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Eloquent JavaScript is an interactive, free JavaScript book
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If you do any Web development work, JavaScript is something you really have to know. It makes the difference between a website that feels like it was built in 1996 and the current crop of slick, modern sites that behave more like online applications than static pages of information.

JavaScript isn't a difficult language, and moreover, it's extremely common. Both of these reasons account for the insane amount of online tutorials, video courses, and books on the subject. Many of them are quite small, badly written, and seem as though they were created just to drive page views. None of this can be said about Eloquent JavaScript.

It's an interactive textbook. It's completely free and very comprehensive. It has its own built-in JavaScript console, which lets you practice as you go along. Yes -- I know that Firefox has its own JavaScript console. That fact aside, the book's built-in console lets you easily copy and run examples (or just run them without copying, right from the text).

Each example builds on the previous one, literally; one example can set a variable, and the next one would need it. So, when you go through a chapter, you're supposed to run the examples one by one.

The text feels a bit on the dry side, but maybe that's inevitable. As it is, this is still one of the most useful JavaScript resources I've come across recently. If you know of anything better, please tell me in the comments. If it's something I can take for a spin, I might even cover it.

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