by Adventure_Web
4 Reasons To Get A Fire Pit
A fire pit is excellent because it provides a source of warmth at night as well as a natural place for your friends and family to gather together and socialize with each other. Here are some great reasons to have a fire pit installed in your home's backyard.
home  fire  pit 
may 2019 by Adventure_Web
How To Promote Recycling In Your Home
You spend a lot of time at home and there are a ton of opportunities to recycle while you’re there. Here are some great ways to embrace recycling in your home.
home  recycling  tips 
may 2019 by Adventure_Web
Questions To Ask When Searching For A Custom Home Builder
The search for the right custom home builder is an essential step in the process- it’s almost as important as designing your new home! These are a few questions you must ask when searching for your custom home builder:
custom-home  home-builder  home 
may 2019 by Adventure_Web
The Benefits of Adding a Residential Fence to Your Home
When it comes to home and landscape improvement, adding a fence is one thing that not only adds curb appeal and retains its value, but gives you tons of benefits. With spring fully arrived you’re likely beginning to spend more and more time outdoors and adding a fence can help make your outside time even more enjoyable
fence  home  benefits 
april 2019 by Adventure_Web
How To Turn Your Fence Into A Privacy Fence
While you may have a fence installed already, you might have noticed that it’s lacking in the amount of privacy it provides. Fortunately, we’re here to tell you how you can turn your home’s current fence into a privacy fence.
fence  home  privacy 
april 2019 by Adventure_Web
A Few Basic Facts About Vinyl Siding
If you're thinking about buying a home or you want to upgrade your home, it's reasonable to question if vinyl siding is right for you. Choices are hard to make in life if you don't have the fundamental facts to guide your decision
vinyl-siding  vinyl  home 
april 2019 by Adventure_Web
3 Signs Of Water Damage
One of the best ways you can protect your home is by making sure water damage doesn’t happen in it. While ideally, your home won’t have any issues with water damage because you’ll spend time inspecting it, sometimes it’ll happen.
water  water-damage  home 
april 2019 by Adventure_Web
3 Questions To Consider When Getting A Home Safe
Home safes are versatile tools that can be used to store your valuables and important documents. Here are a few things to consider before getting a safe for your home.
home  home-security  safe 
april 2019 by Adventure_Web
3 Benefits Of Adding An Outdoor Kitchen To Your Home
Homeowners all over the Eastern shore are heading outside for some much-needed sunshine, and a great addition to your backyard this spring is an outdoor kitchen! Learn about three benefits of adding an outdoor kitchen to your home.
outdoor-kitchen  home  yard 
april 2019 by Adventure_Web
How to Get Your Home Ready for a Rainy Day
Since your home can suffer water damage when you least expect it, you need to do whatever you can to keep it safe.
home  water-damage  rainy-day 
april 2019 by Adventure_Web
How Awnings Add Value To Your Home
Did you know that on top of these benefits, your awning will actually add value to your home? When you have an awning installed on your home, you are making an investment that is sure to pay off years down the line. Here are some ways your new awning will add value to your home.
awning  value  home 
april 2019 by Adventure_Web
How Awnings Add Value To Your Home
When you have an awning installed on your home, you are making an investment that is sure to pay off years down the line. Here are some ways your new awning will add value to your home.
value  home  awning 
april 2019 by Adventure_Web
4 Tips For Adding Space To An Older House
A home addition is a great way to add more square footage and livable space, but if you own an older home, it can be difficult to make an addition match the original exterior. Check out these tips for adding space to an older home.
home  home-addition  space 
april 2019 by Adventure_Web
How A Garage Door Can Add Value To Your Home
In addition to these wonderful benefits, your garage door can even help add value to your home! Here are a few ways your garage door can add value to your house.
value  home  garage 
april 2019 by Adventure_Web
Tips for Preventing Water Damage in Your Home
Although it is difficult to remediate water damage, preventing it in the first place is much easier than you might expect.
water  water-damage  home 
april 2019 by Adventure_Web
The Benefits of Adding a Three Season Porch To Your Home
Are you enjoying your home and yard as much as you could be? When you’re looking to improve your homes monetary and curb appeal value all while adding a delightful new feature, a three season room can be a great choice.
three-season-room  yard  home 
april 2019 by Adventure_Web
What is a Skylight and Is it Worth Adding to Your Home?
