Job Application for Threat Detection Automation Engineer at Reddit
Threat Detection Automation Engineer
at Reddit (View all jobs)
San Francisco

"The front page of the internet,” Reddit brings over 330 million people together each month through their common interests, inviting them to share, vote, comment, and create across thousands of communities. Come for the cats, stay for the empathy.

The Reddit Security team is rapidly developing and this is an opportunity to get in and have an outsized impact on a highly skilled and motivated team. We look for humble experts with a relentlessly resourceful and entrepreneurial, “can do” view of security. We want to deliver facts and not FUD to the business to enable them to manage risk more effectively. Culture is important to us and a learning and developing mentality is vital regardless of the work assigned.

This role will be responsible for advancing our threat alerting, detection and response workflow capabilities.


Build and run scalable and sustainable infrastructure to drive the proactive and intelligence-driven identification and management of cyber security incidents
Automate and integrate workflow between and within the SIEM, big data platforms, threat & vulnerability intelligence ingestion and information security incident response system
Write signatures and tools to analyze and detect malicious activity
Create and manage automation within cyber security tools such as cloud-native, network, infrastructure and endpoint tools
Develop new initiatives where automation or tooling is required to improve workflow
Regularly triage cyber security incidents post-enrichment and respond to events as part of the cyber security incident management process
Constantly innovate at the pace of the adversary using latest techniques
You will mentor and evangelize security practices through cross-functional work with infrastructure and engineering teams.


7+ years of hands-on experience in cyber security automation or operations
A passion for developing systems and process dedicated to finding and eradicating malicious activity
Strong background in hunting, forensics, intrusion detection and threat intelligence
Experience and desire to work with open source software such as Bro, Suricata, Hadoop, ElasticSearch as well as commercial products
Experience writing tools to automate tasks and integrate systems in Python or equivalent
Experience with cloud, IaaS, PaaS, ‘network-as-a-service’ environment is preferable
Understanding of current security issues and threats and risks that can manifest in larger scale complex systems
Experience coding Python, Shell or Perl scripts in order to push software and network interaction
Excellent knowledge of Windows/Linux/Mac internals, ACLs and OS level security protection and common protocols e.g. TCP, HTTPS, IPMI, DHCP etc.
Understanding and/or experience of AWS security
Comfortable with automation and configuration management tools such as Jenkins, Ansible, Puppet/chef, Load Balancers, DNS Management, SSO Integration, Authorization Tokens
Knowledge of SSH, keystores, security certificates, user and password management, authentication and authorization, session management
Demonstrated track record of managing network security programs
Proficiency in taking threat models and applying effective network security strategies at scale
Ability to interact effectively with people at all levels of the organization


Humble expert with a sense of urgency
Skilled at taking complex topics and making them simple
Transparent judgment and stands behind their decisions, right or wrong
Team focus with an ability to lead in a matrixed organization
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7 weeks ago
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