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The Lifehacker Guide to Staying Focused [Companion Piece]
How to Limit Visits to Time-Wasting Web Sites and Give Your Willpower a Break
Unless you've got a willpower made of steel, you've experienced this situation: You sit down at your computer to write a report, finish a presentation, or compose an important email for tomorrow. You open your browser for a little fact-checking, and before you know it, you've wasted an hour looking at sports recaps, cute pictures of cats, and your favorite blogs. Meanwhile, you've gotten nothing done. Here's how to fix that. More »

How to Kill Distractions and Actually Get Things Done

Why You Shouldn't Check Your Email First Thing in the Morning
Most of us know that we check our email way too often, but blogger Sid Savara explains that answering email first thing in the morning does nothing but kill productivity. More »

How to Deal with Distractions in a Web Worker's World
Many jobs in the contemporary workplace actually require that you're online all the time, constantly connected to your coworkers-and to a mind-boggling ocean of distractions. Here's how to stay focused. More »

How to Rebuild Your Attention Span and Focus
Most people who click on this article won't finish reading it. So says Nick Carr. The New York Times will remind you that you'll probably forget it in a few minutes. This idea's so prevalent, even the Onion has started taking jabs. More »

Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Train, Exercise, and Better Your Brain
While we're always using our brains, we're not necessarily doing much to keep them in good shape. Here are the top ten sites and tools to train your brain and exercise your mental muscles. More »

Top 10 Email Productivity Boosters
I Procrastinate Because I Care
What You Should Do When Your Internet's Out

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