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6 Woodworking Safety Tips
Woodworking is a rewarding and enjoyable hobby that can allow you to hone your craftsmanship skills, but it’s important to adhere to some key safety standards. Learn about important woodworking safety tips.
woodworking  safety  wood 
15 days ago by Adventure_Web
What are the Best Fences for Dogs?
As an owner, you want your dog to be able to exercise and play without the worry of them running away or being in harm’s way; which is why choosing the right fence is so important. With so many different types of fencing, today we’ll walk you through three of the best choices for your dog!
chain-link  wood  dogs 
6 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
What’s Valuable About Vinyl Siding?
If you’ve found yourself in the tricky position of picking a siding type, you might be excited to learn that vinyl is a great option that has become increasingly popular for a variety of great reasons.
vinyl-siding  home  wood 
6 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
The professionals here at Mahogany, Inc. are experts when it comes to woodwork, and we are advocates for sustainability. Keep reading to discover some tips for how to bring natural elements into your home.
natural-elements  woodwork  wood 
7 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Furniture repair and restoration allows you to hold onto the old furniture that you hold near and dear to your heart. Keep reading to learn three reasons why you should restore your old furniture versus getting rid of it.
old-furniture  restoration  wood 
9 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
What are the Benefits of Composite Decking?
Composite decking is popular among homeowners because of its durability and easy maintenance. Leland Fisher Lumber partners with Trex, Azek, Fiberon PVC and Timbertech to install the perfect composite decks for homeowners.
composite-decking  wood  Fisher-Lumber 
10 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Choosing between hardwood floors and carpet is a challenging decision that many homeowners face. While both have their pros and cons, there is a reason why hardwood flooring is often the choice that many homeowners select.
hardwood-floors  carpet  wood 
12 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Why Stain Your Wood Fence?
One way to avoid these issues is to stain your home’s wood fence. Here are some of the best reasons you should consider staining your wood fence.
stain  wood  fence 
april 2019 by Adventure_Web
3 Fencing Materials Perfect for Your New Pool Fence
How do you keep your pool area safe, secure, and stylish? Here are 3 fencing materials that are perfect choices for your new pool fence.
pool-fence  aluminum  steel  wood 
april 2019 by Adventure_Web
How to Weatherproof Your Wooden Fence
If you have a wooden fence, you want it to last as long as possible. Not only does it provide privacy, but it likely enhances the beauty of your property as well.
weatherproof  wood  wooden-fence 
april 2019 by Adventure_Web
Tar is a substance that often sticks to our shoes, and we track onto our hardwood floors after coming from outside. There are many functional values, one place that you don’t want to see it is on your hardwood floor.
hardwood-floor  tar  wood 
march 2019 by Adventure_Web
How To Tell If You Are Overdue For A New Wood Fence
Look out of these signals that can indicate to you that you are overdue for a new wood fence.
fence  wood  repairs 
march 2019 by Adventure_Web
When it comes to choosing the right front door for you, there are plenty of things to consider. Between architectural style, durability, and weather, it’s important to make sure that your front door meets all your needs
architecture  front-door  wood 
february 2019 by Adventure_Web
After construction there are a variety of wood elements that may remain exposed; items like floors, stairs, cabinetry, paneling, molding, and shelves may all be made from exposed wood. These features are known as the Architectural Millwork and depending on the purpose and strength needed, you will want to consider different types of wood for each item.
wood  hardwood 
february 2019 by Adventure_Web
4 Signs that a New Fence May be Necessary for Your Home
Here are four signs that it may be time for a new fence around your home.
fence  wood  home 
february 2019 by Adventure_Web
Why Wood Fences Continue To Be A Great Option
Wood fences have been around for ages. You really can’t go wrong with choosing a wood fence for your landscape.
wood  fence  landscape 
february 2019 by Adventure_Web
How To Maintain Your Wood Cabinets
One of the most popular materials used for kitchen cabinets is wood, which should be maintained in a specific way to keep them looking great for years to come. Here’s how to keep your wood cabinets in good shape long after they’re installed.
wood  cabinets  maintenance 
february 2019 by Adventure_Web
Four Effects of Winter Weather to Prevent from Damaging Your Wood Fence
Winter is harsh on all aspects of your home and landscape, but it can be particularly hard on wood fencing.
wood  fencing  landscape 
january 2019 by Adventure_Web
How a Wood Fence Can Create a Classic Look for Your Home in the New Year
If you are trying to choose a fence for your home in the upcoming months, consider the many ways in which a new wood fence can create a classic look for your home in the new year.
home  wood  fence 
december 2018 by Adventure_Web
Choosing The Right Deck For Your Home
All decks are different, so it’s vital to make the proper considerations before you install one. Here are some things to consider when you are planning to add a deck to your home.
deck  wood  composite 
december 2018 by Adventure_Web
4 Reasons To Invest In Wood Windows This Year
Are you in need of new windows? Have you given any thought into purchasing wood windows? They are a classic option that will never go out of style.
