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Gen, Jessica (Drew) & Hulk friendship
...a.k.a. the power duo I never knew I needed. DeConnick's Avengers Assemble left me wanting more of Jess and Hulk shenanigans. Also, Jess never seems to hang out with Banner when he's not green, so you can touch on that subject and how it works. No romance, pls.
meme:nonkink  tag:gen  character:jessica_drew  character:hulk  prompt:unfilled 
august 2015 by 616kinkmeme
Gen OR Kate Bishop/X-23
Kate may not understand, but she never pretends to, and she's always got room for Laura when Laura needs a place to land.
meme:nonkink  tag:gen  tag:femslash  character:laura_kinney  character:kate_bishop  pairing:kate_bishop/laura_kinney  prompt:unfilled 
august 2015 by 616kinkmeme
Kate + Clint (or Kate/Clint), post-Young Avengers vol. 2
Kate's friends are confused by Kate's relationship with Clint. Clint is confused by everything. Kate wishes they'd all just shut up and let her paint her nails in peace.
meme:nonkink  tag:gen  tag:het  character:kate_bishop  character:clint_barton  pairing:clint_barton/kate_bishop  prompt:unfilled 
august 2015 by 616kinkmeme
gen or shippy, Matt + Kirsten + Foggy, perceived character death
at some point during the Big Climactic Battle that will probably no doubt close out Waid's run on Daredevil, Matt gets stabbed and ends up dying in either Kirsten's or Foggy's arms. there's a big funeral held for Daredevil, mourning is done by all, and Foggy and Kirsten begin the long, slow process of moving on afterwards.

and then one day Matt--a little thinner, a lot more tired, yet somehow alive--somehow shows up in Kirsten's (or Foggy's) apartment.

up to you if Matt really did die and was just brought back to life, or if somehow his death got faked for him.
meme:nonkink  tag:gen  tag:het  tag:slash  character:foggy_nelson  character:matt_murdock  character:kirsten_mcduffie  prompt:unfilled 
august 2015 by 616kinkmeme
A Better Secret Origin of Tony Stark
Undo Secret Origin. Go back to Tony's birth and come up with a different Secret Origin. Howard tried to biochemically engineer himself a Captain America baby and got Tony instead; Maria had an affair with Nathaniel Richards and Howard suspected Tony wasn't his, I don't give a fuck, possibly literally anything you can come up with would be better, so have a ball.
meme:nonkink  tag:au  tag:gen  character:tony_stark  prompt:unfilled 
august 2015 by 616kinkmeme
GEN, Janet Van Dyne's Fabulous Life (Without Hank Pym)
Slice-of-life, post messy breakup. Remarking to someone on the team that she's never felt better and loves being single. Janet poring over fabric swatches. Janet being fabulous. ANYTHING ABOUT JAN.
meme:nonkink  tag:gen  character:janet_van_dyne  prompt:filled  fic:art 
august 2015 by 616kinkmeme
GEN (maybe), Post House-of-M Wanda
What happens in the interval between "no more mutants" to Clint's weird apropos-of-nothing appearance in New Avengers?
meme:nonkink  tag:gen  character:wanda_maximoff  prompt:unfilled 
august 2015 by 616kinkmeme
Tony & Lila Rhodes, mentoring
I need Tony mentoring Lila -- answering her computer & engineering questions, giving her the number for his direct line, letting her play around in his shops, getting her internships and offers from the top schools, and maybe training her up to take over his company one day. Bonus for approving Uncle Jim.
meme:nonkink  tag:gen  tag:kidfic  character:lila_rhodes  character:tony_stark  prompt:unfilled 
august 2015 by 616kinkmeme

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