If you value sunlight, then you should add a skylight to your home. Spring is here, and you should take advantage of the opportunity to bring warmth into your house.
skylights  home  value 
april 2019 by Adventure_Web
Spring Cleaning Tips For A Mold-Free Home
Spring cleaning is ideal for organizing your home and transitioning your closet for warmer weather, but it’s also a great time to take preventative measures to fight mold. Check out these spring cleaning tips for a mold-free home.
mold  home  spring-cleaning 
april 2019 by Adventure_Web
7 Ways to Ensure that Your New Cat is Happy and Healthy Throughout the Year
If you are the proud caretaker of a new cat in your home, consider these seven ways to ensure that your new cat is happy and healthy throughout the year.
cat  health  home 
april 2019 by Adventure_Web
Why Single-Level Homes are a Popular Choice for Families
While many real-estate trends rise and fall in popularity over time, single-level homes remain a popular choice for families of all ages.
single-level  home  family 
april 2019 by Adventure_Web
3 Reasons You Should Paint Your Home’s Exterior
Not only is exterior paint a great way to show off your design scheme, but there are also even more practical reasons to paint your home’s exterior. Here are three reasons painting your home’s exterior is a great idea.
paint  exterior  home 
april 2019 by Adventure_Web
Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal This Spring
Spring is the perfect time to dive into some fun projects to boost your curb appeal and make your home even more beautiful than ever before.
other-hardware  curb-appeal  home 
april 2019 by Adventure_Web
How to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Home for Spring
If spring is your season for selling, consider the many ways in which you can boost the curb appeal of your home in the upcoming weeks.
spring  curb-appeal  home 
april 2019 by Adventure_Web
Why Aluminum Windows Should Be In Your Home’s Future
We have compiled just a few reasons why you should invest in aluminum windows for your home this year.
window  home  aluminum 
march 2019 by Adventure_Web
How To Maintain Your Windows
In order for your home’s windows to look their best throughout the year, you will need to show them some attention.
windows  home  clean 
march 2019 by Adventure_Web
4 Ways To Protect Your Home From Flooding
Flooding is the leading cause of damage to homes, so it is crucial to be prepared and to protect your house in advance. Learn about four ways you can protect your home from flooding.
flooding  home  damages 
march 2019 by Adventure_Web
3 Reasons to Consider Owings Mills, MD as the Location for Your Future Home
As you are searching for the right location for your future home, consider these three reasons to move to Owings Mills, MD this year.
Owings-Mills  home  buying 
march 2019 by Adventure_Web
4 Grass Types For Your Maryland Home
Many people assume that all grass is the same, but there are many different types of grass, and each type has different pros and cons and are best suited to different climates. Learn about the four grass types of your Maryland home.
maryland  grass  home 
march 2019 by Adventure_Web
5 Reasons Why You Need Natural Light In Your Home
Does your home allow for a lot of natural light? The right set of windows can help you with just that!
natural-light  home  windows 
march 2019 by Adventure_Web
5 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Front Door For Your Home
In addition to aesthetics, there are a few other important characteristics homeowners need to look for when they are in the market for a new front door.
front-door  home  aesthetics 
march 2019 by Adventure_Web
4 Of The Most Common Plumbing Problems
More likely than not, there will come a point where you need to call a licensed plumber to fix a plumbing issue inside of your home.
plumbing  home  licensed 
march 2019 by Adventure_Web
4 Unique Home Addition Ideas
A home addition is a perfect solution for those who want a bigger house but don’t want to move, as you can simply add more livable space to use however you please. Check out these four unique home addition ideas:
home-addition  home  construction 
march 2019 by Adventure_Web
The Seven Principles of Good Design, Chapter 4, Brought to you by Columbia Paint & Clarksville Paint & Decorating, Benjamin Moore Dealers
Details are what really set your room apart from others. It is an easy and fun way to add your personality and uniqueness to a space!
details  home  personality 
march 2019 by Adventure_Web
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