wood  windows  timeless 
november 2018 by Adventure_Web
Why You Should Stain Your Fence This Fall
If you already have a wood fence, now is a great time of the year to do some maintenance on it! It may be time for you to apply another coat of paint or stain.
fence  stain  Wood 
october 2018 by Adventure_Web
3 Benefits Of Wood Decking
Are you thinking about purchasing a deck for your property? Fall is an excellent time of the year to do it!
wood  deck  home 
october 2018 by Adventure_Web
Benefits of Staining Your Wood Deck
Wood stain not only boosts your deck’s appearance but provides several more benefits as well. Here are some perks of staining your wood deck.
deck-maintenance  wood 
october 2018 by Adventure_Web
As you are selecting office furniture, several factors probably come to mind. Here are some of the benefits of selecting wooden furniture for your office.
wood  furniture  office 
october 2018 by Adventure_Web
Pros and Cons of Wood and Vinyl Picket Fences
Picket fences have been a symbol of the “American Dream” for many years now, especially in old-fashioned homes. Learn about the pros and cons of wood and vinyl picket fences before making the decision to install your own picket fence.
wood  vinyl  picket-fence 
september 2018 by Adventure_Web
What You Should Know About Fall Wood Fence Maintenance
It is important to realize that if you want your wood fence to last several years and look its best, you need to give it the attention it needs.
fall  wood  fence 
september 2018 by Adventure_Web
3 Tips For Painting Your Deck
One of the best ways to extend the life of your deck is to paint it. Also, applying a fresh coat of paint is a great way to enhance your curb appeal.
deck  paint  Wood 
july 2018 by Adventure_Web
3 Commonly Asked Questions About Wood Fences
Wood fencing a traditional option that can provide a yard with a classic appearance. If you have a wood fence or are thinking about investing in one.
curb-appeal  fences  Wood 
july 2018 by Adventure_Web
Using Wood Flooring to Enlarge a Small Space
The right flooring, installed in the right position can make your space feel much larger than it actually is.
Wood  Flooring  Small  Space 
june 2018 by Adventure_Web
Which Type of Fence is Right for Me?
Choosing a fence style and design that will work best for your home, family, and style is a question of maintenance, location, pricing, and other factors that are unique to you.
fence  aluminum  Wood 
june 2018 by Adventure_Web
4 Ways You Can Prevent Your Fence from Rotting
Taking the necessary measures to prevent rotting will not only extend the life and integrity of your fence, but it will also save you time and money.
fence  rot  Wood 
may 2018 by Adventure_Web
Choosing Wood Floors for a High-Traffic Area
If you know your wood floors are going to see a lot of activity, make sure you choose the most durable choice that fits your home or business.
wood  floors  flooring  choices 
may 2018 by Adventure_Web
5 Types of Fence Posts
The type of post your fence uses depends on the style, including wood, vinyl, aluminum, and ornamental. Check out these five types of fence posts.
fence-posts  wood  vinyl 
may 2018 by Adventure_Web
A Brief History of Wood Flooring
For hundreds of years, humans have been using wood as a floor for their homes.
wood  flooring  history  facts 
may 2018 by Adventure_Web
Humidity and Your Hardwood
Here’s what you can do to prevent damage to your hardwood floors from humidity!
wood  flooring  hardwood  care 
april 2018 by Adventure_Web
Choosing Dog Friendly Wood Floors
Some species of wood floors are better suited to dog friendly homes than others!
wood  species  dog  friendly  furry  friends 
april 2018 by Adventure_Web
Things to Consider When Choosing Wood Flooring
Here are some factors you should consider when trying to find wood flooring for your home!
wood  flooring  options  wide  plank  color 
march 2018 by Adventure_Web
3 Benefits Of Wood Entry Doors
Your home’s entry doors play a considerable role in the overall appearance of your home. Here are just a few advantages of investing in wood entry doors!
durable  wood  doors 
march 2018 by Adventure_Web
Hardwood Flooring Species: Pine
Here are some cool facts about pine hardwood flooring!
wood  species  pine  hardwood  flooring 
march 2018 by Adventure_Web
How to Protect Your Wooden Fence
Wooden fences are timeless and known for their strength and style. Installing a wooden fence on your property brings a lot of ageless beauty.
fence  maintenance  Wood 
february 2018 by Adventure_Web
Popular Species of Hardwood Flooring
No matter what your interior design choices are, there are hardwood flooring choices to go with them.
hardwood  flooring  wood  species  choices 
february 2018 by Adventure_Web
4 Advantages of a Privacy Fence
Do you find yourself wishing you had more privacy?
privacy  fence  benefits  of  a  wood 
december 2017 by Adventure_Web
The Pros and Cons of Bamboo Flooring
Bamboo flooring is a fantastic choice for your home but be sure you weigh the pros and cons of all of your flooring options before making your choice.
bamboo  flooring  options  wood  species 
december 2017 by Adventure_Web
The Benefits of Choosing a Vinyl Fence
Vinyl fences are well loved for their affordable cost, durability, and highly customizable nature. Here are some of the many benefits this fence style.
fence  vinyl  Wood 
november 2017 by Adventure_Web
How To Maintain Your Wood Fence
Do you have a wood fence in your yard? It is important to realize that wood is going to age over time. Mother nature is rather unkind to wood fences.
fence  paint  stain  wood 
november 2017 by Adventure_Web
Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Wood Fence
Before it gets too cold, there are a few things you will want to do to make sure your wood fence is ready for the fall.
wood  fence  maintenance  fall  care 
october 2017 by Adventure_Web
The Benefits Of A Wood Fence
If you envision a new fence in your yard’s future, here are a few benefits of choosing standard wood fence!
fence  property  Wood 
october 2017 by Adventure_Web
The Benefits of Wood Windows
If you are seeking a traditional appearance for your home, wood windows may be a great option for you. Here are a few benefits of wood windows!
home-improvement  windows  Wood 
october 2017 by Adventure_Web
Common Cabinetry Painting Mistakes
Here are some helpful tips for painting your kitchen cabinets and some of the most common mistakes you will want to avoid!
cabinets  kitchen  Wood 
october 2017 by Adventure_Web
A Guide to the Different Grades of Hardwood Flooring
You may notice while you’re shopping around that there are different grades of hardwood flooring.
diagonal  pattern  hardwood  floor  color  random  wood  flooring 
september 2017 by Adventure_Web
A Wood Fence Can Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal!
How can a wood fence help your home to stand out from the crowd even more?
wood  fence  curb  appeal  fencing 
august 2017 by Adventure_Web
Small Fence Issues with Easy Fixes
A good quality fence is an investment in the safety of your home and family, so you want to make sure it lasts.
Fence  maintenance  Vinyl  Wood 
august 2017 by Adventure_Web
Removing A Worn Out Wooden Fence From Your Yard
If you’re looking to get rid of your worn out wooden fence, here are some useful tips to help you out.
wood  fence  wooden  fences  Virginia  Beach 
july 2017 by Adventure_Web
Different Types of Wood Finish to Protect Your Hardwood Flooring
Installing hardwood flooring is not a small investment. You want to be sure you protect your investment and keep it looking nice for years to come.
finish  hardwood  floor  care  protecting  your  wood  floors 
july 2017 by Adventure_Web
The Essentials For Furniture Restoration
Restoring wood can be a fun and rewarding project. Before you discard that old wooden furniture, you should give some serious thought into restoring it.
furniture  restoration  wood 
july 2017 by Adventure_Web
Choosing Which Direction to Lay Your New Wood Flooring
Here are some of our top tips for choosing which direction to lay your new wood flooring.
hardwood  flooring  new  floors  and  wood 
june 2017 by Adventure_Web
How to Get Rid of Termites in Your Fences
Termites feed on dead wood, especially the tips of fence posts inserted in the ground. While they may live in your fences silently weakening them for years, they pose a larger problem.
termites  rid  wood  fence 
june 2017 by Adventure_Web
Preventing Cracks in Wood Fences
Wood fences are amazingly durable, but that doesn’t mean they are invincible.Here are some tips on how to prevent cracks in your wooden fence this summer.
wood  fences  preventing  cracks  fence  maintenance 
june 2017 by Adventure_Web
What Are The Most Common Cuts Of Wood?
Wood is a fairly common tool used in any commercial millwork project.
wood  millwork 
june 2017 by Adventure_Web
Why You Should Invest In A Wood Fence
Finding the perfect wood fence is easier than you think!
wood  fences 
may 2017 by Adventure_Web
A Guide to Incorporating Wood Into Your Home
Incorporating wood into your home can be an excellent design choice.
wood  incorporating  interiors 
may 2017 by Adventure_Web
Tips For Staining Your Fence
There are a variety of helpful tips for staining any wooden fence!
wood  fence  staining  tips 
may 2017 by Adventure_Web
Should I Repair or Replace My Wood Fence?
Repair or replace? How do you tell which is the best course of action?
wood  fence 
may 2017 by Adventure_Web
How To Make Your Wood POP Display Stand Out
Luring customers with a display is easier than you think!
customers  commercial  interiors  wood  display 
april 2017 by Adventure_Web
How to Remove Mold from a Wood Fence
Removing mold from your wood fence is not an incredibly difficult process, especially if you’re an experienced DIY-er. Here are our best tips for removing mold from your wood fence.
wood  fence  mold 
march 2017 by Adventure_Web
Simple Ways To Create An Inviting Dining Atmosphere With Custom Wood Fixtures
Creating the perfect ambiance is made easier by using custom wood fixtures in your restaurant.
restaurants  dining  experience  custom  wood  fixtures  interiors 
march 2017 by Adventure_Web
Excellent Benefits of Installing a Wood Fence This Spring
If you want high impact without all the trouble of extensive renovation, consider installing a wood fence this spring.
wood  fencing 
march 2017 by Adventure_Web
Factors That Cause Wood To Deteriorate
Keep your wood floors from deteriorating with these easy tips!
Wood  maintenance 
march 2017 by Adventure_Web

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